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Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 - 13:24:33 EST

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    Today's Topics:

      1) Ryche and FW tour dates
     by STEVE SMITS <>
      2) Re: That tape dubbing guy...(DICKHEAD)
     by Douglas Merrell <>
      3) Hi, I am Sharon!
     by gk181@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Sharon L. Hurray)
      4) Re: albums with all good songs
     by <>
      5) Re: don't give up on prog! [no DT-content!]
     by "Michael Wolberg" <>
      6) DT "Music"
     by Michael Herring <>
      7) Kevin and the Lit vids.
     by Michael Herring <>
     by Boo-ba Fett <>
      9) Complete Dub Site List 2/17/95
     10) Galactic Boo-Boo!
     by John Mastin <>
     11) I&W Tab Book Info
     by James Utz <>
     12) READ THIS!
     by (Dr. Mosh)
     13) Re: names of machines
     by Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU>
     14) Re: albums with all good songs
     by "John Jens, Jr." <>
     15) Re: DT as Openers
     by "John Jens, Jr." <>
     16) Kevin Moore Demos update and other stuff.
     by Michael Backof <>
     17) Re: candlemass! no dtcontent
     by Tymoteusz Altman <>
     18) Non-DT: Christian Rock
     by "Dan Tshin" <>
     19) I&W tab book OUT!!
     by Christopher Taylor Oates <>


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 07:54:24 -0600 (CST)
    From: STEVE SMITS <>
    Subject: Ryche and FW tour dates
    Message-ID: <>

    Date sent: 17-FEB-1995 07:51:26

            No one will be opening for Queensryche on their US Tour. It'll be
    "An Evening with Queensryche" concert with probably at least 3 hours worth
    of music. It can't get any better.
            Fates Warning will be headling club shows in April according to
    MetalBlade Records.
            DT, FW, and Queensyche all on tour in the same year....Damn that's

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    * Chop the forest, plow it under..." Kansas - 1975
    * *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
    * Steve Smits


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 11:48:47 -0500 (EST)
    From: Douglas Merrell <>
    Subject: Re: That tape dubbing guy...(DICKHEAD)
    Message-ID: <>

    Hey fellow (COOL) ytsejam members,

    Do you believe the nerve that this buttlick has??!?!?!? I guess you all checked his
    location in the address....

    Yeah, This guy is supposed to be protecting our country!!! What is he doing?.....
    He's undermining the whole progressive rock worlds sense of morals!!!

    I think his captain ought to be informed of this. What do you people think??

    Don't you imagine his captain could turn this action into a public display of BAD
    MORALS!!!... AS an EXAMPLE of what NOT to do if you're a man(pussy) in the US Marine

    It's one thing to WORRY about what he has offered to do, but it's another to TAKE
    ACTION on what WE all believe to be RIGHT and JUST.

    This just makes me wonder whether or not there ARE any DECENT HUMANS in this world.
    I thought ALL Progressives were Honorable! It has come to my attention that there
    are some very ILLEGITIMATE people that just happen to be progressive rock fans.

    Okay, I will apologize to all the fans that I have offended, but WE all know what's
    right and I guess what we should do is ignore DUMBASSES like this!!!!!

    EVERYONE JUST IGNORE THIS (GUY?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your attention,
    Doug Merrell

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    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 12:21:08 -0500 From: gk181@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Sharon L. Hurray) To: Subject: Hi, I am Sharon! Message-ID: <199502171721.MAA09289@kanga.INS.CWRU.Edu>

    Hello All,

    I am new to this Ytsejam thing and I thought I'd send a little note to say hi and introduce myself. Thanks to my friends Kai and Jennier, I became aware of the existence of Ytsejam.

    I have seen Dream Theater twice in my life, both shows were during the I&W tour. The shows were awesome! Unfortunatly, I had to miss them for the "Awake" show, I was out of town. Hopefully, they will be back!

    I must keep this short! Sharon


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 11:55:17 -0500 (EST) From: <> To: Subject: Re: albums with all good songs Message-ID: <>


    This is in no way a flame. You have made some good points, and I'm just giving some opposing arguments...

    > >All of these lists of various people's "favorite albums with NO bad songs" has >been interesting and informative but it proves a point that I have often >thought and I wanted to see what y'all think about it. Good bands that >are really good will always have an album with all good songs (or at least >most of them). > That's an interesting point, and it may hold up when looking at the albums from one point of view, but once you introduce more than one point of view you will have real problems deciding on what is "good". Some of the albums that people listed don't have (in my opinion) any really good songs, and I'm certain that many people would feel the same about the albums that I would choose. That's the way it should be. "Good" is a subjective term; it can be misleading to think that just because one person doesn't like all the songs on an album that it is not "good" to someone else.

    >In other words, if a band only has one or two good songs, >then why buy the album? That kind of band doesn't deserve your support if >they don't have enough skill to produce more than a couple good songs. >Obviously the one good song they did have was just a coincidence. > Again, who decides which songs are good? Ignoring that for the moment, how do you even know if a band only has two good songs before you buy the album and listen to it a lot? You could borrow or dub a copy from a friend and decide that way, of course. Sometimes though, that is not an option. Quite a few of the albums that I have taken chances on have turned out to be some of my favorite albums (like Magellan's "Hour of Restoration", Golden Earring's "Moontan", etc). I bought "Moontan" for the song "Radar Love" and because I was curious if their other songs were as good. At first, I thought I had made a mistake 'cause I didn't like the rest of the album. After giving it more time, I have come to like many of the other songs even better than "Radar Love". This probably wouldn't have happened if I borrowed it, because I wouldn't have given it enough time. As the Fates Warning fans keep pointing out, sometimes you have to listen to an album a lot before you hear the nuances and power that are not obvious on first listen. If a person feels that a band only has one good song, then he may feel that it's only a coincidence that the band made a good song. As long as the person actually listened to most all of that band's songs then that's a fair judgement -- for *his* point of view. For another person, every one of that band's songs might be good and that's also fair -- for *his* point of view. By saying something like "a band doesn't deserve your support" and "the one good song was a coincidence" the person is implying that the band doesn't deserve anyone's support -- which wouldn't be fair to other people's views. Of course, if you told someone who loved the band that they shouldn't support them, then that's when we see the flames start... :-) Sometimes when someone says that "Dream Theater sound like bad metal" my hackles rise and I have to remind myself that they're just as entitled to their view as I am. I might still try to get them to give DT more time though... ;-)

    >This thought may seem off the wall, but this is the reason why I hate singles >and DESPISE pop radio. People who hear one song on the radio and then buy >the single often do this because the rest of the songs aren't any good. > I don't think the average person buys the singles because the other songs aren't good -- I doubt that person has ever heard those other songs. They buy it because they know the single *is* good and they're afraid the rest of the album won't be (and a single is cheaper than an album). I'm just the opposite. If I hear a song that I like on the radio, I'll buy the album so that I can hear the rest of the songs. I don't love radio, exactly, but it has exposed me to some stuff (alternative mainly) that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I'm glad I got that exposure. What bugs me is that people are afraid to give the other songs by that band a chance.

    >... One of the reasons ytsejam is so >great is because we can hear about good bands that we might not hear of >any other way. So keep those opinions coming! > I definitely agree with you here! :-)

    > Please react to what I said about singles and that good bands are >characterized by albums with almost all good songs.(I won't say all, >because we all have different tastes, and its no big deal if we don't like >one or two.) > Well, there's my reaction... :-) I'll look forward to your reaction to my reaction...


    P.S. Cool -- my random quote generator actually gave a somewhat appropriate quote this time:

    -- Steve Chew - - "Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." -- Nietzsche


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 18:52:19 GMT+200 From: "Michael Wolberg" <> To: Subject: Re: don't give up on prog! [no DT-content!] Message-ID: <>


    Steve wrote:

    [...] >you gave them a decent chance. I do agree with Rob though -- don't give >up on prog rock quite yet. If you prefer darker music, with dominant >guitar, then you should definitely try the band Anekdoten. They create a >dark, moody atmosphere on their album "Vemod" that you might like. I love [...]

    "darker music": If somebody's in it, I'd like to recommend a band that wasn't mentioned too much on ytsejam so far (at least as long as I'm lurking, i.e. not very long) : Candlemass They are from Sweden (special hi to Mats) and they do a very dark and heavy doom metal (?). OK, I think music-experts don't regard this being sort of proggy... No flames please, I'm not an expert. Try "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (but only if you're not about to commit suicide!) or the live album and maybe "Tales of Creation" (the three albums I know; there are more). Especially "Solitude", "The Demon's Gate", "The Sorcerer's Pledge" and "The Edge of Heaven" are really great. My 0.02$ only of course...

    And here comes another recommendation, even if I do repeat. If WDADU is your favorite DT-album you should give "Programmed" by Lethal a listen (at least 5 times I suggest). Singing is a little higher, so if you don't like WDADU or early Fates Warning because of the voices, don't try Lethal. Another 0.02$ of me...

    I hope this two bands have been - up to know - not already too popular on ytsejam, because otherwise it would be a little embarrassing, like recommending Queensryche or Rush or so ... ;-)




    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 13:13:17 EST From: Michael Herring <> To: Subject: DT "Music" Message-ID: <>


    My local music retailer can order me a video called "Dream Theater Music". I haven't heard of this tape. Can anyone help me?



    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 14:11:04 EST From: Michael Herring <> To: Subject: Kevin and the Lit vids. Message-ID: <>

    Hey Ytsejammers,

    I talked to Kevin Laferrier and asked him to re-subscribe to the list. You guys flamed him pretty hard, he made a mistake and he corrected it before any harm was done, so please give him a break. I don't know if he will re-sub but I hope he does.

    Thanks, -MPH


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 14:32:52 -0700 (MST) From: Boo-ba Fett <> To: Cc: Multiple recipients of list <> Message-ID: <>

    > From: > Subject: albums with all good songs > > Please react to what I said about singles and that good bands are > characterized by albums with almost all good songs.(I won't say all, > I agree with what this guy said. I have so much music to buy from bands that put out albums with all incredible stuff on it to worry about bands that have one or two decent songs per album Regaurding singles, I find them worthless, unless they have unreleased B-sides. The only singles that I have are DT's _Lie_ and two from Queensryche, and they all have some B-sides otherwise unavailable

    > Phil > > ------------------------------ > From: "james (j.) wolf" <> > Subject: DT as Openers > > If DT opened (which I hope they don't for selfish reasons-I want to see a > full 2 hrs, not 45 min.), this is my guess as to what they'd play: > > Pretty unsatisfying, but unfortunately, opening acts are almost obligated > to play the songs that got radio airplay (to try and hold the attention > of the headliner's fans) and you're left with little time for anything else!! > --------------- > Wolfman

    Your set is most likely what would happen, but given 45 minutes or so, my Dream (Theater) Set would be:

    To Live Forever 7:30 Note: The times are different A Change of Seasons 22:00 than album-type lengths Scarred 11:30 because this is live and Only A Matter of Time 7:00 I left room for solos, ect --------------------- ----- Total 48:00

    yes i realize that there is absolutly no possibility of this occuring, but i dont care btw - i have never heard ACoS, but I assume that it's incredible because, well... it's DT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I Am A Chicken, A Giant Chicken! "Morning comes too early / and nighttime falls too late" Kevin Moore _Surrounded "Six'o'clock and the siren kicks him from a dream" Kevin Moore _6:00_ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "D'accord je t'adore, au revoir, au revoir!" Boo-ba Fett Office: Slave 1


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 14:51:41 -0500 From: To: Subject: Complete Dub Site List 2/17/95 Message-ID: <>

    Hi everyone,

    Here is a comprehensive (I hope<G>) listing of all the Kevin Moore demo dub sites that are currently open, arranged by state/vicinity in the US and by country elsewhere. You'll probably want to choose a dub site in your state or general area for convenience sake. Every week or so, I'll continue to post a complete listing of all the dub sites so you can e-mail a YJammer in your area for more information.

    Here goes!


    -Northeastern USA-

    Connecticut: Massachusetts: Massachusetts: New Hampshire: New Hampshire: New Jersey: New York: New York: New York: New York: New York: or New York:

    -Mid-Atlantic USA-

    Maryland: Maryland: Maryland: North Carolina:

    -Southern USA-

    Florida: Florida: Florida:

    -Mid-West/Central USA-

    Illinois: Indiana: Kansas: or Minnesota: Nebraska: Ohio: Ohio: Wisconsin:

    -Southwestern USA-

    Arizona: Arizona: Texas: Texas: or

    -Western USA-

    Northern California: Southern California: Southern California: Southern California: Southern California:


    Nova Scotia: Saskatchewan:



    -Australia/Pacific region-

    Western Australia:


    That's it for this week! If I forgot to list any of you, give me a yell, my brain is pretty much mush at this point! %) :) If you want to close your dub site, post a note to YJ to let everyone know or e-mail me! Thanks!

    Jennifer <>

    "I'm not dying, but I think I'll lay back anyway no welcome, but I think I'll stay..." Kevin Moore/_Even The Waves_


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 15:55:02 -0500 From: John Mastin <> To: Subject: Galactic Boo-Boo! Message-ID: <199502172055.PAA07309@cybertron>

    I thought that it was rather odd that I got 2 Ytsejams today. The only time I remember getting multiple issues was when there was discussions a-buzz about something or another.... I thought, geez, there is some hot topic going on, maybe about the tab book or something (which of course I'm interested in too!) :)

    Well I started tearing through it (Digest 702) and saw the posts from Hairball (welcome aboard! Philly eh? Not too far from home!..) and then I seen what Lorde Andrew did.... A reply to sender with a BIG include file. The file of course being Digest 701.... Oooops!

    A boo-boo. :D I must say you get the propellor hat award.

    | +<8^) |

    That's OK, man. I'm not trying to flog you, nor invite a flame war. Just my two cents about a error that about 600 people witnessed. :)

    It could be worse. You could start the next Internet worm.... ha, ha.


    ________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION! Information is power. Power is sexy. Sex appeal drives curiousity. Curiousity drives the desire for MORE INFORMATION!!!


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 16:15:56 EST From: James Utz <> To: Subject: I&W Tab Book Info Message-ID: <>

    Here is the info from the I&W Tab Book:

    Dream Theater Images And Words ISBN 0-89724-030-8 Warner Bros. Music - Authentic Guitar Tab (TM) Edition $24.95

    Transcriptions by John Petrucci, Colgan Bryan, & Dale Turner.

    Comments -

    Some keyboard parts have been transcribed for guitar (Another Day, Wait For Sleep, etc.).

    No bass tab.

    All solos are transcribed (I think).

    It does not say which people transcribed each song.

    I bought it at Briggs & Briggs in Cambridge, MA. It should be widely available though.

    Happy playing! James


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 13:38:35 PST From: (Dr. Mosh) To: Subject: READ THIS! Message-ID: <>

    Ok... the guy who offered to dub the Live in Tokyo has retracted his message... it was under good intentions, even though he was obviously trying to make a few bucks by charging $15. He now knows more than ever that it is illegal thanks to you guys on Ytsejam. He has apologized. So let's not post anymore flame messages or anything else. Case closed.

    -The Doc

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    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 13:15:02 -0500 (EST) From: Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU> To: Multiple recipients of list <> Subject: Re: names of machines Message-ID: <>

    My machine is named Metropolis...


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anton Max | Aepithex is searching for a drummer to play some Keyboards, Aepithex | classically influenced melodic apocalypse rock with MadMax+@CMU.EDU | heavy metallic tendencies. E-mail if interested. -------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:02:55 -0500 (EST) From: "John Jens, Jr." <> To: Subject: Re: albums with all good songs Message-ID: <>

    On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, William Wright wrote:

    > avarice in the music industry, there is something worse. And that is the > people who sell their individuality, their thoughts, their dreams, > everything, to the collective force out there that seizes people up who > are not strong enough, not brave enough to be their own person. It is the > weak people, which is most, perhaps all of us, who keep the music > industries, and all industries like it, such as fashion, alive. The > people afraid of what other people think about them, afraid of how people > precieve them, are the people who feed the powerhungry individuals of our > schools, our communinty, our music industry, our goverment, and our world.

    can i get an AMEN! it's bcuz of these people that the world is in disarray w/ everyone searching for a meaning and a classification for anything and everything.

    let me introduce a simple analogy: people are sheep. your saying, "what the fuck does that have to do w/ music, let alone life?" well, if you'd calm down half a second i'll tell you. People are sheep. Everyone is a sheep. so far, i haven't found a sheppard so lets ignore that missing piece for now (and dont try and say that God is our sheppard blah blah blah). now, like real sheep, there are different kinds of sheep; white sheep, the dominate group, and black sheep, a very small minority. yes, there are varrying degrees of grey but i'm talkin in general terms here.

    now, i'll define who is who. i think it's pretty obvious that white sheep are "mainstream" people; the people that William rightfully complained about; his parents and sister are white sheep; easily influenced, rarely stand up for something they believe in etc. from what i've read, i think William -- like myself -- is a black sheep. true, we wear clothes -- remember, we are still sheep -- we do things that other sheep do, but the difference is that we think for ourselves. we're not dependent on others to tell us what's kool, what's hot, what to wear/listen to/enjoy/look at/do/etc ad nausea. we *ARE*. we *THINK*. white sheep *AREN'T* and don't *THINK* -- make sure you comprehend the difference between thinking and *THINKING*. i personally live the philosophy: "I don't care." meaning, i don't care what other people think about me, my ideas, my music, my clothes, my rather long hair etc. i just don't care. other people's oppinion about me has no weight upon me. "in one ear, out the other" type thing. LOTS of people claim to follow this. your probly saying, "yeah, that's what i believe. i do that." but the fact is that most people may *say* the live this phil, when in fact they are only fooling themselves along w/ the rest of the white sheep. through careful observation -- read, reading newsgroups, chattin in IRC, conversing w/ poeple in real life(IRL), reading papers, watching TV, generally observing society around me -- i've found that the people who understand my phil, generally listen to the same music and have similar experiences. everyone says "yeah, this needs changed" and "i'm different than everyone else" when the truth is they aren't; they are the same as the guy sittin right next to them at Mickey D's, wearing their flannel shirts, oversized jeans, listening to mainstream-popular music. i don't want to think that all these people are just too stoopid to see what they are doing, but i can't help it.

    it's not easy to be as strong as my philosophy requires. and not everyone can be that strong. i don't know why but that's how it is -- if i do find out let you know; better yet, if YOU know, let me know, plz :) it's hard to ignore things; to not get caught up in trends; to be different; to be judged w/o judging back...

    <end lecture> ok, i'll stop now. sorry for the length, but it feels good to know that other black sheep exist :) comments, questions, flames, wutever, are all invited. personal email is usually best, though i like conversing in IRC the best -- john aka Kelle. and i usually hangout in #msu or #level. ask for me by name ;)

    ObDTContent: ~95% of DT fans i've met IRL understand and comprehend this rambling.

    .............................................................................. John C. Jens, Jr.

    "You've got to learn to let go. Just let go and experience the flight. Try to see from a different side." -"Global Mind" Queensryche _Promised Land_ ..............................................................................


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:06:31 -0500 (EST) From: "John Jens, Jr." <> To: Subject: Re: DT as Openers Message-ID: <>

    On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, Dr. Mosh wrote:

    > If DT opened I wanna see them play SCARRED... that's all!!! Metropolis *then* Scarred :)

    john .............................................................................. John C. Jens, Jr.

    "You've got to learn to let go. Just let go and experience the flight. Try to see from a different side." -"Global Mind" Queensryche _Promised Land_ ..............................................................................


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:29:17 -0500 From: Michael Backof <> To: Subject: Kevin Moore Demos update and other stuff. Message-ID: <>


    A notice for everyone who requested the Kevin Moore demos from me, your tapes went out on Wednesday Feb 15th. Hope you enjoy them.

    I would also like to say that if anybody else in interested in getting the tapes I will do dubs for anywhere in the USA. (I am located in Maryland) You can either send me a Self addressed stamped padded mailer with a tape in it (a 90minute tape will get you bonus songs) or send me a check for $3.50 and I'll make you a tape and send it out to you first class mail in a padded shipper with the lyrics and the J-card.

    Mail me at if you are interested.

    Also.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! somebody quoted the whole digest. Just thought I would get that out.

    I also think that on the subject of the US tour dates for Dream Theater they should try to do open air gigs in the US this summer. It is cool to be able to see up close in the clubs but when I saw them at HammerJacks in BAltimore you could barely breathe in that place.




    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 15:14:05 -0800 (PST) From: Tymoteusz Altman <> To: Subject: Re: candlemass! no dtcontent Message-ID: <>

    > "darker music": > If somebody's in it, I'd like to recommend a band that wasn't mentioned > too much on ytsejam so far (at least as long as I'm lurking, i.e. not very > long) : Candlemass > They are from Sweden (special hi to Mats) and they do a very dark and > heavy doom metal (?). OK, I think music-experts don't regard this being > sort of proggy... No flames please, I'm not an expert. > Try "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (but only if you're not about to commit > suicide!) or the live album and maybe "Tales of Creation" (the three albums > I know; there are more). Especially "Solitude", "The Demon's Gate", "The > Sorcerer's Pledge" and "The Edge of Heaven" are really great. My 0.02$ only > of course... > yes, another candlemass fan! i love these guys, ever since i heard their song, at the gallow's end. it's such a melodic song, yet very heavy.... the only cd i have is their live one...i can't seem to find any of their cds around here (vancouver, bc.). can anyone help me out? if so mail me at

    i recommend candlemass to dt fans...even though they're not as technical. but they are really good musicians, with great lyrics, and their vocalist is pretty good (imho).


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 00:57:31 -0500 From: "Dan Tshin" <> To: Subject: Non-DT: Christian Rock Message-ID: <>


    [snips] -Guardian _Miracle Mile_ -Stryper _Can't Stop The Rock_ -Tourniquet _Psycho Surgery_ -White Heart _Freedom_

    Wow, some more Christian rock. I find that White Heart's Freedom is one of my favorite albums. I don't know about their other stuff, but Freedom just rox. There's so much passion in it. Another album I enjoy is Phil Keagy's Red and Blue. I don't have his other stuff, but he is VERY good. No wonder he is an influence on King's X... which is somewhat related to DT... So that means I have DT content?? <G>

    ---------------> Dan Tshin >>>>> <<<<<-----------"Ryche"-+ Shad Valley Carleton '94 SuRvIvOr | _ _ | Homepage URL: | ( /V\ ) | "Peace comes through thinking with our hearts and not with | M | words. Until then we'll light another candle for this world."| | | The faithful live Awake/The rest remain misled-Dream Theatre | | |


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 15:26:56 -0800 (PST) From: Christopher Taylor Oates <> To: Subject: I&W tab book OUT!! Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9502171513.A11102-0100000@ese.UCSC.EDU>

    What a great Dream Theater day for me! Not only do I get my Kev Demos (thanks Jen!) but I wander into my local music shop to buy some calbes and they have the I & W tab book! Naturally I bought it.

    The bad news: It doesn't include transcriptions of Kev's Keyboard solos or any of Myung's stuff.

    The Good news: it seems (from a keyboarder's limited point of view and at first glance) to have good transcriptions of what is there, including important keyboard stuff like WFS and the intro to LTL. It also says "Includes transcriptions by John Petrucci" on the cover :)

    The Price: $24.95

    The Not-So-Subtle "I told you so": Remember the arguments over the time sig for WFS? Well, I was right :) The main theme is 3 measures fo 5/8, one measure of 4/8, 3 measures of 6/8 and another of 4/8. And the bridges "She shuts the doors & lights" part that "everybody" told me was in 4/4 is in... 6/8 just like I said. :)

    Oh, and they miffed some of the lyrics. Like in WFS where it is "Where images & words are running deep" the book says "Her images & words are running deep"


    __ /\ __ __\/__\/__ \_||_/ /__||__\ // \ | \\ \|


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