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Date: Wed Feb 08 1995 - 04:44:49 EST

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    Today's Topics:

      1) Non-DT content... Fates Warning article in Fl music mag
      2) Yngwie
      3) Re: YTSEJAM digest 688 (a few things)
     by Metropolis <>
      4) New Ytsejammer?
      5) Another West USA dub site open!
      6) Re: Doug Pinnick will give you music help
     by Fredrik Blomgren <>
      7) UK Radio 1, last night..
     by "Mr R.J. Chinneck" <>
      8) Re: Derek Sherinian Keyboard article
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
      9) Re: Kev Tapes
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
     10) I'm a dub site too.
     by John Mastin <>
     11) First message
     by (Steffen Barabasch)
     12) Re: Nay Vote for Magellan (don't give up on prog!)
     by Rob Martino <>
     13) KM demo tape review
     by John Mastin <>
     14) Covers Gig Tape (?)
     by STEVE SMITS <>
     15) KM influence from Marillion?
     by "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
     16) Re: The most progressive tunes by the X
     by JEFF E REED <>
     17) Range of Music!
     by Shawna Lea of the Many Nicknames <SADAMS1@WELLESLEY.EDU>
     18) mail to me
     by Michael Burstin <>
     19) DT in UK, HBB Europe and Queensryche
     20) Opinion on "Music Meant to Be Heard"
     21) Re: YTSEJAM digest 690
     by "John Thompson" <>
     22) Re: QR's Someone Else Full Band?
     23) Re: Lie single and other stuff
     by Slick Doggy Dawg <>
     24) new web page
     by Michael Burstin <>
     25) Midwest Kev Dub site


    Date: Wed, 08 Feb 1995 00:21:51 -0400 (EDT)
    Subject: Non-DT content... Fates Warning article in Fl music mag
    Message-ID: <>

        There is an article in the local music mag (Ft. Lauderdale,
    Florida) about Fates Warning (cover story, no less). I have 10
    copies of the magazine. If anyone is interested in getting a copy,
    I'd be willing to send one your way. First 10 to respond will get
    a copy. I can probably get more if need be, they are free after all.
    Let me know if you'd be interested. If the first 10 go quickly, I'll
    round up some more...
    take care,

    Greg Severine
    Florida Atlantic University


    Date: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 21:23:36 -0400 (EDT)
    Subject: Yngwie
    Message-ID: <>

            I know a couple of you jammers out there were discussing Yngwie
    and his scalloped fretboards, and here's my five cents on the ostantatious,
    arrogant one:
                    First off, about the man himself. Psychologically speaking
    I believe he is a pathological liar as well as a jerk (seen him twice, and
    the second time the show was cancelled midway through due to his drummer
    almost beating the shit out of him onstage). My brother used to belong
    to his fan club 'Malmsteen's Militia', and they sent out a "biography" of
    Yngwie (which I beleive is just a total crock). It stsated that Yngwie
    was always a rebellious child and used to "take his Harley and ride it through
    his school" (which is kind of the crap I'm talking about. He used to work
    in a music shop in Sweden fixing guitars as well as other six stringed
    instruments (violins, fiddles, etc. . ) which led to his accumulation
    of the scalloped fretboard, w hich he supposedly came across when he took
    a vintage guitar (strat, I think), and just scalloped each of the frets,
    allowing him to annunciate notes more harmonically due to the concaveness
     of the fret. Well, that's all I have to say, other than the fact that I
    do think he is a great guitar player as well as a songwriter (too bad
    he's such a stereotypical egoistic jerk)


    Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 21:41:28 -0500 (EST)
    From: Metropolis <>
    Cc: Multiple recipients of list <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 688 (a few things)
    Message-ID: <>

    On Tue, 7 Feb 1995, Michael Burstin wrote:

    > > From: (Ties Goebel)
    > > Subject: New bootlegs
    > >
    > > "Tragedy", "Comedy" - I remember having heard about these, they are NOT from
    > > the Awake tour, right ?

    Tragedy, Comedy is the same exact thing as the "Dance of Eternity" boot.
    My friend showed them to me at Planet Music over the weekend, and it was
    identical to DOE.



    Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 23:16:36 -0500
    Subject: New Ytsejammer?
    Message-ID: <>

    The following appeared in Ytsejam #688:

    >>I was wondering if anyone has heard DT live since Kevin left? I've
    read that the new guy is pretty good, but I was wondering what you
    guys and gals think. They haven't toured down this way yet. Also
    another question. Is this guy going to stay with the band for the
    next album or are they going to find someone new?

                            Thanks for listening
                            John Thompson
                            Mars Hill College
                            Mars Hill, NC<<

    I get the distinct impression you're new to Ytsejam, John. : ) Well, we're
    all new at one time or another! Welcome...

    To ask who has heard Derek is an understatement! : ) (Although you guys out
    in the SE are still waiting, I know...) During the first leg of the
    "pre-tour," there was numerous discussions about the shows, and, obviously,
    Derek was a hot topic. I would say that opinion is mixed about Derek -
    mainly because it's hard to let go. Personally, I think Derek did an awesome
    job (I caught the December 1st show in SF), especially considering he only
    had two weeks to learn the stuff!!

    As far as whether Derek sticks around, well, that depends on how the other
    band members feel, if he "fits."


    "Could we see clearer in a virtual reality?" * Magellan

    "I am the beat of your pulse, the computer word made flesh." * Queensryche


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 03:37:03 -0500
    Subject: Another West USA dub site open!
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi everyone,

    Another dub site in the US is ready to open!

    To get your own copy of Kevin's demos -

    For West USA YJammers, contact:

    And give this person a warm round of applause for donating his time and
    effort to the cause! :)

    More dub sites to come, I'll keep you posted!


    "I'm not dying, but I think I'll lay back anyway
     no welcome, but I think I'll stay..."
                  Kevin Moore/_Even The Waves_


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 10:28:55 +0000 (GMT)
    From: Fredrik Blomgren <>
    To: Ytsejam <>
    Subject: Re: Doug Pinnick will give you music help
    Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950208102253.6483A-100000@leone>

    Hi Jammers!

    I totally agree with Jeff Reeds opinions on KING'S X. IMHO they're right up
    there with DT. I urge all DT fans to check them out.
    I'd suggest Gretchen goes to Nebraska as a first buy.




    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 11:46:02 +0000 (GMT)
    From: "Mr R.J. Chinneck" <>
    To: (D.T.Mailing List)
    Subject: UK Radio 1, last night..
    Message-ID: <>

    Dear all,

    Those who expressed interest in the Radio 1 show last night in the UK listen
    up !!

    Dream Theater only played three somgs, they were live there with Bruce
    Dickinson, and hardly talked at all, but the three somgs they did were very
    good : Caught In A Web, Lifting Shadows...., 6:00. I recorded it on a Type II
    (chrome) TDK SF60 and the news bulletin at 9:30pm was missed out as I swapped

    So I have the full hour rock show with lots of things on it, but only 3 D.T.
    songs, sorry there weren't more, I was dissapointed as well.....

    Thanks to all those who expressed interest and wrote to me, let me know now
    if you still want copies, and we'll sort them out, I will only find out cost
    after people mail me in response to this letter,

    hear from you soon, Rob Chinneck,

    Address: 125 Melville Grove,
             Grove Street,
             Edge Hill,
             Liverpool L7 7AD,


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 08:06:03 MST
    From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
    Subject: Re: Derek Sherinian Keyboard article
    Message-ID: <109D21C50B6@UCS.ISU.EDU>

    Where did you get this article from?
        Good grief, I wish I ould find at least the tiniest article
    somewhere about Dream Theater.
                                                      'Nuff said,


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 08:11:01 MST
    From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
    Subject: Re: Kev Tapes
    Message-ID: <109E7376D4A@UCS.ISU.EDU>

        Tell me exactly which four digests you deleted and I'll forward
    them to you.

                                                    Your humble servant,


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 08:45:03 -0500
    From: John Mastin <>
    Subject: I'm a dub site too.
    Message-ID: <199502081345.IAA00453@cybertron>

    Jammers, Jamettes and everything else in between,

    I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am available as
    a dub site for the Mid-Atlantic region (Pa, NJ, Del and the like.)

    If you would like a copy of the demo, email me
    ( and we can set things up.

    I would be willing for a blank tape and postage both ways or a
    full even up boot trade if you have one. Currently, I have none
    so chances are, if you have one you would like to trade, I'm interested!

    See you around.


    Lookie here, a new .sig!

    *Now hanging out with prophets ain't no crime,
     but I never search for nothing I can't find.*
                                    -Kevin Moore, Hollow


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 11:24:03 +0100 (MEZ)
    From: (Steffen Barabasch)
    Subject: First message
    Message-ID: <>

    Hello Ytsejammers!

    The show in Duesseldorf (Germany) at Saturday the 11th will be presented by
    WDR 1, so I guess there will be a DT feature somewhen.

    To introduce myself and to make you fellow Ytsejam-readers over there in
    the US a bit jealous: Yes, I know DT since WDADU. Yes, I love this album.
    And yes, it was never a problem to get a copy here in Germany. MCA are
    even selling it as a "Rock Classic" at mid-price. I saw it once for 11$.

    But while you in the US seem to have no problem getting the UK-Single of
    "Lie", I cannot find it here. So, German Ytsejammers: Where can I get it
    here (Ruhrgebiet oder Koeln, vielleicht Ddorf)?

    I found it remarkable that many of you like a wide range of music, from
    Marillion to Morbid Angel (as I do), but NOBODY seems to like Queen. Try
    their early albums, especially Queen II, they are a lot better than the
    well known newer ones.

    Steffen Barabasch


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 09:51:45 -0500
    From: Rob Martino <>
    Subject: Re: Nay Vote for Magellan (don't give up on prog!)
    Message-ID: <>

    Douglas Slauson said:

        Hi all, I recently picked up a copy of Magellan's _Impending
    Ascension_ cd, and I've listened to it about ten times. What can I
    say? I guess the prog rock genre just isn't for me. These guys
    really remind me of Yes, especially the vocals. I found the vocals
    to be very annoying, and I didn't like the dominance of the keybords
    over the guitar. There were a few passages scattered about that
    were a little more to my tastes, but it was too long in between them.
    Also, the music seemed to be too "happy" for me; I prefer darker,
    more depressed music.

        I will say that the songs were well crafted, though, and if
    you're into prog rock, I'm sure you'll like this disc.
        After trying Marillion's _Misplaced Childhood_ and now Magellan, I
    think it's safe to say that the prog rock genre is not for me.

    But wait! There is so much prog rock to explore don't give up yet!
    The two groups you mentioned are in a sub-category called neo-progressive,
    which focus on lush keyboards and a bit more commercial than other types
    of prog, like symphonic, space rock, canterbury, fusion-oriented, Italian, etc.
    If you like dark music I can recommend stuff that will frighten small children
    and animals! (Il Balletto di Bronzo, King Crimson, some Anglagard come to

    What do you like for music? Maybe I could recommend something that you
    would like. Check out the Giblartar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
    to find something more to your liking.....

    If you like creativity and originality in music there is some prog band
    that will suit your liking! That is what prog is all about fot the most part.



    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 11:20:53 -0500
    From: John Mastin <>
    Subject: KM demo tape review
    Message-ID: <199502081620.LAA00581@cybertron>

    Mike Bahr wrote:

    > Space-Dye Vest
    > When you hear Kev singing this, it will throw you for a loop, but
    > I guess if we could put up with John Arch singing The Killing Hand, we
    > can put up with _anything_. :) It's so blatantly depressing you can't
    > quit listening to it. No guitar, and no ending piano set. Samples are
    > mostly the same.. and stand out much more clearly.

    There is that little ending set in SDV. Although not on a piano and it
    runs into a fade fast, it is still there. Just CRANK it up and you'll
    hear it! :D

    My views: (delete here to end if you don't care to know my opinion! :D )

    Song for Eric (for Tori)
    I heard the original (Thanks Jennifer!) and I have to say, I like the
    work he has done musically to create an atmosphere. As Mike said, *The
    music behind the "I See you in my dreams" line is awe-inspiring.*
    VERY powerful.

    Space-Dye Vest
    You thought the one on Awake was depressing??? Ha! Hide away all of the
    sharp objects and lock up the medicine chest or you might not be around with
    us to hear the rest of the demos. The middle sample is different than on
    Awake. Talk about hitting a groove! It is a lot quieter than the one on Awake.
    Even more depressing without the guitar powercords. (sorry, John P.) Really
    makes a statement that makes you feel the one tortured soul crying out! God,
    after listening to it, I jumped out of my bedroom window. Good thing I live
    on the ground floor. ;)

    Blanket (I Buried Me Wife and I Dance On Top of Her)
    Kinda puts me to mind of what Pink Floyd would sound like in the 1990's
    if Roger Waters was still in the group. (please, no flames! ) The singing
    running off into wild crazy tangents with the music blending and battling
    with itself. Wild!

    A little grungy. It has a ton of distortion and says, hey, I don't care,
    *Just call me hollow!*

    Roll Away The Stone
    Catchy, the techno touch really throws you for a loop because you
    get used to the techno feel of being upbeat and moving and angry.

    Again, the tortured soul crying out.

    A message in the lyrics for someone. Self doubt? Self pity? Pity of Nora?
    A love triangle. *words take hold of my memory and history changes*
    Remembering back to a time where he was naive to a betrayal? Now that he
    sees it, pieces fall into places... Very depressing. *I know I know I know.*
    On this one, I already locked the window I jumped out of for SDV. Light the
    candles, sit on the bare floor in a empty room with a rubik's cube and wait
    for the cenobites to come and take you away.

    Even The Waves
    Has a theological undertone to it and applies it philosophically. Deep.

    Sun Orange, Small
    Very floaty. Nice. Allows you to drift and then carries you places.
    Very nicely done.

    I am in agreement with Mike on the type of stuff on the demo. It definately
    is not DT. Don't listen to it expecting to hear it as a spinoff or as
    I&W, part II. If you do, you'll be disappointed. Take it as it is. It's own
    entity. It is awesome in it's own right. Some of you might have to give it
    repeated listenings in order to let it grow on you. The more I hear it, the
    more I like it.

    Thanks for letting me stand on the soapbox!


    *Now hanging out with prophets ain't no crime,
     but I never search for nothing I can't find.*
                                    -Kevin Moore, Hollow


    Date: Wed, 08 Feb 1995 10:30:32 -0600 (CST)
    From: STEVE SMITS <>
    Subject: Covers Gig Tape (?)
    Message-ID: <>

    Date sent: 8-FEB-1995 10:22:55

            PEOPLE!...we don't know for sure that no one taped the covers gig.
    All we know is there weren't any jammers who taped it. Not every DT taper
    has access to e-mail. (I didn't until last year)
            I'm willing to bet it was taped. I've got a tape of the full show
    of the Marquee London gig that got released. Mine is an audience there is at least one guy with his head on straight in the UK.
            All it takes is some searching....perhaps a Goldmine ad would do
    the trick.

    * "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
    * Chop the forest, plow it under..." Kansas - 1975
    * *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
    * Steve Smits


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 09:34:12 MST
    From: "UG REIS CHARLES R" <>
    Subject: KM influence from Marillion?
    Message-ID: <10B4A5078E3@UCS.ISU.EDU>

        My friend and I were listening to Marillion's, "Clutching at
    Straws" tape the other night and he brought up an interesting point.

        Listen to the keyboard part where the song, "That Time of the
    Night (The short straw)" begins. It sounds a hell of a lot like SDV!
    The rythmn is basically the same, only brighter (with a few
    differences, but they sound a lot alike.) Check it out!

                                                    Still groovin'
    P.S. If this was already brought up before, I'm going to feel like a


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 09:48:11 -0800 (PST)
    From: JEFF E REED <>
    Cc: Multiple recipients of list <>
    Subject: Re: The most progressive tunes by the X
    Message-ID: <>

            First, and as a devout fan of the X, let me say that it took me a
    while to appreciate them. I just started to get a clue about tunes when
    I heard these guys and i bought faithhopelove and gretchen first too. I
    was tripping over the vocals, chords, gospel influence at first.
    However, now that I can comprehend the stuff they do I'm really into
    them. Most of their music is not progressive like that gnarly bridge in
    Metropolis but they insert varying time signatures in their tunes to keep
    it interesting. Their rhythms are atypical on many tunes as well. Their
    most recent album Dogman is probably the least progressive but has
    probably that fattest and most tasty riffs I have ever heard.
    Far, Far Away(Out of the Silent Planet) is probably the most progressive;
    it has a bridge with weird punches. Golilox, also on this album, is a
    ballad but has great accents.

    Gretchen Goes to Nebraska; Over my head has a tinge of trip before the
    first solo, Never be the Same has the most wicked riff and hokey punches
    to end the album; listen to where the downbeat falls with the drummers
    beat as they cycle the riff. Message is a great example of bouncing
    between 3/4 and 4/4 so covertly that listeners can hardly tell. That's
    their strength; With DT, no one can help but trip out at a song like
    Metropolis, but King's X is more likely to embellish their songs with
    progressive tinges.

    We Were Born to Be Loved(FHL) has burly rhythms and insanely syncopated
    punches at the end; a must see live. I just can't help it is another
    great tune; try singing that and playing at the same time, they all do!

    King's X(self-titled) has Lost in Germany, a great riff with a measure of
    5/4 that occurs once or twice; these are the morsels that one must learn
    to salivate over. The Chariot Song, in drop-B tuning, has some burly
    punches to top it off.

    Dogman- this is the most in your face album ever, because of their new
    producer Brendan O'Brien; Everything's right there with you; a must
    listen for anyone who can appreciate Doug's soulful voice and fat, juicy
    riffs; Pain(like Silent Wind on FAIThhopelove) is the most progressive
    they really get, as in both tunes they play a bit in 6/4, sounding
    straightforward but yet satiating the seeking.

            Lastly, I must recommend that the X be seen live by all; they
    touch their audiences. If you go, you will walk out musically fed and
    one happy camper.
            Also, for anyone who is looking for music like the X the
    Gallactic Cowboys are for you. They are a hybrid of slightly progressive
    speed metal and four-part harmony. Does anyone know if they're getting
    anywhere? Last I heard they got dropped from Geffen.

    -Groovus Maximus


    Date: Wed, 08 Feb 1995 13:26:37 -0500 (EST)
    From: Shawna Lea of the Many Nicknames <SADAMS1@WELLESLEY.EDU>
    Subject: Range of Music!

    As previously mentioned, there is a wide range of taste in music. While I
    don't profess to know about Marillon (sp) and Morbid Angel, I do really
    love Queen. My top choices for music (based on amount of music owned) is
    as follows:

    1) Rush
    2) Queen
    3) Dream Theater & Pink Floyd
    4) Metallica
    5) Debussy & Pearl Jam

    Shawna Lea Adams
    Muireann MacOisdealblaigh

    Love is an act of blood and I'm bleeding
    A pool in the shape of a heart.
    Beauty's projection in the reflection
    Always the worst way to start.
            -"Space-Dye Vest" Dream Theater _Awake_


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 12:33:51 -0500 (EST)
    From: Michael Burstin <>
    To: (Ytsejam SERVER),
    Subject: mail to me
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi all... I just wanted to tell everyone here (this is the easiest
    way) that my system had some big problems last night, and all mail
    that I had in my mailbox before around 3:00 last night has
    disappeared, so if you emailed me, please email me again. Also, if
    you had sent me something in the past few days that I have not read,
    it too is gone... :( so could you please email me again...

    Thanks alot...

    | And I'll smile and learn to pretend    | Dream Theater  | Michael |
    | And I'll never be open again           | Space Dye Vest | Burstin |
    | And I'll have no more dreams to defend |-----Awake------+---------+
    | And I'll never be open again           |    Pgh Penguins: 7-0-1   |
         For info about Dream Theater, finger


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 95 17:26:37 GMT From: To: Subject: DT in UK, HBB Europe and Queensryche Message-ID: <>

    Hiya lads 'n lasses, more news 'n views from the UK...

    First off, to all UK 'jammers, this is a VERY important message...

    PLEASE get a ticket for the London gig on the 15th March. It's the only gig they're playing in the UK, so let's all get down there. Also, we want to meet all you fellow fanatical madmen and women, so if you can make it to HMV in Oxford street for 1500 on the day, then please do so. The meet is being orchestrated by Mark Tiplady (Hiya Mark!) at so get in touch with him if you feel like confirming. Oh, for those that want to know (Hi Fred!) the tickets cost me 13.50 (I think) and you can get the number for the Forum in Time Out. If anyone wants the number and can't find it, I'll try and dig it out for them.

    Regarding the covers gig... To those that enquired (erm...hi again Fred:) yep, I spoke to Mike at that gig-of-a-life-time. My girlfriend won the tickets with Raw (yeah, it does have it's uses). For those that keep having a go for not recording the show. GIMME A FUCKIN' BREAK! I know we're all pissed that noone has a copy of this yet, but I really am so broke, I couldn't even afford the pen and paper to write down the songs they played. I'm only glad that my girlfriend offered to drive me down for free, otherwise I couldnt've gone at all.

    However...I have a fairly decent (FM Stereo, Maxell Chrome tape) recording of the session DT did last night on 1 FM, the Bruce Dickenson Rock Show. I will also be getting a recording of next weeks HBB (hopefully in stereo), AND I'm constantly recording Noisy Mothers in the hope that they'll show some stuff as well. So if you'll all bear with me, I can get out some dubs of this stuff to those that want them. I'll also post my thoughts on the 1 FM Session when I have the time.

    Everyone check out this weeks Kerrang! and Raw. The former has a review of the Covers gig (They gave it a Elektrik 5 out of 5) and the latter has a fairly candid interview with James LaBrie (Who apparently lost his virginity at the age of 17, with his now-wife Karen, on his parents living room floor :)

    On a 'rychean note, the band will be appearing in Nottingham at Way Ahead (I think) on Monday 13th Feb, and they'll be doing an accoustic set in London on the 10th March, but I forget which record shop that's at. Anyone going to they're Wolverhampton gig, get back to me, and we'll meet up somewhere...?!

    Right, sorry for the length. I'm off to mix up a Birmingham Vindaloo (I kid you not)



    "For the first time in a long time...It's about music."


    Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 23:11:36 -0500 From: To: Subject: Opinion on "Music Meant to Be Heard" Message-ID: <>

    In Ytsejam #688, William Wright said:

    >>SO???? Are the tapes good? Can they be compared to anything or are the like SDV, nothing can be compared that. :)<<

    Yes, I like the demos... I don't think the songs are like SDV (and even that sounds odd at first listen! You just expect James to break in somewhere...) I was discussing the sound with my hubby, and he said it's slightly more "mainstream." He did not mean this in a bad way, just to suggest that it might attract more listeners to Kevin - and, possibly, to Dream Theater, in turn. I don't know how to classify it... Some songs lead toward rockers, but others have an alternative (is there a new name we can give this genre??) feel. We also see a new side to Kevin, as he's playing bass on some tracks.

    With that, I will just mention again that I am a dubbing site for the West U.S.A. Contact me privately for more info...


    ***************************************************************** "Could we see clearer in a virtual reality?" * Magellan

    "I am the beat of your pulse, the computer word made flesh." * Queensryche *****************************************************************


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 14:16:17 EST -0500 From: "John Thompson" <> To:, Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 690 Message-ID: <>

    If anyone records the Headbangers Ball the 12th I will be willing to pay you for a copy. E-mail me at ! Thanks.

    John the Turtle Thompson


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 16:36:45 -0500 From: To: Subject: Re: QR's Someone Else Full Band? Message-ID: <>

    Ytsejam 688 Steve Z wrote:

    >P.S. to all QR fans: You *must* hear the full band >version of Someone Else. The only song to ever make >me cry on one listen!

    WHERE DO YOU GET THIS????????????????????? I HAVE TO HERE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone please let me know asap!!!!!


    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 14:01:07 -0600 (CST) From: Slick Doggy Dawg <> To: Cc: Multiple recipients of list <> Subject: Re: Lie single and other stuff Message-ID: <>

    On Tue, 7 Feb 1995 wrote:

    > To all: > > 1. What CD *if any* have you bought that you liked > every song?

    I think that there are only three for me. They are:

    1. Images and Words

    2. Lillian Axe - Psychoschizophrenia

    3. Joe Satriani - Master of the Art


    PS: Does anyone else have Master of the Art? If so, are there tracks listed on the cover that arent on the cd? I'm wondering if mine is a defect. Thanks in advance.

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    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:47:03 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Burstin <> To: (Queensryche), (Ytsejam SERVER), Subject: new web page Message-ID: <>

    Well, once again, they have decided to restructure the web server at my school and eliminate the /USER/UGRAD system for the ~ system, so my home page is now accessable from:

    If you have links to my page, please correct them for access to my page...

    -- +----------------------------------------+----------------+---------+ | And I'll smile and learn to pretend | Dream Theater | Michael | | And I'll never be open again | Space Dye Vest | Burstin | | And I'll have no more dreams to defend |-----Awake------+---------+ | And I'll never be open again | Pgh Penguins: 8-0-1 | +----------------------------------------+--------------------------+ For info about Dream Theater, finger


    Date: Wed Feb 08 16:12:55 1995 From: To: Subject: Midwest Kev Dub site Message-ID: <>

    I have just received my Kev tape and am ready to make dubs for anyone in the midwest. I am located near Chicago. E-mail me for furthur info.

    Michael Lee Starr Fermi National Accelerator Lab


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