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EverQuest is a massively multi-player online computer game. You are a character in a vast fantasy world with literally thousands of other people playing with you. It is similar to Dungeons & Dragons in that you can choose a character that is a wizard, warrior, cleric and so on and also choose your race, such as dwarf, elf, and more. You then battle monsters to gain experience (skill) and money so you can battle bigger monsters or buy cool items. One warning: it can be very addictive. :-)

You can buy it from places like Amazon.com or use PriceScan to find various prices for it. I recommend getting the new "Ruins of Kunark" version of it since that includes the new Kunark continent (as well as all fo the old continents) and a new player race, the Iksar lizardmen. You'll also need a decent computer (see the EverQuest website for details) with at least a 200MHz CPU and a decent 3D video card. I'd recommend having at least 64Mb of system RAM and an 8Mb 3D video card.

There are also lots of websites devoted to various aspects of EverQuest. Here are some of them: