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Date: Tue Dec 21 1993 - 15:53:03 EST

Re: Double Riff ( (Zack Gemmill))


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 12:53:03 PST
From: (Zack Gemmill)
Subject: Re: Double Riff

I say leave it in with some kind of disclaimer as the actual dissimilarity.
But (not to dis Bill's musical literacy) I'd have someone else confirm it.

~BTW, did anybody else out there go to the SFO DT show earlier this year?
I'd like some extra opinions since they didn't sound near up to their
studio standards. Nor did it sound near as good as LATM. Petrucci's
guitar was totally overwhelmed by the bass drums. You couldn't even
hear the bass and James screamed through the whole concert rather than sang.
I was dissapointed. I'm waiting for them to come back, though, since this
must've been an "off" night for them. It was at the Warfield which is a fairly
small place.
James had a good stage presence, however. He even jumped into the crowd at one


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