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    Today's Topics:

      1) INFO ON SUB. CD
     by "James R. McKenzie" <>
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
      4) Where does a soul find DT T-SHirts and other such goodies?
     by "James R. McKenzie" <>
      5) Shadow Gallery, songwriting, Load
     by (Andrew Miller)
      6) Jason Becker's "Perspective"
     by Sava Web <>
      7) Portnoy clinic!!
     by "George Bast (CS)" <>
      8) Re: Drumming Crap
     by Younis Youssef Hilal <>
      9) Itchy is a Freak, and proud of it !
     by Mark Bredius <>
     10) Stuff
     11) Dave Matthews
     12) asdf
     by James Ballou <>
     13) Night Ranger, Mirth and Skadz....and some real penis....
     by "Frank Benenati" <>
     14) New Albums
     by (Sheila Swanson)
     15) Re: Load
     by brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken MacLeod)


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 23:12:21 -0400
    Subject: INFO ON SUB. CD
    Message-ID: <>

    I would am interested on knowing what is on the Subconcious CD. If it
    contains DT or other Progressive stuff i will be interested in buying it.
     Thank you


    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 23:49:54 -0400
    From: "James R. McKenzie" <>
    Message-ID: <>

     I am gonna ask a stupid question here. Who is MIKE BAHR?! I admit I don't
    get a whole bloody hell of alot of stuff in the progressive vein out here so
    I might have missed the best thing since JUNK FOOD (.) (.). Please don't
    bury me ass deep in flames, if I wanted that I'd go to TACO BELL. I just
    hate hearing about something/someone and feeling this is probably
    something/someone I might be interested in and I can't find out anything. I
    guess I'm requesting a FMI (FOR MY INFORMATION) response.

    What kinda stuff does Mr. Bahr do? Has he been with a band or any bands
    that were of any notablity? I know some of you have heard of the man and
    will say the hell has thuis fatt-boy been? Well, in the area I live in
    unfortunatly about the only thing available is "country music" (yuck!, gag!,
    heave!, coff!), and what I refer to affectionately as "RADIO DRIVEL"
    (Maddona, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson ect) and yes RAP
    which I just don't like! No one around here would dare actually have NADS
    and use them too. If you don't like the afore mebtioned catagories you hear
    about stuff by word of mouth, and well at 31 years old the crowd I hang out
    with is still looking for early Thomas Dolby Albums (whicg I ain't knockin')
    and ASIA(liked some of their stuff) so it ain't easy stayin' up on stuff
    around here. That's why I subscribed to the JAM. Please lemme know Who
    Mike Bahr is and what ever else is comin' up.

    There now I sound absolutely pitiful and uninformed. What a combination!

    Well that's wayyyyyyyy more than enough so I'll shut the hell up now.


    JRMCKENZIE@PDN.NET <--> Fat, Bald, Addled Slow Moving And Proud.



    Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 23:02:23 -0400
    From: (Ernesto Schnack)
    Subject: METAL MILISHAH!
    Message-ID: <>

    >other bands). Just because you might like the Load doesn't mean I think
    >you're a puntz. I just disagree with you concerning the fact that it is
    >a METALLICA album. It's still a good rock album.

    Well golly jee, I didn't know that if you started out playing a certain
    style of music, you had to keep on playing that style for the rest of your
    life... I guess I wasn't made for the music business. Hey Metallica were
    once considered the leaders of thrash, speed, or whatever the heck you wanna
    call it, but they have moved on to other things.
      I guess that they should still be writing songs like 'Metal Milishah!"
    After all, it *was* a METALLICA album.

    C-ya, wouldn't wanna B-ya!!
    Ernie :)


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 00:05:46 -0400
    From: "James R. McKenzie" <>
    Subject: Where does a soul find DT T-SHirts and other such goodies?
    Message-ID: <>

    I cannot get 'em in any stores. Camelot says nope, Dick Jockey Says nope,
    Bockbuster Music says Nope, Oh Callcutta (local place) says never heard of
    'em ; the t-shirts that is. That taps out this area completely. It ain't
    like there's any real danger of DT doin' a concert in this area. Pee Dee
    Region of South Carolina, that's the north eastern part of the state, I live
    8 miles from the Darlington International Raceway. Think NASCAR! <-- All
    of this is nessassary to tell ya where I am if you give a flyin' frigg.
    Well any one with info on T-shirts or other goddies relating to DREAM
    THEATER lemme know please.

    everyone wants to quote something so here goes

    "If you where the Huskies go, yuo won't eat the yellow snow." Frank Zappa.

    so there!




    Date: Sat, 08 Jun 1996 23:16:08
    From: (Andrew Miller)
    Subject: Shadow Gallery, songwriting, Load
    Message-ID: <>


    > Also what kind of music is SHADOW GALLERY?

    definitely prog. i've got a feeling that if you like _Images and Words_,
    you'll like Shadow Gallery. i _really_ like the singer, who reminds of
    Geoff Tate. the guitarist is incredible, as is the keyboardist. they both
    solo in a manner similar to Petrucci and Moore/Sherinian. the music and
    lyrics are well written, but i'm most impressed with their arrangements.
    they use alot of vocal harmonies and work keyboards into the songs
    extremely well. (they have one keyboardist, and one guitar/keyboardist)

    i believe _Carved in Stone_ is their only cd currently available. it's
    definitely worth checking out.

    >From: (Jose Vaquera)

    >Now to talk about DT's song writing. Have they ever mentioned their
    >fondness of strange time sigs. I listen to ACoS and the 3/4 to 9/8 to 3/4
    >to 9/8 passages just don't sound natural enough to have flowed off the
    >instruments. I understand that some odd time signatures just work out that
    >way but some of DTs sound really thought out. Any one know? Anyone?
    >Class? Anyone?

    hmmm..... this post made me think a bit. i think DT would openly mention
    their fondness of "strange" time sigs. it's not uncommon for prog bands to
    use them. when i listen to ACOS, i don't hear any problems with the music
    flow. i think it kinda depends on what you consider to be natural. you
    can't just accidentally write a song such as ACOS. DT writes well thought
    out music that incorporates wild time changes on purpose. i've heard
    complaints from friends of mine that aren't into prog stating that music
    such as that is souless, too well thought out, etc. i never see it as such.
    it's the music that keeps me guessing that i like.

    so what was your question again?:)

    >From: Mithrandir <>
    > Thoughts on "load". The title says it all, "Load" of CRAP. I was
    >unfortunate enough to hear the new Metallica album, and I must say I will

    i'm curious as to why Metallica chose this particular name for their new
    album. did it ever occur to anyone that they may have known what kind of a
    response they'd get from the older fans, so they used the name _Load_ for
    the album title?

    i dunno. i'm not even a Metallica fan. i just thought about that....
     C O M E V I S I T M Y W E B P A G E!!!!!!!!
     Andrew Miller - keyboardist -
     - SubtleRage (progressive rock)
     - Interum (new age/prog instrumental)


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 01:02:05 -0500 (CDT)
    From: Sava Web <>
    Subject: Jason Becker's "Perspective"
    Message-ID: <199606090602.BAA13055@parka>


    I just got Jason Becker's latest release, "Perspective". It is really good.
    To sum it up in one word, it would be "CAPTIVATING".

    There is also a 10 minute Video Sampler and a JB T-Shirt. They are both of
    excellent quality. This video is a little short but well worth the money.
    If you do get the video, Don't watch it until after you have listen to the
    disc a few times. See how closely your mental images of the music come to
    the Video. Mine were surpisingly close in some areas.

    To order JB's CD:
    Print the order form at

    or send email to Jason at

    or write to
    Jason Becker Music
    P.O. Box 5109
    Richmond, CA 94805

    Back to DT content. 
    There is a T-Shirt Company that has some DT Awake T-Shirts. They are fully
    licensed Winterland Awake Ts. The company is called BrickWall T-Shirts.
    Unfortunately I don't have the address or Ph# right now but should be able
    to post that on Monday.


    nathan bradley


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 02:11:09 -0400 (EDT) From: "George Bast (CS)" <> To: Subject: Portnoy clinic!! Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.92.960609013425.4534A-100000@babbage>

    Well, I just got back from Mike Portnoy's drum clinic in Sarasota, Fl. Myself and fellow jammer Doug Merrill got there early and sat in the 2nd row of the small auditorium it was held at. And boy were we treated to a great show!

    After Mike came out, he got behind his kit, and went through a great solo. Within this solo, he played the beginning of 6:00, and I also heard a few parts of his solo in the LiT video.

    The next part was the best part of the night for me. He played along with a DAT of Raise the Knife in its 12-minute entirety! The DAT did not contain vocals, but I could tell already this one will be a classic. Just a very cool melodic jam containing lots of change of tempo. It is very DT.

    I won't elaborate too much on the Q+A session. It was basically what he had done in his previous clinics we've read about on the Jam. The counting and arithmetic he uses in his thought process in writing a song, etc. He also broke down the instrumental part of Metropolis and played and explained each section.


    I guess you can call it a world premiere of sorts. He played along to a DAT of a new song called You or Me. He played it as a demonstration of not always having to incorporate changing time sigs in a song. This song is played in 4/4 and sounds EXTREMELY cool! This one had James' vocals on it, so we got a good idea of how the finished product will sound. It's got soft vocals by James, but then picks up in the chorus. Who knows. This may end up being a single. After he did the song, Mike joked that it's been a real long time since he's played in 4/4 for that long.

    He took more questions and ended the set playing along with Erotomania, which was real cool. After the show, I got to meet him for the first time. And everything I heard about his personality is true. He's quite endearing to his fans, and never seemed to have a problem with a question, no matter how dumb it was. I didn't speak too long with him, but he did mention Kevin Gilbert and how he was going to be the man for the next album. He also said that they had no idea who is going to be the next choice. I also mentioned the holiday shows and how cool they were and he said he especially enjoyed playing the Birch Hill show. And for the Florida jammers, he PROMISED me they'll play here next tour.

    Of course, he says hi to everyone on the list.

    Oh, and he also mentioned Metropolis Part II, and if we think the middle section of Part I is sick, wait til this one!

    Well, hope you enjoyed my review. I wanted to ask him where his upcoming clinics were going to be, but I totally forgot! I'm an idiot sometimes.

    George Bast


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 04:28:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Younis Youssef Hilal <> To: Subject: Re: Drumming Crap Message-ID: <>

    On Sat, 8 Jun 1996 wrote:

    > From: Ben Laussade <> > HOW COULD THAT BE, because as you SEE, only about ONE OUT of TEN > PEOPLE actually LIKED the ALBUM!!! Double-whack-fuck-with-a-bottle-of-cheese > POW!!! (thanks Yoon). No problem...and let it not be said that Ytse-Ben is a plagiarizing maniac...

    > >>Lars Ulrich suffered a horrible accident which resulted in the amputation of > >>his left leg... > > > >Maybe he should donate it to the drummer from Def Leppard. Three legs oughta > >make up for one arm! Good point...and with that third leg, that drummer could construct a Rube Goldberg thingie to use his new leg as a second arm so he could actually execute a snare or tom fill. Hell, that innovation alone would probably be enough to get him onto the Modern Drummer's Kit of the Month page. Just a thought. > > Oh Ged! Actually, though, on the Until it Sleeps single there is a cover of > Motorhead's "Overkill" and that whole song is double bass. Really? Was that track recorded at the same time as the rest of "Load?" (I think this is curious because I thought Lars had sworn off using double-bass except for touring.)

    Younis (now AKA YoonDog on IRC)


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 15:02:54 +-200 From: Mark Bredius <> To: "'Majesty-Mailinglist'" <> Subject: Itchy is a Freak, and proud of it ! Message-ID: <>

    Andrew Keegan wrote :

    > Skadz runs the Marillion list, and I'm on it, so I guess we are > 'Freaks'. Is that supposed to be an insult. <--- Itchy says no.

    Well, Skadz doesn't run the Marillion list. Jeroen 'Roo' Schipper does, and very well too. He's a fellow Dutchie. As a matter of fact, Jeroen and I have a lot of things in common. Similar kind of educational background, same age, both love Tori Amos.

    The thing that makes him a zillion times cooler is the fact that he runs the Marillion list and has a great Marillion site at : (the Official Marillion Homepage)

    It has all the latest news, lyrics, interviews, midi-files, pictures, the FAQ, articles, reviews, list of bootlegs, transcriptions and pics of tv appearances, info on solo-projects. It even features a new and cool midi-file by Marillion's keyboardist Mark Kelly. Check it out !

    About that 'Freak' thing. It originates from a Marillion-bside called 'Freaks'. The first Dutch fanclub was named after that song. So was the mailinglist. Being a 'Freak' is a good thing when you're a Marillion fan. It's kinda like being a Ytsejammer or a Toriphile (Tori Amos).

    Sorry for the NDTC. Sorry for talking about 'them' again... Please forgive me, don't flame me...

    ________________________________________________________________________ Itchy (NOT Bitchy), - Mark Bredius, ________________________________________________________________________ We live our lives in private shells (The Last Straw) / \___/ \__ ignore our senses and fool ourselves [ / ~ ^ \ ]_ into thinking that out there there's someone else cares | ) p__q ( |_ someone to answer all our prayers... all our prayers... (/(_-('')-_)\)_ __________________________________________________________(..)____(..)__ "Oh well, I guess this is just going to be one of those lifetimes."


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 11:48:49 -0400 From: To: Subject: Stuff Message-ID: <>

    Well, It's true, I am back, but not for long. I'm outta here by the end of the month. That's right, I'm getting outta ARKVILLE! And don't expect me to post that much, becasue as the IRCer's are so so sick of hearing, my life is still kinda fucked up. But when I make the move, I'll take my mother's lap-top with me, and if I can get a modem, I'll keep in touch with yous guys. Well, I must go. Oh, and Skadz, I don't know, Mr. Moderator, who let me in? ;)

    later--------------Brian (Favorite song of the week: The House That Jack Built)


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 11:48:43 -0400 From: To: Subject: Dave Matthews Message-ID: <>

    Hey, I just was wondering. I'm looking for someone to dub DMB's albums for me. I'll trade for DT bootlegs or bootlegs from other bands. Anyone interested? I know BEN won't do it.



    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 11:36:29 -0500 From: James Ballou <> To: "''" <> Subject: asdf Message-ID: <>

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    unsubscribe ytsejam robert

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    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 14:15:39 -0400 From: "Frank Benenati" <> To: "" <> Subject: Night Ranger, Mirth and Skadz....and some real penis.... Message-ID: <>

    > From: (Keiji Nishihara) > Hi! > I've read the interview with Alan Fitzgerald(ex-NIGHT RANGER) on Burrn! > mag.(Japanese heavy metal magazine).And he told about reunion of NR.There's > not much information about that,but he said,Jack,Jeff and Alan talked about > reunion at Jack's house and played together there. If we can see them > again,then I want to see complete reunion(with full original members).So I > hope Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy stop their currentry band (Night > Ranger---3 piece band,they released "Feeding Off The Mojo" album last > year.)and join this project.But we shouldn't expect too much... like > Dokken.

    Now THAT Great news!!!

    ****************************** > From: Mithrandir <> > > Thoughts on "load". The title says it all, "Load" of CRAP. I was > unfortunate enough to hear the new Metallica album, and I must say I will > not be spending my hard earned money on it. I'm sorry if I offend anyone who > may like this, but I loathe it. IMHO Metallica has been lost forever in my > ears, Sighsss.

    Amen, haleluya!!!! > > Ellen sucks the semen out of little flesh torpedos, Mithrandir > > ****************************** > From the Almighty Skadz: > > Well let us just say that I know two other graduates from your High school, > > and they are both freaks. I guess that your mother got smart after you

    > > graduated from Chaminade, and sent her to a real school. > > What's wrong with being a freak?????? > As for my Mom getting smart, I think it may have been more based on the > fact that Chaminade is all male and my sister is female :)


    Kick his ass, kick his ass, Skadz!!!!


    > From: matt rosin <>

    > ...but i promise you i'm not the only one offended.

    If I was out to walk on eggshells....I wouldn't have written it...

    I was creating the image of jailors and merchant sailors that enjoy a little 'friendly' companionship when out of society for a while......Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "gay" ....ok????? But to tell you the honest truth.......In today's society...being a white, heterosexual male.....I'm more offended on a daily basis just by watching the anti-male, anti-hetero overtones in all forms of comercial communication...FURTHER MORE, I am offended at the fact that you jumped all over my post when it was something spoken in complete jest!....So maybe my word choice was a little harsh, maybe not......hey, buddy...I have gay friends too....does that mean I condone it???? NO...I don't condone it....I think it's wrong : AND THATS MY FUCKING OPINION!!!!!!!!!!


    .am I sorry for painting a harsh picture???? NO, I am not....Am I sorry for your feelings??? No, I am not....So basically, your post was a waste of type and bandwidth..... I don't give a shit if you post your politically correct mumblings....I don't bother reading yourself a big favor and don't read my posts then.....

    Thats why there is a delete and backspace button on your machine....use it....and if you don't.....don't ever try to blame me again for being offended..... ^^^^ > ok, preach mode off.

    Good.....keep it off....I don't preach to don't think of doing it to me....


    M O J O D O N ' T P L A Y T H A T G A M E !!!!!!


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:25:37 -0600 From: (Sheila Swanson) To: Subject: New Albums Message-ID: <>

    I just picked up Load and Down on the Upside. Here are my thoughts.

    LOAD Great album. Sure, it contradicts my image of Metallica, but they can do what they want, and if I don't like it all I have to do is sell it to the used store. The production is weak, But the songs really get my attention. It sounds a little like grunge at first, but that's just because the guitars are so buried. The new look, however, I can do without. They look like fucking fashion models or something. Lars looks especially insecure with himself. It looks like he hates looking so dumb.

    DOWN ON THE UPSIDE A little lighter than the previous Soundgarden stuff. It still has the same basic SG elements, i.e. depressing lyrics, great vocals, great guitar, and some really cool rhythm work. IMHO Kim Thayil did not contribute nearly enough material. The best song (Never the Machine Forever) is in something like 9/16 time, and has a great groove. I love it, and the artwork rules. Same with the packaging.

    Later, Cory


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:30:01 -0600 (MDT) From: brax@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Bracken MacLeod) To: Subject: Re: Load Message-ID: <9606091930.AA70830@lamar.ColoState.EDU>

    Hey Ben, Quit yelling at me. <HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY DID IT JUST FOR MONEY? DID YOU _TALK_ TO METALLICA PERSONALLY? ARE YOU GOOD FRIENDS? DID THEY SAY THE EXACT WORDS OF...> I can hear you just fine. Although, I assumed you would understand that I was being facetious about the jillion dollars thing. I was describing what I interpret as a complete shift in direction and ideals for one of my (formerly) favorite bands. No I didn't talk to them. Hmmm, another failure of someone's sarcasm on the 'jam. Imagine that. By the way, simply because I have a different opinion than you about Slacktallica's new album does NOT mean that I am ignorant. It means I am opinionated, for certain, and maybe even a little belligerant at times. But I am not ignorant. About checking my facts, <Jose> (my only real claim to ignorance) I referred to Serrano later in the post. I often confuse my offensive homoerotic artists (insert sarcasm HERE). I fucked up for real there. Oops. I MEANT Serrano, not Mapplethorpe (although I like both of them). And now for something completely different. If any of you are into heavier music (ie., Metallica, Flotsam, etc.) check out the newest Fear Factory (a fav of J. Newsted's), Demanufacture. Very cool, very heavy, the album (IMHO IMHO IMHO) that Metallica should've made. I hope I've made myself a little more clear here. Sorry that I pissed you off Ben. Say your mantra. I didn't mean for you to take it personally.

    Slainte, Bracken

    "...Behold the superfluous, they vomit their gall, and call it a newspapaer." Nietzsche


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