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      1) YTSEJAM digest 1617
     by "Steven Johnson" <>
      2) Re: RQ's CD Player
     by (A G Stiles)
      3) To Darren Redick!
     by Kris Claerhout <104074.3015@CompuServe.COM>
      4) Dates of Petrucci clinics
     by Thomas Bell <>
      5) JP clinic
      6) my dying bride, paradise lost
     by matt rosin <>
      7) Re: Matt and MOJO man
     by Mason Pokladnik <>
      8) mausoleum records.
     by matt rosin <>
      9) Bands' changing styles, Ytsejam raison detre
     by (Zack Gemmill)
     10) scenes from a memory...
     by mrkizer@CCGATE.HAC.COM
     11) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1618
     by Spirit in a Material World <>
     12) musical tastes/KISS/King Crimson
     by Pat Daugherty <>
     13) Musica
     by Davide <>
     14) un-subscribe
     15) IRC troubles resolved
     by "Ryan Whitaker (Samsonite)" <>
     16) Scenes From a Memory's surprise
     by "Ryan Whitaker (Samsonite)" <>
     17) S T U F F .


    Date: 12 Jun 1996 09:27:09 GMT
    From: "Steven Johnson" <>
    Subject: YTSEJAM digest 1617
    Message-ID: <>

    *** Reply to note of 06/11/96 20:58
    Hey, Gentle Ben.....the argument on Metallica isn't whether they or we have
    the same musical taste as we did 10 years ago. The argument is did they change
    their "taste" while maturing their music or was it an effort to become more
    accessible/commercially successful. Too many METAL fans feel it was the later.
    A greater number fo borderline metal fans and non-metal fans believe the
    former. As eExtreme said: Three sides to every story...yours, mine and the
    truth (or yours, mine and Monday morning's depending on which part of the disc
    you want to paraphrase :) ).

    Anthrax is a great example. They have definitely changed over the years and
    they have definitely matured (better with John Bush? that's a personal
    opinion, too). But they have done this while maintaining their long-time fans'
    respect as well as their own integrity. I and many others feel Metallica
    hasn't done this.

    DT has and, hopefully, will continue. I think someone just mentioned their
    label buggin' the boys about more radio friendly stuff for better audience
      I'll bet Metallica came to the same crossroads, albeit on a different level.
    They were already a huge, though non-mainstream, band. They took it to the
    next logical step in fan-base/monetary growth. Will DT do the same? In the
    previously mentioned post the writer hoped it wouldn't be songs like
    "Innocence Faded". I agree. "Lie" would be a great direction to stay in as far
    as 4/4, radio-written songs go. It's not a compromise in judgement, but easier
    for folx to get into than Space Dye Vest.



    "You may remember me from such movies as 'The Revenge of Abe
    Lincoln' and 'The Wackiest Covered Wagon in the West'"
                                               - actor Troy McClure


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 11:33:39 -0500
    From: (A G Stiles)
    Subject: Re: RQ's CD Player
    Message-ID: <>

    WOW !!!

    Robert you are amazing. I didn't have time to read your home
    page, but please tell me you did this for a school project or
    the like (or better yet, you got paid for it!). That is *THE
    BEST* CD player I have seen. Much better than Windoze95, corel,
    and all the rest.

    Setting it up to associate my CD ID# with your lyrics files was
    cryptic at first, but makes perfect sense now. Any thoughts on
    putting the play/pause button on the toolbar? If not, it's still
    an outstanding piece of work. Kudos to you. If you are ever
    passing through Columbus, Indiana look me up. I'll buy you a drink
    or dinner or wash your car..... Needless to say, I AM IMPRESSED.

    Everyone out in Ytse-land needs to get this program!

    Thanks again, Robert.


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    Date: 12 Jun 96 12:34:10 EDT
    From: Kris Claerhout <104074.3015@CompuServe.COM>
    To: <>
    Subject: To Darren Redick!
    Message-ID: <960612163410_104074.3015_IHM45-2@CompuServe.COM>


    Nice to see you're still on the Ytsejam! I'll be back with Tony in October for
    more gigs.

    I know you knwo who I mean! Remember London!



    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:52:48 -0400
    From: Thomas Bell <>
    Subject: Dates of Petrucci clinics
    Message-ID: <199606121752.NAA07841@inx>

     I am curious to find out if JP is going to be doing any other clinics
    around the country besides in Boston?


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 14:09:02 PDT
    To: Ytsejam <>
    Subject: JP clinic
    Message-ID: <>

    The John Petrucci clinic in Boston is on June 18th at 7:00pm.
    It is being held at Guitar Center. It is a free clinic. No
    purchase of tickets are necessary. Just show up at the door.

    Robert Barker(Ibanez)
    Name: Barker
    Date: 6/12/96
    Time: 2:09:02 PM


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:15:01 -0500
    From: matt rosin <>
    Subject: my dying bride, paradise lost
    Message-ID: <>

    for those interested, i just received confirmation from
    FLG/Fierce, my dying bride's US label, that MDB and
    paradise lost will be touring the US together beginning in
    early august! i can't wait! what a line-up!
    there's also been rumors that amorphis might be on the bill
    as well...

    m a t t r o s i n
    S U R R E A L I T Y
    dark ethereal music


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:18:31 -0500 (CDT)
    From: Mason Pokladnik <>
    Subject: Re: Matt and MOJO man
    Message-ID: <>

    uhh... I don't think sexual preference has anything to do with this list
    but I can pretty safely say matt is not gay and get over it there are bet
    tter things to waste bandwidth discussing

    Mason has spoken!

    -Mason Pokladnik - -


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 13:26:03 -0500
    From: matt rosin <>
    Subject: mausoleum records.
    Message-ID: <>

    >Subject: a coupla questions
    >Message-ID: <>
    >#1: Does anyone know what happened to Mausoleum Records? I haven't gotten
    >any promotional stuff from them in aeons,

    they're still around. actually, they're releaseing a new voivod
    cd pretty much as we speak. as for the affiliation with magna
    carta thing, i haven't heard anything about that, though that
    doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    m a t t r o s i n
    S U R R E A L I T Y
    dark ethereal music


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 11:44:13 PDT
    From: (Zack Gemmill)
    Subject: Bands' changing styles, Ytsejam raison detre
    Message-ID: <9606121844.AA18264@tengs1>

    (I hope I spelled that right)

    >Behold, the last thing that I shall say on the Metallica subject, and this
    >goes to anyone that doubts 'Tallica's credibility:
    > Do you have the exact same musical taste as you did 10 years ago?

    Apparently Ben, some people still do. It's iconceivable to me, but
    apparently some people do, because they want Metallica to sound like they
    did 10 years ago.
    I don't have the same musical taste I did *two* years ago. But
    moving on, all the comparisons to Rush, Queensryche, etc. changing
    their styles are wrong. The former bands still sound like themselves.
    Time sig's. aren't aplenty now, but the musicians aren't playing any
    less complexly (is that a word?) on their instruments. Rush can be
    forgiven for changing styles and experimenting (like Presto) since
    their *volume* of material is so massive. Load sounds like the band
    that did the black album changed styles. I don't know why everyone's
    complaining about people complaining about wanting Metallica to sound
    like they did in the late '80s. MOP and AJFA were completely
    different sounding albums, but they both still kicked ass. Awake is
    the same DT that did WDADU, more mature, but still DT. If DT had done
    an album that contained Another Day, WfS, IF, and LSoaD, what the hell
    would we have thought of them? Well, some of you might've liked it---
    the ones who think Dominici should rejoin the band.
    Subject: Digest 1617


    # of posts containing DTC: 7

    # of NDTC posts: 11

    # of times the words 'Dream Theater, DT, etc.' appeared: 13 (Not
    counting headers, quotes, or sigs)

    # of times the word 'Metallica' appeared: 15

    No comment.

    Okay, then, I will...

    This list is primarily for Dream Theater, but it is also
    for *related bands*. One could make the case that Metallica
    _used_ to be progressive, and is thus related to DT. Hell,
    we've tolerated Tori Amos talk for years, and I know she
    isn't progressive (musically). So maybye the real purpose of
    the 'jam manifests itself: open-minded free-forum conversation
    about music that doesn't suck.


    Currently in the player: Metallica - _Load_, _AJFA_ (Japanese
    import version with "The Prince"), Enchant - _Blueprint of the
    World_, Fates Warning - _Chasing Time, Scorpions - _Pure Instinct_.


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 11:53:59 PST
    From: mrkizer@CCGATE.HAC.COM
    Subject: scenes from a memory...
    Message-ID: <9605128346.AA834605479@CCGATE.HAC.COM>

         Got my CD the other day and finally got some time to listen to it...
         once again, excellent work Mike. A great collection of rarities,
         almost like Antiquities II. Brief synopsis:
            The first four tracks are very cool, I am surprised that they let
         Charlie go. He is such an energetic person, he seemed very excited to
         be there performing <G>... Distant Echoes is a cool little piece (is
         this a Kevin Moore creation?)
            Eve - great version
            6:00, Lifting Shadows, CIAW - cool versions of these songs as well,
         CIAW is quite a bit different from the Awake version (I'll have to do
         a side-by-side comparison later)...
            ACOS - Mike is right on with his liner note comments on this track.
            Oliver's Twist - I think I'll have to listen to this track a few
         more times... I beleive I have heard this song somewhere before <G>.
            Only a Matter of Time - fragment of a John Arch audition.
            Autumn Moon - cool composition, I only wish it was longer...
         So, run, don't walk and go order this disc... actually, get all of
         Mike Bahr's CDs, they will truly make your DT collection something
         special (and your friends jealous!)....
         BTW, I want to send a big thank you to James Colberg for the fine
         selection of DT collectables that he sent me, I ordered quite a bit
         from him and had the package in my hands in just over a week. Thanks
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    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 15:17:15 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Spirit in a Material World <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1618
    Message-ID: <>

            So someone tell me about petrucci clinics over the summe ... I
    know that he is doing a few clinics for the NSGW (national summer guitar
    workshop for the "acronym-impaired). i don't know if you can attend
    these clinics unless you are signed up for the course ...

            and i just found out that Ibanez has re-released the Black 7
    string monster of Steve Vai fame! just picked up the '96 catalog and
    there it was, big, bad, and ready for really low crunch! my washington
    music center has it for $1215 ($120 dowpayment to actually get them to
    order it) w/o case. A deal! So for all you people who have always
    wanted to chug along to "Lie", "CIAW", or "The Mirror" or have been
    looking for that extra low crunch which will make everyone in your
    neighborhood jealous (or annoyed), get one today! I will!


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 15:53:25 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Pat Daugherty <>
    To: Dream Theater Mailing List <>
    Subject: musical tastes/KISS/King Crimson
    Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960612154524.3663E-100000@bdmserver>

    My musical tastes are primarily the same as it was 10 years ago. I prefer
    hard rock/heavy metal. Nowdays I am more into prog rock/metal, but
    that is still hard rock/metal.

    LOAD is a hard rock/metal album. It is not thrash, but it still rocks.

    There's talk of a new KISS live album being released that contains stuff
    from Alive I and II. How much of those 2 albums were really live? Theres
    all these rumors/facts that most of the crowd noise was from Monday Night
    Football. Some of the songs were not recorded live. They just added crowd
    noise. I dont know why they did all this fake stuff since I have boots
    that sound better than Alive I and II and III.

    Who is in King Crimson nowdays? I am contemplating going and see them in
    concert to really see if I like them. The only cd I have is Larks... with
    Wetton and Fripp and I do like it but I know they hae had many lineup
    changes since. How long are their sets nowdays? What are all the
    instruments that they play nowdays?

    | Pat Daugherty |
    | "Every breath leaves me one less to my last" --Dream Theater |
    | "That is not an option, Mr. Mulder" --X-Files |
    |The Baltimore Orioles-The team to beat in 1996!!!!!!! | Go DC United! |


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:52:50 +0200
    From: Davide <>
    Subject: Musica
    Message-ID: <>

    I'm intrested in buying a copy of Acoustic Dream and a copy of When
    Dream And Today Unite (also not the original ones by Mike Bahr....) can
    anyone help me?

        ____              __           __
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    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 17:19:56 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Subject: un-subscribe Message-ID: <>



    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1991 15:24:47 +0000 From: "Ryan Whitaker (Samsonite)" <> To: Subject: IRC troubles resolved Message-ID: <>

    Pat Daugherty <> wrote: Using irc from my brother's account: I type irc I get connected to some server I type /server 2112 then it always says connecting to server on port 6667 then it fails

    any ideas? ------

    Instead of /server 2112 try: /server

    That thould retholve everything.



    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1991 17:45:41 +0000 From: "Ryan Whitaker (Samsonite)" <> To: Subject: Scenes From a Memory's surprise Message-ID: <>

    Oliver's Twist -------------- I couldn't wait to find out what the surprise was about this puppy. All I can say is that it is indeed a surprise. It's really weird hearing something that's supposed to be kind of recent in a song that's from 1991 or so. Oh well. Fun listening.

    That's pretty much the only song I've listened to in its entirety from Scenes so far. I haven't had jack for time to listen to the others. I kept it playing while I was taking a shower, and as I was coming out, I heard part of Eve, and it was a really clear live rendition of it.

    BTW, my number is #495, but alas, it's a reserved number. So, this has no bearing on whether yours should have come by now.


    Samsonite Ryan Whitaker,


    Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 19:14:40 -0400 From: To: Planet Motherfucker <> Subject: S T U F F . Message-ID: <>

    Word up, homies...

    Jam 1618:

    > From: > Subject: Digest 1617 > > YTSEJAM DIGEST 1617 > > # of posts containing DTC: 7 > > # of NDTC posts: 11 > > # of times the words 'Dream Theater, DT, etc.' appeared: 13 (Not > counting headers, quotes, or sigs) > > # of times the word 'Metallica' appeared: 15 > > > > > No comment.

    Who IS this motherfucker? Look, dude, for the 50 millionth time, this list is for the discussion of DT and Related Topics. DT hasn't done anything recently, so there's not a vast amount to talk about; and lots of Jammers like Metallica, including me. And people graciously put "Metallica" or "Load" as their subject, so just skip it. Besides, comparatively speaking, the stats you posted (and wow, very comprehensive ones, too) are more or less mildly split: 7 to 11, 13 to 15. Big deal. Sounds roughly like every single other Jam I've gotten all year.

    Stop fucking complaining, brother. We've heard it all before. YOUR post certainly didn't have anything productive to say. And why didn't you sign your name? "No comment." Oooh, you so cool. I don't think I've ever even heard of you before... not a great way to introduce yourself to the Jam.

    Now for some DT Content:

    Mike Bahr as DT's producer... it'd be really cool and all, but I'm not really sure how likely it is to happen, realistically. The record company might not be too enthusiastic about hiring a producer who bootlegged the very band he's working for. And afterward Mike probably wouldn't be able to make his CD's anymore, whether by time constraints or contract obligations or just professional etiquette.

    The producer's impartiality might be a problem too... if I was producing them, I'd just hit the Record button and sit there with my jaw on the floor. Producers have to make tough decisions about stuff like cutting and arranging songs, and I wouldn't want to even try to interfere with DT's work, you know? Producing's a lot more than just twiddling the EQ and mic'ing everything correctly; just like a movie Director does a lot more than just aim the camera. Producers push the band in a certain direction, and often affect the way a band writes and performs their music. Big shoes to fill.

    And the band might have to consider professional aspects. They might want a producer with all these phat qualifications and experience under his belt. And they'd want to be able to work without constant Ytsejammer nagging. You know, we'd all be emailing Mike with suggestions and questions and Frantic Demands for tapeloads of outtakes... and if by chance DT becomes a big successful hit because of Mike's awesome production skillz, then we'd all blame him for making DT sellouts. And he could never show his face on the Jam again...

    But what do I know about the Biz? Nothing. Mike, if you're into all this, and you dig the Producer Thing, then by all means, lobby DT's management for the job and go for it. I wouldn't use Jammer petitions or anything like that, since that might look like Mob Rule or something, or just Incessant Nagging. But if by chance you do get the job, you could snag yourself a cool rep in music circles. (A coolER rep, I mean) And a phat career, full of fame & fortune; wine, women, and song; Scoobacca: The Next Led Zeppelin; Star Wars figures as far as the eye can see. Wow... are you all having Vicarious Delusions Of Grandeur yet?

    [All this is IMNSHO.]

    Mike, if you do get to produce them, how about pulling some strings and letting me draw the cover and booklet art? <grin>

    "Uh, Mr. Bahr, you did a great job producing the band's album, but is it really necessary to enclose a free Magic card with each CD?"

    I do, however, think that at least he'll be included in the Thank You's on the next album. Which is still pretty cool.

    And whoever suggested that Portnoy or Petrucci produce it themselves, right on. Good idea. I'd also like to see DT get back together with Terry Date... WDADU wasn't very impressively produced by Date, but since then, he has done some really awesome production jobs with Pantera and White Zombie (and a bunch of other bands whose names momentarily escape me).

    Speaking of which...

    Dallas/Fort Worth Jammers: If any of you are going to the Pantera/White Zombie concert on July 13 at the Starplex, email me... maybe we can get together before the show or something. Eat, drink, hang out, paint our faces, etc.


    Scott. Has The Boo-Yah


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