YTSEJAM digest 764

Date: Mon Mar 27 1995 - 23:50:05 EST

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                                YTSEJAM Digest 764

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      1) Re: YTSEJAM digest 762
     by Hairball <>
      2) Air-jamming on the road...
     by Jim Beavens <beavenj@ECE.ORST.EDU>
      3) A few things...
     by "L. Jason Hartman" <>
     by Michael Bahr <>
      5) eMpTyV
     by (Bernd Basmer)
      6) dtlyrics & SUBCONSCIOUS
     by Dobronte Gabor <>
      7) keyboard sheet music
      8) Re: YTSEJAM digest 763
      9) Dream Theater EP
     10) When Dream and Day Unite is available!
     by (Marc Respass)
     11) Fairport Convention & Steeleye Span
     by "John R. Kotzian" <>
     12) Re: eMpTyV
     by jbako01 <>
     13) Quick Note...
     by Hairball <>
     14) Re: new Death Album
     by Marc Schoech <>
     15) Driving and DT don't mix... :)
     by Michael Burstin <>
     16) LA 'jammers please read!!! (no DT content I'm afraid)
     17) ACOS - News
     by (Alex Reinelt)


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 01:04:01 -0500 (EST)
    From: Hairball <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 762
    Message-ID: <>

    > Yes... so far, Echolyn is the only band who has used a full string
    > section on a CD that I've heard. (And this is a 95 CD, I'd expect to
    > strings on a 70s CD, but 95... cool. :))

            Get Extreme's "III Sides To Every Story." They feature a 78 piece
    orchestra on a 3 Part, 21 minute trilogy called "Everything Under The Sun."
            If that doesn't send chills up your spine (especially the end!),
    I dunno what will. Beautiful orchestration.

    > Subject: max bacon (was Re: YTSEJAM digest 760)
    > I think he was in the group "Bronze", although that may have been the
    > drummer.

            I know Jon Mover, before GTR & Satriani, played in a band called
    "The Fools," who had a very funny countryish song called "Life Sucks Then
    You Die." It's an absolute riot.

            "People say that life is good, but I just f**kin' moan...
             I got one foot on a banana peel, the other in the twilight zone...
             People say that life is fun, but I don't know why
             As far as I can tell, life sucks, then you die..."

    > From: Mats Rydstr\vm <>
    > Subject: error in Metropolis?

    > Images and Words. If you listen closely you'll notice that when the kick-drum
    > enters at the beginning of the song, the first kick is a lot weaker
    > than the other ones.
    > Since DT is Holy Gods [tm] they just don't fuck up such a simple thing,
    > so I was just wondering: what's the deal with that first kick? Is it
    > supposed to be that way because it sounds good? (I don't think it sounds
    > good!) Are there other reasons?

            Well, actually, it's probably a result of the kick drum being
    faded in during the mix. See, the kick drum was actually replaced with a
    triggered sample.

            Basically, they put a gate on the drum they want to replace, and
    that pulse is sent through a sampling unit. Samples are extremely
    consistant, so, to answer your question, no - Mike didn't make a mistake.
    It's purely a production thing.

            (oh, damn, there I go again...)

    _hairball_ (hard at work)


    Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 21:16:32 -0800 (PST)
    From: Jim Beavens <beavenj@ECE.ORST.EDU>
    Subject: Air-jamming on the road...
    Message-ID: <Pine.HPP.3.91.950327210423.3118A-100000@mycroft.ECE.ORST.EDU>

    >"Driving while listening to Metropolis should be illegal."

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has gone a little overboard
    while listening to Dream Theater on the freeway. There have been a few
    times when I've really gotten into drumming on my steering wheel, and not
    only have I gotten up to 90 mph in my excitement, but my poor hands have
    ended up quite red and painful a few times.

    The funny thing is, after nearly two years of owning I&W and having it
    practically own the airplay of my tape deck, I _still_ can't get half of
    the rhythms of Metropolis down. It is a true masterpiece.

               Jim Beavens |"Early to rise and early to bed,
         Oregon State University | makes a man wise but socially dead."
    Electrical & Computer Engineering |
          beavenj@ECE.ORST.EDU | -- Animaniacs


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 01:05:01 -0500 (EST)
    From: "L. Jason Hartman" <>
    Subject: A few things...
    Message-ID: <>

    Yo! I just got some info in the mail from the DT Fanzine that is
    in Europe, the one called Images and Words. It looks pretty cool.
    They sent me a free issue to check out. I will probably subscribe.
    It's about $14 for a year (4 issues). I believe the address is in the
    liner notes to Awake.

    Is it still possible to send $16 to the official fan club and get
    these "fan packs" that everyone else is getting?


    For sale : Magellan - Hour of Restoration on brand new, sealed CD.
               Hawkwind - Masters of The Universe CD, only played it once.
               DT - Lie and Silent Man singles.
    E-mail me if interested in any of those...

    BTW - please don't send your bootlist to the ytsejam like someone
    (probably an honest mistake) did on the digest. Yes, I did it once
    myself but that was back around Xmas when we were only getting 50 lines
    per day! :)

    See ya at the convention! I'll be there with my dubbing deck! ;)

    *   Jason Hartman     "I am the Killing Hand!"   *
    *                                                                        *
    *  You're fighting the weight of the world,                              *
    *  and no one can save you this time.                                    *
    *  Close your eyes - you can find all you need in your mind.             * 
    *                                                                        *
    *                                       "Take the Time"  - Dream Theater *


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 00:04:38 -0700 (MST) From: Michael Bahr <> To: Cc: Subject: SUBCONSCIOUS CD UPDATE Message-ID: <>

    not sure if my last try got through. Here goes....


    Current update: 3/27/95

    Estimated date of arrival of my blanks shipment: 4/3/95 Due to the anomalies of the business work week, the CDs will likely _not_ get to me on a Friday. (3/31)

    1. Orders received 2. A quick review: what the hell IS Subconscious, and how can I get it? 3. Original press CDs for sale.. I don't need 'em, anyone collect this stuff? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

    1. Orders received

    Here is a brief list of the orders that I have received, paid, and the CD numbers you will all be getting... if you are on this list, I have your order IN MY HAND and you are DONE, FINITO... all you need to do is kick back, relax, toss back a Kypler's, and wait for my CDs to come in the mail to me, and subsequently, to you. :) I _am_ keeping a copy of this list, in case future authenticity issues arise, you can be assured of the full _value_ of your Subconscious CD. Given the number of DT albums sold total, there is one Subconscious CD for every 11,700 Dream Theater fans. Not a bad ratio eh!! A quick note: you will notice I have set aside a few low numbers for Kaoru, and I have done this because most of the Japanese Ytsejammers will be doing a group order through her, and I wanted to get *some* of the low #'s to the land of the Rising Sun, tis only fair after all. :) That's the only orders that are not yet paid, because she still has to get the orders from the others. Any Nihon-jin Ytsejam members, email Kaoru-san if you want to get a copy of the CD! If more are reserved than space I set aside, I will fill another block of numbers somewhere in the 100's.

    !!!!!!!!! Quick note!! If you "reserved" a copy with me, but have not yet sent in payment, you won't be in this list yet... DON'T PANIC! I've still got your reservation, and I _did_ say that because of the delay in the CDs getting to me in shipment (my blanks) that you could wait on payment if you wanted to. !!!!!!!!!

    000 Original press master copy (CD-R Gold) 001 Glass master disc 002 Final press master #1 003 Final press master #2 004 Mike Bahr :) 005 Mike Portnoy 006 Kevin Moore 007 Michael Burstin 008 Brian Cox 009 Chris King 010 Jenn Albert 011 Alfredo Cappello 012 Andreas Schaefer 013 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 014 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 015 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 016 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 017 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 018 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 019 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 020 (reserved) Kaoru Kobayashi 021 Timo Haanpaa 022 Timo Haanpaa 023 Timo Haanpaa 024 Timo Haanpaa 025 Timo Haanpaa 026 Timothy Byrd 027 Timothy Byrd 028 Timothy Byrd 029 Steve Chew 030 Mark Stahl 031 Cheryle West 032 Paul Poehler 033 Douglas Slauson 034 Stephan Dobay 035 Stephan Dobay 036 Jason Macdonald 037 Jeff Chew 038 Jeff Chew 039 Jeff Chew 040 Bernd Basmer 041 Jeff Stewart 042 Brian Anderson 043 Brian Anderson 044 Michael Van Opstall 045 Greg Bunker 046 Albert Balkiewicz 047 Albert Balkiewicz 048 William Buckley 049 William Buckley 050 Jamie Burks 051 Joel Gregie 052 Uffe Moller 053 Uffe Moller 054 Andy Dixon 055 Anna Davidson 056 Randy Collins 057 Brian Vivier 058 Brian Vivier 059 Bill Nottingham 060 Alfredo Cappello 061 Alfredo Cappello 062 Andreas Schaefer 063 Timo Haanpaa 064 Eric Gauthier 065 Eric Gauthier 066 Michael Backof 067 Tim Altman 068 Mathew Yee 069 Christopher White <- this has to be the coolest number :) 070 Alex Fraser 071 Jason Breitweg 072 George Sorsby 073 Brian Polka 074 Kristian Reyes 075 Dave Fausel 076 John Kotzian 077 Matthew Berger 078 Paul Humm 079 Brent Phillips 080 Bob Holder 081 James Runde 082 Krysten DeBroka 083 R. Christopher Hailey 084 Siegfried Hanisch 085 Jason Birzer 086 Carmen Pezzone 087 Carmen Pezzone 088 David Bell 089 Dan Tshin 090 Stephane Auzilleau 091 Stephane Auzilleau 092 Stephane Auzilleau 093 Russell Brooks 094 Alexander Reinelt 095 Alexander Reinelt 096 Ken Atwell 097 Kevin Werner 098 Kevin Werner 099 Huub J. P. de Lijser 100 Robert Dalton 101 David Rolla 102 Jonathan Larkowski 103 Nathan Bradley 104 Nathan Bradley 105 Nathan Bradley 106 Scott Spehar 107 Adam Ensinger 108 Todd Hartmann 109 Todd Hartmann 110 Paul Goracke 111 Brian Ross 112 Rob Schuldt 113 Randy Haskin 114 Chuck Hanley 115 Brandon Elhai 116 Jonah Lin 117 Eric Anderson 118 Joseph Jurczyk 119 Kevin Howard 120 Henrik Gustafsson 121 Lars Karlsson 122 Derek Reubish 123 Anthony Kozar 124 Brandon Vaughn 125 Bracken Odiorne 126 Mark Tedhams 127 Jeff Penka 128 Jeff Penka 129 Jeff Penka 130 Rick Atkinson 131 Paul Holloway 132 Antti Nyrhinen 133 Antti Nyrhinen 134 Olov Ringman 135 Olov Ringman 136 Olov Ringman 137 Olov Ringman 138 Olov Ringman 139 Olov Ringman 140 Jarrod Ramsey Lewis 141 Mike Johander 142 Mike Johander 143 Bafu Vai 144 Bafu Vai 145 Michael Hutchinson 146 Matt Leger 147 Bill Barry 148 Chris Fyhr 149 Chris Fyhr 150 Siegfried Hanisch 151 Siegfried Hanisch 152 Tilman Kuendgen 153 Andrew Feyder 154 Eric Crowder 155 Scott McCammon 156 Kees Jan Oltmans 157 Paul Fini 158 Jeff Seifert 159 Andreas Kasper 160 Jonas Wallden 161 Jonas Wallden 162 Jonas Wallden 163 Scott Johnson 164 Chris Sandridge 165 Christina Sunarto 166 Gregory Cole 167 Rob Devereux 168 David Hafke 169 David Sloan 170 Joe Kruger 171 Adam Forsyth 172 Adam Forsyth 173 Adam Forsyth 174 Kevin Laferriere 175 Carmen Pezzone 176 David Boland 177 David Boland 178 Ties Gobel 179 Hairball 180 Rob Castilone 181 Rich Toscano 182 Simon Asselin 183 Simon Asselin 244 Andreas Kasper 200 Justin Poulter 213 Evelyn Lauer 300 Brandon Beach 303 John Mastin 313 Evelyn Lauer 333 William Bazjek (#666 on the CD) 334 William Bazjek (another #666) 400 David Fox 420 John Mastin 500 Steve McMaster

    If I messed up, TELL ME! I've proven to be far from perfect with these orders...

    2. What the hell IS Subconscious, and how can I get it?!?

    Subconscious is a CD, a project I undertook simply because I thought maybe it should be done. It's totally privately financed, and I think with the number of reservations that have been made, I will come out of it with my head above water, for which I owe the trustworthy members of Ytsejam a bow of gratitude. :)

    NOTICE: This CD, I found out, is LEGAL because: 1. It's for promotional purposes only, not for resale, and; 2. It's not for sale. What you're actually purchasing from me is psychiatric advice. I'm throwing a free CD in with every session. Notice all of my messages end with "Take care"? That's pretty good advice! :) 3. The cost only covers manufacturing and shipping. I don't even make minimum wage. Maybe I should turn myself in to Immigration! :)

    What happened was, I felt it was time to release some of Dream Theater's rarer songs on CD, and thus I sought good copies from everywhere, including some that came from sources connected directly to the band! Thus, I think I can safely say that these are the best copies you can find outside of those in Portnoy's vault at home.

    I bought a CD burner and rented equipment from a CD pressing plant nearby, so I could produce the discs. They will have printing on them and a liner cover. I had to order blanks and jewelcases in lots of 500 or more, though, and thus the risk was made: I emptied my bank account and placed the order. Fortunately, it seems I will make up the difference with CD sales.

    I will thus get my shipment of blanks + boxes around the end of March, and I will begin shipments immediately, as I can press the CDs faster than real-time. The price will be $25.00 US per disc. It was originally going to be $27.50, but the CD place had a good price on blanks.

    Why, though, you may ask, should I send a payment now, when I don't get the CD for some time to come?

    Well, you don't have to. I don't want anyone doing anything they are uncomfortable with. BUT! I will provide as much information as possible to make you comfortable with sending the money. I will provide full ordering and disclosure info below, and plus, the order I get the money in, determines which number CD you all get, and how fast you get it, so sending payment early gets "rewarded" in a way.

    The CD pressing plant I got all my materials from previewed my current master, and decided it just wouldn't do. Without charging me a penny more for another glass master, they agreed to take on the job of fully digitally remastering the disc! They gave me a great rate on the studio time too.

    So now it's done! The disc has been totally redone in Dolby Digital Surround Sound, compatible with any CD player but MUCH MUCH better than before, and compatible with Pro-Logic systems for full instrument separation on most tracks. The studio used the certified THX transfer guidelines to make sure everything would be as good as possible on the disc.

    Every track stands out so much better, Eve and Change of Seasons are _better than they were on TDOE_, and songs that I was hoping would sound better, such as Don't Look Past Me and Mission Impossible, now have nary a fuzz or distortion spot. It's so clean, it's the way CD was meant to be. I was confident before that this disc would satisfy the DT collector that _had_ to have it all... now I am confident that if you like DT at all and are familiar with the usual sound of their older boots.. it will BLOW YOU AWAY. :)

    The tracks that were the worst originally; Wanted Dead Or Alive, Tears, Winter, and The Gorilla Session, were improved tremendously. WDOA is now on par with the best, Tears and Winter are downright tolerable (if you'd only heard the HISS...) and Gorilla... well... we tried. :) It's okay, for a recording that was horribly done to begin with.

    Here's the still-final tracklist:

    1. Eve (live w/samples) 2. A Change of Season (live) 3. O Holy Night 4. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight 5. Don't Look Past Me 6. Wanted Dead or Alive 7. To Live Forever (acoustic version) 8. The Gorilla Session 9. Mission: Impossible 10. The Back Pain Jam (RPM Warehouse) 11. Awake Heavy Jam 12. Experimental 13. Tears 14. Winter

    In some cases, the rawness of the original recording will be evident, but at least you know you're hearing it the best way it can possibly be reproduced. Subconscious will be _the_ DT event of early 1995! :)

    Here's how to order:

    1. Please use a money order. It's simply the best way, and they cost twenty to forty cents. Make it out to me for $25.00 per disc that you want (limit 5 to a person) and I am paying the shipping cost. Each CD will be mailed in a cushioned mailer so it won't get damaged. Please make out the money order to me, Michael Bahr, not to Feel The Rush or anything like that, since this is really just my own personal endeavor.

    I accepted checks for the Rush Video Montage, but a few bounced, and I was left holding the bag. I've put too much money into this, and can't afford to be stuck with bad checks, even though I trust 99% of you Ytsejam members. Plus, best of all, a money order can be traced by you, traced by me, and you know for a _fact_ that you will either get a CD, a refund, or I will get thrown in the slammer! :)

    2. International customers, I know international money orders are expensive. If there is another way you wish to pay (wire, transfer, or other) let me know and if I can do it, we'll do it. So far just sending cash has been 100% successful, so I guess there's no real harm in it.

    3. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. By now, you know why. :) I will be literally sending out discs the DAY I get my order of blanks, so nobody will or should have to wait more than 6 weeks. If it turns out that it WILL last more than 6 weeks, I will contact you directly, or you may contact me, so that I can either discount the CD or give you a free concert on tape.

    4. My new apartment complex won't hold enough mail for all the mail I will be getting from the list, and also I figured you guys and girls wanted to send money to a more permanent address, so I will be using my parents' (aka my permanent) address for the orders. I am 21, so don't let the word 'parents' scare you into thinking I'm some sort of kid. Also, I am in touch with my parents on a daily basis, so I will be getting the mail immediately, and they can reach me just about 24 hours a day.

    If you happen to live in the Phoenix area feel free to page me at 602-232-6647. Besides all the CD stuff, I'm always up for lunch 'n' trading with local Jammers.

    Send to: Michael Bahr 3383 W. Monterey St. Chandler, AZ 85226

    That's a real address, folks, not a PO box, so you _know_ I'm not going to jump the border tomorrow. :) I'm putting it all on the line so you will all be comfortable enough with the project to make it a success. If you are still having doubts, let me know via email, and I will give you my home phone (don't want to post it publicly) and I will take the modem offline so you can actually raise me on it. :)

    5. Send in your order: . Your NAME . The ADDRESS for me to SEND your CD(s) to . The money order, made out for $25, $50, $75, whatever . your EMAIL address, in case I need to contact you (emerg.)

    . (OPTIONAL) your home phone.

    I won't require home phone because I want you to all feel safe that I am not selling mailing lists. :) If you _do_ include it, I will use it in case of emergency (maybe the mailman spills coffee on your order and I can't read your address or something).

    Again, 4-6 weeks for delivery... and if I can get anything faster than that, I will. I've already requested a breakup of the order into two packs of 250 CDs + 250 jewels, but they said 500 is the minimum blanks they can even sell.. so... heck, it brought the price down, so it's worth it. If they get here faster, I send out the CDs right away.

    3. Original press masters... I don't need 'em, anyone collecting this stuff?

    Oh, one final thing! I'm selling the original (gold disc CDR) master CD from this whole operation... now that the glass master and press masters are made, it's no longer needed. It's more of a distinctive collector's item now, since it has the music BEFORE the digital remastering job. You could really tell the difference with both CDs, I'll tell you THAT! :) Since it's a thing for rock memorabilia collectors moreso than for Dream Theater fans, it'll just go to the highest bidder... the bidding being open to anyone. Please bid in $1 increments, though. I'm not really worried about who gets it, since I've heard it a million times, but some collectors have been pretty insistent about it.

    The current bid is > $45 < for the gold master disc #000. by Wade.

    Also, if I get to keep it, I'll sell the glass master. It costed me $400 to have made, so I doubt I'll get many takers for that. :) Still, if you've the means to buy and a yearning to add a piece-de-resistance to your collection, this is easily the rarest, most valuable, most prized Dream Theater item in existence. Except, of course, Charlie Dominici's notice of termination. :)

    The current bid is >not open yet< for the glass master #001.

    4. Epilogue

    I am at and will remain there until the end of time, so please mail me if you are confused, need information, are angry, sad, lonely, maybe even a little whimsical, and need to get in touch with me. Thank you ALL for showing such solidarity that a 21-year-old college student emptied his bank account to order tons of plastic! :) You are truly, one and all, ladies and gentlemen, the best fans Dream Theater could hope for.

    Take care of yourselves, everybody, and happy whomping day! :)

    -Mike Bahr,, humble DT discog editor, anime' collector, videogame player, CD presser, bass player, guitar player, backup vocalist, beer drinker, college stoodent, and secretly, vampire by night. :)


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 09:25:04 +0200 From: (Bernd Basmer) To: Subject: eMpTyV Message-ID: <>

    Hey Jammers!

    A friend of mine told me a few minutes ago that eMpTyV 100% belongs to SONY! I didn't know that. Can anybody confirm this??

    Sorry 'bout no DT but I was a little surprised...



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:03:38 +0200 (MET DST) From: Dobronte Gabor <> To: Subject: dtlyrics & SUBCONSCIOUS Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950328094847.425A-100000@sun10>

    Hello 'jammers!

    I'm Hungary's biggest DT-fanatic, and when I read about the idea of the Subconscious CD, I was totally amazed, so I thought I should order one (or two) copies (in fact, I'm dying to get one of those!).So Mike, if you read this message, please reserve TWO COPIES somewhere in the 100's for me. I posted 50 bucks in CASH yesterday, so it should be there in about one week. If it didn't arrive, please email me, my address is:

    And thank you in advance!

    Also, anyone knows about the lyrics of To Live Forever? I couldn't figure out the part after "Why was I born in an age of distrust?...".

    One more thing: you people in the USA don't know about Psychotic Waltz? I think their second album "Into the Everflow" is one of the best prog albums ever. So you should check that out!

    I must dash now, so a big "Fuck Yeeeeah!" to all the jammers in the world! (And sorry about my English. Probably I didn't practice enough.)



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:10:08 -0500 From: To: Subject: keyboard sheet music Message-ID: <>

    Is there any keyboard sheet music available, or is anybody doing transcriptions?



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:54:40 EST From: (MISS JAIME K KIMPTON) To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 763 Message-ID: <>

    I don't know why, but a couple people have tried to email me and had it bounced, other people have no problem getting through. Compluters!

    Thank you, Babs, I'll see what I can work out.

    Jaime the Dragon

    "Do I have the strength I need to break into your dreams?"



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:58:23 -0500 From: To: Subject: Dream Theater EP Message-ID: <>


    I was wondering if anyone knew the release date (tentative or otherwise) for DT's forthcoming EP, the one with "Eve" and "A Change of Seasons" ? Along those same lines, does anyone happen to known the title of the disc, or whether it's going to be released on EastWest records or as an import? (Sorry, I'm very inquisitive.) Also, I have a non-DT related question (sorry!): is Steve Howes's new disc, "Not Neccessarily Acoustic," out in stores yet? If so, where might I locate it? I've been having a rough go of it trying to find it!

    Thanks, Ed Hurst


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:27:54 -0400 From: (Marc Respass) To: Subject: When Dream and Day Unite is available! Message-ID: <>

    I was in the record store today (Newbury Comics) and saw WDADU on CD. It was in a loose bag and cost $21.99 so I don't know if it's a special release or what. Anyway, for those of you who don't have it, it looks like you can get it again.

    Marc Respass


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 11:27:03 EST From: "John R. Kotzian" <> To: Cc: Subject: Fairport Convention & Steeleye Span Message-ID: <>

    Can anyone give me some information on the groups Fiarport Convention and Steeleye Span. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanx.



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:31:42 -0500 (EST) From: jbako01 <> To: Subject: Re: eMpTyV Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950328103106.20739A-100000@barney>

    On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Bernd Basmer wrote:

    > Hey Jammers! > > A friend of mine told me a few minutes ago that eMpTyV 100% belongs > to SONY! I didn't know that. Can anybody confirm this?? > > Sorry 'bout no DT but I was a little surprised...

    Actually, I believe eMpTyV is owned by Viacom.



    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:40:17 -0500 (EST) From: Hairball <> To: Subject: Quick Note... Message-ID: <>

    Just wanted to let you all know that Martin Freiss <> has kindly posted my technical babblings on his home page. If you missed 'em, or would like a copy of them, go to:

    I think it's under the Music/Dream Theater section. Just poke around.

    And I'd also like to thank Martin publically for letting me post them there.


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 12:46:57 EST From: Marc Schoech <> To: Subject: Re: new Death Album Message-ID: <>

    Yes Death's new album is quite complex. Very heavy stuff too (as would be expected) As the Program Director for our WMTU (Michigan Technological University) the album seem to be quite popular. this is true with both the audience and even the DJ's who tend to play towards the prog-metal format (like myself)

    The Destroyer

    ______ support college radio


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 13:02:03 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Burstin <> To: (Ytsejam SERVER) Subject: Driving and DT don't mix... :) Message-ID: <>

    I'd definatly have to agree that DT and Driving can be hazardous... Last time I listened to Voices on the highway, I looked down and was going 90... (Same happened last time listening to Aftershock on Van Halen's new CD... :)

    Oh, speaking of VH, and the post that someone (sorry, I forget who) from Holland made... The Van Halen radio show that was done for Dutch radio is already out on KTS... Something like Secret Gig in the Netherlands or something... I have not seen it yet (keep on calling my CD shop every few days to ask about that and any new DT shows...)

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    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 19:02:43 BST From: To: Subject: LA 'jammers please read!!! (no DT content I'm afraid) Message-ID: <>

    Hiya guys 'n gals...more news 'n views...

    Sorry for the non-DT content but I need some info before my account expires and you guys are amongst the few knowledgable people I feel I can trust.

    I'm probably going to be moving out to L.A. in September to work there for a year and the only people I'll know are my Sister and her family. I really would like to know where the decent Rock/Goth venues/clubs are in L.A. (anywhere in L.A. really) and any advice you can give me on how I can go on living a normal life in a country I know very little about, and where I have no friends. I'm expecting SEVERE culture shock, so anything at all will be of help. Hell, I don't even know where I'm supposed to live yet.

    I'm only 21 as well, so any info on what one can and can't do in Cal. would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


    "For the first time in a long time...It's about music."


    Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 20:40:22 MET From: (Alex Reinelt) To: Subject: ACOS - News Message-ID: <>


    I havent had time to read my ytsedigest for some days, so I may be really telling old stuff.

    But I was really surprised to get an oversea-call from Jim Pitulski, the Dream Theater-Manager, just some moments ago.

    He wants me to thank everybody of you who sent in a mail concerning the release of an ACOS-Ep. He told me they made 15 copies of my folder to spread this mail-collection.

    He wants to let you all know that as it looks from right now, DT should go in the studios in may to record and the release would be about august. He said its not definitly confirmed yet, but all signals point yes.

    I was especially pleased to hear that they are talking with David Prater to do this job. I really like the sound of Images & Words and mybe hu suits best for ACOS as this song was written in about this period. I hope Prater will do this production work! They are thinking of putting "a couple of new songs" on this ep, but there are no fixed ideas yet, so its to early to tell.

    Last/Least he told me that DT are going to come back here to some "Rock over germany" festival and that he will me inform me about that, will make me meet the band and will keep me informed about ACOS.

    Great thing...nothing more to say....

    until then....keep your ears subconcious.....bye, Freak

    ( Alexander Reinelt from Munich/Germany - freakmarked since 1987 ) / / Alex_Reinelt@2:2480/66 ( fax:(++ 49 89) 689 18 71 voice:(++ 49 89) 68 33 40 ) "Caught in a web - refused by the world..." (Dream Theater)


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