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Date: Sun Feb 26 1995 - 13:47:24 EST

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      1) date boo-boo!
      2) Re: Portnoy vs. Peart
     by scott eric bell <>
      3) Re: Recording Shit 2
     by Tymoteusz Altman <>
      4) RE: SloppyJoe69's "flame" post
     by Corporate Community Relations <>
      5) Please...
     by zebrowski steven <>
      6) Galactic Cowboys have broken up
     by "Brian V. Cox" <>
      7) Lots o' topics.
     by "L. Jason Hartman" <>
      8) Re: nuthin'
     by William T Bajzek <impaler+@CMU.EDU>
      9) Re: SloppyJoe69's "flame" post
     by Ricky Booth <>
     10) Re: Hello there I'm new
     by Michael Bahr <>
     11) Burnin' for Buddy
     by "Richard A. Rivera" <>
     12) In Defense of One "Goth"
     by Ricky Booth <>
     14) Re: Awake cover
     by brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken Odiorne)
     15) Derek's cool!
     16) CDs for sale + Subconscious
     by Michael Bahr <>
     17) dream bands
     by \(\) (ICSB \(Mike\))
     18) DT Poll Results!
     by Paul Holloway <>
     19) Denver Patrick Moraz Concert
     by "Alan J. Mallery" <>
     20) Mostly prog cd's for sale!
     by "Alan J. Mallery" <>
     21) Welcome!


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 17:47:39 EST
    Subject: date boo-boo!
    Message-ID: <>

    Re: "NEW BOOTLEG CD!!"

    > Dream Theater "Wake Up" 1/25/95 Japan Digital Broadcast

    Wrong date, it's 1/24/95 - the broadcast was done on John
    Myung's birthday. I have a copy of the broadcast on
    videotape (from a pal of mine who was there). It's not one
    of the better live shows I've seen/heard; James was cracking
    like an adolescent throughout the show! Ironically, his
    major reason for disliking bootlegs is that he doesn't want
    the world to hear it if he has a bad night, yet he knew this
    would be broadcast live all over Japan (and subsequently
    everyone else in the world would eventually be obtaining a
    copy), and he sounded far worse in this than in any previous



    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 16:59:38 -0400 (EST)
    From: scott eric bell <>
    To: Ytse Jam <>
    Subject: Re: Portnoy vs. Peart
    Message-ID: <>

    In response to the Portnoy vs. Peart post. I am a drummer....and I think
    that both of these drummers are phenomenal. IMHO, I feel that Neil Peart
    has an edge over Mike Portnoy. Portnoy was influenced by Neil. Not that
    that means that maked Peart better, but you just have to really listen to
    them. Peart plays EXTREMELY melodic. Every drum piece he plays is
    completely composed ahead of time to specifically fit the music. Portnoy
    does the same thing, but I do not think that his playing is as melodic.
    Portnoy, however, is extremely creative....not many other drummers can
    slip in and out of all the different time signatures so flawlessly!

    --Something for you to do next time you listen to Rush... I read an
    interview with Neil where he said he hates to repeat a drum fill twice in
    one song. After reading that I listened to Rush and realized that he
    truly does not repeat his fills. They are different everytime. ....Just
    a little something to show how amazing Peart is.

    And on the Portnoy side... a piece of music that I think shows the
    quintessential Portnoy is "Metropolis Part 1". His drum parts in that
    song are amazing.

    All of these statements were of course IMHO.


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    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 16:10:40 -0800 (PST)
    From: Tymoteusz Altman <>
    Subject: Re: Recording Shit 2
    Message-ID: <>

    thanks a lot for the lesson! i've learned a lot...well no yet, but i
    did save the article and will go through it later. :)

    a question to you all:
    name an album that you think has the best mix in your opinion.

    I personally like Damn The Machine's album...
    you can hear every single instrument at any given moment.
    anyone agree?


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 95 19:15:10 EST
    From: Corporate Community Relations <>
    Subject: RE: SloppyJoe69's "flame" post
    Message-ID: <>

    I'd like to add my 0.02 to all the follow-up posts to the original post...first off, some disclaimers apply:

    1) The original post did NOT reach my server! I have only seen bits
       and peices of it, as extracted by other ytsejammer's, during their
       follow-up replies. I have not seen these quotes in their original

    2) I am a FIRM believer that everyone in the world is entitled to
       voice their personal opinions.

    That said, I'm going to have to go against the grain here and remark that
    I, personally, agree with some of what I've seen in SloppyJoe69's post.
    Please, read on (and the above disclaimers) before sending me flame/hate mail
    -- thank you.

    Again, I've not seen his full post, but a few points I agree with:

    o the "<dream theater>/<personal members of the band>/<pick one of DTs albums>
      is the absolute BEST -- there is no better" mentality. Now, don't get me
      wrong ... I'm one of the original Majesty fans, so I've been 'into' DT for
      a very long time. But, I don't hold the band, any of their albums, or any
      personal member of the band on such a high plateau as to tout over and over
      again that "this is the best -- there is no better." I don't rate anything
      as BEST -- and i don't think one can, or that it is even fair to try.

      As far as DT goes, I enjoy their music immensely, but have a *personal*
      preference for their older material. Do you know how many times I've been
      flamed by fellow jammers for touting I don't particularly like the "Awake"
      album, or the fact that James Labrie's voice seriously gets on my nerves
      after a while, or that I actually like Charlie Dominici's vocal style better
      than James?!? Horrors to most, yes, I know, but that's how I feel.
      Unfortunately, it seems the majority of DT fans are in vehement disagreement
      with me, and just flame me or try to change my opinion to agree with theirs.
      Why they just can't accept MY likes and respect them for what they are, I
      do not understand?!

      I would say DT is one of my favorite bands, but there are others, esp. in
      other genres of music. How you can compare an artist to one another
      and remark one is better is beyond me. Same goes for the players --
      everyone in DT has chops, but do i think John P. is THE MAN as far as rock
      guitar goes? no. John Myung has serious bass chops as well, but there are
      tons of hot players in the world as good, or better. Doesn't mean John M.
      doesn't lay a mean groove with DT, but I find the idol worship which goes on
      on this list both sophomoric and boring. Same goes for all those Fates
      Warning fans -- a great band for what they do, but lets try a little
      perspective here, folks. Bottom line -- everyone in music has their own
      niche and can't compare artist or musicians as being better
      than one another. Example -- who was the best bassist or drummer that Frank
      Zappa ever had in his band? Who knows, they were ALL monster players!

    o the amount of actual DT-related content in this mailing list. Yeah, I know,
      if I don't like it, unsubscribe. I've been told that many times before.
      I know people on the net want the freedom to write and say as they see fit.
      Personally, I'd like to see a bit more moderation, like the Megadeth mailing
      list. I don't buy the arguement that "some of it is 'DT-related' discussions"
      Those posts about Rush/King's X/etc. projects/concerts/etc. for the most
      part really have nothing to do with Dream Theater directly. Fates is ok,
      since they're touring together, but posts like "Who's better, Geddy Lee or
      John Myung" are bullshit imho and a waste of disk space.

    Additional disagreements:

    America On-Line flames. Sure, AOL's marketing tends to make itself available
    to some users with little or no previous experience (or etiquette) in posting
    to the Internet ... doesn't mean we can flame the entire user base for a few
    misdirected members. Yet another example of the "lets lump everything
    together and judge as one" mentality.

    In closing, I'd like to make it clear I do not support SloppyJoe69's method
    of "attacking" the readers of this mailing list with his post. I think he
    could have voiced his opinions in a less offensive context. The few points
    I agreed with him on soon lost major points for their execution to the net.



    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 19:54:09 -0500 (EST)
    From: zebrowski steven <>
    Subject: Please...
    Message-ID: <>

    To all fellow 'jammers:

    Could I please unsubscribe from the "Internet vs. AOL" mailing list and get
    back onto the Ytse Jam mailing list where I belong?

    Seriously, I think this thread is about as interesting as a Richie Sambora
    guitar lesson. Can we put it to bed?:)

    I would love to be a part of a Dream Theater cover band at a DT convention
    in the Baltimore/MD/DC area. I hope we can get this together--it is one of
    the best ideas I've heard here!

    Hey, does anyone have the address for the progressive MUSICIANS' mailing
    list <if such a list exists>? I'd love to get on there.

    See Ya!

    Steve Z


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 19:42:31 -0600 (CST)
    From: "Brian V. Cox" <>
    To:, (Michael Burstin),
    Subject: Galactic Cowboys have broken up
    Message-ID: <>

    sorry to say this to everyone, but i just heard about it. A few days
    ago Dane Sonnier and Alan Doss left Galactic Cowboys. The band is no

    i really have no idea why right now. hopefully i will be able to talk to
    dane soon. a friend of the band told me the news.

       **always looking for rush/dream theater/queensryche/king's x bootlegs**
     Voices repeating me, Brian V. Cox Voices discussing me,
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    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 22:26:34 -0500 (EST)
    From: "L. Jason Hartman" <>
    Subject: Lots o' topics.
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi all. I have a few things to mention here....

    1. I have a Lie CD single for sale. It is a brand new import. The
    tracks are...
       Lie (edit)
       Space-Dye Vest
       To Live Forever (studio)
       Another Day (live)
    I am asking $15 or best offer, price includes packaging and shipping in
    the US.

    2. I have a Qryche I am I 12" vinyl for sale. It is also a brand new
    import and its on a gold disc and comes with two pictures.
       I am I
       Real World
       Someone Else (full band version - cool!)
    I am asking $20 for it and that price includes packaging and shipping ->>>
    PLUS ONE BOOTLEG TAPE OF YOUR CHOICE! If you are interested, mail
    me and I'll send you a copy of my bootlist and you get to pick one tapes worth
    of stuff (i've got lots of DT) and that will be included in the deal at no
    extra charge.

    3. Just wanted to let you all know that my birthday is coming up in about
    2 weeks, March 14th. I'll be 21 years old. In case you don't know what
    to get me for my b-day, just send me any WDADU posters that you have setting
    around collecting dust. :)

    Thanks for reading. Mail me if you are interested in anything that is
    for sale....

    BTW - any Baltimore area jammers going to the Extreme concert on the 7th
    at Hammerjacks?

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    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:25:44 -0500 (EST)
    From: William T Bajzek <impaler+@CMU.EDU>
    Subject: Re: nuthin'
    Message-ID: <>

    This space left intentionally blank
    Organization: Aepithex (guitars)

    Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU> writes:
    > Excerpts from mail: 26-Feb-95 nuthin' by zebrowski steven@gl.umbc
    > > 6:00--Obviously the clock on the moon
    > > Caught in a Web--Again obvious
    > > Innocence Faded--Possibly the old man looking into the mirror at the
    > young man
    > >
    > > Erotomania--???
    > Maybe the old guy is supposed to be sexy

    i thought i remember someone saying that erotomania is like, religion
    mania, not sex mania. cuz that's called nymphomania
    > > The Silent Man--???
    obviously a statue doesn't talk

    but you sleep like a ghost with me -william bajzek- come to my madness
    its as simple as that - my opium den
    so tell me i'm mad -/u/wb2a/home--/cdsale-/reviews- come to my madness
    roll me up and breathe me in -guitars,aepithex- make sense of it again


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:37:24 -0600 (CST)
    From: Ricky Booth <>
    Subject: Re: SloppyJoe69's "flame" post
    Message-ID: <>

    > As far as DT goes, I enjoy their music immensely, but have a *personal*
    > preference for their older material. Do you know how many times I've been

    You too? So do I. WDADU is abosolutely satisfying. I love to listen to
    that. I also have a boot (LiLi2) with 4 Majesty demo tracks. They're
    cool! I like 'em.

    > flamed by fellow jammers for touting I don't particularly like the "Awake"
    > album, or the fact that James Labrie's voice seriously gets on my nerves
    > after a while, or that I actually like Charlie Dominici's vocal style better
    > than James?!? Horrors to most, yes, I know, but that's how I feel.

    Really... Personally, I like Awake. However my fav album is WDADU, then
    I&W and *LASTLY* Awake. And yes, I like Charlies voice, and I like
    hearing Charlies voice on WDADU songs better than James' on those songs...

    > o the amount of actual DT-related content in this mailing list. Yeah, I know,
    > if I don't like it, unsubscribe. I've been told that many times before.

    Yep, that's right. Don't try and change it. It's fine how it is.

    > I know people on the net want the freedom to write and say as they see fit.

    Yes, our freedom is slowly being peeled away from everything else. Let's
    keep our freedom of writing.

    > Personally, I'd like to see a bit more moderation, like the Megadeth mailing
    > list. I don't buy the arguement that "some of it is 'DT-related' discussions"

    NO! Moderation sucks. We never really get out of line here, and besides,
    hell, there's not a lot going on with DT now. What else are we gonna talk

    > since they're touring together, but posts like "Who's better, Geddy Lee or
    > John Myung" are bullshit imho and a waste of disk space.

    Uh, That's a valid discussion... John Myung IS in DT...

    As you can see by my .sig quote, I could've choose a DT quote but I
    dinna. Metallica rocks too...

             _      __
       _____(_)____/ /__ #########/  Rick Booth;  /~###
      / ___/ / ___/ //_/ #######/' "Loss of intrest, question, wonder     /~#####
     / /  / / /__/ ,<    #####/'  waves of fear, they pull me under."   /~#######
    /_/  /_/\___/_/|_|   ###/'_The Frayed Ends of Sanity_ / Metallica /~#########


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 22:01:00 -0700 (MST) From: Michael Bahr <> To: Subject: Re: Hello there I'm new Message-ID: <>

    > 1. Who, Why, What is Ytsejam? (I also found it on several WWW pages)

    Welcome! Ytsejam (MAJESTY backwards) is one of Dream Theater's older songs, from the When Dream and Day Unite album. It was so perfectly vague that it was chosen as the mailing list title.

    Personally I think we got a better shake than the Rush list. TNMS is a lame title, IMHO. The title that got 2nd place in the original voting, "Signals", was 1000% better.

    > 4. Because of the fact that the radio stations in the Netherlands > doesn't pay much attention to Dream Theater, I missed the why of > Moore's leaving the band. At MTV's Headbangers Ball they also didn't > pay attention to it. The members of the band repeated several times > the band grew tighter to each other (is this English?), but when > somebody leaves a band this isn't ok, is it?

    It was Kevin alone who was wanting to leave (tight is correct English for the relationship of a close band) only because he wanted to do different types of music. He still is good friends with the rest of DT.

    > 5. Why is the name of Dream Theater as it is, and not Dream Theatre? > Is this the difference between English (I've learned at school) and > American English?

    Right. Theater is American-ized English... had DT started in Canada or Australia, or the UK, it would be Theatre....

    Mike Bahr,


    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 00:32:38 -0500 (EST) From: "Richard A. Rivera" <> To: Dream Theater <> Subject: Burnin' for Buddy Message-ID: <>

    To all Drummers:

    Someone asked about the Buddy Rich tribute album "Burnin' For Buddy," produced by Neil Peart. I would highly recommend this album, for it features today's hottest drummers playing music which they are not normally associated with. For instance, where else can you hear Matt Sorum and Neil Peart preform big band music? Included in the compilation are Rod Morgenstein (of Winger and Dixie Dreggs fame), Omar Hakim, Max Roach, and a host of other incredible players. If you hate big band music (like I generally do), feel confident that you will like this disc. The preformances contained within are nothing short of brilliant. In short, cool disc, buy it now.



    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 21:32:49 -0500 From: To: Subject: In Defense of One "Goth" Message-ID: <>

    In Ytsejam #705, Zach said:

    >>Of course. The "Alternative" [music] crowd, are a bunch of hypocrites to think that they are the 90's equivalent of "counter-culture". The whole scene is a sad parody of itself.<<

    Well, not everyone is hopeless... My younger sis (with maroon hair and all, considers herself a "Goth") is into Dream Theater. Granted, at one point, she allowed herself to be swayed by other friends (also into alternative) and was dissing "Images & Words" briefly. Then, around her Christmas vacation, I let her listen to "Awake," and she really loved it- insisted that I promptly make a copy for her! And she's back to listening to I&W (even forced some passengers on a drive from San Luis Obispo to the bay area listen to it!) When I showed her my autographed copy of PROGnosis, I asked if she would be interested in a sub, and she said yes.

    I have to give my sis some credit... Yeah, I'm biased 'cause she's my sis, but she's now a music major and has been extremely musical all her life.

    Additionally, as for myself, people are consistently awestruck by the eclecticism of my music collection - which includes the likes of New Order, Pearl Jam, The Smiths, The Cure, Enigma... There's room for music of all kind in this world. When someone acts surprised at my 50s stuff, I simply say it took Bill Hailey and the Comets (considered by some music historians to be the first "rock-n-roll" band, while say it goes further back to early jazz...) to get to Dream Theater (or fill-in-the-blank).


    -- "Could we see clearer in a virtual reality?" - Magellan "I am the beat of your pulse/the computer word made flesh" - Queensryche


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:41:22 -0600 (CST) From: Ricky Booth <> To: Subject: THIS IS FOR HAIRBALL Message-ID: <>


    Ever think about being a producer? ;-) Get in there and 'fix' John's sound so we can hear it. I guess it may not be possible since I did not understand your post too much, I know nothing about mixing. I guess it's the way he plays. Oh well. I wish he'd play more like Geddy Lee, I can always hear Geddy really nice.

    -- _ __ _____(_)____/ /__ #########/ Rick Booth; /~### / ___/ / ___/ //_/ #######/' "Loss of intrest, question, wonder /~##### / / / / /__/ ,< #####/' waves of fear, they pull me under." /~####### /_/ /_/\___/_/|_| ###/'_The Frayed Ends of Sanity_ / Metallica /~#########


    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 22:47:53 -0700 (MST) From: brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken Odiorne) To: Subject: Re: Awake cover Message-ID: <9502270547.AA77905@lamar.ColoState.EDU>

    Hello Ytsejammers, I'm a brand new subscriber to this newsletter but I've been a Dream Theater fan since Images & Words first came out. I've also been reading the discussion about the meanings of the items in the Awake cover and I have a couple of observations to throw in. See what you think. First, perhaps the symbol representing Scarred is the factory to the lower left "scarring" the landscape. Of course the factory has nothing to do with the lyrical content, but that's just my $0.02, I could be wrong. Also, one could certainly consider the statue "the Silent Man." And the figure in the mirror is slightly faded as in "Innocence Faded." Of course there are the obvious ones: the Mirror, Space-Dye Vest (maybe not as obvious, but close enough for govt. work), 6:00, and Caught In A Web. I have no ideas about "Lifting Shadows...", "Lie", or "Erotomania", or "Voices." That's it for the time being Bracken

    P.S. Has anyone else noticed that the line quoted by LaBrie at the end of "Pull Me Under" is actually "O, that this too too SULLIED flesh would melt..."? (Hamlet 1.2.129) (The Braxinator: "I'll be Brax!")


    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 01:34:17 -0500 From: To: Subject: Derek's cool! Message-ID: <>

    Yeah, my first post. Hello everyone! Just check out my story first before you shun it off due to those 3 awful letters in my address.

    For those of you who are bummed a little about Kevin splittin' and still a little leary about Derek, I'll tell you what I've seen:

    First of all, I've met all the guys 3 times: Twice on Images & Tour and once on Waking up the World Tour and had conversations with John (P.), Kev, Derek, and Mike (James always seems preoccupied and Myung's just plain shy, I guess.).

    Anyway, Kevin has always seemed to be the abrasive one of the band. John (P) and Mike would be hangin' out with everybody, signing autographs, doing pictures, answering questions and basically being genuinely COOL. Kevin always hung in the shadows, signed an occassional autograph. I tryed to start a conversation with him, asked him some technical questions about some of his sounds and setups, but he just didn't seem to be into talking to a fan. He's almost too inteligent for his own good (on a higher plain or something).

    Here's where I really noticed his true colors: They were getting ready to leave in their van (The Ytse Van, according to Mike), my friends and I were still hangin' with them. (Petrucci gave a smut mag to my guitar friend. It was one of the ones with just chicks with enormous boobs in it. Ha!) and there was these two Japanese girls by Mike.

    Mike all of a sudden pipes up, "Hey John! These girls followed us all the way from Japan!"

    Mind you, this was back before I&W sold almost a half million copies and they just played a dinky club with 100 people in it, so they were blown away. Mike was being extremely polite, listening to their broken english complements and signing stuff for them. John was having a guitar conversation with my buddy, and Kevin's sitting in the van, all impatient, with the door open going, "Let's go! Come on, Mike!" He slams the door, and Mike and John kinda ignore him temporarily. 20 seconds later he opens the door and yells out, all pissed off, "MIKE, LET'S GO!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!!!!" Mike kinda looked over and tryed to remind him, "They followed us from Ja...." ***BLAM*** the door to the Ytse Van slams shut once again. So Mike and John shook our hands, hugged the Japanese chicks, and went on their way.

    When I saw them again after they got back from Japan on the same tour, Kevin seemed just as perturbed.

    As far as Derek goes: I met and spoke with him on the new tour and he was beyond cool. He was real friendly and eager to speak with all the fans and sign autographs.

    Not to be hard on Kev. The guy is a fantastic musician (probably my favorite rock/metal keys player), and my personal favortite lyricist in the band. I'll miss him. I just want to point out that Derek stands to be a great new force, and a bright new creative catalyst in the chemistry of Dream Theater.

    I wish Kev the best of success but maybe DT's better off without him.

    Non-related comment: I'm a professional bassist (9 years). I agree with many: John's sound could use something. A little boost around the 2KHz area, maybe. Could you imagine all three DT discs with a brutal, punchy Geddyesque sound cutting through the mix? Being able to hear ALL of John's technical prowess in crisp detail? That would just make Dream Theater even more mind blowing than they are. Whew!

    Thanks for listening.

    Russ Brooks ^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_/^\_ "Wave after wave / Will flow with the tide And bury the world as it does" -Peart "You can feel the waves coming on Let them destroy you or carry you on" -Dream Theater


    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 00:11:56 -0700 (MST) From: Michael Bahr <> To: Cc: Subject: CDs for sale + Subconscious Message-ID: <>

    Hi all! More news from the Subconscious front.

    The price has been reduced to $25.00 per copy from $27.50 originally. The reason being that once I hit a full quote of reservations, I was able to get a better deal on the bulk media... I will begin production as soon as I move, and all I'm doing now is scrapping for the deposit, which thanks to the LIGHTNING FAST CD sales from before, I am very very close to getting. I need just a bit more to put me over the top, so I must part with more of my favourites:

    FOR SALE! _I_ am paying shipping. Prices given will get you the ENTIRE lot. If I get numerous replies to a given item, this time I'll let the highest bidder take it (I will inform others what the current high bid is, if any.) I don't want to really let the prices inflate, so I'll cut the bid off if anyone's reaching an unfairly high price.

    Lot #1: Rush - Over The Europe 2CD set, Rotterdam, 5/3/92 Many of you already know about this kickass boot. Audience DAT, full setlist, excellent sound. $40

    Lot #2: Rush - Fly In The Night CD, Montreal, 12/77 Limited edition of 1000 copies pressed means it'd be good to get ahold of this one. The sound is comparable to the other AFTK audience boots of the time, so I'm just keeping the tape. Only known CD with AFTK, Cygnus X-1, and Cinderella Man live. $20

    Lot #3: +Live+ imports plus +Live+ concert w/rare tracks Selling The Drama/Selling (acoustic)/White Discussion I Alone/I Alone (acoustic)/Pain Lies on the Riverside Both of these practically brand new and both include the coveted acoustic cuts of the title tracks. Plus: straight from the minidisc master from Phoenix, AZ 10/25/94, containing some unreleased tracks and others that rarely made the setlist, this show. Set was: Intro/Selling the Drama/All Over You/Beauty Of Grey/Shit Towne/Brothers Unaware/Lightning Crashes/Supernatural/Mother Earth is a Vicious Crowd/The Dam At Otter Creek/Pain Lies On The Riverside/Iris/I Alone/Freaks/Waitress/10,000 Years (Peace is Now) The two CDs plus the concert cassette for: $25

    Lot #4: Imports from all over the place and one US single (TTWS) STP: Sex Type Thing/Wicked Garden/Plush (acoustic) Tori Amos: Pretty Good Year/Honey/Black Swan Pink Floyd: Take It Back/Astronomy Domine' (live 94) Ozzy Osbourne: Mama I'm Coming Home/Don't Blame Me/Party With the Animals Toad The Wet Sprocket: Walk On The Ocean/All In All/Walk On The Ocean (edit) All are in excellent shape. $20

    Since all these keep getting sold so bloody fast, after I post them to the list and/or you reply, feel free to finger my account and if I am logged on, page me into ntalk and you can get first dibs. The other stuff I had sold before was gone before the hour was out... so I want to give everyone a shot at these...

    Okay, I'll leave you all with this thought for today:

    "What if Doug Pinnick (with his acoustic guitars and other weird instruments) plus Ty Tabor and Jay Gaskill, joined up with now ex-Galactic Cowboys Ben Huggins and Monty Colvin, to form the greatest prog band ever made? They all live within miles of each other..."

    And would it be called Galactic Crossing?

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    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 01:55:01 -0500 From: \(\) (ICSB \(Mike\)) To: Subject: dream bands Message-ID: <>

    Hey everyone, this is my first attempted post. I just wanted to talk about the dream bands thing. It would be hard to choose between two in some cases, so I have narrowed it down to enough for two bands.

    Vocal spots: Bruce Dickinson, James Labrie Guitars: Kai Hansen, Andy LaRocque, John Petricci, Adrain Smith Bass: Markus Grosskopf, Steve Harris Keys: Geddy Lee, Kevin Moore Drums: Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy

    These are in alphabetical (by last name) order, so don't pick any order like that. I hope you all like my selection too.

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    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 02:43:05 -0500 From: Paul Holloway <> To: Subject: DT Poll Results! Message-ID: <>

    * * * * Official Dream Theater Song Poll Results - Winter '95 * * * * =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [Overall Rankings: Music and Lyric scores averaged]


    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 01:00:55 -0700 (MST) From: "Alan J. Mallery" <> To: Dream Theater List <> Subject: Denver Patrick Moraz Concert Message-ID: <>

    Though not about DT directly, if you're in the Colorado area and want to see a great prog related show, please come!

    PATRICK MORAZ In concert An evening of intimate solo piano Wednesday March 8th, 1995. 8:00 p.m. It will take place at St. Luke's United Methodist Church, 8817 S. Broadway, Highlands Ranch, Colorado (on Broadway 1/4 mile south of C-470). It is a comfortable venue, with a newly acquired 9 foot Steinway concert grand piano. Tickets are only $10 in advance, $12 at the show. If you'd like to purchase advance tickets, send payment to: Alan Mallery 801 Pennsylvania #307 Denver, CO 80203 Hope to see you there! Please email me if you have any questions or would like more detailed directions.. Alan

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    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 01:01:58 -0700 (MST) From: "Alan J. Mallery" <> To: Dream Theater List <> Subject: Mostly prog cd's for sale! Message-ID: <>

    I offer the following CD's for sale. Free US postage included with 2 items or more, other's inquire. Eloy - Destination - $10 Fates Warning - Parallels - $8 Gong - Live etc. - $8 Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill - $8 Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime - $8 Roots of Consciousness - $8 Strangers on a Train - The Key - $10 Watkins, Kit - Sampler - $8 Yanni - Live at the Acropolis - $8 Thanks, Alan

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    Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 21:31:51 -0500 From: To: Subject: Welcome! Message-ID: <>

    The following is from Ytsejam #704 (gosh, I am behind in my reading!):

    >>I am new to this Ytsejam thing and I thought I'd send a little note to say hi and introduce myself. Thanks to my friends Kai and Jennier, I became aware of the existence of Ytsejam.

    I have seen Dream Theater twice in my life, both shows were during the I&W tour. The shows were awesome! Unfortunatly, I had to miss them for the "Awake" show, I was out of town. Hopefully, they will be back!<<

    Sharon's here - yay! : ) While I knew (from e-mail) that you'd finally become a 'Jammer, I wanted to state an official welcome here.

    Okay, now back to catching up on my reading...


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