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Date: Sat Jun 08 1996 - 22:33:55 EDT

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                                YTSEJAM Digest 1611

    Today's Topics:

      1) Prova
     by Massimiliano Zanetti <>
      2) Other Progressive Music
      3) Replies ....
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
      4) My Web Page, Metallica Revisited, and more...
     by Rudy van IJzendoorn <>
      5) Hi n stuff
     by RipZero <>
      6) what the fuck?!?!
     by matt rosin <>
      7) Rock Clubs in NYC
      8) Subconscious CD
     by zebrowski steven <>
      9) DT stuff for sale
     10) Boston JP Clinic info....
     by The One They Call Wacky <>
     11) Why are people so ignorant?
     by Ben Laussade <>
     12) Reminders...
     by buster <>
     13) CD's available.
     by Michael Bahr <>
     14) Thanks for defending me!
     15) Load, Check your facts, ACOS
     by (Jose Vaquera)
     16) Nothing in particular
     by Mithrandir <>
     17) asdf
     by Thomas Bell <>
     18) Att. ytsejammers
     by Thomas Bell <>
     19) Night Ranger reunion?
     by (Keiji Nishihara)


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:52:26 -0100
    From: Massimiliano Zanetti <>
    Subject: Prova
    Message-ID: <>

    Ciao Marco!


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 10:21:24 -0400
    Subject: Other Progressive Music
    Message-ID: <>

    For all those fans who love prog. music, go out and try to find
    WATCHTOWER--"Control and Resistance". It is a progressive lover's wet dream.
     Also what kind of music is SHADOW GALLERY?


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 10:42:11 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
    Subject: Replies ....
    Message-ID: <>

    Hey all ....

            I promise this one won't be as long as the last :)

    Ernie wrote:
    > Subject: replies to Skadz's ramblings

    I don't ramble! :)

    > > Well, I am Jesus, and it definately isn't the way to get to heaven :)
    > Ha! you too, eh? I guess everybody w/ long, dark brown hair is Jesus;)

    Yeah, but I have the beard and everything :)

    > why is it that list moderators are always busy? Is it that really busy
    > people get this sudden urge to run a mailing list,or is it some kinda virus?:)

    In all seriousness, MOST people who run mailing lists are extremely
    proficient in UNIX/Sendmail/etc and have a full time job (full time
    computer jobs are at least 50 hrs/week), probably do some consulting
    on the side, and sometimes attempt to have fun sometimes, so they
    are generally busy people.

    > Oh, you mean the
    > 5-sec.-of-pure-raw-energy-that-leave-you-lying-on-the-floor-gasping-for-breath?
    > heck yeah!

    Yup, that one :)

    D-Man wrote:

    > Subject: I am a loser
    We could have told ya that a long time ago ;)

    Mithrandir wrote:

    > I just thought that I would post my opinions of Mr. Skadz. I believe
    > that the comment about "That laim school in Huntington" thing was aimed
    > directly at me and my alumnus St. Anthony's.

    That would be the one :)

    > Well let us just say that I know two other graduates from your High school,
    > and they are both freaks. I guess that your mother got smart after you
    > graduated from Chaminade, and sent her to a real school.

    What's wrong with being a freak??????
    As for my Mom getting smart, I think it may have been more based on the
    fact that Chaminade is all male and my sister is female :)

    D-Man? wrote:

    > Subject: This is why you
    > don't trust other people with your password
    > :)
    > Skadz

    <twiddle thumbs>

    Mike Bahr wrote:

    > P.S. Scenes From A Memory has begun shipping. Expect yours soon!

    More CDs!!!!!

    Pat Daugherty wrote:

    > I've never been able to get irc to work right.
    > What gives?

    Outsiders ... we don't let em in ;)

    Bafu wrote:

    > 3. See ya'll at the clinic. ;)


    Wilmo wrote:

    > Just because you got an EOJ with one jam doesn't mean you can
    > repost the whole jam again, increment the number as a new jam and
    > count it as another EOJ ;> I tell ya, supervisors get too many
    > perks-it just isn't fair.

    The number didn't get incremented, it just got posted twice because
    I had to change the config in order to get my huge post to go through :)
    And killed it and restarted and it sent twice :)

    Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Andy Keegan wrote:

    > Skadz runs the Marillion list, and I'm on it, so I guess we are 'Freaks'.
    > Is that supposed to be an insult. <--- Itchy says no.

    No I don't. Jeroen runs it :)

    MojoMan wrote:

    > YOU DICK!!!! you remember when I gave my password to my
    > girlfriend years ago???????? Do you remember what happened??????

    Hey hey hey ... I did no harm. If he would have let me stay on
    the OTHER acct though, I would have had root :)

    D-Man wrote:

    > <coughcoughsendmemoneyorI'lltellcoughcough>

    Ummmm.. tell what?

    Itchy wrote:

    > Btw, what happened to "" after Jam 1597 ?

    He got a new email address :)

    > 7 | 2 | 25

    Oh SHIT! How did I do that?

    That's all from me


    | Ryan P Skadberg                          |
    | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p  e r  |
    | |
    \    "And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning"   /
     \                "Dead Winter Dead"  - Savatage                       /


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 17:13:23 +-200 From: Rudy van IJzendoorn <> To: "''" <> Subject: My Web Page, Metallica Revisited, and more... Message-ID: <>

    Hey Jammers,

    1. All of you #ytsejammers pay attention. I intend to implement some pictures of Ytsejammers on my webpage. This of course to advertise the IRC channel a bit more to the european DT fans. If you have a scanned picture of yourself, email it to me personally. (including some information about yourself) I hope to get a lot of response! (there already is a #ytsejam page (I think by Steve Co- hen) with a lot of #ytsejammer pictures on it, and I hope you don't mind me doing this)

    2. LOAD! I bought this album a couple of days ago, and dammit! I like it! I don't agree with people claiming they don't sound like the old Metal- lica anymore. In fact, with some songs they sound heavier then on The Black Album. My personal favorites are Hero Of The Day, Bleeding Me, and Mama Said. All other songs are cool too, all this IMHO. On one thing I agree though, Lars Ulrich's left leg MUST BE amputated. I must say that I am also a Metallica Fan since day one, so maybe I'm a bit overenthusiastic about it. Again IMHO! (In fact I like the album so much I included a quote in my sig, hehehhe!)

    'Outside the soundness of your mind' 'Bathing your soul in silver tears' 'Beneath a blackened summer sky' 'Praying for time to disappear' (Dream Theater)

    'I am the beast that bleeds the feast' 'I am the blood' 'I am release' (Metallica)

    Rudy 'U-dAZ' van IJzendoorn ( - Dream Theater - Under A Cyber Moon Website ---->> <<---- (the site is inactive for the moment due to updating)


    Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 10:42:30 -0500 From: RipZero <> To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <> Subject: Hi n stuff Message-ID: <>

    Metallica's Load- I wont go into detail, lets just say I think they left a few words off the title.

    The Rock- I just saw The Rock last night, it rocked! :) Seriously, from the previews i thought it was gonna be one of those government based Tom Clancy type of things, but it wasnt at all. It was a perfect balance of Plot, Action, Directing, and Special F/X. My bud agreed it was better than Mission Impossible. I didnt even see I:M (nor do i intend to) so don't ask for my opinion on that. It could have used some flying cows tho...

    Old Boomboxes- You just dont know how fun it is to bash an old boom box with a sledge hammer.

    Guitars- guitars rule... does anyone have any old beat up guitars i could have? :)

    Heavy Metal- it just came to video, anyone who wants one can go check it out... maybe i'll pick up one later.

    >Uno mas burrito, por favor? >Ben Laussade

    no, porque tu tienes demasiado burritos ahora. quieres un taco? ~Rip


    Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 10:49:27 -0500 From: matt rosin <> To: Subject: what the fuck?!?! Message-ID: <>

    > If I jumped off the Verazanno bridge, landed on a tanker full of >Ass-hungry gays, and to escape anal tearing, (snip)

    i don't suppose i really have to tell you how offensive that will be to many people on the jam, including me. we've already had a racism controversy, so don't go posting irresponsible messages and starting a flame war over homosexuality. if it's something you can't deal with, then keep your words to yourself. i'm not gay, but i know people who are, and it really pisses me off to see people blindly portraying gays as promiscuous. grow up. i'm not saying you're a homophobe, i'm just saying think before you write something stupid. i may be the nly one who responds to what you wrote, but i promise you i'm not the only one offended.

    ok, preach mode off.

    just wanted to let you all know that my second demo is finished and available. i would like to thank those of you who supported me on my first SURREALITY tape, and i hope that you will also continue to support me. thanks. anybody who's interested in my music (it's very dark and ethereal if that helps - rather ambient), check out my webpage. tha URL is in my .sig. thanks in advance.

    take care everybody, matt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ m a t t r o s i n S U R R E A L I T Y dark ethereal music ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 96 12:16:39 EDT From: To: <> Subject: Rock Clubs in NYC Message-ID: <>

    Can anyone recommend any clubs in the NYC area for seeing metal? I go to Roseland and the Academy, but they only have about 1 good band every few months.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:12:48 -0400 (EDT) From: zebrowski steven <> To: Subject: Subconscious CD Message-ID: <>

    Hey, I'm still auctioning off my Subcon CD. CORRECTION: it's #343. Not 242 as I said before. Sorry about any confusion. Please email me with an offer.

    Steve Z


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 13:51:14 -0400 From: To:, Subject: DT stuff for sale Message-ID: <>

    I still have some of the items that I ordered a while back for sale. The items listed below are what are remaining. E-mail me if you are interested.

    Thanks, Jim

    1) AWAKE w/EVE mini disc from JAPAN ($30) 2) AWAKE from JAPAN without EVE mini disc ($15) 5) LIE UK single (with TLF, SDV & AD) ($13) 6) Silent Man (w/ TTT demo & Eve) ($13) 7) Silent Man (1 track) single US promo ($7) 8) I & W LP from France ($20) 10) 12" single of LIE sealed with British fan club mag inside ($20) 12) '93 USA tour pass with pic of full band in color ($15) 13) '92 JAPAN tour pass with burning heart & girl pic (red/black) ($13) 14) '93 JAPAN tour pass with burning heart (red) ($13) 15) I & W Access Satin sticker passes ($8) 17) German Awake ($15) 18) US radio promo of Awake (full color) ($15) 19) I & W Japan ($15) 23} Awake promo pick (medium) w/ DT logo ($8)


    Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 14:55:22 -0400 From: The One They Call Wacky <> To: The Jam <> Subject: Boston JP Clinic info.... Message-ID: <>

    Attention 6-18-96 clinic goers!! I was over at Guitar Center today and I talked to a few managers about the clinic and whatnot. Basically if you want to bring a camcorder or a camera or tape recorder or DAT machine or whatever -- they don't mind!! So you all better tape that shiznit because I don't have any of the above mentioned recorded media devices!! JP's also gonna do an autograph session and stuff. That's all for now!! Later!


    ps- Bafu, the salespeople were asking me if I was you!! Weird, eh? (I suppose because you called and asked for directions from Washington State or something like that...:)) So I lied to them and told them I was you!! Then I grabbed a Gibson SG, detuned it slightly, and played Nirvava and Blind Melon songs while shouting, "I AM BAFU VAI AND YOU AIN'T, MUTHAFUCKA!" :) --

    Brian Wherry Boston University Computer Engineering '98


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:03:02 -0700 From: Ben Laussade <> To: Subject: Why are people so ignorant? Message-ID: <>

    >They should have stayed true to their >talents, and not tried to make another jillion dollars with this >trendier and more pop oriented album.

    HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY DID IT JUST FOR MONEY? DID YOU _TALK_ TO METALLICA PERSONALLY? ARE YOU GOOD FRIENDS? DID THEY SAY THE EXACT WORDS OF: "Fuck, man, I don't fuckin' care what we fuckin' want to do. I'm fuckin' gonna fuckin' do what the fuckin' people want us to fuckin' do and make a fuckin' million fuckin' dollars." HOW COULD THAT BE, because as you SEE, only about ONE OUT of TEN PEOPLE actually LIKED the ALBUM!!! Double-whack-fuck-with-a-bottle-of-cheese POW!!! (thanks Yoon).

    >>Lars Ulrich suffered a horrible accident which resulted in the amputation of >>his left leg... > >Maybe he should donate it to the drummer from Def Leppard. Three legs oughta >make up for one arm!

    Oh Ged! Actually, though, on the Until it Sleeps single there is a cover of Motorhead's "Overkill" and that whole song is double bass.

    >subscrive ytsejam Gianni Guerra >

    HA!!!! SubscriVe. HEehee..... Good thing he's not on the list and can't see that. ;-)


    Ignorance may be bliss, but it still pisses me off. Ben Laussade


    Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 15:21:25 -0400 From: buster <> To: Subject: Reminders... Message-ID: <>

    Most of you here can ignore this info, but I've recieved a few emails regarding the following, so here it is:

    The Dream Theater Doom2 level can be downloaded from my home page at: It makes a neat addition to any fanatics collection, and it's fun to play!

    DT IRC channel info can also be found there.

    WHEN DREAM AND DOOM UNITE! LINKS on my Page: people have asked that I place links to their pages from mine...well, here's the scoop: I will be making a new links page as soon as I can break free some other current jobs, so look for yours in a few weeks. NOTE - If your page does not contain DREAM THEATER or DOOM2 info directly from the first page, please do not be offended if the link does not get placed. I know that may sound cold or something, but thats the theme of my page..only 2 links don't meet the criteria, but they are close friends of mine.

    Thanks! buster


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 13:03:26 -0700 (MST) From: Michael Bahr <> To: Subject: CD's available. Message-ID: <>

    Just a general reminder, since the update ain't quite done yet and I expect to have it ready early in the week.

    * When Dream and Today Unite, AND Antiquities, are still available! Quantities are pretty tight at this point, but I _do_ still have 'em, so please, if you don't have them yet and you're interested in these sort of DT discs, don't miss out! I'm gonna be bummed bigtime because I just _know_ that the minute I run out of AQ, about thirty people will mail me asking if they can still get it and how they hope they're not too late.

    * Scenes is shipping. Expect yours in the coming week or two. A bit more if you're international because it takes time.

    - voluntas vincit omnia - Mike Bahr - -


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 17:17:22 -0400 From: To: Subject: Thanks for defending me! Message-ID: <>

    Hi All, I went away fow a few days to come back and find that someone flamed me after misreading my post about the SUBCON CD dubs. No hard feelings I just think it is so cool that a bunch of Jammers jumped to defend me! Even our faithfull and allways busy ListWizzzzzard Skadz was able to "Take The Time", he. he. Thanks All. :^)

    See Ya, Jim

    PS- Orders are up to 80 or so and all that I have recieved payment for have been shipped.


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 18:50:49 -0500 (CDT) From: (Jose Vaquera) To: Subject: Load, Check your facts, ACOS Message-ID: <>

    OK, I just picked up load over the weekend. It gets about a 75% approval rating. Some of the songs are good. Nothing to match K'EA, or RTL, but good songs nevertheless. However, songs that sound like Dolly Parton covers I can do without. To the guy who thought the cover of LOAD was by Mapplethorpe. The liner notes even identify the artist as Serrano. DUH! Now to talk about DT's song writing. Have they ever mentioned their fondness of strange time sigs. I listen to ACoS and the 3/4 to 9/8 to 3/4 to 9/8 passages just don't sound natural enough to have flowed off the instruments. I understand that some odd time signatures just work out that way but some of DTs sound really thought out. Any one know? Anyone? Class? Anyone? Here's a request really off the wall. Anyone know where I can get a program called ATP (Air Transport Pilot). It's like MS Flight Sim, but you fly actual passenger route flight plans. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope I get an EoJ, hope I get an EoJ, hope I get an EoJ.

    Hasta LaGuardia, BellBivDevoe,

    ============================================================================ "I know what that is.......WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???????"

    "I bet that never happened in Home Ec."

    The one, the only, you know him you love him, you can't live without him.

    Joe "The Kid" Vaquera ============================================================================


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 17:23:00 -0700 (PDT) From: Mithrandir <> To: Subject: Nothing in particular Message-ID: <>

    Andrew, I graduated from St. Anthony's 1989. I went to Suffolk, where I received an A.A. in General studies. I am currently looking to continue my education further.

    Thoughts on Status Seeker. The intro before S.S. entitled "Get Funky" is not really a good name. I mean what was James thinking. If he thinks that was funky, someone ought to play him some P Funk, now that's how one Gets Funky.

    Thoughts on "load". The title says it all, "Load" of CRAP. I was unfortunate enough to hear the new Metallica album, and I must say I will not be spending my hard earned money on it. I'm sorry if I offend anyone who may like this, but I loathe it. IMHO Metallica has been lost forever in my ears, Sighsss. Elen sila lumenn omentilmo, Mithrandir


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 21:40:18 -0400 From: Thomas Bell <> To: <> Subject: asdf Message-ID: <199606090140.VAA00767@inx>



    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 21:45:58 -0400 From: Thomas Bell <> To: Subject: Att. ytsejammers Message-ID: <199606090145.VAA01047@inx>

    I have been trying to log on to your mailing list for three days now with no luck. Is there an easy way to do this!? If so mail me the way because I really want to get on your list.


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 96 11:21:41 +0900 From: (Keiji Nishihara) To: Subject: Night Ranger reunion? Message-ID: <>

    Hi! I've read the interview with Alan Fitzgerald(ex-NIGHT RANGER) on Burrn! mag.(Japanese heavy metal magazine).And he told about reunion of NR.There's not much information about that,but he said,Jack,Jeff and Alan talked about reunion at Jack's house and played together there. If we can see them again,then I want to see complete reunion(with full original members).So I hope Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy stop their currentry band (Night Ranger---3 piece band,they released "Feeding Off The Mojo" album last year.)and join this project.But we shouldn't expect too much... like Dokken.

    Thanks. -Keiji Nishihara Kyoto,Japan


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