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Date: Fri Nov 17 1995 - 17:28:36 EST

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    Today's Topics:

      1) God....
     by (Ktulu)
      2) Re: Paradise lost & stuff/Repsonse Yea!
     by (Michael Coghlan )
      3) Moshing
     by "Randall W. Aquino" <>
      4) Re: ??s from BV about God answered NDTC cept for sig
     by (Michael Coghlan )
      5) WildKoba
      6) Re: Jesus Jokes and me
     by (Michael Coghlan )
      7) 2112 band info and lotsa DT stuff
      8) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1138
     by Baron Sengir <>
      9) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1139
     by Baron Sengir <>
     10) Pinnacles
     by Steve Borzilleri <>
     11) I'm Ktulu?
     by Steve Borzilleri <>


    Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 22:06:56 -0700
    From: (Ktulu)
    Subject: God....
    Message-ID: <>

    >What does God need with a spaceship? Please tell me God isn't dead. Hey
    >God, do you ever think about me? And God's name is smack for some. I know
    >nothing of God. God, sometimes you just don't come through. Only God would
    >know the reasons, but I bet he must have had a plan. Follow the God that
    >failed. Oh God, the man I love is leaving, won't you take him when he
    >comes to your door? A symbol of God's majesty? Has God made man, or man
    >made God? ...And it is all for the love of God.

            I know all about the honor of God, Mary Jane....
            Oh, Please God, WAAAAKE MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (Metallica, One)
            God made dinosaurs, God killed dinosaurs, God made man, man killed
    God, Man made Dinosaurs. (From Jurassic Park)
            MOTHER OOOFFF GOOOOOOD!!!!!!! (From any number of SNL skits with
    Chris Farley)
            God, some chicken soup would be nice right now. (not from anything.
    I'm just in the mood for chicken soup.
            That last sentence of Bafu's post is very debatable, but I REFUSE TO
    START A THREAD LIKE THAT, SO DON'T EVEN TRY IT!!!! I won't state what I
    believe, either. Unless you really, relly want to know. But, I doubt that
    anyone cares that much about my beliefs. I'm just gonna throw that topic
    OUT the window. It's to touchy to do good, and I imagine that it has been
    stumbled upon before. I bet that a whole new list could be started with
    that debate. OK, I'M STOPPING!!!

            Speaking of throwing things out the window...Anyone ever heard of
    the duo called Trout Fishing In America?

            About the moshing debate...I have noticed something. No one that I
    know that likes DT is stupid. I didn't say that there is no ignorance on
    the list. Just no flat stupidity. NOW, since that fact, as far as I know,
    is true, no one in here is stupid enough to try and HURT somebody while
    moshing. Still mosh, no hurt. Me Ben, You Ytsejam. Is that possible?

            All you that replied about the Sweating Bullets lyric.


            You all put: Hello me, it's me again.
                            That is wrong. The first line is:
                         Hello me, meet the real me.
            You also put: In my misfit's way of life.
                            That too, is wrong. It is:
                         AND my misfit's way of life.

                                    I have the sole right answer. HA!

    >I'd feel much better if my audience was actually PAYING ATTENTION to me then
    >much MORE mindlessly running around banging into each other. If you wanna
    >run around and injure yourself then go to a Pantera concert. I can see
    >you're not a performer otherwise you'd probably understand me more.

            Geez Adam. If you are MOSHING, the LAST THING YOU ARE DOING is
    IGNORING THE MUSIC. The only reason I would MOSH is if the band was GOOD.
    DREAM THEATER is GOOD. It gets me WORKED UP. I also would like to see what
    DT is doing, but I want to get a little wlid, too. MOSHING is not an insult
    to the band.

    >Songs qualify by being non-instrumental works of 9:00 or more. If
    >a song is subdivided like A Mind Beside Itself, I did _not_ include it. Of
    >course, only relevant nominees were included (nothing by Garth Brooks.) The
    >Points: total will be filled in when the votes are in, and re-posted. Oh yes,
    >covers don't count either, nor do medleys/song combinations.
    > Here are the nominees (those songs that qualify):
             Everything that qualifies was placed here.

            EXCEPT FOR VOICES!!!!!!! Did you forget or is there a reason why it
    is missing?
            I will shut my big mouth now.
                              vvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvv
             Ben Laussade vvvv v vvvv
                              vv v v v v v vv
                             v v v v v v v
                             v v vv v vv v v
                              vv v v v v v v v vv
                                vvvv v v v vvvv
                              vvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvv
                                "This is not reality"


    Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 21:33:06 -0800
    From: (Michael Coghlan )
    Subject: Re: Paradise lost & stuff/Repsonse Yea!
    Message-ID: <>

    Karri wrote:

    > And that dude that sent the voice of God mess...
    > 'Well we're not laughing' , and if you're for real keep your
    > opinions to yourself or take them to a more suited list or
    > newsgroup. And this is from your not-so local wretched
    > unbeliever. That was in REALLY poor taste =P (well uhh IMO).

    Right on Karri! It's nice to see have people out here on the list like
    you that will speak out against this. I'm confused though, I know
    you're not local (Finland) but are you an un-believer? Whatever the
    case, I share your opinion.

    > Anybody else notice how people think that they can do away
    > with basic civility just by hiding behind their usercalls.
    > Sheeshh...just what is this internet coming to =)

    Sometimes people are so "out-there" that they don't even there names,
    isn't that right Dr Mush/Mish/Mosh or whatever you are in you own mind?

    God Bless,

    Michael C.


    Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 21:50:39 -0800 (PST)
    From: "Randall W. Aquino" <>
    Subject: Moshing
    Message-ID: <>

    Ok now there have been several response to the whole moshing thing. I
    agree with some people and not with others which is to be expected. First
    of all I don't see a thing wrong with moshing as long as no one is hurt.
    Moshing is way better than standing around in a daze watching DT play.
    Like someone said, you should just have fun and not be concerned with
    Petrucci's fingerings or that he missed a note. Come on it is a live
    concert not the studio, mistakes will occur.

    Someone else said that DT doesn't like moshing. Now whether this is true
    or not shouldn't matter. I mean WE PAY their salaries. We should be able
    to mosh if we want to. I think some of you guys are so worried about what
    DT thinks about us fans, or any other subject. If you are trying to
    please DT then you a sad example of living.

    MOSH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Randy Aquino


    Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 22:12:28 -0800
    From: (Michael Coghlan )
    Subject: Re: ??s from BV about God answered NDTC cept for sig
    Message-ID: <>

    You wrote:

    >What does God need with a spaceship?

    a. I don't think he does, he's omnipotent and omniscience.

    >Please tell me God isn't dead.

    a. No, He is not dead. Yes I'm sure.

    >Hey God, do you ever think about me?

    a. Yes, Steve he thinks about and loves ALL of us.

    >And God's name is smack for some.

    a. What!?

    >I know nothing of God.

    a. It's never too late to learn.

    >God, sometimes you just don't come through.

    a. That's from your perspective ONLY.

    >Only God would know the reasons, but I bet he must have had a plan.

    a. Yes only God knows the reasons for things we don't or can't understand
        He does have a plan, all is not lost.

    >Follow the God that failed.

    a. God never fails, but gods do.

    >Oh God, the man I love is leaving, won't you take him when he
    >comes to your door?

    a. What?! You got me there BV.

    >And it is all for the love of God.

    a. Definitely not!

    >Did man make God or did God make man?

    a. It should be obvious. Write me personally BV and (if you're serious)
       I'll tell you about my experience with God.

    Michael C.

    "Hold it now, wait a minute, c-mon just let me catch my breath, I've heard
    the promises I've seen the mistakes. I've had my fair share of tough


    Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 12:28:16 -0500
    Subject: WildKoba
    Message-ID: <>

    Just a respone to WildKoba....

    If you are going to post a message, learn the name of the
    Dream Theater....not Dream Theatre....John Petrucci gets mighty
    pissed when you get it wrong (and I wouldn't want to piss him
    off....would you?) and also, it's Ytsejam, not
    itsyjam.....jeez....must I correct everyone?



    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 01:10:44 -0800
    From: (Michael Coghlan )
    Subject: Re: Jesus Jokes and me
    Message-ID: <>

    You wrote:

    >> From: (Michael Coghlan )
    >> Subject: Touchy? I'll give you something to touch! NDTC
    >> Someone in Finland wrote:
    > HAH! So you're stomping on us Finns now ???
    > Again I think I'm offended !!
    > I'll flame you to pieces (well done)!!! GRRR
    > No, really Mike. Everybody gets offended at virtually anything
    > if they go looking for it. The JC joke wasn't that offensive.
    > As the certified wretched non-believer I could do alot worse and
    > I think so could the dude who wrote it. But I won't.
    > We all should just love eachother and go in peace...


    Nothing against you Finns. I was offended by the JC joke and I think
    people should think before they type. That's why I offered some of my
    personal characteristics to poke fun at. I will always have a voice
    for our God. I'm a firm believer, no I wasn't spoon fed religion. I
    became a Christian when I was 24 years old and have enjoyed knowing God
    ever since. I've spent most of my life as a non-believer and for the
    past 12 years I've experienced life like never before (I'm 36) and can
    take a joke, but I have absolutes. I wouldn't want anyone making a
    off-color joke about my father especially if they did not know him. I
    think you would feel the same way. Well, the same applies to Jesus, I
    have a personal relationship with Him and I don't like when anybody
    makes light of his sacrafice for us. In my eyes He still walks on

    Hope you understand me better.

    God Bless,

    Michael C.


    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 00:32:35 -0600 (CST)
    Subject: 2112 band info and lotsa DT stuff
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi fellow Jammers and especially Bafu Vai,
    (I'm upholding the mention-Bafu-Vai-in-your-Ytsemail tradition). Just wanted
    to make it known to you fellow Jammers who are also Rushheads that 2112 will
    be playing in Brew-Town (Milwaukee) at TA Verns on the 24 of this month!
    Yeah! I'm going - no doubt about that and I hope some of you guys and gals
    will be there as well. I'll probably wear my Rush jean jacket and my Ytsejam
    (thanx Jason G) T-shirt.

    Okay, DT content: I was corrected a while back about Barfbag (thanx to
    whoever it was), but now I am wondering about the instrumental that follows
    TLF on the 5/15/93 gig. Note: this was *not* Bombay Vindaloo, the extended
    jam or Barfbag - its a different instrumental that I never heard before.

    Another thing: someone wondered if John M has ever (or would ever) try
    playing a Chapman Stick. I think that would be very cool! How about some
    other instruments for the band to include in their aresenal? How about John P
    using a mandolin - I think that could add some cool sounds to future DT songs
    (think of the Battle of Evermore from Led Zeppelin). Also, I wonder if Derek
    will be allowed to play rhythm guitar (especially on the non-keyboard cover
    songs they do like Damage Inc.). And lets not forget Mr. Portnoy - he could
    always include an electric drum kit behind his normal one (a la Peart) to
    include a whole new range of percussion sounds.

    And to Mike Bahr: could you mention each of your sources (the gigs) for
    WDATU? Normally, I'd email you privately on this one, but I think most people
    will be curious to know. Also, if your using the Dream Out Loud version of
    Status Seeker, make sure you fix the speed on it, as I've noticed that all KTS
    boots are recorded at slower than normal speed which means James voice sounds
    unusually low.

    Okay and even more of a stretch (sorry for the length, but I'm on a roll and I
    don't post as often so...) I recall hearing that Marillion actually is
    releasing *official* bootlegs on CD through their fan club. Now I know that
    Mike Portnoy has received Mike Bahr's awesome releases and no doubt has given
    Mike B his blessing, but I wonder if DT would ever consider doing the same
    (releasing official bootlegs) perhaps through Mike B (which would mean the
    recordings Mike B uses for his DT releases would be directly from the band)?
    Mike Portnoy, if your reading, what do you think? I mean I know John P and
    James don't like bootlegs, their main complaint being that the show that's
    booted may be from a poor performance, but what if the band was able to choose
    which shows to release? They could choose better performances (though I love
    to hear some of the goofs, impromptu stuff and the entire version of
    Surrounded that Mike sang the end to) and these could fill the gap in-between
    all East-West (official official) releases. Makes ya wonder, huh? Any
    feedback (especially to the 'jam since most jammers will be interested in this
    subject) is welcome!

    Um...well if you've actually gotten to this point (you've read this entire
    message), then thanx. And I hope to see some of you at TA Verns and hear from
    you about the official bootleg subject (wow! maybe I'll even get a response
    from Bafu Vai...hmm wonder what he's gonna have to say...)

    Scott Hansen

    Oh and before I forget, Jaime (Miss Dragon), I just got my copy of Metropolis
    Watch - thanx and hopefully - no guarantees - I'll write an article next time
    about (what else) bootlegs!


    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:54:30 +0000 (GMT)
    From: Baron Sengir <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1138
    Message-ID: <>

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 08:42 CDT
    > From: JACOBSSA.HQAMC@MHS.SAFB.AF.MIL (Jacobsen, CNTR Steven A.)
    > Subject: T-Shirt/Neil's quiz

    [snip, snip]
    > In response to Neil Gallop's question of the best selling album of
    > all-time: either Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon or M. Jackson's
    > Thriller but I'm pretty sure that it's Floyd's. Later.

    I do believe it's Thriller. Then again, there are still people buying
    Dark Side of the Moon...

    Next victim:

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 10:30:03 -0500
    > From: (Aaron Rom)
    > Subject: Feeling the Music of Dream Theater

    [Oh a slice here and a slice there...]

    > As far as the thread I started about the alternateen bands, I have give
    > all
    > of these bands an honest listen, I would even say I own some of their CD's,
    > it's
    > just that I can't recognize the difference between the bands. We had a
    > discussion in my dorm here at Crapital University about these bands, and
    > we did reach the consensus that there is a difference between Toad and the Gin
    > Blossoms, but I'm still not sure about DBS. I have to listen to the CD again.

    I think you can add Better Than Ezra to the Gin Blossams, etc. list.

    > As far as Pearl Chair goes, and Alice in Pilots, I fail to see the difference

    Actually, I can distinguish quite sell between Alice in Chains and Stone
    Temple Pilots. I don't think I've heard any band that sounds QUITE like
    Alice In Chains. I agree about Pearl Jam and Silverchair, plus I'd add
    STP to THAT list.

    > except maybe in the names of the band members, and even then, they could be
    > working under aliases. I don't know. My Dad would love to be in this
    > discussion though, because he is adamant that all of these bands sound the same.
    > He can spew for hours and hours about how my generation's music is pure crap, w

    My dad and grandpa say the same thing, and for the most part it's true.
    Most of the MTV "trendy" stuff simply IS pure crap.

    > while the Doors were absolute Gods (sorry, but the line "I woke up this morning
    > and I got myself a beer" is not lyrical genius to me), and the Iron Butterfly is
    > the only grunge band that ever was. I wish he could get in on this. He is so
    > convinced that his music is the only music that there ever was, is and will be.
    > Which to me, is a joke because he's missing so much, like Dream Theater. He
    > hates James' singing, but loves Robert Plant, aren't there a lot of similarities
    > in their singing styles? Just what I can pick out anyway.

    Actually, I wouldn't say Plant and LaBrie have a lot of similarities. Of
    course I'm not a musician. I appreciate both, though I like James' voice
    so much more.
    3 victims! AH AH!

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 12:06:31 -0500
    > From: (Marc Respass)
    > Subject: another "girl"?
    > >> Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, and girls (Jamie,Babs,airDance)...
    > > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    > >Hey, what about me???? :)
    > >
    > >
    > >Jodi
    > > (another "girl")
    > So Jodi,
    > Why is girl in quotes? That sure makes you wonder ;). But more seriously,
    > it's nice to see girls who are into DT.

    Maybe that's because she's a woman. A WO-MAN. (Said like Mike Meyers in
    So I Married an Axe Murderer). :)

    4 bloody victims! AH AH!

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 15:34:22 -0500
    > From: (Adam Cook)
    > Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1136

    [Blood red stains on velvet throats at night]

    > More stuff..
    > This is not to mention Queensryche (who may have been
    > >mentioned) and Metallica (Mustaine left before Kill 'Em All). Oops, I
    > >mentioned 'em.
    > >
    > You forgot that Cliff (god) Burton died in a bus accident in 1986 on the
    > Master of Puppets tour. Then they got Jason Newsted. I think Queensryche is
    > right, but somebody said no. Anybody know why?

    To my knowledge, Queensryche is correct. The original and current members
    are Chris Degarmo, Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott
    Rockenfield. They've had no lineup change sicne they released their EP in
    1982. They've had 6 studio albums and one live album:

    Queensryche (EP)
    The Warning
    Rage for Order
    Operation: Mindcrime
    Operation: Livecrime (Live)
    Promised Land

    As far as I know, they're still recording and have a CD-ROM due out in

    5 This is Mike Bahr? Oh, I'll refrain from "victimizing" him
    for now. (For now...)

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 13:57:06 -0700 (MST)
    > From: Michael Bahr <>
    > Subject: All sorts of things!!
    > Hello everybody!
    > Just to repeat with the mini-Mike Bahr-FAQ: 1. I am not Mike
    > Portnoy, but it'd sure be cool if I was! 2. I have an overflowing mailbox
    > so don't panic if you don't get a response right away if you mail me. 3.
    > WDATU is in pre-ordering and AD is sold out. Cygnus is available.

    Of course you're not Mike Portnoy. That would be too obvious. We all
    knkow you're REALLY John Petrucci! (Okay, maybe a LITTLE victimizing)

    > Ytsejam HATS! What a cool idea! I know I always wear a hat... why
    > go to all the trouble of keeping your hair kept just so. Especially
    > because I refuse to petrify and enbalm it with hair spray. I'm buying a
    > hat or two, I hope you all will as well.

    Yep, I feel the same way about hats. It's rare that you'll see me without
    a hat. Right now, I've got a nice blue Walt Disney World cap that I wear
    all the time. I'd get a Ytsejam hat, but I've gotta save my money for a
    shirt and those CD's you're gonna send me (not to mention my
    habit <G>).

    > Hello Bafu Vai! No real reason for me to mention him, just doing
    > it to annoy that guy who says Bafu shows up in every 'Jam...

    Well, Bafu HAS to show up in every jam. I mean, he RULES. He's the reason
    that I read Ytsejam. Hell, he's the reason I LIVE. Without him, I simply
    couldn't keep my life going. I'm afraid I'd have to be pulled under and
    not live another day. I could no longer learn to live. Well, you get the
    picture. <G>
    > As someone said, if all 1200 of us posted regularly, there would
    > be twenty Jams a day. What I have to wonder is... why _don't_ more of us
    > post? After all, if there's one thing we like here on the JAm, it's to
    > hear weird opinions and verbally fence against them with our own.If
    > you're a lurker, get off your ass and post!

    Yeah but if that happens, we WIL have a jam every ten minutes. And
    considering the fact that it usually takes me longer than that to absorb
    a single 'jam and mayb even, omygosh, RESPOND to one!

    > I have an idea for a poll, I think we'll try.
    > This is a "fun" poll I'm conducting to see what people mark as their
    > favourite songs amongst those that are of epic length. Please mail entries
    > to _me_ at and NOT to the Jam. I'll post the results
    > after a week.

    Damn, those are all my favorites! That'll be a tough decision. I bet people
    will still post responses to the 'jam. AH, I see that we're not limited
    to Dream Theater. Thanks. That will make it even HARDER! <G>

    > Here are the nominees (those songs that qualify):
    > Song Performer Album Points
    > ============================================================================
    > 2112 Rush 2112
    > A Change of Seasons Dream Theater A Change of Seasons
    > Achilles: Agony and Ecstasy Manowar The Triumph of Steel
    > Black No.1 Type O Negative Bloody Kisses
    > Bloody Kisses Type O Negative Bloody Kisses
    > Camera Eye, The Rush Moving Pictures
    > Cygnus X-1 Rush A Farewell to Kings
    > Endless Dream Yes Talk
    > Fountain of Lamneth, The Rush Caress of Steel
    > Hemispheres Rush Hemispheres
    > Ivory Gate of Dreams Fates Warning No Exit
    > Learning to Live Dream Theater Images And Words
    > Letters Echolyn As The World
    > Metropolis part I Dream Theater Images And Words
    > Natural Science Rush Permanent Waves
    > Necromancer, The Rush Caress of Steel
    > Rime of the Ancient Mariner Iron Maiden Powerslave
    > Scarred Dream Theater Awake
    > Someone Else? Full Band Version Queensryche I Am I single
    > Speak To Me Galactic Cowboys (same)
    > Streets Savatage Streets
    > Suite Sister Mary Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime
    > Xanadu Rush A Farewell to Kings
    > Yes Anastasia Tori Amos Under The Pink
    > If I made a misteak, let me know. :)

    The song "Streets" on _Streets_ is only 6:48, so it wouldn't qualify, but
    you could add Somewhere in Time / Believe, which is 9:02. The two songs
    are on different tracks of the CD, BUT they are listed together on the
    back of the CD with a combined time of 9:02.

    I went and re-listed the list so people can see the nominees again.
    > AND... the secondary vote: greatest CONCEPT ALBUMS. All other
    > rules and such are the same. To qualify as a concept album, there had to
    > be an obvious, coherent theme throughout. For this category, write-in
    > votes are OK, but I reserve the right to say "sorry, that's not a concept
    > album, or at least, not ENOUGH of one."
    > Album Performer Points
    > ============================================================================
    > 2112 Rush
    > 3 Sides To Every Story Extreme
    > ..And Justice For All Metallica
    > Awake Dream Theater
    > Bloody Kisses Type O Negative
    > Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
    > Dead Winter Dead Savatage
    > Faith Hope Love King's X
    > Hemispheres Rush
    > Little Earthquakes Tori Amos
    > Operation Mindcrime Queensryche
    > Pornograffiti Extreme
    > Promised Land Queensryche
    > Tales From Topographic Oceans Yes
    > Wall, The Pink Floyd

    You made another mistake with _Streets: A Rock Opera_. The entire album
    is a concept album. Perhaps you listed it it the first list, when you
    meant to put it here. You may ALSO want to consider the following:

    _Tommy_ by The Who
    _Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I_ by Helloween
    _Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II_ by Helloween

    And for the epics, include the 13 minute song "Halloween" from _Keeper of
    the Seven Keys Part I_.

    > Let's see what you all think!!

    I think it's a great idea but will work BEST if people E-MAIL you and NOT
    post it to the jam! Yes, I know you said this, but I wanted to post a

    aka Baron Sengir

    Neitchsze said: "That which does not kill us only makes us kick more butt."
    Or something like that.


    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 05:44:04 +0000 (GMT)
    From: Baron Sengir <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1139
    Message-ID: <>

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 20:54:34 +0000
    > From:
    > Subject: Survey results
    > OK folks, here's the survey results:

    Cool. I just want to respond to a few things regarding this.

    > ______________________________________________________
    > The fourth question asked which sex you were. All but 4 were male.
    > Amongst those four women, there was no agreement whatsoever about
    > favorite song or least favorite song. FAV's were Metropolis, LtL,
    > Scarred, SDV, Mirror/Lie, Least FAV's were IF, Afterlife, SM, Lie.
    > Obviously among the men, Metropolis and LtL were tied for favorite as
    > they pretty much represent the whole survey.
    > _________________________________________________________

    Only four women? Okay, lemmee guess who they were:

    Jodi, Patricia, Jenniebear, Babs

    I'd say Airdance, but I haven't seen much her around on the jam lately,
    so she might not have had time to answer to poll. I believe I've seen
    these four females on the list MOST OFTEN.
    > The only intersting result here was that Surrounded was a drummer
    > favorite (very small numbers and probably no statistical
    > significance, but hey, what the hell).

    I could do a Chi-square for you and see if the results really ARE
    statistically significant but I think I'll pass since Chi-square is a
    bitch, plus I'm failing my ass off in my stats class. Nevermind that I
    learned Chi-square in Social Psychology and NOT stats (yet).

    Okay, now that I tortured you with that useless info:

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 22:26:27 +0000
    > From:
    > Subject: Savatage and AD '?', lyrics for AD
    > I've been reading some posts about a band named Savatage (?) --

    Yes, Savatage is correct. Not Sabotage (that's a Sabbath album) and not

    > hopefully I got that right. Can anyone tell me what the title of
    > their newest album is with that 20+ minute song on it? I'm interested in hearing
    > it. And if anyone knows where in central NJ to get it, please e-mail
    > me.

    Actually, it doesn't have a 20+ minute song on it. You're not getting
    _Dead Winter Dead_ (from Savatage) confused with _A Change of Seasons_
    (from Dream Theater) are you? _Dead Winter Dead_ is a concept album set
    during the war in Bosnia. It's VERY cool and I highly recommend it. I
    ALSO recommend _A Handful of Rain_, _Edge of Thorns_, and _Streets_ by
    Savatage. I don't have anything before _Streets_, so I can't tell you
    about the older stuff.
    Damn, no witty remarks this time when shifting to the next person. Well,
    it's 5:00 am. I guess that's a valid excuse:

    > Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 22:15:36 -0500
    > From:
    > Subject: I have HAD TROUBle with EMAIL

    [Slice and dice]
    > Just a quick note...about the DT POSTER/ CD drawing...
    > if you order (for example 2 hats,or whatever) your name will
    > be entered (2) times in the you will have a better chance
    > to win the DT signed poster, or the SUBCONSCIOUS CD. If you buy 1000
    > get to have dinner with the band! (just a silly joke...)..but
    > I would somehow arrange it. (grin) ...hehehe..

    COOL! So how much is 1,000? $15,000? SURE! I'll take 'em! <j/k> I can
    barely afford Mike's CD's.
    Wow, I actually caught up on the 'jams! Of course, I'll log back on
    tomorrow and have like 20 more 'jams waiting for me. <G> Oh well. I'm
    addicted. I just can't get enough of that fucking idiot Bafu dude.

    The not-so-idiotic, but terribly magical Baron Sengir, lord of Dominia's
                    /\w/\ /\w/\ /\w/\
                                  /\w/\ /\w/\


    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:27:00 -0800 (PST)
    From: Steve Borzilleri <>
    To: Dream Thespians <>
    Subject: Pinnacles
    Message-ID: <>

    This post really caught my eye. I'm repeating all of it because you need
    to see it all to understand my reply. And yes, as always, the reply is

    > From: (Aaron Rom)
    > Subject: similar sounding bands and thank God for Dream Theater
    > Has anyone noticed a rather interesting trend lately? The trend
    > I'm referring to is this trend of bands sounding a lot like each other.
    > For instanc , Bush sounding exactly like Nirvana, only with English
    > accents; Silverchair sounding like Pearl Jam, only less relevant; and Toad
    > the Wet Sprocket sounding like Gin Blossoms sounding like Counting Crows
    > sounding like Deep Blue Something . My roomate, God save his soul, bought
    > the Deep Blue Something CD yesterday, and they sound like Junior Gin
    > Blossoms, they even look alike. He bought it for the ultra-trendy, new
    > Gen-X slacker song "Breakfast at Tiffany's." These bands all sound the
    > same. They seem to have this formula; a weird name that hints at a deep
    > cosmic truth, even stranger song titles with typically irrele- vant lyrics
    > that somehow aptly describe anything and everything in a tightly- wrapped,
    > flannel-laden, three and a half minute package, and airplay from MTV. Why
    > is this happening? Does anybody know? These alternateen bands are all
    > the same. That's why I have become such an avid Dream Theater fan. There
    > music is so original, both in images and words. While these alternateen
    > bands offer an irrelevant and mindless product, it seems like Dream
    > Theater actually cares enough about their craft to put out such great
    > material. Any thoughts about these genetically-engineered clone bands
    > made from the Bisquick alternateen mix?

    You know, there was a period of time in the late 80's when a slew, and I
    mean an ARMY, of metal bands hit the scene. At that time, let's call it
    1989, metal, or at least 80's rock that was heavier than most other stuff,
    had reached an absolute pinnacle. Metal bands were coming out of the
    woodwork, everywhere you turned there was another one. Not that Skid Row
    was terrible or anything, but they were in the forefront, followed by
    Warrant, Slaughter, Trixter, and a whole crop of "new" bands. They may
    have matured musically by now, but at the time, they were ALL weak-ass
    groups with nothing new to add to the music scene. If I'm stepping on
    anyone's toes by putting these guys down, before you get out your trusty
    flamethrowers please prove to me that these bands had as much impact as
    Motley Crue, Def Leppard, or for that matter Van Halen, and I will retract
    my statement.

    That style of music had reached the boiling point. Everyone was doing it.
    In my opinion, that is the main reason that style of music suddenly began
    to lose its popularity. The musicians with substance in that genre had
    stopped "appearing," and were being replaced with dozens of bands who
    thought they could do the same thing just as easily. Some would call this
    event an "oversaturation of the market," but nevertheless, people were
    getting bombarded on all sides. And thus the genre began to die.

    Look at Aaron's post again. Silverchair? Bush? What the hell is this
    stuff? When grunge first took flight a few years back, it was started by
    bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, three extremely
    solid bands with very distinct sounds. When was the last time you heard a
    band ripping off Nirvana, another pioneer of this genre? Yesterday? Maybe
    last week? When was the last time you heard a "new" grunge band whose
    sound and feel made you think, "Wow, I haven't heard stuff like this since
    "Ten" hit the stores back in '91. Whoever these guys are, dangit, they're
    pretty genuine." Probably 1992, maybe 1993 at best. I have Sponge's album,
    "Rotting Pinata," and I enjoy listening to it. It reminds me of
    Soundgarden and AIC quite a bit...but don't think for a second that I'd
    EVER compare it to Soundgarden's "Badmotorfinger" or AIC's "Facelift."

    What I'm saying is that, exactly like the music I loved that ceased being
    popular, this current "grunge" sound is being terribly overdone. I can't
    imagine Hole getting any popularity at all in 1990, but here we are in
    1995 where this music has become an established form, a liked form, a
    popular form, so popular in fact that no originality is needed to make it.
    All you need do is imitate what's around you. Well, in my humble opinion,
    when that shit starts happening, the style decays. I think this recent
    surge of similarity is the beginning of the end of "alternative," whatever
    that word means.

    Which brings me to Dream Theater... There is a recording label known as
    RTN, Rock The Nation, which handles up-and-coming bands much in the vein
    of progressive metal. They formed in 1994. You may have heard of one of
    the bands on their label - Leviathan. These guys have many, many times
    been equated with Dream Theater, and I don't disagree with those reviews.
    RTN is somewhat like Magna Carta, except the bands are all somewhat
    heavier. Anyway, with the creation of RTN I was struck by the fact that
    what Dream Theater was doing had never quite been done before. I had only
    owned I&W for a week when it hit me that this sound was so attractive and
    so fresh...that it just might cause other people, other musicians, to get
    into it. Then I heard about RTN. Then I saw grunge reaching its maximum
    output level. Then all of a sudden a rather large equal-sign appeared in
    my mind.

    I leave the rest of the equation up to you. There is a possibility, fellow
    Dream Thespians, that our Ytseboys are the beginning of the next
    "sweeping" musical form. No, radios are not poised to devour 9-minute
    songs. No, DT are not about to become, ahem, "sellouts." No, the average
    listener is not quite prepared for music the likes of "Caught In A Web."
    Hell, metal still has yet to take hold of mainstream anything. But if the
    current art form is steadily dying, and this other, more obscure art form
    is steadily increasing in popularity, and the two pass each other at just
    the right time...

    Bafu Vai

    p.s. no, Yanni and Enya are not the "more obscure" art form I was
    referring to in that last sentence. they aren't the ones to steal the
    heavyweight title from grunge, so get the idea out of your heads right
    now. :)


    Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:31:26 -0800 (PST)
    From: Steve Borzilleri <>
    To: Dream Thespians <>
    Subject: I'm Ktulu?
    Message-ID: <>

    > From:
    > Subject: Bafu and Ben - the hoax is up!
    > Yes, the visual music tests from Ben Laussade were easy for you, but
    > that's because BAFU AND BEN ARE ONE AND THE SAME PERSON!!!!

    This should be good...

    > Yes, I've figured you out you cunning "fucking idiot". I shall show you
    > proof:
    > Ben writes : boom, be-boop, dada, goo-goo. What's that?
    > Bafu writes: That's easy, that's JP's hurt murmur at 3.47 into
    > "Surrounded".
    > Ben writes: You're right! Amazing!

    Not enough evidence. You're looking at a hung jury at the moment.

    > Ben writes short stories and posts them to the jam.
    > Bafu writes dialogues and posts them to the jam.

    Okay, that's a bit more, but how do you explain the bloody glove?

    > Both begin with the letter "B".

    AHA! But what language is "Bafu" descended from, and what alphabet is used
    when writing it?

    > The real identities of Jam and Ytse are Bafu and Ben, respectively.

    Hmmm. Ben is often honest, rational, and polite, so you're half-right.
    Ben could be Ytse.

    If I were sarcastic, mischievous, and non-sequiturish like Phoebe, then I
    could be Jam, and you'd be half-right again, which would make you
    all-right. However, I'm not non-sequiturish, and there can't be four
    angles in a pentagon. Thus I am not Jam.

    Bafu Vai


    End of YTSEJAM Digest 1140

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