Re: Nay Vote for Magellan (don't give up on prog!)

Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 17:19:04 EST

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    >>Douglas Slauson said:
    >> Hi all, I recently picked up a copy of Magellan's _Impending
    >>Ascension_ cd, and I've listened to it about ten times. What can I
    >>say? I guess the prog rock genre just isn't for me. These guys
    >>really remind me of Yes, especially the vocals. I found the vocals
    >>to be very annoying, and I didn't like the dominance of the keybords
    >>over the guitar. There were a few passages scattered about that
    >>were a little more to my tastes, but it was too long in between them.
    >>Also, the music seemed to be too "happy" for me; I prefer darker,
    >>more depressed music.
    >> I will say that the songs were well crafted, though, and if
    >>you're into prog rock, I'm sure you'll like this disc.
    >> After trying Marillion's _Misplaced Childhood_ and now Magellan, I
    >>think it's safe to say that the prog rock genre is not for me.
    >But wait! There is so much prog rock to explore don't give up yet!
    >The two groups you mentioned are in a sub-category called neo-progressive,
    >which focus on lush keyboards and a bit more commercial than other types
    >of prog, like symphonic, space rock, canterbury, fusion-oriented, Italian, etc.
    >If you like dark music I can recommend stuff that will frighten small children
    >and animals! (Il Balletto di Bronzo, King Crimson, some Anglagard come to
    >What do you like for music? Maybe I could recommend something that you
    >would like. Check out the Giblartar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
    >to find something more to your liking.....
    >If you like creativity and originality in music there is some prog band
    >that will suit your liking! That is what prog is all about fot the most part.

            Well, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like Magellan, but I'm glad
    you gave them a decent chance. I do agree with Rob though -- don't give up
    on prog rock quite yet. If you prefer darker music, with dominant guitar,
    then you should definitely try the band Anekdoten. They create a dark, moody
    atmosphere on their album "Vemod" that you might like. I love it. King
    Crimson's "Red" might also be a good one to try, and Anglagard and Il Balletto
    di Bronzo are both wonderful (though maybe not quite as dark as the previous
    two). There is so much variety out there in prog rock that just sampling two
    bands would not do it justice. If you like more experimental style music then
    get Univers Zero's "Heresie" which is one of the darkest albums I've ever
    heard (it's also fairly bizzare though).
            I'd recommend trying Anekdoten first and then some of the others too.
            The above bands are very hard to find in stores (except for King
    Crimson). But, you can mail-order any of those albums (and many other hard-
    to-find prog albums) from the following places:

    Of Sound Mind -- owner: Chris Lamka -- (410) 529-7082

            "Of Sound Mind" is a store in Baltimore, MD that specializes in
    getting hard-to-find progressive rock. They also do mail-order so you can
    just call to ask what they have in stock. They can get any of the above
    albums even if they don't have them in stock. They are also reliable.

    Other places:

    PO BOX 3128, Hoboken, NJ 07030
    201-656-2112 (6PM to 10PM EST, No Later !!!)

            The Laser's Edge often has a large number of the above albums already
    in stock, so they are also a good place to try. You can send them email or

            Good luck and let me know if you decide to try any more albums...


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