YTSEJAM digest 279

Date: Thu Dec 23 1993 - 01:20:44 EST

CDC & WDADU (Martin A Hennemann <>)
LATM ( (Zack Gemmill))
Merry Christmas to everyone on the Ytsejam (BLTSBARRY@VAX.LIVERPOOL-JOHN-MOORES.AC.UK)
Fates Warning (Michael A. Daugherty <>)


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 01:20:44 -0500
From: Martin A Hennemann <>
Subject: CDC & WDADU

  got my CD's today, and I'm very happy with them. Although I havn't
had time to listen to all of them (Goo Goo Dolls original, Saga's Heads or Tales,
and of course, DT's WDADU :) But I listened to parts of them, and am
very pleased :) Just thought I'd let everyone know :)


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 07:35:31 PST
From: (Zack Gemmill)
Subject: LATM

~ For anyone in the Bay Area who doesn't have LATM, the Compact Disc Warehouse
on El Camino in Sunnyvale has it for $16. I picked up one of the two copies
there Sun for a friend of mine. But I understand that they don't charge any
extra money for special orders. You could probably get WADU through them as
well, but I didn't ask since I already have it.


"`Listen to me,' said the demon
  as he placed his hand upon my head."

                                -- EAP.


Date: Thu, 23 DEC 93 09:13:54 GMT
Subject: Merry Christmas to everyone on the Ytsejam

Just a quick message to wish everyone on the Ytsejam a Merry Christmas!



Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 10:25:05 EST
From: Michael A. Daugherty <>
Subject: Fates Warning

        Well correct me if I'm wrong, hasn't fates warning ALWAYS been on
metal blade? I thought they had.


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