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Date: Fri Jun 07 1996 - 00:14:48 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

      1) JAMZ
      2) wrong .sig
      3) Mads Eriksen
      4) KANSAS/STYX review......Beacon theater...
     by "Frank Benenati" <>
      5) TNT and Top 10s
     by "Richard Karsmakers" <>
      6) METALLICA
      8) The New Toto!!!
     by "John R. Kotzian" <>
      9) Jason Becker
     by "John R. Kotzian" <>
     10) Yikes.
     by Ben Laussade <>
     11) Metallica
     12) DER!
     by John McCabe <>
     13) URLs to enjoy...
     by Jon Parmet <>
     14) Evolution (VERY Little DTC)
     15) APOLOGY
     16) Dboy, Death, and Gandalf..
     by "Frank Benenati" <>
     17) Thanx for Lyrics people
     18) Catching Up ....
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:30:36 +0200
    Subject: JAMZ
    Message-ID: <v02130502addc46be20ed@[]>


    Could someone PLEASE send me Jams 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603 and 1604?
    I've been through major e-mail fuck-ups these last days, but unfortunately
    for some of you, I'm sort of.....


    BTW: Thanks for the 4-tracker response. I'm going for the Tascam Porta-07,
    since I need little more than a musical "sketchpad".


    Dave King

    "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw)


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:49:10 +0200
    Subject: wrong .sig
    Message-ID: <v02130503addc4b803f56@[]>

    >Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 20:05:03 -0700 (PDT)
    >From: Steve Borzilleri <>
    >To: Dream Thespians <>
    >Subject: Nationalities, Missing Lines, Dragonheart

    >> -----------------------------------------------------------------
    >> Devrim A. AKYUZ
    >> Powder Technology Laboratory
    >> Materials Science Department
    >> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
    > ^^^^^
    >A .sig file is enough of a pisser, do we REALLY have to add the
    >nationalities to make things worse? Let your post do the talking. :)

    That was a Eudora config mistake.

    Dave King

    "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw)


    Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 11:36:00 +0100
    Subject: Mads Eriksen
    Message-ID: <>

    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I'd voice my appreciation at the fact that someone on the
    'Jam listed Mads Eriksen as one of the top 10 guitar players. I had the
    chance to see him perform in his hometown of Bergen in Norway a few years
    ago, and it was a stunning gig. he mixed his own compositions with his
    versions of classics by Norwegian composer Edward Grieg.

    Good to see him getting some recognition outside of Norway!

    Best wishes,

    Jon Berger


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 01:31:34 -0400
    From: "Frank Benenati" <>
    To: "" <>
    Subject: KANSAS/STYX review......Beacon theater...
    Message-ID: <>

            I just got back from one amazing show at the Beacon Theater in NYC....

            Kansas just blew my mind....They are one tight group....I though it
    couldn't get
            any better...then I see STYX....

            for those of you on the Jam that have an opportunity to see STYX on this
            do it!!!!!!!

            They pulled out some amazing stuff....

            And Tommy Shaw is back...and better than ever.....

            I never saw Tommy live with Styx....but I saw him solo and several times
    with Damn Yankees.....
            I thought Timmy found his place in Dy....but he BELONGS in STYX....
            (I do feel sorry for Jack Blades though...whats he gonna do now!????)

    anyway....go see one of the most amazing reunited bands to hit....(until
    Journey gets released)

    M O J O M A N I S K I L R O Y !!!!!



    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 96 15:23:46 CST
    From: "Richard Karsmakers" <>
    Subject: TNT and Top 10s
    Message-ID: <>

     First: Lots of TNT fans out there. Anyone know Ronnie LeTekro's date of
    birth (and year)?

     Second: I realise I trod on some toes when defending the Top 10s. I had
    complete missed Skadz' remarks on him not wanting them on his list. If I'd
    read them (but I skip loads of messages... :-) I would not have defended Top
    10s at all. Sorry for that, Skadz. No harm intended. My "wanting to defend
    free speech" alternate ego reared its head.

     Third: I won't start getting off on some other recent "sensitive" threads.

     Fourth: Sorry, Mr. Digital Man, for apparently having, er, been 'inspired'
    by you when selecting my quote. I already found a better one which will be
    in my .sig soon... "who is general failure and why is he reading my disk?"


     Keep it cool. The weather here is way too hot anyway.

        / - - \
      (| (')o(') |)
        \ ~ /
    | Richard Karsmakers |
       Editor of : "Twilight World" Internet fiction magazine
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                       The Netherlands
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    | the last thing you do with teeth in your head." |
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    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 10:37:25 -0400
    Subject: METALLICA
    Message-ID: <>

    I Just Got Load the other day. I think alot of people make a big deal out of
    nothing. It is a pretty rocking album. I agree that if you didn't like the
    "Black Album", you would not like the new one, but in all honestly, Metallica
    were the kings of Thrash in the early to mid 80's. And they also broke in as
    writing the best Progressive thrash album--"And Justice For All". Why should
    they have to repeat themselves and put out another Master Of Puppets album
    when they can just let their music grow and write what they want to. I know
    alot of people aren't going to agree with me opinion, but it's the way i
    feel, and if you think about it, it really makes sense.


    | Jon Parmet | | (617)-494-2851 |

    "The preceding was worth every penny you paid for it --
     since you got it for free, it must be priceless."


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 11:31:39 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "John R. Kotzian" <>
    To: (Explore The Boundries)
    Subject: The New Toto!!!
    Message-ID: <>


            Toto has a new album out called "Tambu". It's surprisingly better
    than the new Metallica, IMHO. Check it out.

    .. .. . . .. .. .. .. ........ . . .. .... .. .. .. .... ... .. . .. .....
    John R. Kotzian			=

    "That's right Wendy. We all wear masks. Metaphorically speaking." -Stanley Ipkiss . .. ... . .. . . ... ...... . ... ... . .. . . . ... . .... . . . . . ..


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 12:21:47 -0400 (EDT) From: "John R. Kotzian" <> To: (Explore The Boundries) Subject: Jason Becker Message-ID: <>


    To those who are interested, Jason Becker's "Perspectives" is now being distributed commercially and should be available through your favorite music store.

    -- .. .. . . .. .. .. .. ........ . . .. .... .. .. .. .... ... .. . .. ..... John R. Kotzian =

    "That's right Wendy. We all wear masks. Metaphorically speaking." -Stanley Ipkiss . .. ... . .. . . ... ...... . ... ... . .. . . . ... . .... . . . . . ..


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 11:20:58 -0700 From: Ben Laussade <> To: Subject: Yikes. Message-ID: <>

    >According to the new Rolling Stone, the LOAD cover is a piece from Andres >Serrano called "Semen and Blood III". It's a mixture of the artist's semen >and bovine blood. I think that's...

    Oh yummy. Let's eat.

    >He >smiled and said that he's good friends with Portnoy and that he sets up >his kit whenever DT goes on tour. He thought it was cool that there was a >DT fan in the place where the Garfunkel concert was held. Just goes to >show you that it's a small world and BALLS AND CHUNK IS WHERE IT'S AT.

    Jose "Ho" Baraquio?

    Whoa! Lars uses his other kick drum on the cover of "Overkill" on the Until it Sleeps single.

    >Were I ten years old, I think I would have fallen in love with >"Dragonheart" like I did with "The Neverending Story" so long ago. Draco >was really cool. I want one. :) Notice how his face slightly resembled >Sean Connery's?

    Kinda like they did in The Lion King? it worth seeing?

    >Could Someone please tell me what is and goes on in the Dream Theater >Convention. I know it was probably explained before, so if someone could >help me out, i would appreciate it. Thank You

    No big deal...we just get together and film ourselves sacrificing goats, chickens, cows and doing other ritualistic things that are often frowned upon in other places. Oh yeah, and there's a snack bar.

    >Well, for one he could have turned into moo-cows. And you notice how the >'hero' of the movie didn't do much? Yeah sure, just swing at an angel w/ an >iron bar as if that's gonna help any. So then Satan has to come and do the >job for him. Chosen one...sheah right!:)

    Hero? Satan WAS the hero. :-) Eric Stolz just looked cool in that movie. "Can you keep a secret?"

    WoOt! It ain't my beeeitchaah.

    And I listen openly... Ben Laussade


    Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 15:47:13 EDT From: IP15100@PORTLAND.CAPS.MAINE.EDU To: Subject: Metallica Message-ID: <IP15100.960606154713@portland.maine.EDU>

    Just another comment from the shadows.

    I couldn't help but think when I was flipping through the CD liner that Metallica's new look reminds me of all the depressed teenagers who hang around the coffee shops smoking cigarettes they are too young to buy, drinking coffee and writing bad poetry. The album itself seemed pretty cool. I guess I'll just have to listen to it with my eyes closed. Audrey


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 16:13:29 -0400 (EDT) From: John McCabe <> To: Subject: DER! Message-ID: <>

    > From: "Frank Benenati" <> > Subject: GANDALF, STOP SMOKING CRACK!!!!!!!! It's GANDALF, STOP SMOKING BAD CRACK!!!!!!!! ----- >Hey! remember me? Anyway, I have a couple of thoughts on my mind. First, Hey, weren't you that guy that almost tied that IBM@MAIL.NET thing. ----- >I tried to be brief, But alas, it could not be done. AND I did not even say >HALF of what I planned on saying (and this is the second edit!!). I guess >that means I will be back.. Don't post again your giving me nightmares already. ----- >First, you have to get down and beg me. Then you send me $100 in small >unmarked bills. Then, I'll let you on. >Everybody post more. This "one jam a day" thing sux. :-) Okay, but you have to get down and beg me. Then you have to send me $50 in pennies. Then, I'll post more! ----- >You must have Handful of Rain. Enjoy it cause it may be the one and only >album with Alex Skolnick. I don't see him coming back... I personally like >(in order): [chopchop] what about DEAD WINTER DEAD! ----- >I will be auctioning off my ORIGINAL Subconscious CD #242 to the highest >bidder. I will mainly be doing this to have money for Mike's future CD's. :) >Please e-mail me privately. 3 cents and shipping & handling! That's the offer am I right, or am I right! ----- >> OOOhhh what a bargain! >> There are people who are on a dubsite list who are doing >> it for FREE! I am one of them!!! > Yes, but that person was offering CD-R dubs not cassette. [in little snotty kid's voice] Yeah! ----- Above is not IMHO but is fact ;Q . --------- I would like to start a survey about the 'jams favorite musicans with their respectful instrustment. I will post it the results in about a months time. I am hoping this will be as good a turn as for that band G.S.U.(is that the name?). This is to keep people who don't want the jam full of TOP 10 lists happy. While also keeping the others happy, too! Just send me your Top 10 lists to: A hundred people would be a nice goal but I doubt that we will catch that limit. ------- This post is for who ever wanted more posts! :) Also if anybody can give me the name of the writer/composer of the song in my .sig file I would give you a big thanx. It came out in the late '50's, me thinks! BTW, no I'm not messed up I just am doing this for a friend.

    John {chokes} "diddly da, twiddy dee dee it gives me a thrill to wake up in the morning on Mocking Bird Hill"


    Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 20:35:02 +0000 From: Jon Parmet <> To: Subject: URLs to enjoy... Message-ID: <>

    Absolutely no DTC. Anyways:

    Stumbled across these while caught in the web. Thought I'd pass 'em along...


    *------------*------------------------*----------------* | Jon Parmet | | (617)-494-2851 | *------------*------------------------*----------------*

    "I ignore reality, so it works however I think it works."


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 19:05:40 -0400 From: To: Subject: Evolution (VERY Little DTC) Message-ID: <>

    I have not been on the JAM for the last Year and a half, but I guess some things don't change. There are still these pointless little vignettes played out over pages and pages of STUFF, and through it all are some really cool tidbits of information and entertainment. I finally caught up on my JAMS today (after spending about 5 hours at work reading them from disk). I am primarily a lurker who will come out of the woodwork occasionally to state my opinion. I will try and make this as brief as possible ( some of you should take a lesson ;) ).

    Now about evolution versus creation... oops, wrong list...

    Now about the evolution of bands: A lot of talk has been raised over Metallica's supposed selling out of their fans/music. I want to point out that this is a stage almost all bands have to go through in order to survive and prosper in the music industry.

    For example, Rush and YES. They were quite well known for a long time, building a fan base steadily, but not phenomenally. They produced superlative music, but never achieved the success and notoriety (awards, #'1s, MONEY), of the biggest bands. These bands finally DID get #'1s, and the recognition and notoriety they deserved AFTER they modified their songs to be more palatable to a finicky music industry that can turn on a dime. I often wonder if these format changes are really that bad though. I mean if you had never ever heard a song by Metallica before, what would you think of 2X4 off of their new album?? Can you think of ANY MEGA success that has songs longer than 6 minutes on the radio or TV?? Any radical 5-minute solos earning any band a top 40 slot?? That may be what WE want to hear, but we are a minority in a world that would rather listen to Green Day than ACoS. What are you nay sayers going to do when(IF) our beloved DT puts out a record with highly produced, shorter songs?? I for one am going to listen to see if it is any better than the other crap out there.

    I tried to be brief, But alas, it could not be done. AND I did not even say HALF of what I planned on saying (and this is the second edit!!). I guess that means I will be back..

    ------------------no fancy .sig-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -



    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 19:11:36 -0400 From: To: Subject: APOLOGY Message-ID: <>

    I want to apologize profusely if my previous post was just duplicated above. It was automatically resent. Funny, I used to laugh at those duplicate or mistake posts before, and now I am the ORIGINATOR of one...

    If it did NOT repost,


    I'll be back to try and refine my statements later...



    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 19:36:32 -0400 From: "Frank Benenati" <> To: "" <> Subject: Dboy, Death, and Gandalf.. Message-ID: <>

    > From : Digital Boy!

    > Don't EVEN go there with Rush. Rush (like Metallica, like DT, and like > Yes) allowed their style to mature and progress in parallel with their > lives. If any of these bands ever wrote songs just to write stuff that > the teeny boppers wanted to hear, they wouldn't be around anymore. I > dare you to write and record a song that the kiddies will buy. By the > time you release it, they'll be on to the next thing already.

    Uh....if thats the case.....ALL music out there is genuine, Chris.... ADN THAT I DON'T BUY!!!! > > *************************** > > From: (Jose Vaquera) > According to the new Rolling Stone, the LOAD cover is a piece from Andres > Serrano called "Semen and Blood III". It's a mixture of the artist's semen > and bovine blood. I think that's... > Oooooohhh......thats Fucking disgusting!!!! I GOTTA TRY IT!!!!!

    > > I was finally quoted on the 'jam, and by the MOJOMAN, no less. I can die happy. > Anytime!!! Glad to bring you your Death-Right!!!!

    >**************************** > > Hey Bafu, when you are as large as the Mooojoman, You can afford to be > so forward, or as you put it so " FranK "

    Hey Mirthduck.........Blow me....I will not be used as an example!!!

    Ellen Sucks off well hung Camels.

    M O J O M A N I S K I N G, G O D, A N D R U L E R S U P R E M E !!!!!


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 12:37:11 +0000 From: To: Subject: Thanx for Lyrics people Message-ID: <>

    Thanx to all the dudes who posted/sent me lyrics, it was greatly appreciated. Also thanx to those who sent me advice on Sav CD's.

    DTC: does any else think DT have surpassed the label of Prog Band and moved onto Musical Phenomenon, or the 9th Wonder of the World?

    Brett: Ytse-Oz


    Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 23:51:11 -0400 (EDT) From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <> To: Cc: (Ryan P. Skadberg) Subject: Catching Up .... Message-ID: <>

    Hey all ....

    < NOTE: This post is extremely long. It has alot of replies from over 10 jams in it. After all the reponses is all the new stuff, so read through it :) >

    Lots of catch-up, so here we go:

    RipZero wrote:

    > lately, i havent read a single damn jam except for a quick skim... > having no time sucks... oh shit, i'm starting to sound like Skadz!

    Hey hey!! Yeah, being super busy really does suck.

    Ben wrote:

    > NO!!! SAY IT AIN'T SO, PAW! Oh geez. :-( Skadz? Kill them all. :)


    D-Man wrote:

    > 1) Skadz said so.

    That's the best reason of all :)

    Mojo wrote:

    > god hates me...thats what it is.....during the Hockey season....Im > tortured by being forced to watch NY Fishlanders games because my rents > are too cheap to cancel SportsSpamel and get in two > words.....BITE ME!

    Two things:

    a) WATCH what you say about the Islanders when the moderator is an Islanders fan b) MOVE OUT YOU LAZY FUCK AND GET AN APARTMENT OF YOUR OWN AND GET MSG ;););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););)

    Michael Van Opstall wrote:

    > y'know, if I had root access here, I'd put up a web page where people > could UNSUBSCRIBE from the 'jam. If anyone is interested and does have > root access, e-mail me and I can write you a script...

    No, you can't. The listserv software reads the From line not the From: line. You cannot fake the From line and without a correct From line you can't get unsubbed.

    One of the 10,000 Andrew Millers said:

    > then perhaps you missed the post where the *owner* of the list politely > demanded that no top 10 lists be posted.

    I asked politely? I must have been drunk 8) I could have sworn I said something more along the lines of "NO FUCKIN TOP TEN LISTS" thankyouverymuch

    Syrinx (the guy who no one remembers to call) wrote:

    > espically when you have a girlfriend who's a nymphomanic (and > no, skadz, it's not hairball's ex) =) <enter inside joke here>

    It better not be, I would have to come out to Philly and kick your ass then <continues inside joke in public, just to piss a few people off>

    Koggie wrote:

    > looking for a copy of Twisted Sister's "Under the Blade" on CD. (Don't

    WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! (had to do it)

    Scott Cook wrote:

    > Yeah, and maybe Skadz can inroduce you to the "Kicked" key!

    No no no cat >> .ignored :)

    Mojo wrote all kinds of dumb shit and Mith wrote lots of dumb shit back:


    Public Thanks go to Steve from Tuscon on schooling all the ytsejammers on how to CORRECTLY do Top Ten Lists. THANKS!!

    YtseJim wrote:

    > Does anyone know where to buy Lollapalooza Tickets? I heard that > Ticketmaster will not be handling the ticket sales.

    Well, the ad for the show in Vermont in the latest Boston Phoenix says tickets on sale at all TicketBastard Locations.

    Bafu wrote:


    Ummmmmmm you are like nuts and stuph.... :)

    BAfu scribbled this too:

    > Supposedly there's a place for all of us in heaven, Andy. Now I'm not > exactly the pope or anything, but this sort of prayer probably isn't the > best way to get there.

    Well, I am Jesus, and it definately isn't the way to get to heaven :) Dad doesn't like it when people make fun of others :) (If you don't get this joke, look at my pic on the #ytsejam page located at: )

    Kurt wrote:

    > Hi .. i was wondering if anyone can give me the info on how to get those > Ytsejam stickers that were shown on a web page ... i think the page is > down ..and me and a couple of friends were going to buy like 10 stickers

    or just mail

    The Holocaust thing .....

    DON'T ... JUST DON'T

    Richard Karsmakers wrote:

    > What have you guys got against top 10 kind of entries?

    Experience :)

    Basically back in the good ole days of the 600's and 700's, there was a jam, maybe 2 a day and when someone started a top 10 thread you would get 4,5, or more and EVERY post would be something like My Top Ten Favorite Flavors of Ice Cream are and it just gets really really really annoying. Yes, I agree the jam has gotten real ugly as of late, but top ten lists are just MORE junk, which we wanna cut down on as much as possible.

    > This is a free country. This is a free list. > If you don't like it that way, join the "metropolis" list (which still > doesn't exist, does it, and that says a lot about the amount of people who > would rather have a slimmed-down and non-top-10 list, i.e. them being a firm > minority).

    Yes, this is a free country (well, kinda, but that's for another mailing list) and a free list (cuz I don't have the time or patience to moderate it) and metropolis doesn't really exist (cuz Ken doesn't have the time) but this list is for discussions of Dream Theater and related topics. I really don't consider top 10 lists related because they just take up space. Steve (from Tuscon) did it the right way, he didn't clutter up the jam (too much ;) and posted the results at the end which everyone got. It just made it real clean and real well done. Alot of people ask for Top 10 lists and don't keep any kind of stats or anything, so it is a waste.

    BTW, this isn't a flame, just trying to explain a bit better.

    Ernie said:

    > Like the saying goes..."Life's a ditch, and then you die"

    FUCKIN PEOPLE! Learn to Spell!!!! ;)

    More from the Loadless Ernie:

    > Curious comments on the new Pantera...what happened to Phil? He used to do > some really kik-ass screams, but on this one he *really* sounds like he's > throwing up.

    You mean that scream at the beginning of the album doesn't totally kick your ass???? Your CD must be defective, try some toothpaste :)

    More more more from Ernie:

    > now I know it's rather ridiculous, but > Maiden DID tour w/ F.F. didn't they?

    Yup... saw the first show of the US tour in Boston.

    Jon Parmet wrote:

    > I found an application called Motif CD Player. It has a really nice

    XMCD ... I actually almost sent in all the DT stuff, but probably found something better to do :)

    > | Jon Parmet | | (617)-494-2851 |

    Ooooo ... he works for the Dept of Transportation and is local... wanna get me a fake MA license??? ;)

    Itchy wrote:

    > tried to mail me between may 31th and june 5th, please re-send those > Does my address still work ?

    Well, from what I can see, your provider is still wicked fucked up because no mail is getting to your site still.

    > Btw, Skadz... What happened to my auto-ops ? :(

    I dunno, what happened to em? They may have run away or something... They have this wierd tendency to do that.


    > From:

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want whoever let him in to confess RIGHT NOW!!! ;)

    John Hough said:

    <about SubCon>

    > OOOhhh what a bargain! > There are people who are on a dubsite list who are doing > it for FREE! I am one of them!!!

    Ummmm.... but are they doing it on CD??????????? This is a CD he is doing.....

    > Let's get an IRC thing happening!


    /server 2112

    /join #ytsejam

    Newbies ... gotta wanna wring their necks for a few days ;)

    Ben wrote:

    > Everybody post more. This "one jam a day" thing sux. :-)

    SHADDUP BEN!!!!!!!

    Some of us have jobs and stuff to worry about. Some of us have jobs as well as side consulting as well as mailing lists and irc servers to run. Some of us only sleep a few hours a night because we have so much work that sleeping would get us fired Some of us don't have the summer off Get the point yet??????????

    D-Man wrote:

    > DT r00lZ!!!

    OH NO!!!!!! HE CAUGHT NuGgEtMaN fever!!!!!!! :)

    Ben wrote:

    > You know what, though? The one thing about Load is that it really sounds (to > me) like they're having fun.

    Well, this is something I love. I haven't made it to the store to get Load yet, but something I always love about seeing a band live is seeing them totally having a blast on stage. It just totally kicks ass. The wierd part, to me at least, is bands that just seems like they aren't having fun. Isn't getting to sit and play music all day for money one of the best jobs in the world? How could you not have fun?

    Now on to NEW stuff .....

    YtseCon ]I[ -----------

    Well, it sounds as if all is going cool for this, but I guess my main question is if the new album isn't gonna be out until Feb 97, and this was supposed to be a CD premiere party/YtseCon, ummmm.... what are they gonna premiere????

    Also, how many of the over 21 people ( I will be by that time ) wanna go out and get sloshed after the Con?? Which leads to two other questions are there any under 21 people who wanna drive the drunks out to Suffolk County? or are there any over 21 people who wanna play designated driver to all the drunks?

    Boston Clinic -------------

    OK, Who is going???? I know currently that people are coming from Long Island, Philly, Quarryville, Seattle, and Boston (obviously). Anyone else travelling or anyone else local coming? Email me :)

    I am thinking about maybe having an afterClinic get together at my place if there are alot of jammers there. Well, a few of us will probably go back to my place and chill anyway (considering they are sleeping here) so if you are coming, tell me :)

    On LI for the weekend ---------------------

    Well, I was back on LI for the weekend for my sister's graduation from that laim school in Huntington. Sorry I didn't get to see anyone, but was really busy.

    DTC from LI....

    The Academy of St Joseph's (In Brentwood) yearbook's title was: Lifting Shadows off a Dream. According to my Mom, all the girls at her school love DT, so expect some new female jammers once they hit the colleges in the Fall.

    More DTC ...

    I was watching some special on MuchMusic the other night on the Turkish Music Scene and as they panned past the window of some store in Turkey, what was in the window, but an Awake Tshirt. I just thought that was real neat.

    That's all for now.


    -- +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ | Ryan P Skadberg | | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p e r | | | +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ \ "And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning" / \ "Dead Winter Dead" - Savatage / +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+


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