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From: Mr R.J. Chinneck (
Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 06:58:00 EST

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    In the last mail schew said:
    > Hello,
    > I think I must have missed your post where you said what this
    > DT radio show covered. If you could send me that info, I'd appreciate
    > it. Also, do you accept US dollars?
    > Thanks!
    > Steve

    Dear Steve,

    The show was a regular Tuesday night rock show hosted by Bruce Dickinson,
    the ex-Maiden singer. The night I recorded has Dream Theater live in the
    studio at the BBC in London, on the show with Bruce. The show is one hour
    long, but D.T. only played THREE songs, at random intervals during the
    show. The songs were: Caught In A Web, Lifting Shadows Off A Dream, and
    6:00. The songs were complete versions, and done very well !! There was
    no interviewing to speak of, just remarks and gags etc as Bruce introduced
    a song they were going to play.
    The copy you will get will be on a TDK SF60 (chrome) tape and will be the
    full one hour show.
    The costs are $6 normal post and $10.50 registered post, I wouldn't bother
    with registered unless you have cash to burn, as it does NOT cover loss in
    the post, although it is less likely to get lost.
    U.S. dollars is fine, but please send a money order, not a personal cheque,
    thanks a lot and drop me a line with your address and I will send you off a
    copy, please send your International money order to:

    Rob Chinneck,
    125 Melville Grove,
    Grove Street,
    Edge Hill,
    Liverpool L7 7AD,

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