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  • The most recent book in The Black Company series, Soldiers Live, is coming out in hardback at the beginning of August, 2000. You can pre-order it from Amazon if you want. I can't wait! :-)


    Glen Cook is one of my favorite authors -- a great writer, but unfortunately little known. His rather unique writing style tends to be sparse, describing what is necessary and expecting the reader to pay attention as things shift quickly. The sparse style keeps the plot moving. Cook is still able to paint captivating characters despite not going deeply into their emotions. You get to know the characters through their actions. Cook builds worlds that are filled with shades of grey rather than black and white. It's not that things are depressing, but rather that there are just few (if any) black and white issues in his stories. The characters tend not to be either purely heroic or purely evil -- they're driven by personal motivations. Their motivations may result in actions that are good or bad, depending on your perspective. And each action has a consequence. You can't count on all the characters making it through the story alive. Cook often gives the sense that there are wheels turning within wheels and you never quite know the full extent of what is happening in the background. You have to try to dig away the layers along with the characters to find out what is really going on.

    Sound interesting? If so, I'd recommend trying out The Black Company which is the first book in The Black Company series. It's probably my favorite series of his and its still easy to find in stores. There was an initial trilogy which you can start with and then move on to more books in the series if you want to.

    If you can't find one of his books at (many are now out of print) then you could try AbeBooks which is a fantastic online resource for hard-to-find books. They have 20 million books from a large set of used books stores from around the world. They can be a bit pricy at times, but are well worth it if you can't find it elsewhere.

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    Bibliography of Glen Cook

    This is about the best Glen Cook bibliography that I've yet seen for his older works. One of these days I may try to bring it up to date.

    What follows is copyright (c) 1990 by William December Starr.  You can
    reproduce and distribute it at will, so long as (a) you don't alter
    the data within (altering the format of the data is okay), (b) don't
    charge money for it and (c) you spell my name right :-).
                        A Glen Cook Bibliography
    Original compilation by Roger C. Schlobin, Purdue University
    Updated in July 1986 and January 1990,
    with the invaluable assistance of Mr. Glen Cook,
    by William December Starr, MIT Science Fiction Society
    All novels which are related to a series are listed in the order
    in which they fit into the chronology of the series; all other
    entries are listed in alphabetical order within their category.
    Independent Novels:
        The Dragon Never Sleeps
         Warner/Popular Library, 1988 [pb].
        The Heirs of Babylon
         Signet/New American Library, 1972 [pb].
         (Also published in Germany; no details available.)
        A Matter of Time (science fiction)
         Ace, 1985 [pb].
        The Swap Academy
         Publisher's Export Corp. (San Diego, CA), 1970 [pb].
         (Published under the pseudonym "Greg Stevens".)
        The Swordbearer (fantasy)
         Pocket/Timescape, 1982 [pb].[1]
        Sung in Blood (fantasy)
         NESFA Press, 1990 [hc] (limited edition of 800).
        The Tower of Fear (fantasy)
         Tor, 1989 [hc].
         (Scheduled for release in the U.K. from Grafton in 1990.)
    Novels Related to "The Black Company"
        The Black Company
         Tor, 1984 [pb].
        Shadows Linger
         Tor, 1984 [pb].
        The White Rose
         Tor, 1985 [pb].
        Annals of the Black Company
         Science Fiction Book Club, 1986 [hc].
         (Omnibus edition containing The Black Company, 
             Shadows Linger and The White Rose.)
        Shadow Games
         Tor, 1989 [pb].
        The Silver Spike
         Tor, 1989 [pb]. 
    Novels Related to "Darkwar"
         Warner/Popular Library, 1985 [pb].
         Warner/Popular Library, 1985 [pb].
         Warner/Popular Library, 1986 [pb].
    Novels Related to "The Dread Empire"
        The Fire in His Hands
         Pocket/Timescape, 1984 [pb].
        With Mercy Towards None
         Baen, 1985 [pb].
        A Shadow of All NIght Falling
         Berkley, 1979 [pb].
        October's Baby
         Berkley, 1980 [pb].
        All Darkness Met
         Berkley, 1980 [pb].
        Reap the East Wind
         Tor, 1987 [pb].
        An Ill Fate Marshalling 
         Tor, 1988 [pb].
    Novels Related to "Garrett, Private Investigator"
        Sweet Silver Blues
         Signet/New American Library, 1987 [pb].
        Bitter Gold Hearts
         Signet/New American Library, 1988 [pb].
        Cold Copper Tears
         Signet/New American Library, 1988 [pb].
        The Garrett Files
         Science Fiction Book Club, 1988 [hc]. 
         (Omnibus edition containing Sweet Silver Blues,
             Bitter Gold Hearts and Cold Copper Tears.)
        Old Tin Sorrows 
         Signet/New American Library, 1989 [pb].
    Novels Related to "The Starfishers"
        Passage At Arms
         Warner/Popular Library, 1985 [pb].
         Warner, 1982 [pb].
         Warner, 1982 [pb].
        Stars' End
         Warner, 1982 [pb].
    Independent Short Fiction
        "Appointment in Samarkand"
         Witchcraft & Sorcery #7, Nov. 1972, page 30.[2]
         Amazing, Nov. 1977, page 116.
        "The Seventh Fool"  
         Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar. 1978, page 78.
         Witchcraft & Sorcery #6, May 1971, page 26.[3]
         (Illustrated by Tim Kirk.)
        "Song From A Forgotten Hill"
         Clarion, Robin Scott Wilson, ed., Signet/New American
             Library, 1971 [pb], page 214.
         Reprinted in French (translated by Bruno Martin) in Futur
             Anee Zero, Alain Doremieux, ed., Casterman of Tourai
             (Belgium), 1975, page 167.
         Originally appeared in Worlds of Tomorrow in an edition
             never released for sale.
        "The Waiting Sea"
         Program Book, Archon 7, The Archon Committee (St. Louis,
             MO), July 1983. 
    Short Fiction Related to "The Black Company"
         Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Aug. 1982 page 94.
         (Exerpt from the novel The Black Company.)
    Short Fiction Related to "Darkwar"
         Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, mid-Dec., 1982, page 142.[4]
         (Cover story, with painting by Wayne D. Barlow and interior
             art by Val Lakey/Artifact.)
    Short Fiction Related to "The Dread Empire"
        "Call for the Dead"
         Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1980, page 95.
             (Cover story, with painting by David Mattingly.)
        "Castle of Tears"
         Whispers, vol. 4, no. 1-2 (double issue), Oct. 1979, page
        "Filed Teeth"
         Dragon of Darkness, Orson Scott Card, ed., Ace, 1981 [trade
             pb], Ace 1983 [pb], page 1 in both editions.
         (Illustrated by Michael Whelan in both editions.)
        "Ghost Stalk"
         Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1978, page 129.
        "The Nights of Deadful Silence"
         Fantastic, Sept, 1973, page 44.
         (Illustrated by Mike Kaluta.)
        "Severed Heads"
         Sword and Sorceress, Marion Zimmer Bradley, ed., DAW, 1984
             [pb], page 34.
         (Sword and Sorceress also published in Germany, Italy and
             the U.K.; no details available.)
        "Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted With Defeat"
         The Berkley Showcase, vol. 2, Victoria Schochet and John
             Silbersack, ed., Berkley, 1982 [pb], page 1.
    Short Fiction Related to "Endgame"
        "The Devil's Tooth"
         Literary Magazine of Fantasy & Terror, vol. 1, no. 5 (1974,
             page 4.[6]
         (Illustrated in Literary Magazine of Fantasy & Terror by
             Cameron F. Broze.)
         Reprinted in Gandalf, Norway, 1977, no further details
    Short Fiction Related to "The Starfishers"
        "And Dragons in the Sky" (Seed story for Starfishers.) 
         Clarion II, Robin Scott Wilson, ed., Signet/New American
             Library, 1972 [pb], page 186.
        "Crystal in the Flesh"
         Sold to Gerald Page for a science fiction anthology in 1973;
             probably will never appear.
        "Enemy Territory"
         Night Voyages #9, Spring 1983, page 4.[7]
         (Illustrated by Nick Petrosino.)
        "In the Wind"
         Tomorrow Today, George Zebrowski, ed., Unity Press (Santa
             Cruz, CA), 1971 [simultaneous trade pb and hc], page 92.
        "Quiet Sea" 
         Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dec. 1978, page 7.
         (Cover story, with painting by David Hardy.)
        "The Recruiter"
         Amazing, Mar. 1977, page 47.
         Eternity SF, vol. 1, no. 2 (1973), page 23.[8]  
         (Illustrated by Vincent DiFate.)
         Tsunami, vol. 1, no. 2, forthcoming.[9]
        "First Contact"
         Tsunami, vol. 1, no. 1, July 1972, page 6.[10]
        Shaw Neighborhood Sixth Annual House Tour
         Shaw Neighborhood Association (St. Loius, MO), 1980.
         (Illustrated by Ann Day and Jay Doty.)
    Secondary Studies, Interviews and Articles
        Burnett, Betty: "Archon V"
         Riverfront Times, July 22-28, 1981, page 11.
        Carrington, Grant: "Cook's Broth"
         Night Voyages #9, Spring 1983, page 12.[11]
        Lennhoff, Larry: "A (Pseudo) Interview With Glen Cook"
         Twilight Zine #37, Fall 1986, page 12.[12]
        Marshall, Karen K.: "Profile: A Local Author"
         St Louis Globe-Democrat (Books section), Mar. 27-28, 1982,
             page 78.
        Mattingly, Matt:
         "Spare Time Writing Has Become a Profession for Southsider"
         Neighborhood News, (St. Louis, MO), Aug. 4, 1982, page 12.
         Reprinted in West County Journal and South County Journal,
             both of July 27, 1982.
        Reginald, R.: Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II
         Gale Research (Detroit, MI), 1979, II, page 861.[13]
        Schuster, Joseph: "Cook's Books"
         St. Louis Magazine, July 1989 (vol. 21, #8), page 74.
    Novels In Progress/Forthcoming[14]
        Fail Point (science fiction, independent)
        Glittering Stone (a "Black Company" story)
        A Path to Coldness of Heart (a "Dread Empire" story)
        Dreams of Steel (a "Black Company" story)
         Scheduled for April 1990 release by Tor.
        Dread Brass Shadows (a "Garrett, Private Investigator" story)
         Scheduled for 1990 release by Signet/NAL
        (untitled) (a "Garrett, Private Investigator" story)
         Scheduled for 1990 release by Signet/NAL
        The Wrath of Kings (a "Dread Empire" story)
    Short Fiction Currently in Limbo
        "Sunrise," revised version (a "Starfishers" story)
         Best of Eternity, a possibly upcoming anthology.
         Also in a forthcoming issue of the revived Eternity SF, if
             the revivication is successful.[15] 
        "City of Bones" (an "Endgame" story)
         Sold to Gerald Page for a fantasy anthology in 1973; not
             known to have ever appeared.
        "The Dark Woman" (an "Endgame" story)
         Amra, possibly forthcoming.[16]
    [1]"Swordbearer may be re-issued by Tor.  Haven't heard for sure
          yet." -- G.C., June 1986.
        "Once set for Nov. '89 Tor, moved back to Feb. 1990, maybe
          moved again.  I don't see it in Tor's list [of upcoming
          books]." -- G.C., Sept. 1989. 
    [2]Witchcraft & Sorcery -- prozine (issues 1-6), then semi-
          prozine (issues 7-10), published by Fantasy Publishing Co,
          Inc. (William L. Crawford, pub.; Gerald W. Page ed.) from 
          vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1969) to no. 10 (undated, published in
          1974).  The magazine was originally named Coven 13; it was
          renamed Witchcraft & Sorcery starting with vol. 1, no. 5.
    [4]Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine published 13 issues in 1982; the
          mid-December issue was the second published in December and
          the thirteenth of the year.
    [5]Whispers -- semi-prozine, still in publication, published by
          Stuart David Schiff from vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1973).
    [6]The Literary Magazine of Fantasy & Terror -- semi-prozine
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          first vol. 1, no. 2 (1973).
    [9]"Tsunami was a high-quality fanzine produced locally [St.
          Loius, MO] by Betsy Gardner and Jim Elmore in a print run
          of about 250." -- G.C.
    [11]See footnote #7.
    [12]Twilight Zine (not "Twilight Zone") -- fanzine published by
          the M.I.T. Science Fiction Society, room W20-473, 84 Mass.
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    [14]"There is no guarantee that half these titles will ever see
          the light of day." -- G.C., June 1986.
         "Especially the Dread Empire titles." -- G.C., Sept. 1989.
    [15]"These notes dated, ten years old now.  Still never seen."  
          -- G.C., Sept, 1989 
    [16]"Amra is/was George Scithers' and Darrell Schweitzer's
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          in 50's, 60's and 70's and went into suspended animation
          when George became editor of Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine.
          When he left Asimov's, he planned to resume publication,
          but then he became editor at Amazing.  The stories may 
          appear if he resumes publication now that he has left
          Amazing.  I don't know." -- G.C., June 1986.
          As of 12/89, George Scithers was editing Weird Tales; there
          has been no sign of any revival of Amra.

    Glen Cook short stories that I have

    Some people have been asking which Cook short stories I have and for lack of a better place, I'm putting them here. These stories are all out of print now, as far as I know. :(