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Date: Fri Feb 03 1995 - 04:10:29 EST

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      1) listen Unobjectively (was: A Lon
      2) Re: Jeremy Sell out
      3) Re: 7 String axes
      4) Re: Mike Keast and Pantera
      5) subscribe Asif Khan
     by (Asif I. Khan)
      6) Dream Theater Poll Update
      7) The Elvis part
     by Mats Rydstr\vm <>
      8) re:YTSEJAM digest 676
     by "james (j.) wolf" <>
     10) You bash mine...I'll bash yours...and singers
     by Mats Rydstr\vm <>
     11) Erotomania-hidings
     by (Henrik Gustafsson)
     12) Covers gig...
     by Adam Soudure <>
     13) Re: looking for lyrics...
     by An Angel's Kiss... <balkiewi@UMDNJ.EDU>
     by (Ken Higginson)
     by (Ken Higginson)
     by (Ken Higginson)
     17) Awake
     by Dan Kenny <>
     18) least favored song on AWAKE
     by "Douglas Slauson" <>
     19) Marillion :)
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
     20) Lie single
     by Pat Daugherty <>
     21) Marty Freidman
     by Michael Herring <>
     22) Cover concert
     by Jarrod Kamsey-Lewis <>
     23) DT favorite albums
     by Ricky Booth <>


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 18:53:26 -0500
    Subject: listen Unobjectively (was: A Lon
    Message-ID: <>

             I know a lot of people who listen to music and completely analyze
    it, and if one little part doesn't go how they think it should they don't
    like the song. I also feel sorry for people.
            I admit ever since I started playing guitar I have been listening to music I
    a different way, like really try to get a grasp on a guitarists style. But
    still to me a good song is a good song just because it sounds good. Not evey
    part has to be perfect but it does help. I think that as Dream Theater fans
    we have been spoiled. Our favorite band does everything just about
    perfectly. So when we hear another band we expect them to live up to these
    unreachable expectations. This is not a good thing.
            Guys, sincerely, go back and listen to your music and like it because it
    sounds good. Forget about the bands image or technical ability and just try
    to like the song because it sounds good.



    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 19:14:42 -0500
    Subject: Re: Jeremy Sell out
    Message-ID: <>

    Jeremy Haynes wrote in response to my post:

    >Interesting, so it is easier to write say.....Metropolis.....then
    >say...."Always" with it's thought provoking lyrics like "And >I....WillLove" whoooooo!!! deep! ;) Yes >sir...those wicked three
    power-chord songs! Uhh...sorry, but you >couldn't be more misinformed my

    I'm not talking lyrically or musically, I'm talking about what the public and
    the music industry deams a "hit". I know "Metropolis" is a hell of alot more
    complex and tough lyrically and musically, but I don't recall it getting tons
    of airtime! (Don't reply saying 'well...It was never released as a single.) No
     shit. "Always" is getting more airtime than PMU or AD ever did and both
    those songs blow anything BJovi has done ever.


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 19:19:16 -0500
    Subject: Re: 7 String axes
    Message-ID: <>

    Perry Wayson wrote:

    > Actually, some of the Vai models out there have scalloped frets on
    >the higher registers... from about the 19th fret on. The Yngwie
    >Signature Series Strat from Fender comes with a completely >scalloped
    fretboard, however.

    Have you ever tried to play one of those things? I still don't
    understand how it makes you play "faster". Maybe I just
    can't get the full feeling cause I'm a southpaw and I've always
    had to attempt to play them upside down! Ever seen a lefty
    Yngwie strat?


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 19:19:32 -0500
    Subject: Re: Mike Keast and Pantera
    Message-ID: <>

    Mike yeast wrote in reply to me:
    >What I would like to know is: how the hell have Pantera sold out? If
    >anything, they have gotten harder and less "commercial" with every >album.
    Granted, they have changed their style over the past few >years, but they
    went from being a more mainstream band to being >one of the hardest acts ever
    on a major label, and they made the >change back when big-haired glam bands
    like Poison and Warrant >were at the height of their popularity. How does
    moving farther and >farther away from the commercially accepted mainstream
    make >them sellouts?

    Basically what I meant was they changed from what they originally started out
    as which was a "glam" band and turned into a popu$lar band. Like two of the
    most popular bands around now Metallica and Megadeth. I personally don't like
    it when bands change the way they started out doin things to something else. T
    o me that says "Well this ain't makin money so lets change." Stick with what
    you originally set your heart and goals to. Personally I liked the glam
    Pantera better. And moving more and more from the commercial mainstream? More
    people are buying there stuff now than ever, I'd call that commercial.


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 23:06:31 -0500
    From: (Asif I. Khan)
    Subject: subscribe Asif Khan
    Message-ID: <>

    Hello. I was wondering how I could get on the mailing list for DT.
    Me and my buddy here want to get some info on the boys and perhaps
    their latest tour schedule. Thanks in advance.

    Asif and Mike


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 22:01:01 -0800
    Subject: Dream Theater Poll Update
    Message-ID: <>

    Date: Thu, 02 Feb 95 23:30:19 EST

    Just a reminder for the Dream Theater poll I'm conducting (which you will
    find in Digest #673):
    Some people were complaining because I had said I didn't want the poll
    filled out with a bunch of 9s and 10s...
    If you want to rate virtually all the songs as 9s or 10s, please do so.
    By asking for a wider range of rankings, I was only trying to improve the
    scope of the poll, which would make the final rankings a little more definate.
    Remember though, to rate the songs _relative_ to each other.
    I'll repost the poll on Monday, February 6th.
    Have fun!


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 13:12:28 +0100 (MET)
    From: Mats Rydstr\vm <>
    To: Ytsejam mailing-list <>
    Subject: The Elvis part
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi everyone!

    Lie has been discussed alot here and it's been bashed by a lot of
    people, however most people refer, whether they like the part or not, to
    the Elvis-part of the song. I think I know which part you mean but I would
    rather say that James sounds like....hold your breath....Axl Rose...on
    that part. It's not excactly Axl but pretty much, It struck me the first
    time I ever heard the song (on the net, CSS in september). Actually I
    think it sounds a bit like Elvis but IMO more like Axl Rose.

    BTW saw a short report on Marillion (1 min or so) on MTV's News At Night
    yesterday. It was about some sort of a movie the've made.
       / Mats Rydstrom - - /
     / "We can hope for the future, though there may not be one" - ACOS /


    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 17:28:17 +0000
    From: "james (j.) wolf" <>
    Subject: re:YTSEJAM digest 676
    Message-ID: <"19342 Thu Feb 2 12:28:27 1995">

    In message "Re: Guitar Question", Jonathan Larkowski writes:

    > The black and white guitar is a custom Ibanez Universe SEVEN-string (I think).
    > He uses it on Caught in a Web, The Mirror, Lie, Space-Dye Vest and I would
    > bet 6:00 (at least the E-E D-D E-D-E chord part sounds like it has those
    > lower notes in it to me).
    > Lark




    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 15:36:02 +0100 (MET)
    From: Mats Rydstr\vm <>
    To: Ytsejam mailing-list <>
    Subject: You bash mine...I'll bash yours...and singers
    Message-ID: <>

    Don't know who said it but someone posted something about singers and
    went on to say 'fuck the three tenors and get Geoff Tate, James LaBrie
    and Chris Cornell in there'. This is excactly the way I feel about stuff,
    those three are IMO the best three rock-vocalist right now. We all know
    GT and JLB but I think Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fits there as well.
    Apart from being probably one of the best songwriters right now, he's
    also got impressive range and a very dynamic voice, never sounding like a
    wussie even when singing softly. He does do it well live and most
    importantly he's got guts. I think that the emotion and spirit are the
    most important thing for a singer, he's supposed to present the songs
    and make people, if not identifying themselves with the lyrics, at least
    understanding them. There are lots of guys in the world of heavy metal
    that can sing very well technically speaking but show no emotions and
    also not singing about stuff that's important to them. Sometimes it
    makes sense to sing about knights riding through the mist a cold
    november morning on the planet ASDFLHKJDS 65765 years ago and
    sometimes it don't. If you're not singing something you feel, please
    shut up! That can be a hard thing to do when you're not writing the
    lyrics yourself but I think that James LaBrie does this very good. Even
    though DTs lyrics are not very direct and sometimes a bit cheezy James
    manages to present them like they're things that he really cares about.
    Also Geoff Tate is very emotional apart from having a magnificent voice.
    Chris Cornell is maybe not that good tecnically but he's covering up that
    lyric-wise and emotion-wise. Another good example of emotion is Eddie
    Vedder of Pearl Jam. Now I know that most of you prog-fans hate Pearl Jam
    and Soundgarden, but what you always do is lump them together and saying
    it's all crap, commercial bla bla bla. That's just your perspective, and I
    can't see the logic. If I was to do it the same way, maybe if someone
    gave me a bunch of stuff by Gentle Giant, Marillion, Yes and other bands
    that you seem to worship, I would maybe bash them and call it
    pretentious, unemotional crap. I'm not at all saying that I don't like
    those bands, I do to a certain extent, but some of you do this to bands
    that I like very much and that's not really fair. If you bash MY bands
    I'll bash yours! I have reasons for not liking Pantera that much, but I
    don't yell: Crappy Death Metal shit, when that's not the case at all!

    I'm not sorry for the long post!

       / Mats Rydstrom - - /
     / "We can hope for the future, though there may not be one" - ACOS /


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 16:22:44 +0100
    From: (Henrik Gustafsson)
    Subject: Erotomania-hidings
    Message-ID: <>

    > (Ken Higginson) writes:
    >>Someone said that all of Side 1 is hidden in Erotomania... I can't find dick.


    Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 00:29:18 +0800 (WST)
    From: Adam Soudure <>
    Subject: Covers gig...
    Message-ID: <>

    All I can say is: OH MY GOD!!!!! Steve Howe, Rothery, etc etc

    and they played "In the Dead of Night" by UK!!!!! I cannot believe a gig
    could be so good. I simply MUST have a tape of this gig, come what
    may...Name your price people!


    *** Adam Soudure:             ***
    ***                                                       ***
    *** "No more will I regress backward from that which I    ***
    ***  believe. I owe no man an explanation, expect no      ***
    *** apology" -- Believer          			  ***
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    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 11:34:32 -0500 (EST) From: An Angel's Kiss... <balkiewi@UMDNJ.EDU> To: Subject: Re: looking for lyrics... Message-ID: <>

    > > howdy everybody, > > I have this two disk bootleg of DT in new york called "Dance of > Eternity" which contains the 20:00 song called "A Change of seasons". > now the song is the most incredible DT song I have heard yet and those who > have heard it probably feel the same way. > > > Rutgers University >

    On the subject of ACoS, I haven't heard since they had played it at that show at the Limelight. A received a video of the show (Thanks, Mike), and heard it again, and I was totally blown away by it - definitely one of my faves.

    One question - were there any other places/shows where ACoS was played? It seems that they only played it there, considering they were the only group performing and that it was (I think) some kind of showcase for recording big-wigs or something like that.

    Where else was it played? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    - Al Balkiewicz vocaLs, Half Naked


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 95 09:56:21 MST From: (Ken Higginson) To: Message-ID: <>

    "Eve" Music by: Ken Higginson

    INTRO: Guitar I -- Clean E5 E5 E-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ B-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ G-|----+-7-+-5-+-4-+----+-7-9-+-5-7-+-4-+ D-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ A-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ E-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+

    VERSE 1: G5 E5 B5 C5 E-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------------+ B-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------15-15-+ G-|----+-12-14-16-11-12-12-+----+14-16-------14-16-16-------+ D-|----+-------------------+----+------16-17----------------+ A-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------------+ E-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------------+ G5 C5 E5 D5 D5 E-|----+----------------+----+-------------------------------+ B-|----+----------13-12-+----+----13-12-------------12-------+ G-|----+-11-12-14-------+----+-14-------11-12-14-------14-12-+ D-|----+----------------+----+-------------------12----------+ A-|----+----------------+----+-------------------------------+ E-|----+----------------+----+-------------------------------+

    VERSE 2:

    G5 C5 A5 E5 E-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-----------+ B-|----+-------15-12-+----+-13-13-12-12-------+-----------+ G-|----+-11-12-------+----+-------------12-12-+-11-11-9-9-+ D-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-----------+ A-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-----------+ E-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-----------+ F5 C5 B5 E5II D5 C5 E-|----+-------------+----+-11-12-11--15-----------+ B-|----+-13-12-13----+----+------------------------+ G-|----+----------12-+----+------------------------+ D-|----+-------------+----+------------------------+ A-|----+-------------+----+------------------------+ E-|----+-------------+----+------------------------+ B5 C5 E-|-12-12--14-14--15-15--12----+----+ B-|-------------------------15-+----+ G-|----------------------------+----+ D-|----------------------------+----+ A-|----------------------------+----+ E-|----------------------------+----+

    F5 E5 E-|-----------------------------------+----+ B-|-13-13--15-15--18-18---------------+----+ G-|----------------------16-16--14-14-+----+ D-|-----------------------------------+----+ A-|-----------------------------------+----+ E-|-----------------------------------+----+ D5 D5 G5 E-|-12-12--14-14--15-15--12----+----+--------14-14--15-15-+ B-|-------------------------15-+----+-15-15---------------+ G-|----------------------------+----+---------------------+ D-|----------------------------+----+---------------------+ A-|----------------------------+----+---------------------+ E-|----------------------------+----+---------------------+

    BRIDGE: E5 E-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ B-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ G-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+-7-+ D-|-2-+-4-+-5-+-7-+-9-+-10-+-12-+-14-+----+----+-7-+---+ A-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ E-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+

    VERSE 3: G5 B5 C5 E5 E-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ B-|----+-15-15-13-13-12-12-------------12-13----12-12-13-12-------+ G-|----+-------------------14-14-12-12-------12-------------12-12-+ D-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ A-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ E-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ B5 E5 E-|-----------------+----+-------14-14-15-15-14----------+ B-|-----------------+----+-15-15----------------17-15-17-+ G-|-----------------+----+-------------------------------+ D-|-11-11-12P11-9-9-+----+-------------------------------+ A-|-----------------+----+-------------------------------+ E-|-----------------+----+-------------------------------+ A5 E5 E-|----+-17-15-14-14----------+-------+ B-|----+-------------15-17-17-+-------+ G-|----+----------------------+-16-12-+ D-|----+----------------------+-------+ A-|----+----------------------+-------+ E-|----+----------------------+-------+ F5 A5 F5 E5 E-|----+-13-13-15-15-17-17-12-12-+----+-------------------+ B-|----+-------------------------+----+-13-13-15-15-17-17-+ G-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ D-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ A-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ E-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ A5 E-|-------------------+ B-|-------------------+ G-|-13-13-14-14-16-14-+ D-|-------------------+ A-|-------------------+ E-|-------------------+

    SOLO: F#5 B5 E5 D5 E-|---------------------+----+-----------------------------+ B-|-10-10-12-12-14-9-10-+----+-12-14-10-10-9-9-7-7-5-5-3-5-+ G-|---------------------+----+-----------------------------+ D-|---------------------+----+-----------------------------+ A-|---------------------+----+-----------------------------+ E-|---------------------+----+-----------------------------+ C#5 B5 E5 C5 B5 E-|-------------+----+---------------+----+--------------------+ B-|-------------+----+-10-10-9-9-7-7-+----+--------------------+ G-|-------------+----+---------------+----+--------------------+ D-|-4-4-5-5-7-2-+----+---------------+----+-5-5-4-4-2-0-----\9-+ A-|-------------+----+---------------+----+--------------------+ E-|-------------+----+---------------+----+--------------------+ A5 D5 E5 E-|----+-------------+-----+-0-+ B-|----+-------------+-----+-0-+ G-|----+-------------+-----+-0-+ D-|----+-------------+-----+-2-+ A-|----+-4-4-2-2-0-0-+-----+-2-+ E-|----+-------------+-----+-0-+


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 95 09:56:30 MST From: (Ken Higginson) To: Message-ID: <>

    "Eve" Music by: Ken Higginson

    INTRO: Guitar II -- Distorted E5 E5 E-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ B-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ G-|----+---+---+---+----+-----+-----+---+ D-|-2--+---+---+---+-2--+-----+-----+---+ A-|-2--+---+---+---+-2--+-----+-----+---+ E-|-0--+---+---+---+-0--+-----+-----+---+

    VERSE 1: Guitar II -- Clean G5 E5 B5 C5 E-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------------+ B-|----+-------------------+----+---------------------------+ G-|----+-------------------+-4--+------------5--------------+ D-|-5--+----------2--------+-4--+------------5--------------+ A-|-5--+----------2--------+-2--+------------3--------------+ E-|-3--+----------0--------+----+---------------------------+ G5 C5 E5 D5 D5 E-|----+----------------+----+-------------------------------+ B-|----+----------------+----+-------------------------------+ G-|----+----------5-----+----+----------7--------7-----------+ D-|-5--+----------5-----+-2--+----------7--------7-----------+ A-|-5--+----------3-----+-2--+----------5--------5-----------+ E-|-3--+----------------+-0--+-------------------------------+

    VERSE 2:

    E-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-5-3---------------+ B-|----+------12--8--+-10-+-------------------+-------3-----------+ G-|-7--+-9-10--------+----+---------5^7^5--4--+-----4---4-2-0-2-0-+ D-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-------------------+ A-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-------------------+ E-|----+-------------+----+-------------------+-------------------+

    E-|----+------5-8-7--+-3--+-5-3---------------------0-+ B-|-5--+-------------+----+-----5-3-------------------+ G-|----+-------------+----+---------4-2-2-2h4p2-0-0---+ D-|----+-------------+----+---------------------------+ A-|----+-------------+----+---------------------------+ E-|----+-------------+----+---------------------------+

    E-|--------+---+----------------------+----+ B-|-7-8----+-5-+----------------------+----+ G-|-----7--+---+-7^9-5--4-4--5-4--2-2-+----+ D-|--------+---+----------------------+----+ A-|--------+---+----------------------+----+ E-|--------+---+----------------------+----+

    E-|-5-8-8-+-7-+-7^9--5--3\5-+---------+-------0---+ B-|-------+---+-------------+-0-7-8-8-+-----3---0-+ G-|-------+---+-------------+---------+---0-------+ D-|-------+---+-------------+---------+-----------+ A-|-------+---+-------------+---------+-----------+ E-|-------+---+-------------+---------+-3---------+

    BRIDGE: E5 E-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ B-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ G-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ D-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ A-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+-5-+ E-|-0-+-2-+-3-+-5-+-7-+-8--+-10-+-12-+-10-+-8--+-5-+---+

    VERSE 3: Guitar II -- Distorted G5 B5 C5 E5 E-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ B-|----+----------------------------------------------------------+ G-|----+----------------4--------------------5--------------------+ D-|-5--+----------------4--------------------5-----------------2--+ A-|-5--+----------------2--------------------3-----------------2--+ E-|-3--+-------------------------------------------------------0--+ B5 E5 E-|-----------------+----+-------------------------------+ B-|-----------------+----+-------------------------------+ G-|-----------------+-4--+-------------------------------+ D-|-----------------+-4--+----------------2--------------+ A-|-----------------+-2--+----------------2--------------+ E-|-----------------+----+----------------0--------------+ A5 E5 E-|----+----------------------+-------+ B-|----+----------------------+-------+ G-|-2--+----------------------+-------+ D-|-2--+-------------------2--+-------+ A-|-0--+-------------------2--+-------+ E-|----+-------------------0--+-------+ F5 A5 F5 E5 E-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ B-|----+-------------------------+----+-------------------+ G-|----+----------------2--------+----+-------------------+ D-|-3--+----------------2--------+-3--+----------------2--+ A-|-3--+----------------0--------+-3--+----------------2--+ E-|-1--+-------------------------+-1--+----------------0--+

    SOLO: F#5 B5 E5 D5 E-|------------------------+-----+-----------------------------------+ B-|-10-12-12^14-9-10----10-+-----+-12-12-14-14-10-10-9-9-7-7-5-5-3\5-+ G-|-------------------9----+-----+-----------------------------------+ D-|------------------------+-6-4-+-----------------------------------+ A-|------------------------+-4-2-+-----------------------------------+ E-|------------------------+-----+-----------------------------------+ C#5 B5 E5 E-|-------------+----+---------------+--------------------+ B-|-7-9-9^10-9--+----+-7-7--6-6--4-4-+--------------------+ G-|-------------+----+---------------+-5^7^5-------5------+ D-|-------------+----+---------------+--------0----5------+ A-|-------------+----+---------------+----------2--3------+ E-|-------------+----+---------------+--------------------+ A5 D5 E5 E-|----------7\-+-------------+------------+---+ B-|-8-7-5-3-----+-------------+------------+---+ G-|-------------+---6-4-2-----+------------+---+ D-|-------------+-------------+-4-5-7-4\2--+-2-+ A-|-------------+-------------+------------+-2-+ E-|-------------+-------------+------------+-0-+


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 95 09:56:09 MST From: (Ken Higginson) To: Message-ID: <>

    "Eve" Music by: Ken Higginson

    INTRO: Bass Guitar

    G-|---+ D-|---+ A-|---+ E-|-0-+

    VERSE 1: (no bass)

    VERSE 2:

    G-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ D-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ A-|---+-3-+-0-+---+---+-3-+-2-+-7-+-5-+-3-+-2-+-3-+---+---+-5-+-5-+---+ E-|-3-+---+---+-0-+-1-+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+-1-+-0-+---+---+-3-+


    G-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+-7-+ D-|-2-+-4-+-5-+-7-+-9-+-10-+-12-+-14-+-12-+-10-+-7-+---+ A-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+ E-|---+---+---+---+---+----+----+----+----+----+---+---+

    VERSE 3:

    G-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ D-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ A-|---+-2-+-3-+---+-2-+---+-0-+---+---+-0-+---+---+ E-|-3-+---+---+-0-+---+-0-+---+-0-+-1-+---+-1-+-0-+


    G-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ D-|---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ A-|-0-+---+-2-+---+-5-+-4-+-2-+---+-3-+-2-+-0-+-5-+---+---+ E-|---+-2-+---+-0-+---+---+---+-0-+---+---+---+---+---+-0-+


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 12:17:23 -0500 From: Dan Kenny <> To: Subject: Awake Message-ID: <>

    Excuse me, could we get a couple more guitarists writing in here? All this crap about the production on Awake is getting on my nerves. IMWO, (W = wonderful) the reason Moore left is because the band decided to release a John Petrucci solo album instead of a Dream Theater album. Now I consider myself a rare guitarist because I really enjoy bands where the guitar can step back and let another instrument like keys or bass step in. Most guitars, esp. in heavier bands just turn everything up to 11 and to hell w/ the other instruments. That's 1 reason I got turned on to DT early; the band is _5_ virtuosos. But let's face it: they know where their bread is buttered, and Mr. P. really stepped up on this album, both lyrically & musically, (imagerally & wordally?) and Kev. was left to contribute mostly atmosphere, which I must admit is precisely where I like the keyboards. Which is why late-80's Rush didn't do as much for me as older stuff. Look at the recent postings from all you keyboard guys: all you talk about on the recent album is SDV. It's the only place where the guitar is not in the forefront. Now everyone is going to have their own favorite songs, and lyrics, and instruments, and tones. (Speaking of which, my one complaint about JP is he w/ few exceptions, only has one electric tone). I also wish Myung would step out a bit more; his featured parts in 6:00 & LS... make me want more, but look: he is content to stay towards the back a bit, and Kevin wasn't. For better or worse, Awake is Petrucci's show. (Please, no flames from drummers @ least; Mike is Perfect (except for that dobass bit during the descending guitar bit in Eroto, after it's played one time solo - my only disliked drum part in last 2 albums)

    Proudly a net novice, Dan Kenny.


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 13:04:52 CST From: "Douglas Slauson" <> To: Subject: least favored song on AWAKE Message-ID: <>

    OK, I'm gonna jump onto this thread late... For me, this decision is easy... Lifting Shadows Off A Dream I find myself skipping over this one for two reasons. 1) It's the most awkward transition on the disc (from Lie to LSOAD), which is annoying to me. 2) Scarred is my favorite song, and I usually can't wait to hear it.

    And yes, I really like Innocence Faded. Also, I think this bickering over FW is getting out of hand. I'm a huge FW fan, in fact I prefer them over DT. Others (Dr. Mosh!) have tried to give you non fans an idea of how you could get into them, but I don't expect every one of you to "get it." We don't need a flame war over something that's so subjective. Douglas ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tonight you sleep in Hell... There can be only one! oooooooooooo oooooooooooo


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 12:41:45 MST From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <> To: Subject: Marillion :) Message-ID: <9667680950@UCS.ISU.EDU>

    Marillion Rox! (Well, you know what I mean) Thanx for the suggestion to pick up the Marillion album, "Clutching at Straws" everyone. I love it. It has awsome vocals and the music runs excellently. I just bought it a half-hour ago and can't seem to shut it off. Warm, Wet, Circles is just the best song. =) I also got Tori Amos, "Little Earthquakes." I hope it's as good as everyone says. (I'm sure it is)

    --Chuck ====================================================================== Chuck Reis | You can't take a photograph | of Uzi's Bass | on a street corner... Wasted Angel | -Marillion =) ======================================================================


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 14:35:04 -0500 (EST) From: Pat Daugherty <> To: Dream Theater <> Subject: Lie single Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9502031404.A1559-a100000@bdmserver>

    I just got the LIE single from

    I thought TLF had a different verse in the middle. It was great to hear the studio version.

    THe cd says unreleased live track. Where unreleased are they talking about since the live Another Day is on the Japanese LATM.

    I also got Megadeths Train of Consequence (i think that is the name) CD single. It has 6 tracks on it. TOC, another from Youth, Can of Worms, and live versions of Peace Sells.., Rust in peace, and Anarchy in the UK. This one comes with a sticker.

    Pat Daugherty "Every breath leaves me one less to my last" --Dream Theater "That is not an option, Mr. Mulder" --X-Files


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 95 14:10:03 EST From: Michael Herring <> To: Subject: Marty Freidman Message-ID: <>

    Yo Chuck and any Marty Freidman Fans,

    Marty's Dragon's Kiss ( his first solo album ) Also kicks but. As for Jason Becker, he has the two Cacophany albums, His solo "Perpetual Burn" and can also be found as David Lee Roth's Guitar Man on "L'il Ain't Enough". Unfortun- ately he contracted ALS, and he can't move. It has got to suck, I really feel for him. But Steve Perry from Journey has become really close to Jason and has helped him put together a computer system to write music on. He plans to come out with an album of his compositions this year. Although he won't be able to play on it, Many guitarist and other musicians will record it for him. It promises to be very cool.



    Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 11:26:17 -0800 (PST) From: Jarrod Kamsey-Lewis <> To: DREAM THEATER <> Subject: Cover concert Message-ID: <>

    WOW!!!! What else can I say? WOW!!!!!

    Now I guess we wait for the video/CD release, and we hope ALL of the show is released. WOW!!!!!

    Jarrod Ramsey-Lewis University of Portland


    Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 16:16:13 -0600 (CST) From: Ricky Booth <> To: Subject: DT favorite albums Message-ID: <>

    I was just wondering, does anyone else out there have the some opinion I do:

    WDADU is my 1st fav dt album, I&W my 2nd, and Awake my 3rd.

    WADAU - Sure the singer is different, but I like Charlies voice on these songs... Musically, you can't go wrong! This disc is just pure greatness despite the sound thin sound quality. There isn't one song I dislike.

    I&W - It's a classic! It has some great tunes. My favorites are PMU and UAG. I'm indifferent to WFS and Another Day. They're great songs but I prefer the muscical style on WDADU as opposes to these ballad kinda songs.

    AWAKE - Very good, but with me, it just seems to lack a wholeness or to be missing something. Highlights for me are 6:00 and Scarred. PS. I like Ytse Jam better than Erotomania so there...

    PPS. Yes, I do like Fates Warning. ;-) (Incidentally, I don't like Parallels that much...I prefer PS or IO)


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