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      1) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1612
     by Michael Bahr <>
      2) mojo and his temper
     by matt rosin <>
      3) Tori .....
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
      4) DT clinics
     by Darren Redick <>
      5) my 3 reasons why i think metallica rips people off
     by RipZero <>
      6) chill
     by The Digital Man <>
      7) Load
     by (Mike Estok)
      8) Album Titles
     by Ben Laussade <>
      9) Re: Shadow Gallery
     by (Chris White)
     10) Portnoy clinics
     by "L. Jason Hartman" <>
     11) Please get AQ
     by (Jon Kretschmer)
     12) Marillion question
     by (Aaron K Silverman)
     13) Watchtower & NYC Clubs
     by (Aaron K Silverman)
     14) The other address...
     by Bernd Basmer <>
     15) Down to the Wire


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:27:28 -0700 (MST)
    From: Michael Bahr <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1612
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi everyone! Time to answer to some posts...

    > From:
    > Subject: INFO ON SUB. CD
    > I would am interested on knowing what is on the Subconcious CD. If it
    > contains DT or other Progressive stuff i will be interested in buying it.

            It is entirely made up of DT material, most of it considerably
    rare. The problem with "just buying it" is that it's well out of print
    and originals can command prices from the original $25 (if the re-seller is
    a real cool person) to over $100. However! You can get a replica CD from
    James Colberg ( for the original $25, and it should be
    well worth it. About the only downside to having the Colberg version is
    that it's not a "genuine original", so unless you're a completist, it
    shouldn't be an issue.

            The contents include the first version of A Change of Seasons
    that most of us ever heard, a version of Eve with sampled lyrics, studio
    demos like Don't Look Past Me, Carry That Weight, and Mission Impossible;
    the acoustic version of To Live Forever; a strange cover of Wanted Dead
    or Alive that features Kevin Moore and Rich Kern on... ah... vocals; and
    two tracks from Uncovered: the Rush and Tori Amos covers.

    > From: "James R. McKenzie" <>
    > I am gonna ask a stupid question here. Who is MIKE BAHR?! I admit I don't
    > get a whole bloody hell of alot of stuff in the progressive vein out here so
    > I might have missed the best thing since JUNK FOOD (.) (.). Please don't

            Coooooool! I'm the coolest thing since JUNK FOOD! Yeah!! I've GOT
    to tell the band members this one, they'll fall apart laughing. But
    seriously, Jim, it's not a stupid question if nobody's answered it for
    you yet, so here goes...

    > What kinda stuff does Mr. Bahr do? Has he been with a band or any bands
    > that were of any notablity? I know some of you have heard of the man and
    > will say the hell has thuis fatt-boy been? Well, in the area I live in

            To understand what I do, I'll give you a little background.

            As of December 1994, I was just another Jammer. I was in college,
    worked a shitty job, my band Scoobaca had just started up and we couldn't
    play shit yet, and I was very involved with the 'Jam... I posted all the
    time about all sorts of shit and made some friends. I was also very into
    trading bootlegs, which is how this all came about.

            One fine day on the Jam, there was an argument about making a
    fan-tape compilation for a tape tree of all the great stuff DT had done.
    Since I'm pretty good at opening my mouth and saying more than I should
    have, I argued that we should just make a CD with all the best stuff, and
    have all the Jammers pay for it. Somebody directed the question back at
    me: "So who's gonna make this CD? You?" to which I had to answer, to save
    face "OK, in that case, I *will* make it! In your face!" :)

            Well at this point I'm totally nervous because I've essentially
    just agreed to do something very illegal and to invest a couple grand of
    my own money on top of that. But I risked it, and the Ytsejammers put
    more confidence in me than they probably should have... and the CD was
    done, and the CD sold out in 2 months. It was called Subconscious.

            Around about the time Subcon was done and I was still getting
    requests for it (and kicking myself for not printing 1000 instead of
    500), I put together a Rush Cd called Cygnus. It's from the Hemispheres
    tour... soundboard, etc. But the folks on didn't dig it,
    so I just had to stick with the DT fans. My next CD, "Acoustic Dreams",
    sold out less than 2 weeks after shipping began. It contains DT unplugged
    from Europe, and other soundboard tracks... the quality is very high.
    This one currently commands a higher price than Subconscious, especially
    since there are no replicas of AD being printed.

            I knew I had to start making larger print runs. I released the
    long-awaited "When Dream And Today Unite" in January of this year, with
    a print run of 1000. Good thing too... the initial 500 were in and out
    like the Alpha run of Magic: The Gathering. I'm about halfway through the
    second 500... this CD is still available.

            This entire time, by the way, I'd been sending complimentary
    copies to Mike Portnoy to sort of "test the waters" with regards to this
    whole "boot thing", and he gave some to his friends and so on, and
    everything seemed cool... as long as I didn't get an ego and start
    producing mass quantities, I could probably just keep doing my humble
    fan-projects undetected (or purposefully ignored, either way was fine).

            I released DT "Antiquities" and "Scenes From A Memory" this
    spring. Both are currently available... though I'm running pretty short
    of Antiquities. They were runs of 500.

            So now it's June 1996, and I'm just another Jammer. But I make
    neat CDs and I've got a whole buttload of good friends now, and it's all
    thanks to the Jam. I've met and hung out with Dream Theater and other
    prominent folk, and they've always been real cool to me. My band Scoobaca
    doesn't suck anymore, I have a much better job, and my home town finally
    has a hockey and a baseball team!! Life kicks ass.

            If you want to get ahold of these CDs (and this is, of course, an
    open invitation to anyone) please e-mail me at and
    I'll give you all the important info about it.

            Go Diamondbacks and Coyotes!! ...and Suns, and, God help us, Cards.

    > From: "James R. McKenzie" <>
    > Subject: Where does a soul find DT T-SHirts and other such goodies?
    > I cannot get 'em in any stores. Camelot says nope, Dick Jockey Says nope,
    > Bockbuster Music says Nope, Oh Callcutta (local place) says never heard of
    > 'em ; the t-shirts that is. That taps out this area completely. It ain't
    > like there's any real danger of DT doin' a concert in this area. Pee Dee

            We rarely find them for general sale. You might consider
    contacting their management and seeing what you can find out about
    directly purchasing them.

            Warning to all: this address is for BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY. If
    you use it, it had better be for a reason. The band maintains their own
    contacts with folks. This is their MANAGEMENT.
            Focus Management
            11 Penn Plaza suite 910
            New York, NY 10001

    > The next part was the best part of the night for me. He played along with
    > a DAT of Raise the Knife in its 12-minute entirety! The DAT did not
    > contain vocals, but I could tell already this one will be a classic. Just
    > a very cool melodic jam containing lots of change of tempo. It is very

            I'm glad more people are hearing this. Did they play Carnival of
    Clams or Where Are You Now? The versions of each that I have heard are
    fantastic. I can't wait for the new release!!

    > I guess you can call it a world premiere of sorts. He played along to a
    > DAT of a new song called You or Me. He played it as a demonstration of
    > not always having to incorporate changing time sigs in a song. This song
    > is played in 4/4 and sounds EXTREMELY cool! This one had James' vocals on

            Ahhh... so THIS is the "not enough beats" song that Mike was
    referring to when he mentioned it. Derek really digs this one, he'd like
    it to be the lead-off single.

    > From: (Sheila Swanson)
    > Subject: New Albums
    > I just picked up Load and Down on the Upside. Here are my thoughts.
    > LOAD
    > Great album. Sure, it contradicts my image of Metallica, but they can do
    > what they want, and if I don't like it all I have to do is sell it to the
    > used store. The production is weak, But the songs really get my attention.
    > It sounds a little like grunge at first, but that's just because the guitars

            Indeed, and I agree. I find it hard to believe that anyone with a
    mind open enough to appreciate Dream Theater would dislike this new turn
    from Metallica. I really dig Hero of the Day, The House Jack Built,
    Bleeding Me, and Mama Said.

    > are so buried. The new look, however, I can do without. They look like
    > fucking fashion models or something. Lars looks especially insecure with
    > himself. It looks like he hates looking so dumb.

            Heheheh. Yup, they look like goobers now. Newsted wasn't a
    surprise since he had his head shaved for the Shit in the Sheds tour '94.

            Anyone's welcome to post up replies, arguments, or e-mail me
    directly for any reason, as always... stay hungry folks.

    - voluntas vincit omnia - Mike Bahr - -


    Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 15:37:36 -0500
    From: matt rosin <>
    Subject: mojo and his temper
    Message-ID: <>

    >> ok, preach mode off.
    >Good.....keep it off....I don't preach to you.....

    you just did.

    i responded to what you wrote in a civilized, restrained, and
    mature manner. i find it sad that you can't do the same. my
    post, since you obviously didn't get it, was not condemning
    you or your beliefs. it was simply saying that doing that
    could cause a flame war as bad as the religion flame wars
    we've had in the past. that's all. i would say that it was
    you who jumped all over me, quite possible causing exactly the
    thing that i was warning against. you don't gain anyone's respect
    by attacking a fellow jammer like that. i would hope that you
    would be a little more mature in the way you react, but apparently
    not. grow up. temper-tantrums are for pre-schoolers.


    m a t t r o s i n
    S U R R E A L I T Y
    dark ethereal music


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 16:41:02 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
    Subject: Tori .....
    Message-ID: <>

    Just heard on the radio ...

    June 25th - Tori Amos Unplugged on MTV



    | Ryan P Skadberg                          |
    | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p  e r  |
    | |
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     \                "Dead Winter Dead"  - Savatage                       /


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 22:14:21 GMT From: Darren Redick <> To: Subject: DT clinics Message-ID: <>

    Does anyone know if anyone from DT will be doing any clinics in the UK?



    Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 16:27:28 -0500 From: RipZero <> To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <> Subject: my 3 reasons why i think metallica rips people off Message-ID: <>

    this came up a while back, and no, i dont KNOW metallica, but i have reason to believe they're money hungry or else they really like to kiss the record company's ass.

    1- theyre cds are full blown price, always seem to be 16 dollars no matter where i go 2- you cant get their stuff from cd clubs, most likely because they dont want people getting good deals on it. 3- theyre changing their image to remain 'radio friendly' and trying to get in with the biggest money pushers.

    'nuff said? arguements are welcomed :) ~Rip


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 18:51:46 -0400 (EDT) From: The Digital Man <> To: Ytse Jam <> Subject: chill Message-ID: <>

    OK, ok, ok. Ding fuckin' ding. Everyone into his own corner. Let's all take a deep breath, sit back, have a glass of water, and don't think about Metallica, gay people, the holocaust, or anything else that's going to rile you up.

    Feel better?

    Good. OK. Stop being idiots, all of you. If you have something to say about the Metallica album, good *or* bad, just say it. Don't say "you suck for disagreeing," don't say "IMHO means you're an asshole," just say what you want to say and let that be it. If, for some reason, you feel compelled to discuss the physics behind a jump from the Verrazano Bridge, let yourself hit the water, and not a boat. You know you can't construct metaphors that don't piss people off, so just don't. If you went to St. Anthony's high school, well... uh... um, well, God help you. :) If you happen to moderate this list, I changed my password again. :) Now, everybody be nice for a while. We've got a long dry spell comin'. Thank God Scenes is due soon. We'll have some real DTC for a couple of days.

    -Sick of it all, D

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Digital Man \|/ ____ \|/ Secretary "@'/ ,. \`@" UVM Comp Sci Student Assn /_| \__/ |_\ "He won't need a bed \__U_/ He's a digital man" - Peart


    Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 19:25:31 -0400 From: (Mike Estok) To: Subject: Load Message-ID: <>

    >i'm curious as to why Metallica chose this particular name for their new >album. did it ever occur to anyone that they may have known what kind of a >response they'd get from the older fans, so they used the name _Load_ for >the album title?

    Lars said they chose it because it is something that can mean a whole bunch of things, or nothing. They stressed that this cd has no themes and it is about nothing. Hence, the title.

    >> HOW COULD THAT BE, because as you SEE, only about ONE OUT of TEN >> PEOPLE actually LIKED the ALBUM!!!

    Actually, that doesn't mean they didn't sell out. They are turning off all of the old Metallica fans. Alot of my friend's younger brothers and sisters really like the new Metallica. Those brothers and sisters are all pre or early teens. Now Metallica is being mentioned in the same breath as "rock gods" Silverchair, Oasis, and Soul Asylum. Now that's fucking scary, and it pisses me off.



    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 17:29:11 -0700 From: Ben Laussade <> To: Subject: Album Titles Message-ID: <>

    >i'm curious as to why Metallica chose this particular name for their new >album. did it ever occur to anyone that they may have known what kind of a >response they'd get from the older fans, so they used the name _Load_ for >the album title? >

    I'd imagine that releasing the album was a considerable load taken off of their collective chest. Mebbe?

    >Really? Was that track recorded at the same time as the rest of "Load?" >(I think this is curious because I thought Lars had sworn off using >double-bass except for touring.) >

    I dunno. Even so, though, Lars does a few double kick triplet-crash thingies (is there a name for those?) on 2x4. It's not completely gone. The thing that suprised me the most, though, was that he used his left foot on the hi-hat!

    >Hey, I just was wondering. I'm looking for someone to dub DMB's albums for >me. I'll trade for DT bootlegs or bootlegs from other bands. Anyone >interested? I know BEN won't do it.

    Damn skippy.

    >later--------------Brian (Favorite song of the week: The House That Jack >Built) >

    Especially since you stole my .sig format.

    >I don't give a shit if you post your politically correct mumblings....I >don't bother reading yourself a big favor and don't read my >posts then.....

    If you didn't bother reading it, what were you replying to?

    >I can hear you just fine. Although, I >assumed you would understand that I was being facetious about the jillion >dollars thing. I was describing what I interpret as a complete shift in >direction and ideals for one of my (formerly) favorite bands. No I >didn't talk to them. Hmmm, another failure of someone's sarcasm on the >'jam. Imagine that.

    The "jillion dollars" is obvious sarcasm, but "They should have stayed true to their talents, and not tried to make another jillion dollars with this trendier and more pop oriented album." isn't. If you say you didn't mean that, that that's not sarcasm....that's lying.

    >By the way, simply because I have a different opinion than you >about Slacktallica's new album does NOT mean that I am ignorant. It >means I am opinionated, for certain, and maybe even a little belligerant >at times. But I am not ignorant.

    Yes that was ignorance. You didn't not say "it seems to me that they did this for money". That would be opinion. You said they DID do it for money. You stated that as if it were a fact, and you have no proof that it is, and that is ignorance.

    >I hope I've made myself a little more clear here. Sorry that I >pissed you off Ben. Say your mantra. I didn't mean for you to take it >personally.

    I didn't. It wasn't an attack on me.

    >And now for something completely different. If any of you are >into heavier music (ie., Metallica, Flotsam, etc.) check out the newest >Fear Factory (a fav of J. Newsted's), Demanufacture. Very cool, very >heavy, the album (IMHO IMHO IMHO) that Metallica should've made.

    What does that mean? "Should've" as in there are rules for making music? You mean "the album that I would have liked to hear". Also, what fun is having two albums that are the same? Gets repetitive, then boring. To me, anyways.

    And I listen openly.... Ben Laussade


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 96 21:01:33 EDT From: (Chris White) To: Subject: Re: Shadow Gallery Message-ID: <>

    >> Also what kind of music is SHADOW GALLERY?

    > i believe _Carved in Stone_ is their only cd currently available.

    Actually, you can get their self-titled album as an import from I havn't gotten it because it's rather expensive... Also, I've been talking to one of the guys in the band, and they may be re-releasing the album in the states (this is very up in the air right now though). I've heard a few sound clips from their first album and it sounds really cool, so I'm hoping they will release it here. Chris


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 23:01:09 -0400 (EDT) From: "L. Jason Hartman" <> To: Subject: Portnoy clinics Message-ID: <>

    Does anyone know who is the sponsor for Mike's clinic tour? Is it Tama or Sabian or something? If we could find out who is running it, would could contact them and find out a list of dates.

    How come nobody ever shares this info until AFTER the event?

    -- ************************************************************************** * Jason Hartman "I am the Killing Hand!" * * * * You're fighting the weight of the world, * * and no one can save you this time. * * Close your eyes - you can find all you need in your mind. * * * * "Take the Time" - Dream Theater * **************************************************************************


    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 21:34:47 +0800 From: (Jon Kretschmer) To: Subject: Please get AQ Message-ID: <v01510104ade082f36d7b@[]>

    Mike Bahr said that they are still available, and you DONT want to be hurting when they are all sold out, and you have to scrounge around for a copy.

    This CD is very, VERY well done. I think it just might have a permanent spot in my car CD player, so those of you that DONT have it yet are missing out. Plus, if Mike doesnt sell out, he will probably end up losing money on the deal.

    Same with WDATU. I wont say that you cant be a true DT fan without these two, but it would be pretty hard.



    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 23:35:45 PST From: (Aaron K Silverman) To: Subject: Marillion question Message-ID: <>

    Hey gang,

    Can anyone email me any info on a Marillion 2-disc live set from about '83 or '84? I'm not sure if it is a bootleg or a regular import. One disc is from a club or theater and the other is (I think) from Hammersmith or some other large arena. It says "Limited Release- 1000 Copies" on the cover, but I don't remember the name.




    Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 23:13:15 PST From: (Aaron K Silverman) To: Subject: Watchtower & NYC Clubs Message-ID: <>


    I agree that Watchtower is pretty kuul, however I think it would have been much better if they had left off the vocals. The music is very complex and would stand on its own as instrumental tunes, and the singing is definitely not up to par with the music. Anyone agree? By the way, Watchtower is VERY thrashy, so if you don't like Metal, don't bother. If you like stuff like Cynic, you'll like Watchtower. Ye who be lookin' for Metal clubs in NYC, I saw Strutter at the Rock & Roll Cafe in the Village the other day. (Excellent show! Explosions, lasers, firebreathing, blood spitting. . .Now I don't feel so bad about not getting tix to the "real thing".) The first wednesday of each month, they have Progressive Rock Nite, where a member of Power Windows plays Prog discs and I think they may have live acts too. I haven't been to that yet, so I don't know for sure.

    Party on,



    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:57:41 +0200 From: Bernd Basmer <> To: Subject: The other address... Message-ID: <>


    So here is another address where you can get the Superior album 'Behind':

    APOCALYPSE Music 27 Swallow Road White, Georgia 30184


    This mail-order company has our CD available same as:

    Empire Entertainment P.O. Box 1756 Sebastopol, CA 95473


    Please choose the one who's nearest to you.




    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 09:09:52 +0200 From: To: Subject: Down to the Wire Message-ID: <v02130500ade179b1e647@[]>

    >Am I missing any of the song since my CD player only goes up to 20 tracks? >Just wondering. Nope.

    NFQA: I've got missing lyrics from the Fates Warning "Inside Out" booklet in the song "Down to the Wire". Its the part before Chorus No.1. Later in the song it goes "I owe my life to..." but in this first missing part, it goes more like:

    I oooooovaaaa looooo to....

    In other words, can someone help me!!!?

    G O B U L L S !!!!!!

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dave King

    "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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