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Date: Sat Jun 08 1996 - 06:31:49 EDT

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                                YTSEJAM Digest 1610

    Today's Topics:

      1) MirthDuck, Digital Schmuck, This years crappiest release, Mike Bahr, + I am KiLRoY!!!!!!!!
     by "MojoMan" <>
      2) Stuff
     by The Digital Man <>
      3) asdf
     by Thomas Bell <>
      4) Temporarily sidelined
     by "Paul W. Cashman" <>
      5) Jammers can be cool! :)
     by buster <>
      6) Unsubscribing...
     by Charles D Harrison <>
      7) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1607
      8) Scarred.
     by Ben Laussade <>
      9) Load
     by brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken MacLeod)
     10) Bay Area Scorp's show
     by (Zack Gemmill)
     11) Seth screaming
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
     12) Ha Ha
     by Kent Willshire <>
     13) Semen and Blood III
     by Kent Willshire <>
     14) asdf (WWW generated email)
     by Gianni Guerra <>
     15) Ytse-statistics
     by Mark Bredius <>


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:33:47 -0400
    From: "MojoMan" <>
    To: "" <>
    Subject: MirthDuck, Digital Schmuck, This years crappiest release, Mike Bahr, + I am KiLRoY!!!!!!!!
    Message-ID: <>

    > From: Mithrandir <>
    > Well at least you are an Islander fan unlike
    > Mooojoman. I think we should ask the members of DT who they like in
    > I know that John Myung is an Islander fan, so I guess he's smart.
            Fuck that, He's a Bass Player.....theyt drool more than my dog does....
            unless you feed my dog FISHSTICKS......then my dog may drool more!!!!
    > Frank, I'm sorry to have used you as an example. You still are one
    > the coolest people I know, and am proud to call you a friend ( enjoy TSM
    > single). Oh yeah, it looks like BD this weekend ( Personal joke ).
            MirthMurderer is going to get laid this weekend....Film at eleven....

    > P.S. Hey Frank, my quote will be " Sorry about that " yet again,

            Here on the eleven o'clock news, MirthDuck appologizes for the stain or
    Load deposited
            in the most embarasing of places...

            Ellen, gets spooged in the face....


    > From: The Digital Man <>
    > don't trust other people with your password
    > :)
    > Skadz

            YOU DICK!!!! you remember when I gave my password to my
            years ago????????
            Do you remember what happened??????

            If I jumped off the Verazanno bridge, landed on a tanker full of
    Ass-hungry gays, and to escape anal tearing, jumped to the sea to be eaten
    by sharks.............I guess you would follow a couple of years


    I finally listened to Metallica Load......

            Here's my very quick take on it....

            *** The production is by far the worst I've heard in years....( And Bob
    Rocks work was finally begining to grow on me!)
            *** The guitar playing does not stand out.....(one of the reasons is that
    I cant hear it.....another production problem......)
            *** The Drums sound like they were recorded in my brothers asshole....
            *** When I DO hear the guitars, they sound like ASS....
            *** The songs barely hold any quality to them..

    .If the tape wasn't my buddy's ....I would have tossed it out of the
    window at 110 mph.....

            The album sucks!!!!


    Mike Bahr;
            I heard your work with WDATU and Antiquities last night.......Excellent
            I wish I had ordered that stuff when it was available,....


    M O J O M A N I S K I L R O Y !!!!!!!!!!!


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:44:29 -0400 (EDT)
    From: The Digital Man <>
    To: Ytse Jam <>
    Subject: Stuff
    Message-ID: <>

    > From: The Digital Man <>
    > Subject: This is why you
    > don't trust other people with your password
    > :)
    > Skadz

    He ain't kiddin', either. :)


    > From: > Subject: Shadow Gallery "Carved In Stone" > > I just got Shadow Gallery's "Carved In Stone" (thanks to everyone who > recommended them). I noticed that the sleeve lists 13 tracks, yet my CD > player registers 20. I'm assuming that the last track which is 22 minutes > must be broken up into smaller tracks... > > Am I missing any of the song since my CD player only goes up to 20 tracks? > Just wondering.

    "Ghostship" takes up tracks 13-19, and there's an unnamed thing on track 20.

    > PS - This album is great.



    > From: Steve Borzilleri <> > Subject: Birthdays, Checkouts, Clinics > > Bafu VAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    You fall off a cliff or something?


    > From: BILL HUSTON <HUSTON@IOMEGA.COM> > Subject: Skadz cheats > > Hey Skadz, > Just because you got an EOJ with one jam doesn't mean you can > repost the whole jam again, increment the number as a new jam and > count it as another EOJ ;> I tell ya, supervisors get too many > perks-it just isn't fair.




    > From: Andrija Bosnjakovic <> > Subject: New Metallica (again and again) > > So, here is my little contribution to 'Load' discussion: > 1. Short hairs S.U.C.K!

    Especially when they get caught between your teeth like that.

    > 2. New logo looks as good as the album cover does. > 3. Album cover looks as attractive as it's name is. > 4. About the music on the CD (finally) - this is only Metallica > record that didn't come in my ears at first. I'm listening to it



    > From: John McCabe <> > Subject: 2 of a kind > > I got 2 of the same jam? This is just to increase skadz ratio of EoJ, right? > Also, someone wrote awhile back what was Jimmy moaning at the end of PMU. > Well, I don't know but could someone please tell me!

    JIMMY???? It took me a couple minutes to realize who you were talking about!! :)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Digital Man \|/ ____ \|/ Secretary "@'/ ,. \`@" UVM Comp Sci Student Assn /_| \__/ |_\ "He won't need a bed \__U_/ He's a digital man" - Peart


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:42:52 -0400 From: Thomas Bell <> To: Subject: asdf Message-ID: <199606072142.RAA10666@inx>

    subscribe <ytsejam> <>


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 14:46:56 -0700 (PDT) From: "Paul W. Cashman" <> To: Subject: Temporarily sidelined Message-ID: <>

    Sorry I haven't been participating here more (or on IRC for that matter), but I've basically been coming home only to sleep, due to editing and proofreading stuff for Dragon*Con, our SF/fantasy/comics/gaming etc. convention here in Atlanta.

    Now, I'll try to catch up. :)

    -- +--- Paul W. Cashman ---+ | Rush * Robert Jordan * Bonedance * Michael Moorcock * Metallica | | James P. Hogan * Dream Theater * Robert Heinlein * NIN * Dead | | Can Dance * Mercedes Lackey * Mutha's Day Out * Raymond Feist....|


    Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 18:50:24 -0400 From: buster <> To: Subject: Jammers can be cool! :) Message-ID: <>

    Hey jammers;

    I've seen some posts in the past about people getting ripped off or screwed on trades/purchases of DT boots here in the jam. Welp, I just made my first "transaction" through the jam and I'm happy to say that it went without a hitch!

    THanks go out to for my copy of WDATU #580. I sent this guy a check for $25 made out to cash, and he PROMPTLY shipped me the CD! I must admit I was a little nervous, but I took a chance and trusted him. I also had a chance to talk to him on the phone and he's a cool dude. He is a true and definite DT fan type :) Before I knew it I was on this long distance call to him for like an hour and a half and all we did was talk music! Thanks for being cool and honest dude! WDATU is going to help round out my DT collection :)

    JASON BECKER - I've noticed that some jammers are interested in Jason Becker, and I wanted to let you all know there is a link to Jason's page and his new CD order form (plus how to get his other stuff with Cacophony, etc..) on my home page at: (the character after users is a ONE, not L)

    I ask that if you do link to him through my page, leave him some email and let him know how you got there (i.e.: via the Ytsejam list and Dave Hatlee). The reason I ask this is because I've been talking with Jasons manager and I'll be doing some Web Page work for them to help support Jasons ventures, and Jason would love to hear that we're out here spreading the word. Visit his page and find out what makes his situation so unique!

    Peace, buster


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 18:15:50 -0500 (CDT) From: Charles D Harrison <> To: Dream Theater Listserve <> Subject: Unsubscribing... Message-ID: <>

    Hey 'jammers -

    Unfortunately (for me at least), I have to unsubscribe because I leave to go back home very soon. Can any jammers write me to let me know how this is done? Thank you very much, and I'll see you ytse-studs in Sept.

    Charlie (The Ytse-Rook)


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 19:50:34 -0400 From: To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1607 Message-ID: <>

    >Hey Brian: I'm agonna make ya. Shake ya. Take ya. I'm agonna be the one who >breaks ya. > >

    Hey Ben, I can't hear ya. Are ya talkin' to me?


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:59:30 -0700 From: Ben Laussade <> To: Subject: Scarred. Message-ID: <>

    >Ytse-Ben, The easiest way to tell if a song is changing tempo is to >"chick" the high hats. If when you are playing the song, the pace of the >"chick" stays the same, then it is the same tempo. That is not to say that >the time signature is not changing though. When you go from 4/4 to 6/8 your >beats per minute will change, but the feel of the tempo should remain the same. >

    Nevermind, MythReindeer. I know how to keep a beat. It goes: 1 measure of 4/4, one measure of 6/8, then back to 4/4. I was asking if the the first 4/4 and the second 4/4 are at the same tempo. I'll figure it out myself....thanks anyway. :-?

    >P.S. Hey Frank, my quote will be " Sorry about that " yet again, Laughs!!!!!


    >Frank, I'm sorry to have used you as an example. You still are one of >the coolest people I know, and am proud to call you a friend ( enjoy TSM >single). Oh yeah, it looks like BD this weekend ( Personal joke ).

    Personal joke? Like, you're the only one that would get it?

    >I'm particularly interested in what I hear about Mama Said. >Clearly the most different Metallica song ever made, this one combines >some very diverse and cohesive elements from different genres and creates >a song that really flows well and has some fantastic harmony work. I >haven't heard harmonies done in that style since The Last Unicorn.

    Yeah, they is cool....but I think the harmonies in the beginning of Thorn Within are cooler. They have that uncomfortable Alice and Chains feel almost. All of it's cool schtuff...though, I think that Hero of the Day wins the most different award, due to the fact that it's a slow acoustic song in a MAJOR key. They've not done that before. Of course, there is the heavy part, but it still stays kind of happy.

    >and shades of the soft side of Dyers' Eve.

    There IS no soft side of Dyers' Eve. :-) :-) <grin>

    >Hey, how come nobody is sending me their TOP 10 lists of musicans with their >instrustments!

    Well, I don't know about them, but I'd like to keep my instruments. I only have one drumkit, you know? I don't even OWN any musicians, and I'm not going to send myself. I don't fit into envelopes well, and I sure as hell ain't going to beam myself to you over the internet.

    Is anybody ever going to organize a Ytse-Con Vegas, or am I going to have to do it myself?!


    Uno mas burrito, por favor? Ben Laussade


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 19:40:11 -0600 (MDT) From: brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken MacLeod) To: Subject: Load Message-ID: <9606080140.AA128012@lamar.ColoState.EDU>

    Okay, I can't stay out of this any longer. I hate Load. Although, I will start with the positive: I love the cover. Mapplethorpe's "Blood and Semen II" is a rocking photograph! And yes, it is real (bovine) blood, and RM's very own semen. Gross, but I like Seranno's "Piss Christ" too, so don't even go there with me. Load is the album long-time Metallica fans expected it to be. Further down the spiral of musical banality (thank you Trent Reznor). First the good points (musically): Kirk plays less. There. Hetfield had a good vocal style before he started ripping off Danzig. Lars is as plod heavy as ever (all you Portnoy fans should hear that in a second). Newstead can be heard, but they still don't let him play. All of this is surrounded by weak and simplistic arrangement. Where's the orchestration and good guitar tone? This would be a great rock album for people who think Soundgarden is too heavy (I love SG, so don't go there with me either). There are already plenty of good rock albums out there. Metallica was a vanguard of progressive, heavy, complicated music for people who love to LISTEN to music (a'la Justice For All). They should have stayed true to their talents, and not tried to make another jillion dollars with this trendier and more pop oriented album. How many more self-imposed boundaries (no videos, no singles, no shorter songs, etc.) can they kid themselves into believing actually have integrity NOW that metal is dying. Had Metallica been interested in progressing they would have done now with Load what they did in '86 with Master of Puppets. Listen to that one again, and compare it to other albums from '86. That was truly groundbreaking. Load is simply... another rock album like so many others.


    And to satisfy all those out there with skins as thick as bible paper, there is nothing personal here directed at anyone but the members of Metallica (with the exception of Newsted who would like to move in a heavier direction, as evidenced by his recent controversial excusions with other bands). Just because you might like the Load doesn't mean I think you're a puntz. I just disagree with you concerning the fact that it is a METALLICA album. It's still a good rock album.

    Slainte mhath,

    Bracken (and his friend Zach)

    "...Without music, life would be an error." Nietzsche -Twilight of the Idols-


    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 96 20:33:20 PDT From: (Zack Gemmill) To: Subject: Bay Area Scorp's show Message-ID: <9606080333.AA09184@tengs1>

    I deleted the address with John Hough's email in it. So, are any other Bay Area Jammers going to the show at Shoreline on the 29th??? If not, I'll take a day off and see them in Sac. on the 28th (my friends are going to that one--- no need to travel down here for them). We could meet at some restaurant on El Camino in Mountain View (like !Una Mas! yum yum) before the show. I'll be coming from Hayward, if anyone on the east side of the bay needs a ride.



    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 22:47:42 -0400 From: (Ernesto Schnack) To: Subject: Seth screaming Message-ID: <>

    >>Seth screamed on this. > >WTF???!!!!! Ernie, just what are you talking about?

    He,he, I had the feeling that was gonna happen. It's not you Seth. On the new Pantera they have a guy called Seth as 'guest screamer', and on every song on which he screams, they write 'Seth screamed on this'

    C-ya, wouldn't wanna B-ya!! Ernie :)


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 06:38:40 GMT From: Kent Willshire <> To: Subject: Ha Ha Message-ID: <>

    Somebody said

    >Lars Ulrich suffered a horrible accident which resulted in the amputation of >his left leg... Maybe he should donate it to the drummer from Def Leppard. Three legs oughta make up for one arm!

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    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 07:13:46 GMT From: Kent Willshire <> To: Subject: Semen and Blood III Message-ID: <>

    > (Jose Vaquera) wrote:

    > According to the new Rolling Stone, the LOAD cover is a piece from Andres > Serrano called "Semen and Blood III". It's a mixture of the artist's semen > and bovine blood.

    splork splork splork splork splork splork splork *SPLORK*.....MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 03:34:33 -0400 From: Gianni Guerra <> To: Subject: asdf (WWW generated email) Message-ID: <>

    subscrive ytsejam Gianni Guerra


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:21:17 +-200 From: Mark Bredius <> To: "'Majesty-Mailinglist'" <> Subject: Ytse-statistics Message-ID: <>

    Sorry for the delay... You have to thank my internet-'provider' for that. They still haven't gotten their shit together. I'm getting mail that was sent four days earlier. I still haven't been able to resubscribe to all those mailinglists I was on (7).

    Btw, what happened to "" after Jam 1597 ? Did he unsubscribe ? I'm sure gonna miss his posts on the 'Jam... At least he never flamed anyone... OTOH, his messages never did contain any DTC... oh well...

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