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Date: Sun Jun 16 1996 - 02:54:33 EDT

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      1) True, Load is BAD
     by (DUSTY VESTAL)
      2) "asdf" (WWW generated email)
     by Mike Leach <MLEACH@ADMIN.FSU.EDU>
     by Pat Sullivan <>
      4) mindless childish bullshit
     by (Andrew Miller)
      5) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1614 NDTC!
     by (Zack Gemmill)
      6) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1624
     by Jeffrey David Olson <>
      7) Digital Man found with ax on Syrinx's door! News at 11!@
     by Mike <>
      8) subconscious worth?
     by Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU>
      9) Who's Your Daddy?
     by buster <>
     10) asdf (WWW generated email)
     by Jeff Wolfe <>
     11) Guitar tuning for A Change of Seasons
     by "Low" <>
     12) Jammers, Homepages, & Music Samples
     by (Elliott Kim)
     13) Somewhat long Scenes revue
     by Partha Mukhopadhyay <>
     14) DTC!!
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
     15) "I've forgotten to jump in on this threat in my recent posts."
     by Partha Mukhopadhyay <>
     16) Re: LOAD Sucks (BY Sludge)
     by (Scott Cook)
     17) Boot Discography
     by (Gordon McFee)


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 12:37:23 -0600 (MDT)
    From: (DUSTY VESTAL)
    Subject: True, Load is BAD
    Message-ID: <>

    I've been a metallica fan for many years, and although I didn't expect
    the new album to be thrash, I did expect it to have some good songs
    on it... I think alot of people are trying so hard to like this album, and
    they end up liking it from listening to it so many times. However,
    I was one that really liked the "Black Album". I could not stop listening to
    it. It wasn't fast, but it was very heavy and powerful. It had hooks that
    grabbed you and pulled you in, but I just couldn't find any hooks on 'load'.
    I would expect this type of album from an average band, but NOT from
    Metallica. They are capable of much more than this, especially after keeping
    the fans waiting 5 fuckin years for an album.
    I didn't expect a "Master of Puppets" or "Ride the Lightning", but I
    DID expect better musicianship, and maybe just a couple of songs that
    resemble Metallica, just to let us longtime fans know that they haven't
    forgotten us... I defended them when everyone said that they "sold out" on
    the black album, but now I do believe they have sold out, especially since
    James said along time ago that "we would never think about ever
    using glam to represent our music, we have no need to wear makeup and
    act like queers on stage". This was on my Metallica Interview Disk
    from the "Master of Puppets" era... But all the sudden, they all get their
    hair cut, just about the same way todays SUCCESSFUL alternative
    bands have it, plus the makeup, and top it off with an alternative
    sounding album, and the truth hurts, Metallica sold out.........
      enuff said....DAMIEN

    P.S...If you are going to argue this, please don't use the same, "They
    can't record albums like M.O.P all their lives"...That argument doesn't
    hold water and it's getting old. Dream Theater has changed from album
    to album, and they still sound GREAT!!

    |"Likely or not, it's a dream that we keep and at odds with|
    | our senses we'll climb. But if faith is the answer, we've|
    | already reached it, and if spirit's a sign, then it's |
    | only a matter of time" ---- DREAM THEATER |
    | |
    | ( : |



    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 15:51:10 -0400
    From: Mike Leach <MLEACH@ADMIN.FSU.EDU>
    Subject: "asdf" (WWW generated email)
    Message-ID: <>



    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 16:49:38 -0400
    From: Pat Sullivan <>
    Message-ID: <>

    >Load songs? Short? Scuze me, but The Sortest Song on the album is Cure, and
    >that's almost 4 minutes. Most songs on the album are 5-6 minutes long, and
    >Bleeding Me (sic) is over 8 minutes long.

    I was really optimistic when I got Load and saw the song lengths. I thought
    "Well, at least there should be a couple of songs with some variance in
    them". Alas, that wasn't the case. "The Thorn Within" may be over eight
    minutes long, but they could have done the exact same song in about 5
    minutes, and they wouldn't have lost a thing. It's boring, almost as though
    they decided they needed to put a long song on the album to appease "long
    song fans", and just "drew out" a shorter song.

    Compare that to "One" or "MOP" or "AJFA" (the songs, not the albums). All of
    those were long songs, but they had different speeds, different riffs,
    different feelings, all within the same framework. The contrasts gave the
    songs charcter, made them great. There is no such contrast here.

    And I LIKE Load.... :)


    And in a desperate attempt to tie some DTC into this...

    There are 14 songs on Load, most of them are fairly simple, single-riff
    songs. We also know that not everything that Metallica recorded went on the
    album, they're supposedly going to release the rest of it as a second album
    a year from now. So assume they recorded 25-30 songs - there's 25-30 riffs,
    right? Anyone else think that if they had come up with these same 25-30
    riffs about 10 years ago, that they would have worked them into 10-15 songs,
    rather than keeping them all apart? That's what I mean about contrast.

    With Dream Theater, you almost always have several different feels/riffs
    within the same song. Hell, I'd venture to guess there are more riffs in
    ACOS than in the whole album "Load"! :)


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 16:35:35
    From: (Andrew Miller)
    Subject: mindless childish bullshit
    Message-ID: <>

    >From: (Joe Guiles)
    > For all of you out there that think LOAD is good.. your an idiot..
    >and you think Metallica is still good... your a fuckin idiot.. LOAD is the
    >worst Metallica has sounded in ten years.. That was for Grinder.

    for all of you out there that think your *opinion* should be everyone
    else's *opionion*, you are a bunch of idiots. get off it guys. some
    people like the new Metallica, some people don't. big fucking deal. i
    think it's cool to have discussions about it (to a point) but to start name
    calling just because someone doesn't share your particular musical tastes
    is childish. and no, i'm not trying to take sides here. i don't even like

    jeez. just grow up a little.


     C O M E V I S I T M Y W E B P A G E!!!!!!!!
     Andrew Miller - keyboardist -
     - SubtleRage (progressive rock)
     - Interum (new age/prog instrumental)


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 96 15:09:52 PDT
    From: (Zack Gemmill)
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1614 NDTC!
    Message-ID: <9606152209.AA26989@tengs1>

    Looks like part of my message about needing irc help was deleted...

    Here is what I originally wrote:

    Using irc from my brother's account:
    I type irc
    I get connected to some server
    I type /server 2112
    then it always says connecting to server on port 6667
    then it fails

    any ideas?

            Hey, I type 'irc' and I get "irc: Command not found."
            What the hell do *I* do? |^)>


    >But Metallica has to grow as
    >Metallica, not as some generi-incarnation that is "hip today" (another Extreme
    > may want to check 'em out. They've remained true to their art
    >as well as being exceptional musicians.......something Metallica can't claim.)

    CHANGE. ACCEPT IT. All Metallica has done is changed. It's not their fault
    that people like them now.

            TBA was not a logical progression from the earlier albums.
            Though Load seems to be the logical progression from the previous
            (and I like it better). MOP and AJFA are not similar; yet,
            they were still cutting edge stuff. Metallica *did* change;
            MOP was light-years ahead of KEA, and far ahead of RTL. With
            TBA, and Load, they have turned towards a completely different
            vector. Something like Wasting My Hate sounds to me like
            something that could've evolved from their '80s sound----
            nothing else on this album does. It is not "all Metallica has
            done is changed," they have not evolved; rather, they have
            gone in a completely different direction. If they were putting
            albums out _at least_ every 3 years, perhaps it would have been
            palatable (like Presto was after RTB came out).

    load is a masterpiece and I don't see how anyone could say that it =
    sucks. if this was their first album everyone would love it.

            Duhr! If it were their first album, no one would know the


    PS It's been a long work week!

            Tell me about it. It's Saturday, and I'm still here.
            I had to work on Mother's Day weekend, too, and my
            parents live too far away to drive there and back for
            the day. That's cool, I know I'm a lousy son :^|>


     "You can't kill me...I'm building a house!!"
    dave. Gene Hackman, Unforgiven

            "We all got it comin' kid."

            Great movie.



    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 17:16:24 -0500 (CDT)
    From: Jeffrey David Olson <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1624
    Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.960615171011.11369A-100000@shamu>

    > My band Angelkill just got signed to Wild Rag Records in Montebello, CA
    > (our music is in the vein id Death, Sepultura, and yes DT is a big
    > influence in my personal writing)
    > We currently have our "Beyond the Black" and "Artist of the Flesh"
    > Cassettes distributed through Wild Rags and Nuclear Blast and several
    > other distros, but the "Beyond the Black" and "Artist of the Flesh" CD's
    > will be out in late Sept, or early Oct.
    > If you would like to check it out immediately, you can buy the cassette
    > for $6.00 payable to:
    > Wild Rag Records
    > 2207 W. Whittier Blvd
    > P.O. Box 3302
    > Montebello, CA
    > 90640
    > Both tapes are not demos, they are full length releases with 10 songs
    > each so your not paying $6 for a 4 song Ep
    > _____________________________________________________________________________
    > "All Angelkills recordings are..."
    > C L O S E D C A S K E T F O R T H E H E A L I N G I M P A L E D
    > /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
    > ..shameless plug, sorry :)
    > Jeff Olson
    > ------------------------------
    > End of YTSEJAM Digest 1624
    > **************************
      KEWL! My very first EoJ!!!!

     I feel so, so,... SO ACCEPTED NOW! :)


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:28:26 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Mike <>
    To: Yitz-see-jam <>
    Subject: Digital Man found with ax on Syrinx's door! News at 11!@
    Message-ID: <>

    Howdy, ytsefreaks.

    I have but one thing to say about the new metallica album:


    whether they've sold out or not, they're making alot of money, and those
    who will like it now that the radio is playing are going to make
    metallica alot richer than they are. it's all about the bottom line. deal
    with it.

    <notice i didn't give my opinion. if you want it, ask me and i'll tell you>

            Did you know that Mojo was in Philadelphia and didn't call me? He
    blew me off. I'm, to be surpised, rather hurt. Mojo will be shunned from
    my existance until he decides to apologize.

            let's see. what's new over here in philadelphia? THE BOSSTONES

    /me rides around Center City Philadelphia screaming real loud.

            i've seen the 'tones 4 times, and this'll be #5. I'm happy. They
    kick just so much ass, it's scary.

            I've come to the conclusion that the year's best CD (as of this
    writing) is Ministry's _Filth Pig_, which kicks a whole lot of ass. If
    you haven't picked it up, you should do so. now.

            hmm. what else is new. oh. my friends (syrinx has friends? no
    way!@) are getting me back into U2 and starting to get me like _the
    cure_, which means i'm a goth boy. eewwww.

            /me puts on new Bob Mould album, and plays it really loud.

            So, all of you (well, many of you) will see me on Tuesday at the
    Clinic, so being the good natured boy i am, i took my car into the shop
    this week for the tuneup. $350 dollars later, my car is breathing
    normally. (sigh). did i ever tell you i have no money? well, let me do so

            You know what else? I haven't gotten Mike Bahr's "Cygnus" CD, and
    i was supposed to get in like 3 weeks ago. This is not good.

            Ok. Time to go. See you all later, and catch ya on tueday...

    syrinx has spoken, so it shall be law.


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:33:07 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Stephen Bajzek <MadMax+@CMU.EDU>
    Subject: subconscious worth?
    Message-ID: <>

    So, um, what's Subconscious worth these days (the original, not a tape
    copy or second run CD)? I'm trying to raise funds for a Nord Lead, and
    I"m thinking of selling mine...


    Anton Max
    Keyboards, Aepithex


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:41:14 -0400
    From: buster <>
    Subject: Who's Your Daddy?
    Message-ID: <>

    >Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 02:39:44 -0400

    >I'd say that when you get down to it, Dream Theater is really John Petrucci's
    >band. It's just that "Petrucci" as a band name sounds kind of dumb.

    >Just look at him in the group photos for Awake and ACOS... what a smug-ass
    >muthafucka. He's standing there all big & bad, with that look on his face
    >like Yeah, you just know I'm the Man. Who's your Daddy.

    Heheheh! I just had to laugh when I saw this! (no I am NOT bashing on Scotchman)
    Hey Scotchman, if you ever had the chance to meet JP in person, you'd know that
    he is not like that at ALL. I'm not trying to correct you or jump on your post.
    I just thought you might like to know that JP is VERY friendly, humble, and
    group oriented. From what I could tell in a short conversation with him and
    attending his clinic in Akron, he cares a lot about the other band members and
    what it takes to make the songs happen together. He has sort of a laid back
    personality which a lot of rock fans mistake as being "smug". Just a plain
    old nice guy!

    Anyway, I got a kick out of your post man! :)

    Jam On Dude,


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:52:07 -0400
    From: Jeff Wolfe <>
    Subject: asdf (WWW generated email)
    Message-ID: <>

    Jeff Wolfe
    1625 Scarborough Drive
    Brunswick, Ohio


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 17:16:24 -0700
    From: "Low" <>
    To: <>
    Subject: Guitar tuning for A Change of Seasons
    Message-ID: <>

            My guitar teacher has been trying to figure out the tuning used on "A
    Change of Seasons" from the "A Change of Seasons" CD. Do you know, or can
    you find out if the tuning is either:
     (1) C G C Eb G C
     (2) C F C Eb F C
            Any help, or references to the proper person to whom I should address
    this message would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Please reply via Email,
    I'm not on this list.



    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 22:48:42 -0400
    From: (Elliott Kim)
    To: The Ytsejam <>
    Subject: Jammers, Homepages, & Music Samples
    Message-ID: <>

    Hey everyone. I'm finally getting a homepage set up soon. :)

    I know several of you have samples of your music or your band's on your web
    pages. So I'm going make a page that has links to Jammer's web pages w/
    music samples. So, if you have samples of your own music on your web page,
    e-mail me at and tell me the URL of the page that your music
    samples are on.

    BTW, I am officially an ex-AOLer now. Called and cancelled that
    piece-of-shit, sorry-ass-excuse for an internet connection! RAH!!!

    |Elliott Kim | | Homepage: coming soon! |


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:57:04 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Partha Mukhopadhyay <>
    Subject: Somewhat long Scenes revue
    Message-ID: <>

    Maybe I should just get a .sig wiith the following line, I seemm to be
    using it every 2-3 months

    "Another winner, Mike, Keep 'em coming!"

    this sucker is cool as all get out.....e-mail me for the secret of Ollie's
    Twist if you want it :) (A chrono twist-that's all I'll say for now)

    The tossed CIAW salad is surprising, not sure where the song is going next,
    really enjoyed the mini-Portnoy solo, really funny stuff
    6:00 and Lifting Shadows: I think I like the AD and AWake
    versions of both of these songs better than these but that's not to say
    they're bad takes..... the intro keys to 6:00 have an excessively techno
    feel to them that really bugged me. gotta go pull out the other two disks
    to see if it was that buggy elsewhere

    Cintron ACOS: Heard the first line, thought thank something CC didn't get
    the job, heard 2nd line thought, not that bad, heard third line, and I
    got really really confused....ended up thinking this guy ain't half
    bad.......some interesting (different from before) stuff happening in the
    twelfth minute
    OF the vocalist auditionns I've heard, I still think Labrie #1, followed
    by Steve Stone, Cintron, and then Arch

    About the CHuck D stuff:
    Distant Echoes is like a WDADU sampler
    The rest of the songs aren't as bad as I was expecting from the comments
    made here earlier....Then again, I happen to like Dominici's vocals, so
    sue me......the rest of the band is kickin'

    And then Eve, what can I say? simply gorgeous

    This is a bit long already, save the other comment for another post

    partha mukhopadhyay


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:45:25 -0400
    From: (Ernesto Schnack)
    Subject: DTC!!
    Message-ID: <>

    >I mean, all 5 guys in the band obviously do collaborate... but I would think
    >that certain members' ideas would carry a little more weight; namely,
    >Petrucci's and probably Portnoy's. Guitar and drums-- that's where the Balls

    well, I've always considered the core of the band to be JP, MP *and*
    JM....probably because they're the ones that met up at Berklee and decided
    to start the band.

    But besides that, KM (I'm not including Derek in this...u know why) seemed
    to have a lot of input. Especially on songs like Surrounded... and obviously
    WFS and SDV...ever noticed the dominance of the keys on OaMoT? etc, etc....

    so I pretty much consider all the band members equals...LaBrie...well you
    can't expect him to be much help musically... but I've read in an interview
    that has a lot of input as far as the melody goes. Remember that it says
    that the other guys write the lyrics... and lyrics don't necesarily contain
    melody. I recall Neil Peart writes many of his lyrics w/o having a song in
    mind... then after Geddy and Alez write the songs, Geddy finds a lyric that
    can fit melodically and emotionally in the song... at least I'm pretty sure
    that's what happened for certain songs. any comments D?

    And apparently, there still heading in the sasme far as we've
    been told Derek wrote one of the songs, and is involved in the writing
    process in general... and JL wrote the lyrics for one of the songs....

    so to conclude...I consider them all as equals. Altough I guess one of them
    (I assume MP) straighten things out in the end and gives the 'final'
    decision... if not, it'd end up being chaos.

    AAAAAAAND just to comment on the topic, I think it'd work out fine if DT
    produce themselves... they all seem to be level-headed individuals that can
    look at themselves objectively. No superego there(as far as I can see).

    Funky Cold Medina
    Ernie :)


    Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 00:44:28 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Partha Mukhopadhyay <>
    Subject: "I've forgotten to jump in on this threat in my recent posts."
    Message-ID: <>

    Stolen from NMS, but i think it fits right in with some recent events on
    the Jam--a classic typo if ever I saw one

    Anywho, if there's any LOAD haters on here who'd like to their CD on me for 5-7 bucks, e-mail

    Ummm...forgot what else i wanted to say, so you're all dismissed

    partha (just one of those moods, don't mind me)


    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:35:34 -0700
    From: (Scott Cook)
    Subject: Re: LOAD Sucks (BY Sludge)
    Message-ID: <>

    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 96 13:26 EDT
    Subject: LOAD SUCKS, get over it..

    For all of you out there that think LOAD is good.. your an idiot..
    and you think Metallica is still good... your a fuckin idiot.. LOAD is
    the worst Metallica has sounded in ten years.. That was for Grinder.


    Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer!



    Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 02:40:59 -0400
    From: (Gordon McFee)
    Subject: Boot Discography
    Message-ID: <>

            I'm looking for a boot discography for DT. There was supposed to
    be one on the web page but the file was gone. I tried to ftp it from the
    site indicated in the FAQ but it didn't exist. Is there are an up-to-date
    FAQ anywhere and is there a boot discography still in existence?

    "To seek the sacred river Alph, and walk the caves of ice..." - Rush
    "Ashes and Diamonds,Foe and Friend/We were all equal in the end." -Pink Floyd
    "The sands of time were eroded by the river of constant change." - Genesis
    "Others steal your thoughts they're not confined within your mind"-DreamTheater


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