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Date: Thu Feb 02 1995 - 04:17:51 EST

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      1) Re: Marillion
     by Rob Martino <>
      2) Re: I&W vs Awake
      3) Re: Question
      4) singles
     by Ricky Booth <>
      5) Dream Theater Digest Post
     by "L.Dan Rebennack" <INDCC02.REBENN02@SSW.ALCOA.COM>
      6) cleaning the slate of FW
     by (John Jens, Jr.)
      7) A long one.
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
      8) To all German ytsejammers !!!
     by (Ties Goebel)
      9) OOPS! I GOOFED! was "Worst" DT song, + Covers gig
     by Tymoteusz Altman <>
     10) Re: I&W vs Awake
     by (Pete "Ender" Walsh)
     11) Re: Rising Power CD's
     12) HELP!!!
     by William Kriski <>
     14) Forever on Lie single...
     by Michael Burstin <>
     16) Re: Yngwie
     by (Krysten DeBroka)
     17) Nuthin' really
     by zebrowski steven <>
     18) looking for lyrics...
     by Kristopher Lewis <>
     22) Re: I&W vs Awake
     by William T Bajzek <impaler+@CMU.EDU>
     23) Re: Lillian Axe... / Pretty Maids
     by (Andreas Schaefer)
     24) Re: Marty Friedman and Jason Becker
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
     25) Cover gig report


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 08:37:47 -0500
    From: Rob Martino <>
    Subject: Re: Marillion
    Message-ID: <>

    > It's all well and good that you're trying to help out a Dream Theater fan by
    > suggesting these Marillion titles, but "Brief Encounters," "Misplaced
    > Childhood," "Script for a Court Jester's Tear," and "The Thieving Magpie" are
    > out-of-print. I know this because I started listening to Marillion back in
    > November or so. I decided to check the Muze at Tower, and I got the complete
    > discography and notes (which is how I came to discover this fact.)
    > Currently, I have everything, except those albums and "Seasons End." Email
    > me privately if you can help out. Thanks!

    > Jen

    I found out about this problem too, when I tried collecting three of the four
    first albums just a couple months ago. With a little persistance I found
    all of them in CD stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and there is a
    good chance there are many stores around the country that will still have
    an old Marillion CD or two if you keep looking.

    Good luck!



    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 07:31:03 -0500
    Subject: Re: I&W vs Awake
    Message-ID: <>

    William T Bajzek <impaler+@CMU.EDU> said of _Awake_:

    >>>the heaviness doesn't drown out the keys, the production does. the keys
    were mixed in quieter.<<<

    This is very true. If the production is good, you should be able to hear a
    nice separation in all of the instruments and also hear every instrument
    clearly. If that's what you _want_, that is. Some bands *like* to sound
    muddy. :) Personally, I _hate_ the production on _Awake_, it's just too
    trebly for me and Myung's intricate parts seem to have been buried in the mix
    once again.

    >>>i still think kevin wanted it that way to hmake him more replacable.<<<

    What? Uhh, I don't think so. :) Where did you get that idea? Sorry, it
    just bad production, pure and simple.

    Besides, all of us hardcore Kevin Moore fans know for a fact that he is
    _irreplaceable_. :) :) :)

    >>>the next album, with a steady keyboardist, should be awesome.<<<

    I certainly hope so. I don't think DT could make an UNawesome album though.

    James Bako <>, one of our illustrious future dub
    sites<G>, said:

    >>>The I&W snare sound was (I think) discussed here previously, and (correct
    me if i'm wrong) it was triggered. While the drumming might be just a teeny bi
    t less intricate on Awake, it sounds a hell of a lot better, more

    Yes, the snare on _I&W_ was triggered. This time around, Mike got things his
    way, and the drum sound in general is a lot better because of that, I think.
     But, as much as I hate to say this (and I'm sure I'll make some enemies here
    :), Mike's weakest spot is the snare and since he didn't "fix" his snare
    parts this time, his inconsistency in that area is particularly obvious on
    _Awake_. I love Mike and I think he's a fantastic drummer, but this really
    bugs me. :) At the same time, it also shows that he is indeed a human being
    and not Superman, which makes us all breathe a little sigh of relief. ;)

    More from James Bako:

    >>>My only guess to why it came out this way is that Kevin's heart just
    wasn't totally into the band by the time recording started, so he limited his
    presence, I personally don't believe that it was a matter of making himself
    easier to replace.<<<

    Why is it that everyone thinks that Kevin didn't have much to do with the
    album? His heart may not have been in it as much as the other band members,
    but his _soul_ is all over it, folks, just listen. :)


    "I'm not dying, but I think I'll lay back anyway
     no welcome, but I think I'll stay..."
                  Kevin Moore/_Even The Waves_


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 07:26:21 -0500
    Subject: Re: Question
    Message-ID: <>

    Finally catching up on some mail here, whew!

    Greg "SPUDS" Bunker <bunkerg@rintintin.Colorado.EDU> asked:

    >>>4) Jennifer, how in the world could we as jammer's convince you
    to dub copies of Kev's demos??<<<

    Alex Lifeson (pseudonym, I'm assuming :) <> also queried:

    >>>where are the dub sites going to be located for Kevin Moore's demos? I
    REALLY have to get my hands on one of those!!!<<<

    You guys are new to YJ, right? :)

    I'm setting up a tape tree right now so that everyone who wants copies of the
    demos can get them. Don't worry, just persevere a little longer and you'll
    be able to have a copy all your own. :)

    Speaking of which, I just mailed out the first batch of completed tapes to
    some of the dub sites, so we should be ready to being, at least _partially_,
    in the USA by Monday. Once the dub sites have their tapes and are ready to
    begin making copies for other people, I'll post a list here of the e-mail
    addresses of dubbers in your area who you can get your copy from.

    Thanks for your help, cooperation and patience everyone! :)


    "I'm not dying, but I think I'll lay back anyway
     no welcome, but I think I'll stay..."
                  Kevin Moore/_Even The Waves_


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 07:40:55 -0600 (CST)
    From: Ricky Booth <>
    Subject: singles
    Message-ID: <>

    Can anyone tell me the track list for the CiAW single and the Silent Man

    I have the Lie single and it has a wierd track list... It has LIE edit
    only (it should also have the complete version, most singles have both)
    and Space Dye Vest, To Live Forever (short short studio
    version is tons better), Another Day (live!)

    Wierd eh? I think they should've taken off SDV and replaced it with the
    full version of Lie.


    Date: 02 Feb 1995 08:30:08 GMT
    From: "L.Dan Rebennack" <INDCC02.REBENN02@SSW.ALCOA.COM>
    Subject: Dream Theater Digest Post
    Message-ID: <INDCC02.REBENN02.951902090095033FINDCC02@SSW.ALCOA.COM>

         "My interest in Dream Theater has certainly been enhanced by the
         comments and enthusiasm of the guys in the Queensryche digest,
         "Screaming in Digital". I would definitely love to see them in
         concert in Indianapolis. A friend of mine who is also a fan has been
         a drummer is several local-sized bands and is curious to see how well
         the drum tracks are performed live. Apparently he believes they were
         all programmed and layered, and would be difficult to reproduce on
         stage. Has anyone seen a tour schedule for "Awake" or seen them pass
         thru their town since last fall? I would greatly appreciate any
         information on a tour."


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 01:03:38 -0500
    From: (John Jens, Jr.)
    Subject: cleaning the slate of FW
    Message-ID: <>

    howdy! just to clean the slate...and i promise i wont post about FW...for a
    while anyway ;)

    >Thank you John C. Jens, Jr for letting me take so much of your time.
                              ^^ forgot the "." ;)

    welcome :) sorry if i was any bit more belligerent than wut you had expected
    -- skool started, profs suck, PMS, up too early, bed too early etc ;)

    >Sorry. I didn't know it was such HOT POTATO to you
    >I now understand that FW is holy to you, but for me they're not.

    that's right. Fates Warning IS religion ;) and i realize this is not true w/

    >Of course I know that music grows on you, but for me FW started low.

    Fates started low w/ me too. in fact, i almost hated it. but i listened to
    it over and over and over ad nausea and then one morning i woke up to "No
    Exit" -- scared the shit out of me -- and something clicked. from then on
    i've loved them and my appreciation for them has grown immensely.

    try and get a hold of Perfect Symmetry or Parallels. No Exit is heavier and
    many think it sounds more like DT than the 3 most recent releases. The
    really early stuff -- pre-No Exit/Ray Alder -- is more Maidenish, IMO. so
    pick your poison :) just remember, for some, FW is an instant fav; for most,
    FW takes time.

    happy listening,
                                   John C. Jens, Jr.

      "You've got to learn to let go.
      Just let go and experience the flight.
      Try to see from a different side."
                      -"Global Mind" Queensryche _Promised Land_


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 08:31:31 MST
    From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
    Subject: A long one.
    Message-ID: <7A3B27145C@UCS.ISU.EDU>

        First, I'd like to start by thanking Matt for his wonderful post.
    I'd like to say it made me the most JEALOUS person on this list
    today, but it was really fun to read about it and how cool my
    favorite band is. =)

        Second, I'd like to ask if anyone can get me a Bill Ward CD or
    cassette or something. My local store can't get a hold of it. If
    you have never listened to him or don't know who he is, he's the
    drummer for Black Sabbath. The tape came out about 5 yrs. ago and I
    think it's already out of print. It's really cool, has Ozzy on it,
    yet it has some really rad keyboard and guitar parts. The first time
    I listened to it I got sort of a 'stoned' feeling. The same feeling
    I got listening the The Wall for the first time. It's really good.

        Next, I'd like to re-address the FW issue. (Doc's gonna flame me
    for this one) I told my friend he should've taken the money he
    bought the CD with and that he would have gotten more enjoyment
    wiping his ASS with it. I give up on them. I can't get into it at

        Last, (sorry for the long post) I'm kinda getting sick of the
    song bashing also. I know I already bashed Lie, but I gave it a good
    listen and I kinda like the part where he sings like Elvis. As for
    IF, I don't see why you all hate that song. I guess I don't sit and
    analyze the music I love for errors, or "ahh"s. Jeez, if that's what
    you people call listening to music, I feel sorry for you. I don't
    have to listen to "perfect" music to enjoy it, if there is something
    that stands out to me that's completely irritating (i.e. the vocalist
    and lyrics by FW) to me, then I bash the song (or group, as the case
    may be.)

                                                                'Nuff said

    Chuck Reis | If you're not in this house by | 9:00, you can find another place
    Bass | to sleep!!!
    Wasted Angel | -Space Dyed Vest


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 12:43 MET
    From: (Ties Goebel)
    Subject: To all German ytsejammers !!!
    Message-ID: <>

    The first issue of DREAM HEAD, the official German DT Fanzine, is out now.
    You can get it for 6,50 DM from
    Frank Hofmann, Hospitalstr. 19b, 65929 Frankfurt

    It`s really worth it ! 32 pages of concert reviews, interviews with John P.
    and Derek, ......



    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 08:42:57 -0800 (PST)
    From: Tymoteusz Altman <>
    Subject: OOPS! I GOOFED! was "Worst" DT song, + Covers gig
    Message-ID: <>

    i'm really sorry to everyone about my last message. it was meant to
    be private :)
    I'm sure everyone's had enough of me ranting about IF, and now they
    had to deal with me ranting about work too :)

    About the covers gig: Did they play any judas priest?


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 12:15:28 -0500 (EST)
    From: (Pete "Ender" Walsh)
    Subject: Re: I&W vs Awake
    Message-ID: <QQybjh20768.199502021715@odin.UU.NET> wrote:

    Hi there!

    > "I'm not dying, but I think I'll lay back anyway
    > no welcome, but I think I'll stay..."
    > Kevin Moore/_Even The Waves_

    Ooooooh. I love this... toooo cool. This pretty much sums up my frame of
    mind currently... spooky.

    Anyway, I sent the Hamlet thing to Pat's AOL account... dunno if you guys got
    it yet... If you'd like I can send you a copy directly...

    Take the time...

    Pete "Ender" Walsh				UUNET Technologies, Inc. / / /


    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 1995 12:45:25 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Subject: Re: Rising Power CD's Message-ID: <>

    tim i finally got paid. how much were the RP cd's again?



    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 11:33:55 -0700 (MST) From: William Kriski <> To: Subject: HELP!!! Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9502021156.A12142-0100000@casual1>

    Hello 'jammers,

    I was hoping that a few of you people into Magellan or Marillion could possible e-mail me describing in detail their style, and guitar virtuosity.

    My tastes include DT, Fates Warning, Extreme, Dokken, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie, Gary Hoey, Jackyl, Ozzy, some Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, so you get an idea if I would like them or not.

    Some more Al DiMeola news: I picked up his Best of the Manhattan Years and although it's much more mellow, there are a few highlights. I can really see how DT was influenced now! Still looking for Kiss my Axe.



    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 13:38:47 EST From: To: Message-ID: <>

    On the subject of Fates Warning, I can honestly say that I've never heard anything by them. I know the guys in Dream Theater think very hihgly of them, but I also think I heard someone say that Perfect Symmetry ranks right up there with Moving Pictures. I know the DT guys are heavily influenced by Rush, but, in all honesty I can't stand them, although I LOVE the aurally supreme god that is DT. So, this brings brings me back to my original point: The comparison of Perfect Symmetry to Moving Pictures was not encouraging. However, I do prefer heavy, epic music, so I will try FW out, and *actively listen* to them. I'm not flaming Rush, well, at least not in the purest sense, just stating MHO.

    Oh, and to the guy wanting to know of other NIN fans out here in NETLAND, I love 'em!

    Mathghamhain (The Bear)


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 14:52:13 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Burstin <> To: (Ytsejam SERVER) Subject: Forever on Lie single... Message-ID: <>

    Well, I just got back from my boot shop after returning my bad copy of A Kick Into A Dream, and I bought the Lie CD single... I mainly bought it for Forever... It really sounds cool on this version... especially the new verse in the middle of the track...

    Everything else on it, I have heard before.... Oh, also, leave it to DT to make a 22 min CD single... :)

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    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 14:12:49 EST From: To: Message-ID: <>

    The Seven-string Ibanez was also used to double the bass in a couple of places, tuned to a low B, especially on some of the more blisteringly crunchy moments on AWAKE.


    (The Bear)


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 13:23:26 EST From: (Krysten DeBroka) To: Subject: Re: Yngwie Message-ID: <>

    > > From: > > > > Does anyone know of an Ynwie Malmsteen mailing list? > > Myra ( Wong's list of music mailing lists does not list > a list for the arrogant one :) > > -- > Ken Bibb "Upon a wave of summer > A hilltop paved with gold > We shut our eyes and make the promises we hold" > David Sylvian--"Wave"

    Well, there is a mailing list called "Rising Force" that is for all neo-classical musicians, not just Yngwie Malmsteen. I already mailed Michael and told him about it, but since this post, I figured I'd send it to the whole list. This digest is run by Igor Sinyak and only goes out every couple months, but it has interesting information - sometimes even stuff about Dream Theater. Anyway, just send mail to him and ask him to join.


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    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 14:18:46 -0500 (EST) From: zebrowski steven <> To: Subject: Nuthin' really Message-ID: <>

    This message is for Kinga:

    If you're going to flame myself or others about broken lines in our posts, then please flame everyone but yourself, because I can't think of anyone who this never happens to. Besides, I have serious concerns about the educational backgrounds of someone who can't comprehend a few broken words. Sorry to waste list space on this.

    Dear jammers:

    Are there any other jammers out there who don't want to hear about the set list of the covers gig until they can get a copy of it? This IS NOT A FLAME, but I was just curious. I am content to just skip through messages about it. Also, to any of you "blokes" who did tape the show, I cant wait till you start distributing them!

    Steve Z


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 14:31:37 EST From: Kristopher Lewis <> To: Subject: looking for lyrics... Message-ID: <>

    howdy everybody,

    I have this two disk bootleg of DT in new york called "Dance of Eternity" which contains the 20:00 song called "A Change of seasons". now the song is the most incredible DT song I have heard yet and those who have heard it probably feel the same way. but here's my question, If you have heard the song , do you know the lyrics? I am well on my way to learning the bass line but I also want to sing it. Thanx.


    Rutgers University


    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 14:47:33 EST From: To: Message-ID: <>

    I have to put my two cents in about James LaBrie's vocals. James happens to be one of the greatest vocalists I've ever heard. Those of you who don't like his voice because you can't understand him up high, listen up. JL is operatically trained, and there are 2 schools of thought about higher register singing in opera. One says that lyrics are as important as tonal quality, the way someone like Geoff Tate sings. The other idea is that overall tone is of more importance, and that the lyrics are secondary. This is obviously a concern of James'. These things I know because I have studied vocal techniques extensively. And for those poor souls among you who have never heard/seen DT live, James sounds more like he does live on AWAKE than on I&W.

    As far as great vocalists are concerned, imho, fuck the Three Tenors--- just get Geoff Tate, James LaBrie, and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden together.


    Mathghamhain (The Bear)


    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 14:51:51 EST From: To: Message-ID: <> (Ken Higginson) writes: >Someone said that all of Side 1 is hidden in Erotomania... I can't find dick.

    Sounds like a personal problem to me.

    They're there, but almost unnoticeably so. Very subtle indeed. It succeeds to boggle the mind.


    (The Bear)


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 15:36:41 -0500 (EST) From: William T Bajzek <impaler+@CMU.EDU> To: Subject: Re: I&W vs Awake Message-ID: <> writes: > >>>i still think kevin wanted it that way to hmake him more replacable.<<< > > What? Uhh, I don't think so. :) Where did you get that idea? Sorry, it > just bad production, pure and simple.

    i mean, his parts are a lot simpler than on I&W and on wdadu. he plays simpler stuff, i think, because he nkew he had to get out and he didnt want to leave them hanging in an impssible fix. > > Besides, all of us hardcore Kevin Moore fans know for a fact that he is > _irreplaceable_. :) :) :)


    under brooding skies and watchful on convulsive seas of false urgency-----http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu we walk empty corridors in -cds for sale: guitars, not-very-impressive backing vocals, and songwriter, aepithex


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 18:35:26 +0100 From: (Andreas Schaefer) To: Subject: Re: Lillian Axe... / Pretty Maids Message-ID: <>

    I'm a big fan of Lillian Axe and absolutely recommend their latest CD "Psychoschizophrenia". If you like this one try Savatage - "Handful of rain". Especially "Chances" is a absolut masterpiece.

    To pick up another old thread, I recently got the new Pretty Maids CD "Scream". I think it's a nice album, that (besides the inevitable ballads) really rocks. It's good party-stuff but nothing more... the unique keyboard sound of "Future world" is totally missing.

    sorry for non-DT-content - jerry :--)

    BTW, Dream Theater are playing this saturday here in munich, guess i will be there ;-)

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    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 15:40:10 MST From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <> To: Subject: Re: Marty Friedman and Jason Becker Message-ID: <81605357CA@UCS.ISU.EDU>

    Yah, Mike, And for those of you who like Marty's style of guitar (shredding, anyway). You should look into Jason Becker's solo albums also. The only one I've heard is Perpetual Burn and it's rad. Marty even guest solos on three of the songs. One song on it, called "Air" is one of the best pieces of classical guitar work that I have ever heard. Unfortunately, Jason has a muscular disease that has stopped him from playing guitar altogether, so get his albums while you still can. It's worth it. (It's still not as good as Marty's own, however.)

    (BTW: Jason Becker was Marty's cohort in Cacophony)

    Still groovin' to some crazy shit... Chuck


    Date: 2 Feb 95 12:45:00 -0600 From: To: Subject: Cover gig report Message-ID: <M704481.002.dys61.4888.950202184543Z.CC-MAIL*/O=CCMAIL/PRMD=MSFC/ADMD=TELEMAIL/C=US/@MHS>

    I found the following "Covers Gig" report on the newsgroup and thought all of you'd like to see it: ...........................

    Although not a long-time fan of Dream Theater, I had heard a couple of their albums and been favourably impressed. My colleague, Patricia, who had lent them to me was well aware that I was a die-hard Yes fan, however. So, when as a Dream Theater fanzine subscriber, she obtained a couple of tickets for their invitation-only covers show, "Uncovered", at Ronnie Scott's in Soho on 31st of January, where they would be joined by former Yes guitarist Steve Howe, I leapt at the chance of attending.

    I knew that Dream Theater would be playing music by the bands that influenced them, and that they would be joined by members of a few of those bands, but that was all. After a slight delay in opening the doors, we filed in, past the mobile recording studio parked in Frith Street outside the club, and into the cramped interior, pausing only to pick up a complimentary (thanks guys!) drink on the way.

    We immediately spotted Ian Mosely and Pete Trewavas, Marillion's drummer and bassist respectively sitting at the back. One of our party approached them and they revealed that their guitarist Steve Rothery would be joining Dream Theater on stage, and that their singer Steve Hogarth was also present. Keyboardist Mark Kelly *wasn't* there, however - he was in the studio working hard on the new Marillion album, which sounds like it might just come out on schedule this time...

    I'm told that several past and present presenters of ITV's "Noisy Mothers" were present. There were video cameras flanking the tiny stage, which was shortly graced by MTV Europe's Vanessa Warwick, presenter of "The Headbangers Ball" who introduced the proceedings. Dream Theater pushed their way to the stage through the crowd and kicked off with an impressive version of an Elton John song with a refrain like "Love In Tatters/Shreds/Pieces". Singer James Labrie then repeated his prediction that "This could be interesting", before keysman Derek Sherinian pushed his Hammond to the limit with Jon Lord's introduction to Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers". The first song I recognised, it showed just how much care the band had put into their cover versions - close your eyes and it could quite easily have been Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore on stage. A U2 song (with the only false start of the evening) followed, before drummer Mike Portnoy announced that "this is from one of my favourite drummers". A Led Zeppelin medley with a difference followed, as the introduction to "The Rover" led (to my intense delight) into "Achilles Last Stand" and ultimately "The Song Remains The Same".

    The Rush song that followed was a surprise - "Tears" from "2112". Then the first of the night's guests took the stage - Barney, the vocalist from Napalm Death. He "sang" a Metallica song, which although not exactly my cup of tea, was certainly enjoyed by everyone on stage.

    I was overjoyed to see Dream Theater joined by Steve Hogarth, who sang a duet of The Beatles' "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" with Dream Theater's James complete with all the "shoop, shoobidoos" and "bang bang bangs". Good fun! Then Steve retired behind the keyboards as Steve Rothery joined the band for Marillion's "Easter". Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci even added a second solo to the end. The Marillion atmosphere was made complete by a few shouts for "Grendel" and even "Supper's Ready" from the crowd...

    My musical taste being what it is, I was completely knocked out when James and Derek performed Tori Amos' "Winter". I suspect that made a grand total of three Tori Amos fans in the club, including myself, which made it even more special for me. The feeling that I and Dream Theater have identical record collections was then reinforced when, to my utter disbelief, amazement, and joy, I heard the opening notes of UK's "In The Dead Of Night". John Petrucci's versatility really impressed me, as he got Alan Holdsworth's solo down note-for- note. I thought I'm died and gone to heaven, and at this stage would have been happy to...

    But the party continued, and Steve Howe joined the band to a rousing reception. He took the now customary couple of minutes to get his red finished Gibson "The Les Paul" set up without buzz and I though "Oh no - he's going to throw a wobbly" as I knew Steve isn't very happy when his equipment let him down. I needn't have worried. Within seconds, the intro to Yes' "Machine Messiah" from "Drama" heralded a superb instrumental medley that went through significant portions of "Machine Messiah", "Heart of the Sunrise", "Close To The Edge", "Siberian Khatru", and finally "Wuurm" from "Starship Trooper". The anticipated appearance of Rick Wakeman didn't happen, but Derek Sherinian proved himself more than up to the job, especially on the harpsichord solo on "Khatru". Also, John managed to copy Steve's solo licks on "Wuurm" to their mutual amusement. Breathtaking.

    A rather demonstrative audience member from Tyneside then lambasted Dream Theater on their failure to play other parts of the UK than London. Whether they understood a word of what he was saying is doubtful, but the accepted his advice with good grace!

    The final medley kicked off with a grand rendering of Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh", progressing via Kansas (it was the track that Mark Kelly chose on "The Friday Rock Show" in 1988 when he and Fish went on to promote "Clutching At Straws" if that's any help at all...), Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", Dixie Dregs, and finally, bringing a smile to my face, the song to end all medlies Genesis' "Turn It On Again", at least the chorus and ending of the live version.

    And that was that. I vowed to try and see Dream Theater when they play their own material which I look forward to discovering it all the more. I had seen some brilliant playing and singing, and been delighted to have gone to a show expecting to hear "Tom Sawyer", "Roundabout" and "Kayleigh" and been rewarded with much more esoteric and (if I might exercise some critical judgement) better material. I'm very grateful to Dream Theater for deciding to do it, and also to Patricia, for giving me the ticket (and getting me Steve Howe's autograph later, which is where we found out what guitar he was playing...)

    The show will be featured on "Noisy Mothers" this Friday, and on "Headbangers Ball" some Sunday soon.

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