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I rummaged around an old Linux box of mine and found some Jams dating back to Feb 7, 1994 (when it was Using some digests from a few others the archive now goes back to digest 228. Below are the Ytsejam digests 320 through 6833+. You'll find that I'm missing a few digests here and there. If you notice a digest that I'm missing feel free to email me about it. Or, if you have any Ytsejam digests prior to 228, definitely send them to me. I'd love to fill in those really early ones.

At the bottom of this page you can search through the Ytsejam archives for your favorite people, bands, flame wars or anything else that's been on the Ytsejam (which is really most everything). The search engine uses Glimpse to create the database and WebGlimpse for the user interface.

Things haven't really changed all that much since back in 1994. We only occasionally actually discussed Dream Theater, there were the usual flames about bootlegs, and so on. :-) The main difference was that the WWW wasn't popular enough at the time to be used to find all those cool prog-rock CDs (let alone listen to samples). A few of us would sometimes send out messages describing what stores you had to call to order those obscure CDs. Ah... the good old days... ;-)

Have fun...

Steve -

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