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It can be extremely difficult to actually find any particular information online -- make that almost impossible. Still, there are many sites out there specifically dedicated to reference material as well as a few places that are trying to make it possible to search the web for information (let's wish them luck!). Here are a number of places to look if you want to do some research or just read about a topic.

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Sources of Information

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Possible things to be added:

  1. FingerInfo
  2. Virtual Tourist Information
  3. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue (528)
  4. Subject tree at Purdue University -- Purdue's subject tree provides "reading rooms" for subjects like the sciences, law, education and more. A great source for journal articles and links to other resources.
  5. Religion -- Resources
  6. Legal Resources
  7. Library of Congress -- Yup, search the entire (online) Library of Congress! :-)
  8. Library Services
  9. Clarknet's WWW pages

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