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Date: Wed Jun 12 1996 - 12:35:18 EDT

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                                YTSEJAM Digest 1618

    Today's Topics:

      1) Produce and Dry Goods
     by Pat Sullivan <>
      2) ATTN: L.I. area jammers
     by Mithrandir <>
      3) Clinic
     by John McCabe <>
      4) Re: Bill and Ted, DT boots, Tori
     by Monty Newberry <>
      5) MB as Producer
      6) ferret snot
     by (Andrew Miller)
      7) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1617
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
      8) Socio-Economic Decay in Post-Modern Era
     by (Gordon McFee)
      9) Digest 1617
     10) Rush tribute disc
     by John Hough <>
     11) Kiss (Nodtc)
     by John Hough <>
     12) worried
     13) Bootlegs?
     14) Load of Miasma
     by Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM>
     15) mike bahr the producer


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 22:12:50 -0400
    From: Pat Sullivan <>
    Subject: Produce and Dry Goods
    Message-ID: <>

    > Now I know DT has to pick you to be the producer. But just bring up
    >this up to them. Now I know that you are busy with your band, job, and
    >those awesome CDs. But this could only promote your band, and your CDs.
    >And you could probably quit your job.

    Before I continue, I'd just like to say that this is a GREAT idea...

    Having said that, I think I can predict the response from DT's management
    when our inevitable petition gets to them.

    "we let the band record one lousy EP for these people, and......."

    ..and now we think we run the joint. :)



    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 19:18:20 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Mithrandir <>
    Subject: ATTN: L.I. area jammers
    Message-ID: <>

           Well hello there boys and girls!!!!!!!!

            Anyone living within range of a Newspaper called Newsday here on
    L.I. has to go and pick up Tuesdays edition. On page three in all my glory
    is a picture of me, the Esteemed Mithrandir with a caption underneath. So
    anyone who wants to see what I look like, or just wants to make fun of me
    should see it.

            The recent attacks on Chaminade and St. Anthony's are all in good
    fun. You have to understand these two schools are huge rivals, and we hate
    each other. Chaminade grads are just jealous because we've won the last
    three Football championships. So there!!!!

            No Mojo for a few days. Man is it quiet or what?

            " What color is the sky in your world" Wasn't that from Cheers? I
    believe Frasier asked Cliff that question once.

            Karri; More questions are on the way. Why don't you send me some and
    test me? I actually relish the challenge.

    M I T H R A N D I R P R O F E S S E S W I S E L Y
                         Elen sila lumenn omentilmo, Mithrandir


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 22:22:39 -0400 (EDT)
    From: John McCabe <>
    Subject: Clinic
    Message-ID: <>

    When will the John Petrucci Clinic in Boston be?
    I need to know this right away please!
    Thanks in advance.


    P.S. Post or email me I don't care just hurry!


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 23:11:31 -0500
    From: Monty Newberry <>
    Subject: Re: Bill and Ted, DT boots, Tori
    Message-ID: <>

    > "God gave rock and roll to you... gave rock and rollllllll to everyone"
    > bill and ted flicks kick ass :)
    > ~Rip

            No WAY! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was partly
    responsible for getting me into Iron Maiden ("Put them in the Iron
    Maiden..." "And now, opening for Iron Maiden, Wyld Stallyns..."). GREAT
    flix. Classic humour. Have you noticed how most dumb buddy movies
    involve a blond and brunette (B&T, Beavis and Butthead, Wayne and
            Man, I need to get some cash so I can get more DT boots. All
    this talk about the Mike bahr CDs (the only one I have is AD) and the
    like is just getting me jealous of you all who had the cash to take
    advantage of this. Maybe I can scrounge something up for some of the
    currently available ones.
            Just saw a Tori video earlier today. Though i'm not really into
    her, I do realize she has some good stuff. Definitely some good
    artistic music (such a rarity today).

                                    Dale R. Newberry

            "Socrates. 'The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you
    know nothing.' That's us, dude."
                                     Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 14:18:57 +0000
    Subject: MB as Producer
    Message-ID: <>

    Hiya Jammers,

    I am a recent listener to Mike Bahr's CD's but I have WDATU as well
    as copies of Subconc, AQ, Acoustic Dreams and am damn impressed by
    Mike's production skills. I reckon you should go for it Mike as I am
    sure heaps of other Jammers will support you.



    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 23:20:45
    From: (Andrew Miller)
    Subject: ferret snot
    Message-ID: <>

    >Guitar clinic in Boston. ANYBODY WANNA GIVE ME A RIDE? :-)

    sure Ben. you cover the gas money from Iowa to Nevada, to Boston, and back
    to Nevada, and i'd be happy to pick you up. :) you'd be road-trippin Buick

    >Here's an update from Magna Carta on the upcoming Rush Tribute:

    i'm DEFINITELY ordering this. if what i heard about James singing Red
    Barchetta is true, my life will be complete.


     C O M E V I S I T M Y W E B P A G E!!!!!!!!
     Andrew Miller - keyboardist -
     - SubtleRage (progressive rock)
     - Interum (new age/prog instrumental)


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 23:37:12 -0400
    From: (Ernesto Schnack)
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1617
    Message-ID: <>

    >4. How come nobody mentions Carlos Santana when guitarists are being discussed?
    >This guy has one of the cleanest sounds around, can be very fast if he wants
    >to be, and never hits a bum note. Listen to "Love, Devotion, Surrender" with
    >John McCloughlin and you'll hear what I mean.

    Yeah! Santana rules! Actually, I mentioned a while ago that it'd be cool if
    Petrucci played 'Samba Pa Ti' (which BTW is one of my all-time fave guitar

    Oye como va, mi ritmo. Bueno pa gozar, fulana...

    >Behold, the last thing that I shall say on the Metallica subject, and this
    >goes to anyone that doubts 'Tallica's credibility:
    > Do you have the exact same musical taste as you did 10 years ago?

    Apparently Ben, some people still do. It's iconceivable to me, but
    apparently some people do, because they want Metallica to sound like they
    did 10 years ago.


    Did somebody get Vulgar Display of Power?

    > For people who say Metallica hasn't sold out, what does a band
    >have to do to sell out? Personally I don't see how Metallica could try
    >any harder to sell out.

    So then, if once you you wrote long, epic, heavy songs, and now you write
    short, simple songs, you sold out? Oh ok, 'scuse my ignorance..

    What really annoys me about the whole 'selling out' issue is that, if
    Metallica put out another album like MoP or AJfA, most of the people that
    say Metallica sold out, would probably be saying that they're just repeating
    themselves, and sticking to a formula.

    >Say it isn't so! D.T. a commercial band. I hope i speak for everybody when
    >i say that will never happen. That would break my heart.

    Well look at this way...we've been told that they have 9 songs written which
    sum up to 80min. I&W had 8 songs and under an hour. You do the math.

    > Right about now you should know what I'm getting at. If you don't
    >I'll just say it. I think you should be DT's next producer.

    Well, that could work. But since Bahr himself admits to not knowing much
    about studio recording, it would only work if he teamed up w/ an experienced
    engineer(Debbie Seeger maybe?:) ) But I think Bahr would do a good job...
    I've always thought that the best producer for a band would be one that is a
    fan ( didn't you hear? ceiling fans are excellent producers:) )

    Of course, there is a difference to making CD's out of previosly recorded
    stuff, as to the actual recording process.

    The only problem I see, is that then we won't be able to complain about the
    CD's production on the jam (Mike, I got my Scenes CD, but it has a huge
    scratch on it, what happened?) ;)

    just kidding Mike...I know you're too cool to do such things:)

    Funky Cold Medina
    Ernie :)


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 01:06:56 -0400
    From: (Gordon McFee)
    Subject: Socio-Economic Decay in Post-Modern Era
    Message-ID: <>

    >Finally, is you're hitting the Mytse-Con, GET YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS NOW!
    >Lemme kno if you need info. AND lemme kno when you've made your reservations
    >(including the number of people in your group!). It's only about $22/night per
    >person! LATER-

            Already? Is this the "Ytse-Con" thing in October? If so, I
    wouldn't mind having some information about hotels, costs, location, etc.

    >Here's an update from Magna Carta on the upcoming Rush Tribute:
    >>> The release date is now August 6.

            Excellent <evil laugh>

    >Well, who agrees with me!

            Why not? Bahr obviously is a good guy and is competent which is
    reason enough for me. Mind you, I want the album out soon so it's getting
    close to the point where I'd let Phil Collins produce it.

    "To seek the sacred river Alph, and walk the caves of ice..." - Rush
    "Ashes and Diamonds,Foe and Friend/We were all equal in the end." -Pink Floyd
    "The sands of time were eroded by the river of constant change." - Genesis
    "Others steal your thoughts they're not confined within your mind"-DreamTheater


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 01:28:50 -0400 From: To: Subject: Digest 1617 Message-ID: <>


    # of posts containing DTC: 7

    # of NDTC posts: 11

    # of times the words 'Dream Theater, DT, etc.' appeared: 13 (Not counting headers, quotes, or sigs)

    # of times the word 'Metallica' appeared: 15

    No comment.


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 23:09:39 -0700 From: John Hough <> To: Subject: Rush tribute disc Message-ID: <>

    Got this off of SFK thought some of you would like to see it:

    >Here are the tracks for the upcoming RUSH tribute: Working Man/By-tor & the >Snowdog/Jacob's Ladder/The Analog Kid/La Villa Strangiato/YYZ/Natural >Science/Anthem/The Trees/Mission/Red Barchetta/Freewill/Closer To The Heart >which will be performed by: Brendt Allman, Sebastian Bach, Robert Berry, Jeff >Brockman, Jeff Buckley, Dean Castronovo, Trent Gardner, Stuart Hamm, James >LaBrie, Jake E. Lee, Fates Warning, Jens Johansen, George Lynch, Sean Malone, >Eric Martin, Steve Morse, James Murphy,<< John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy>>, Sean >Reinert, Michael Romeo, Jack Russell, Billy Sheehan, Mark Slaughter and Dean >Townsend. >


    John Hough - G O P A D R E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************************************************** Record: W - 36 L - 26 1st Place

    Tony Gwynn watch for 7th batting title: .330 (06/9/96)


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 23:36:55 -0700 From: John Hough <> To: Subject: Kiss (Nodtc) Message-ID: <>

    Some of you probably know that Kiss is releasing an album on I think the 25th of July?? It will be called "You wanted the best, you got the best" It will have 5 songs from Alive 1, 5 songs from Alive 2 and 4 unreleased live tracks from the original shows that 1 and 2 were recorded from. The Japanese import will have 1 extra track NYGroove.

    Some of you may not know that a while ago, before the reunion tour was a full fledged idea, the most recent incarnation of Kiss Paul, Gene, Bruce, and Eric S. recorded an album that was supposed to come out in March. The album called "Carnival of Souls" was shelved until after the reunion tour. Lucky for us Kiss fans someone stole a copy of this unreleased album and copied it for a few people. The tape is now floating all over the net. I just got a copy of it and holy shit does this rock!! REAL heavy yet still Kiss. Alot of D tuning like DT does on 6:00 and CIAW. So they get the same crunch. They also have a couple of songs with time changes, whoa hold on!!! I think this is the best kiss disc since the took off the makeup, some people on the Kiss army mailing list are calling it their best ever. I will always be partial to the original band, but this is seriously a kick ass disc. I will be willing to make copies of it for anyone who wants a copy. All the FULL songs on it can also be downloaded from I recommend Hate (is what I am) or Rain (down on me) or The Jungle


    John Hough - G O P A D R E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************************************************** Record: W - 36 L - 26 1st Place

    Tony Gwynn watch for 7th batting title: .330 (06/9/96)


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 11:57:06 +0200 From: To: Subject: worried Message-ID: <v02130500ade4407e7c21@[]>

    1. And Ben listens openly... >SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT UUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. >I didn't post this on the 'jam because you be sent mail non-stop Aha...

    3. >>>>>>>>The same record company that did ZERO promotion for DT's singles in the past, is forcing them to create boring 4/4 stuff like anyone else. And then they will let the album die, like they did before. Did they ever push The Silent Man? Did they ever release Innocence Faded? No! And that will happen to the commercial stuff from the new album, too. What's all this radio stuff for, when it's never played on the radio?

    Yes, I AM pissed off.<<<<<<<<<

    Me too. My first impression of "Lifting Shadows..." was it sounded U2-ish. It's one hell of a cool song, though. I just hope (big "knock"s on my Warwick) that DT will not sell out. As long as BALLS AND CHUNK are there, DT rules!!!!!! Record companies are big fuck-ups. See what happened to "Another Day"? Nothing.

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dave King "I'm all alone to..." "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 14:19:33 +0100 From: To: <> Subject: Bootlegs? Message-ID: <>

    Hi all,

    i just subscribed to the Ytsejam-mailing service so i'm very currios about what is going on in this mailing service about the greatest band since Queen. I've been a DT-fan for a few years now. After hearing one of their albums i was sold and bought all their albums. I think their music is the best. The more you listen to it the better it gets.

    Next summer (in 18 days actualy) i'll be going to the USA on my holliday and i would like to buy some bootlegs of DT. I have been looking on the www for one hour now for the bootleg list but i can't find it. The ftp-site doesn't exist. Does anybody know where i can get it or coeld someone send it to me privately? I also would like to know if there are any good cd-stores in San Fransisco where they sell a lot of good DT-bootlegs. I would appreciate it verry much if someone would help me.

    I also have a homepage wich i think looks great. It has got lots of links to nice sites. (Amsterdam, DT, Queen, Cdnow, Ajax, you name it and it's there). Check it out and give me some tips on it.

    I hope to have a good time on the Ytsejam. Let it rock!!

    Gert ************************************************************************* Vistit GERTSCAPE at: The best site found on the WWW ************************************************************************


    Date: 12 Jun 96 09:43:05 EDT From: Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM> To: ytsejam <> Subject: Load of Miasma Message-ID: <960612134304_102346.2730_HHQ63-1@CompuServe.COM>

    >Hey, KIDS!

    Where's Sideshow Bob (preferably the Kelsey Grammer version)?

    >"Let's play something with Satan in it, want to?" James Hetfield...last night. >Ben Laussade

    To quote The Who: "The kids are alright". Good to see some citation. A friendly suggestion, though, you may want to change "last night". What about a week, or month from now? It's not time-sensitive. Oh well, you'll probably have a new sig. by then...

    >All you people out there who say Load sucks either: > >A) haven't listened to it >B) were looking for The Black Album II >c) wouldn't know a good record if it jumped up and bit you in the ass! > >Is this album like Master of Puppets? Uh, NO! But then again this is >1996, NOT 1986! bands progress as time goes by (except for Slayer :) ). >Dream Theater hasn't done WDADU since 1989, and I'm sure when (if) the >next album comes out, it won't sound anything like the last albums.

    Correctamundo! My sentiments exactly. If you really think about it, 'Load' isn't really that big of a jump from TBA. One of John Petrucci's favorite bands comes to mind, U2. Think about the transition from 'The Joshua Tree' (or 'Rattle and Hum', if you prefer), to 'Achtung Baby'. Talk about night and day. My initial reaction to "The Fly" was, "What the--?" That's not Bono...or is it? It took me a while to get used to, but then I got into it. The music was still there, they just chose a different direction. That direction was a result of growth: they opted to get off the soapbox and write material that pleased them. There are some really good songs on that album. Come on, 'Joshua' had black-and-white pictures of the band in the desert, and 'Achtung' has a naked bass player! Zooropa was the next logical progression. Other examples include: Living Colour's 'Vivid' and 'Time's Up', King's X's 'Dogman' and 'Ear Candy', QR's 'Operation: Mindcrime' and 'Empire', and any number of Rush albums. I listed 'Mindcrime' and 'Empire' because the former album was cold, hard, and cruel with Orwellian overtones. The latter has a big, warm production with introspective lyrics, and an overall mellower vibe. For Rush, I'd use 'Moving Pictures' and 'Signals' as examples. The former, aside from being one of my favorite albums, has good production, songs, and energy. The latter could have had better production. It also started the "keyboard" era of Rush. The material is good, but it doesn't move me the way 'MP' does. At least it would provide nomenclature for a Vermont 'Jammer, who will remain anonymous. Change is good. I hope when the new DT album comes out, people aren't so judgmental before they actually (physically) hear it. Whatever direction it is, it's DT. They will prove you wrong. If you don't like it, 'Load', 'Test For Echo', the new Yes project, or anything else, create a friggin' tribute band. Compose material that you like. And stop complaining.

    >This is the group which had "Bon Jovi must die" (more or less) on their guitars.

    Point of clarification: James Hetfield has a white Jackson flying V with a "Kill Bon Jovi" on top of the "Jackson" logo on the headstock. It can be seen on the cover of a "Justice"-era Guitar Player.

    > There's an interview with Alex Lifeson in the latest Sound Choice >Magazine (the BMG Music Service mag) in which he says exactly that. Also >if you e-mail Magna Carta and they will tell you the same >thing.

    Can you please elucidate where you are from? I receive the "Discovery" version for BMG in the U.S. I hope they print the Lerxst article.

    >Subject: YOUR THE ONE!

    Point of clarification: actually, it's "you're" the one.

    For some of the more open-minded 'Jammers, check out Vernon Reid's "Mistaken Identity" album, in stores now. It's all instrumental, but not in ways you are accustomed to. Once again, he's made me pick up my guitar and utter, "Huh?"

    The House I Built,

    G. Jack Thetgyi


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 12:26:21 -0400 From: To: Subject: mike bahr the producer Message-ID: <>

    be interesting, but somehow, i get that feeling.....................

    anyways, i always wondered why someone like petrucci or portnoy do the production themselves. kinda found that bizzare. i'm sure they could.

    dman, welcome home, btw. we're due for a trade, i me when you read this, g.

    i think the list of the people doing clinics at the ngsw this summer was way cool. petrucci (of course, it's like a staple of his now it seems), reeves gabrels (!) and mike keneally (wow!!!!!!!!!!!). too bad i have to work all summer.

    so rush doesn't quite dig the tribute, eh? much for dt touring with them (thank god!).

    well, that's it. peace out.

    *****************************************************************david kobayashi

    "turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream...."

    -j. lennon

    "...funk not only moves, it removes..." -g. clinton *****************************************************************


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