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Date: Sat Feb 18 1995 - 13:46:56 EST

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    Today's Topics:

     by ALVAREZ1@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Alvarez, Paul)
      2) DT on Dutch radio
     by (Ruud van de Kruisweg)
      3) Beavis and Butthead prog show?
     by (Todd Hartmann)
      4) It's **import** shopping time
     by (Erik)
      5) "perfect albums"
      6) Re: albums with all good songs
     by (Zack Gemmill)
      7) Kev demos
     by Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU>
      8) the Watchtower sample
     by Mats Rydstr\vm <>
      9) Candlemass...DT
     by Mats Rydstr\vm <>
     10) Marlene and Rena?
     by Andrew Keegan <>
     11) Re: AOR
     12) Dt on TV!!
     by "L. Jason Hartman" <>
     13) Sordid Stories!
     by Hairball <>
     14) Random Thoughts...
     by Hairball <>
     15) Re: It's **import** shopping time
     by Ricky Booth <>
     16) DT Interactive...WHERE?
     by (Mr. Phat)
     17) Re: Candlemass...DT
     by jbako01 <>
     18) Re: Marlene and Rena?
     by jbako01 <>
     19) TIM LODGE****
     by BERTAPELLE ADAM RAYE <bertapel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>
     20) Awake and WDADU transcriptions
     by Jeff Stewart <>
     21) ACOS and other Boot-related material
     by Hailey <>
     22) Re: Awake and WDADU transcriptions
     by Jonathan Larkowski <>


    Date: 17 Feb 95 23:28 GMT
    From: ALVAREZ1@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Alvarez, Paul)
    Message-ID: <793063837.8299624@AppleLink.Apple.COM>

    A while back I queried you 'jammers as to who of you were musicians as well as
    the interest in a digest where we could communicate with each other relative to
    our own efforts in bands and in writing and producing Prog music.
    Well with the extremely great help of Ken Bibb this type of forum is now
    available. Many of you contacted me offline from the Ytsejam to tell me about
    your own projects and I'd like to invite you to subsribe to this new forum.
    It is called Progmaestros and you can subscribe as follows:
    Send the following e-mail to PROGMAESTROS-REQUEST@ARASTAR.COM
    subject should be "asdf".
    Text should read exactly:
    subscribe progmaestros firstname lastname
    You'll receive a welcome file
    You can see the info file by sending:
    info progmaestros
    subject line of "asdf".
    I welcome you to get involved. Let's help ourselves and the bands we like to
    lsten to (DT, FW, Queensryche etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.) break through by
    promoting Prog music to the idiots who do the programming and run the music
    business today.
    Sorry for the extremely limited DT content.


    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 23:57:00 +0100
    From: (Ruud van de Kruisweg)
    Subject: DT on Dutch radio
    Message-ID: <>

    I've just recorded the Dream Theater special that was broadcasted on the
    Dutch radio a few minutes ago. They interviewed John Petrucci who was on
    the phone from Denmark. The interview wasn't very interesting, because
    the interviewer knew virtually nothing about the band. With questions
    like 'How is the tour going in Europe' and 'What are your plans for the
    future' you're not going to clever answers in return. (God, Vanessa
    Warwick looks like a Greek philosopher in comparison to Kees Baars...
    and let's not mention Alfred Lagarde who is a moron of the worst kind.)

    Anyway, they had recorded four accoustic songs in Holland but only two
    were played: The Silent Man and one of the cover songs,
    namely Tears from Rush. The other two songs will be played in future
    Countdown Cafe shows.

    The best news was that there was going to be an extra show in Holland:
    March 11 in De Vereniging, Nijmegen. Tickets will be sold from Feb 25.
    (The Madrid show on this date has been cancelled.)



    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 20:04:16 -0600
    From: (Todd Hartmann)
    Subject: Beavis and Butthead prog show?
    Message-ID: <>

    >I think it'd be awesome to have a B&B show full of Prog videos. I'm sure
    >they'd think up some pretty funny stuff to say about older prog-rock
    v>ideos. I've heard they've seen a Rush video and a Yes video. Rush was
    >Stick It Out and they were saying "Yeah, this is cool, yeah!" and then
    >they said, "Oh, is RUSH."
    [dot dot dot]
    >But they need to have a
    >show of all prog stuff, like 80's Crimson, some Fates, some DT, some
    >Queensryche, Yes, Marillion (did they make any videos? Surely...)

    80's Crimson? I can see it now, it could tie in to the plot (I haven't
    seen enough B&B to know if they ever do that). They see "Frame by Frame"
    from _Discipline_, and then "Take the Time," and become Absolute Geniuses,
    cure both AIDS and deficit spending the same afternoon and so forth. But
    they have no fun and are sad. Then they see a GWAR video and revert to
    their charming selves.

    Just to put more DT content in this "contribution," just imagine what
    they'd say during "Surrounded." It's one of my favorites (all those happy
    major chords), but during the soft parts, "heh heh, this wuss is crying"
    "yeah, huh huh huh, because he was screaming before."

    Maybe I need cable,

        "I keep my home page at home."
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    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 21:50:21 -0600
    From: (Erik)
    Subject: It's **import** shopping time
    Message-ID: <>

    Hey everyone...

    I was just browsing on CDNow! through Netscape...

    I am hoping to make my DT collection larger, and I hope that you all can
    give me input on what imports are excellent/mediocre/shit.

    #1. Dream Out Loud (New York 1993) $27.97
    #2. Home Sweet Home (Live NY '92) $27.97
    #3. Live In Long Island 1992 - II $27.97
    #4. LIVE MARQUEE (JPN) $27.97
    #5. Lord of Sound (2-CD set) $55.97

    Thanks a ton!

    By the way, has anyone gotten copies of the "Silent Man" single in the US yet?

    Take care,


    P.S. Thanks Mike B. for the Kev demos!

    *** Erik Ahlberg
    *** ** University of Wisconsin-Madison
    * This signature is for rent. Please email me immediately if interested


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 00:24:46 -0500
    Subject: "perfect albums"
    Message-ID: <>

    Well this seems like fun here are my picks for "perfect" albums

    1. Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry(best prog metal album...ever)
    2. Queensryche - Rage For order, Mindcrime
    3. Yes - 90125
    4. Rush- Permanent Waves (Natural Science is one of the best prog tunes ever
    5. Dream Theater - Awake
    6. king's x- dogman
    7. Tori Amos - Under the Pink and Little Earthquakes
    8. Prince- Purple rain
    9. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
    10. Kiss - Alive.....a classic

    well there you go......everyone's got an opinion!



    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 22:35:22 PST
    From: (Zack Gemmill)
    Subject: Re: albums with all good songs
    Message-ID: <9502180635.AA26771@tengs1.teng>

    > Yes! I think exactly like you. I love debating this with my parents and
    > sisters. (My sister is the worst what you mention, althought she doesn't
    > even buy singles or albums. She has one album.) She just listens to the
    > radio (not most of the time though) and likes the songs she likes because
    > "everyone" else does.

    Typical teenager. I argue with my friend's sister quite often about
    these things. She even once said that she was more well-rounded than
    I because she listened to a wider variety of music. "OK, so you listen
    to *pop* radio ("R and B (the kind term for Top 40/rap) and *pop*
    country." Please.

    > Its the everyone's doing it phrase again. I said,
    > (and all of this is just guess, in the heat of a bitter (ah, how
    > dramatic) argument) "95 percent of the people listen only to what is
    > played on the radio because, a) that's all they are exposed to, and
    > because b) since the radio playes it, and radio personalities, such as
    > Casey Casin "love" what they play, people think that if it is good enough
    > for the almighty Casey, it is good enough for them." She then eneptly
    > pointed out that everyone likes Boys 2 Men, and they got a grammy, and
    > some other shit like that, so she concludes that they must be good.

    Green Day was nominated for a few Grammies, I believe. That about
    sums up what these "awards" are about.

    > My mom backs her up, and says yes William, they're not in it for the money,
    > they are musicans who love to sing. Bullshit, there are singers millions
    > of times better than them, they are in it for the money and fame. "I Want
    > to Make Love to You," yeah, just for your money, the fucking bastards.
    > "Selling skin, Selling God, the numbers look the same on their credit
    > cards." Could this analogy even be transfered into the music industrial?

    "...the words of the profits are written on the studio wall." Yep.
    > It is one of the most corrupt institutions I know of, where people who
    > "ride" the wave of a popular style get rich, not the people who thought
    > it up. This could even be said so for religions. The ministers of your
    > local churches are the people who do the real work, the people on TV are
    > the ones who make the money and do little work at all (except sleep with
    > a whore.)

    "The *love* of money is the root of all evil."

    > I then point out to my sister that Michael Jacksons "Thriller"
    > sold 14 million copies, the highest selling album of all time. I asked
    > her, "Could 14 million people be wrong?" You fuckin bet they could, but
    > that wasn't my intention. What she said next was. "That music is old, no
    > one likes it any more."

    I kind of liked "Thriller" <donning asbestos suit>

    > No shit, thats all trendy music is, popular for
    > only a length of time. The "Superstars" of the 80s aren't even remembered
    > by their dearest fans any more. And with all of this, the thing I despise
    > most is the people who listen to music only to become popular, or
    > accepted within a crowd or group. I would wager 25 percent of the people
    > at my school come dressed in "altnerative drag"

    Only 25%? Count yourself lucky to attend a school where tha students
    espouse conservative values !>\>

    > (the best words to
    > describe it) but you know what I mean, the flanel, the same shit that
    > used to be so unpopular a few years ago is now the rage. Why? Because of
    > people like Curt Kobain, a true "Martyr without a cause." Maybe he unlike
    > so many else, acutally saw the shit that happens in the music industry,
    > came to realize what was happening, and did the only thing, and in turn,
    > the wrong thing to do. For it is him that brought the alternative scene
    > upon us.

    Cobain: the bastard messiah of Gen. X

    >And now, perhaps to Curt's disliking, wherever he may be,

    Hell. (ayi miramos, Curt)

    > that it is bands riding the wave of altnerative music just to make money or be
    > famous, teen-idols. However, history will repeat itself, and the industry
    > will become saturated with too much alternative, we will then truely need
    > an altnerative, and will seek another trendy type of music. Who knows
    > what it will be, and, for that matter who cares? In truth, the 3-Chord
    > procession has been played far too long to be fresh, and yet it is the
    > only thing that seems to sell.

    Of course. The "Alternative" [music] crowd, are a bunch of hypocrites
    to think that they are the 90's equivalent of "counter-culture". The
    whole scene is a sad parody of itself.

    > It is a trite expression of the greediness
    > that so many musicans have sold their souls for, an eneptness of
    > Generation X and the countless impressionable generations before us, a
    > lust so many good musicans have sold out to. Yet, for all the lackluster
    > avarice in the music industry, there is something worse. And that is the
    > people who sell their individuality, their thoughts, their dreams,
    > everything, to the collective force out there that seizes people up who
    > are not strong enough, not brave enough to be their own person. It is the
    > weak people, which is most, perhaps all of us, who keep the music
    > industries, and all industries like it, such as fashion, alive. The
    > people afraid of what other people think about them, afraid of how people
    > preceive them, are the people who feed the powerhungry individuals of our
    > schools, our communinty, our music industry, our goverment, and our world.

    Damn! What a social commentary! You should be a columnist.
    Better flee to the mountains though. Free thought will not
    be tolerated.


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 02:23:21 -0500 (EST)
    From: Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU>
    To: Multiple recipients of list <>
    Subject: Kev demos
    Message-ID: <>

    I got mine today...this is so cool...
    Only listened to the tape once, since I'm also busy listening
    to the Lie single and the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack,
    both of which also came today (today really rules), but it's so good...
    I just wish it were on CD, because i'm probably going to wear out the
    tape pretty fast. Favorite songs so far are Shallow, Even the Waves,
    and Sun Orange, Small. But the whole thing rules. I just wish there
    were a few of those classic Kevin synth solos...oh well. His singing
    sounds really good, as does just about everything else...


    Anton Max | Innocent descent at last, represent my hollow past
    Keyboards, Aepithex | underneath and falling fast, I can't stand here
    MadMax+@CMU.EDU | waiting. -Kevin Moore


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 12:59:26 +0100 (MET)
    From: Mats Rydstr\vm <>
    To: Ytsejam mailing-list <>
    Subject: the Watchtower sample
    Message-ID: <>


    Since I got one small complaint about the Watchtower sample, maybe I
    should add this: you might have to juggle with your sound-program to make
    this one sound decent. The sampling frequency is 22.3 kHz, not 8 or 11 as
    most other .au-files, it's in y-law, if you get this right it shouldn't
    sound all that crappy.

    If you're interested check it out! The address is in the .sig!


       / Mats Rydstrom - - /
     / "We can hope for the future, though there may not be one" - ACOS /


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 15:39:04 +0100 (MET)
    From: Mats Rydstr\vm <>
    To: Ytsejam mailing-list <>
    Subject: Candlemass...DT
    Message-ID: <>

    Just on the thread of Candlemass...I think some of their stuff is really
    good esp w/ the old singer Messiah. He rocks! And there's actually a
    small connection to DT, at least for me! Both the DT shows I've been to
    he's also been there moshing along with the rest of us, not like
    some musicians that you'll se who just stand in the bar with their
    arms crossed: "I can do that!"....He's a pretty big fan I suppose! (both
    like big and BIG). For what I know he's worked with Memento Mori and
    Stillborn recently but I think that Stillborn has broken up, I don't know
    about Memento Mori, maybe they're about to record a new album?!?


       / Mats Rydstrom - - /
     / "We can hope for the future, though there may not be one" - ACOS /


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 10:37:00 -0500 (EST)
    From: Andrew Keegan <>
    Cc: Multiple recipients of list <>
    Subject: Marlene and Rena?
    Message-ID: <>

    Anyone watch VH-1 last night "women's night out" comedy hour. They had an
    all-girl band and the bass player looked like Mike's wife Marlene. The
    guitar player was also a blonde, but since I've never seen Rena, I
    wouldn't know if it was her.

    Is Marlene a bass player?

    Also- I'm still available in the East to make Kevin Moore tapes and I'll
    also make copies of the New Haven Awake show for anyone who sends me the
    blanks to tape it on.

    "Emancipate yourself from "There's only one way
        mental slavery, of life,
     None but ourselves can free And that's your own"
        our mind" - B. Marley - Levellers


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 95 19:17:28 -0100
    Subject: Re: AOR
    Message-ID: <9502190318.AA0066@localhost>

    >AOR means album-oriented rock.
    I always thought it would mean "adult oriented rock".

            Siegfried Hanisch

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    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 13:09:19 -0500 (EST)
    From: "L. Jason Hartman" <>
    Subject: Dt on TV!!
    Message-ID: <>

    My brother was just watch a show called NBA Inside Stuff, some kinda
    basketball report and he said that they were playing Voices in the
    background for a few minutes!!


    I heard them playing Pull Me Under and Another Day on Wide World of
    Sports one day last year.

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    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 13:38:56 -0500 (EST)
    From: Hairball <>
    Subject: Sordid Stories!
    Message-ID: <>

    > * "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
    > * Chop the forest, plow it under..." Kansas - 1975
    > * *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
    > * Steve Smits
    Ah! Another Kansas fan! I thought we were all but extinct! =)
    Although I don't have any Kansas shows to trade, I wanted to ask whether
    or not you had a tape of a show recorded at The Tower Theater either on
    2/11/89 or 2/14/89. I was at both shows, and I know for a fact one of
    them was recorded, and that a boot of this recording DOES exist. Please
    drop me some email, and let me know either way.
    Speaking of Kansas, is it just me, or does "6:00" sound like "Paradox?"
    Oddly enough (though not suprisingly), this brings up a couple of my own
    andecdotes about DT.
    The second time I saw DT, I had an opportunity to chat with Mike (kinda
    strange that I gravatate towards him, since I'm primarilly a guitarist)
    again. Knowing he was a Kansas fan (from our interview, and listening to
    I&W), I asked him if he'd gotten "Live At The Whiskey." He said, "Yeah, I
    just got it, and I'm gonna go listen to it." I told him that I didn't
    think it was all that good, to which he replied, "Oh, man, don't tell me
    Well, next time they rolled through town, I wrote Mike a note, knowing
    that I'd probably see him, but, wouldn't have a chance to chat. So, I'm
    milling around waiting for the show to start, and Mike walks past about
    100 people, none of whom recognize him (this was one of the full
    beard/moustache days). I yelled out "Mike!", he turned around, and I went
    up and said hello, and handed him the note.
    This was the show I told you about last digest where I met their manager
    & other people, and did get backstage. Mike told me something along the
    lines of, "You were right about the live Kansas CD. It has most of the
    same songs on the other live album [Two For The Show], but it's not as
    good." It was also at this show that my roommate and I snagged a huge I&W
    poster, which Mike, James & John P. autographed for us. (Incidentally,
    since he & I no longer live in the same apartment, I got the poster, in
    exchange for him having dibs on our promo CD collection. Fair trade, I
    One other little side note about DT's listening habits on that tour.
    It's quite apparent to me that "Caught In A Web" is similar in structure
    to a Galactic Cowboys song called "You Make Me Smile" and a few others.
    Again, I think they were also listening to Rush ("Innocence Faded"), and
    Ryche (various points throughout Awake).
    This isn't a bad thing, mind you. Not at all.
    And finally, this:
    One night, while doing one of my radio shows, I get a phone call (which
    is rare considering my day/time slot). It's DT's road manager, and I'm
    supposed to do an interview with Kevin. I'm totally caught off guard, as
    my roommate never told me that this was supposed to happen. Kev gets on
    the phone, and I tell him I'm in the middle of part 2 of "Everything
    Under The Sun" (from Extreme's "III Sides To Every Story" CD). His
    response: "Oh, Cool!" So, I wait until "Am I Ever Gonna Change?" is over,
    and we do the interview, live. Kev was joking around saying, "How could
    you think to cut off Extreme to do this interview?!"
    I don't know how I got through it. It was pretty horrible, but,
    thankfully, I didn't tape it (though now, I'm kinda pissed about that
    fact!). At interview's end, I said, "Is there any song you guys want me
    to play?" The response came back:
    "James said 'Play _Surrounded_,' but play that last Extreme song first."
    (Anyone wanna guess again about why Surrounded isn't played anymore?)
    So, I start the Extreme back up.
    The punchline here is that I spaced which phone line I was on, and
    accidentally LOCKED the On-Air Phone Transducer, and HUNG UP ON KEVIN.
    Oops! Doh!

    I apologize for the length of this post. I tend to be long-winded. =)


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 13:41:12 -0500 (EST)
    From: Hairball <>
    Subject: Random Thoughts...
    Message-ID: <>

    Random Bits:
    > You could borrow or dub a copy from a friend and decide that way, of
    >course. Sometimes though, that is not an option.
            Just my own 2 cents about dubbing - not to be taken as a flame,
    just my own personal opinion. Generally, I'm against dubbing/copying
    albums. Why? Simply put, tape piracy is killing the music industry.
    Sure, you think, "Say what? Those people make millions of dollars!" Not
    totally true. Realize that there's millions of people who do the same
    thing, and sell them, and then the reason CD's and Tapes cost so much
    should become apparent. They're losing money.
    Now, I'm not against bootlegging concerts, or doing what's being done
    with Kevin's demo. But, generally, I try to avoid contributing to the
    destruction of the industry I'm trying so desperately to be a part of,
    whether it be as a recording engineer or a musician.
    When you think about it, a _band_ usually gets a maximum of $1.50 (and
    that's a very liberal record label - and more the exception than the
    norm!) on each CD or tape sold, they're not getting much. Divide that
    $1.50 between the 4 or 5 members of a band, and that's not a whole lot to
    live on.
    Not only that, but, when a label looks at its sales, and sees that
    they're not selling all that many records at record stores, because for
    every 1 CD sold, 10 people wind up with it, that cuts into their profits.
    The bottom line for the record company IS the bottom line. If a band
    doesn't make them money, they become a tax-write off.
    Please, don't take this the wrong way, but, copying isn't really fair to
    the artists you like so much. It may hurt them in the end.
    Just a thought - no flaming is necessary. Thanks.
    > My local music retailer can order me a video called "Dream Theater
    > Music". I haven't heard of this tape. Can anyone help me?
            Actually, it sounds like you've made the same mistake I did. This
    video is nothing more than a different title for the "Live In Tokyo"
    There's two catalog titles. Why? I have NO idea.
    "Dream Theater - Live In Tokyo"
    "Dream Theater - Music In Progress Tour"
    As far as I know, it's the same thing. If I'm wrong, someone tell me. =)
    (wow, a short post!)


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 13:59:51 -0600 (CST)
    From: Ricky Booth <>
    Subject: Re: It's **import** shopping time
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi! I shop on CDnow every once in a while too. I just bought a DT shirt
    last night in fact...

    > #1. Dream Out Loud (New York 1993) $27.97

    Excellent. It's KTS boot and it has good sound quality, great packaging
    and a very cool picture disc.

    > #2. Home Sweet Home (Live NY '92) $27.97
    > #3. Live In Long Island 1992 - II $27.97

    These 2 are crap. I have #3, and it's not worth 5 bucks. The sound
    quality is very poor, and the packaging is poorer.

    I think Home Sweet Home is part 1 of Live in Long Island... The only
    good thing about #3 is that the last 4 tracks are majesty demos, which
    have better sound quality because they are from a studio tape not a
    shitty live recording. Overall, not worth it...

    I can't help you w/ the other 2 selections as I do not have them. Talk to
    you later.


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 15:05:13 -0500
    From: (Mr. Phat)
    Subject: DT Interactive...WHERE?
    Message-ID: <v02110100ab6bbb333dad@[]>


    I've heard lots about DT stuff on the internet. Things like DT interactive
    (?), screensaver, short video clips?!!! Well, I'm pretty new to it all and
    I was wondering if there were any *really* cool people out there that have
    a list of places or could send me in the right direction. There's a
    computer nut dude here (surprised?) that could help me if I get the
    locations. I'm sure there are plenty more Jammers out there who would like
    to know the same so maybe someone could post it in the Ytsejam (sorry to
    take up so much space though). Otherwise, I'd be happy to pass along any
    info I get to others in the same boat. Thanks for your time.

    p.s. I know a while back we had a conversation about DT posters. I don't
    remember if anyone mentioned about the pullout centerfold of John P. in (I
    think) Guitar Player (from last spring). I got it framed...pretty cool.



    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 20:18:46 -0500 (EST)
    From: jbako01 <>
    Subject: Re: Candlemass...DT
    Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950218201444.13251A-100000@barney>

    On Sat, 18 Feb 1995, Mats Rydstrvm wrote:

    > arms crossed: "I can do that!"....He's a pretty big fan I suppose! (both
    > like big and BIG). For what I know he's worked with Memento Mori and

    HUGE! is more like it :)

    > Stillborn recently but I think that Stillborn has broken up, I don't know
    > about Memento Mori, maybe they're about to record a new album?!?

    Memento Mori is a band featuring Messiah Marcolin (Candlemass, etc.) and
    Snowy Shaw (King Diamond/Mercyful Fate).
    They've done two albums with Messiah: 'Rhymes of Lunacy' and 'Life,
    Death & Other Morbid Tales'. Rhmyes.. is a power metal masterpiece
    with heaviness & melody. LD&OMT has the above but adds more of the doom
    element in the music. I recommend them both highly!

    James Bako
    Polytechnic University
    Brooklyn, New York


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 20:20:03 -0500 (EST)
    From: jbako01 <>
    Subject: Re: Marlene and Rena?
    Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950218201901.13251B-100000@barney>

    On Sat, 18 Feb 1995, Andrew Keegan wrote:

    > Anyone watch VH-1 last night "women's night out" comedy hour. They had an
    > all-girl band and the bass player looked like Mike's wife Marlene. The
    > guitar player was also a blonde, but since I've never seen Rena, I
    > wouldn't know if it was her.

    "Girls Night Out" was Meanstreak's regular gig for the last few months of
    their existance. I don't know who's doing it now.


    James Bako
    Polytechnic University
    Brooklyn, New York


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 19:13:48 -0700 (MST)
    From: BERTAPELLE ADAM RAYE <bertapel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>
    Subject: TIM LODGE****
    Message-ID: <199502190213.TAA16158@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>


    It's been almost two months since I sent you my copy of the Denver DT
    show, and we arranged a trade for your New Haven tape. What's going
    on? If you didn't like the tape, you still owe me $7 for the tape
    and postage (although I'd prefer your show) I think two months is
    more than ample time, so I hope to hear from you in the next week at:
    Thanks, Adam


    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 22:46:32 -0600 (CST)
    From: Jeff Stewart <>
    Subject: Awake and WDADU transcriptions
    Message-ID: <>

    Are there ANY Tab books anywhere of one or both of these albums? I'm
    especially interested in the tab for the Awake album right now. If they
    are available overseas, please let me know. Any help would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

    Jeff Stewart


    Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 00:01:53 -0800 (PST)
    From: Hailey <>
    To: digest <>
    Subject: ACOS and other Boot-related material
    Message-ID: <>

    I think I saw the lyrics to ACOS here a while back....

    I would appreciate it if someone that still has a copy could mail me the

    Also, on the Dance of Eternity boot (the two-disc version), that version
    of Eve blew me away. Does anyone know what the samples are from (if
    anything at all?) Or were they specially made for this song? (I doubt

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    Chris (no, the other one.)

      *---* "I am a Rock, I am an Island" -- P.Simon *---*
     * *
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    * * * all manifestation of the *
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     * *
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    Date: Sun, 19 Feb 95 0:17:21 PST
    From: Jonathan Larkowski <>
    Subject: Re: Awake and WDADU transcriptions
    Message-ID: <>

    Awake tab was rumored to have been seen in Japan. Any Japanese ytsejammers
    confirm this?

    P.S. -- I ordered my I&W Tab today from a local music store, I can't wait!



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