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Date: Mon Jun 17 1996 - 17:39:32 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

      1) the wait for Load
     by (Scott Cook)
     by (Elliott Kim)
      3) asdf (WWW generated email)
     by YUTAKA OTSUKA <>
      4) HEY!
     by (Steffen Barabasch)
      5) YTSEJAM digest 1623
     by "Steven Johnson" <>
      6) Sir Kizer
     by (Barb Battaglia)
      7) more LOAD
     by Pat Daugherty <>
      8) Odds'n'ends
     by (Neil Gallop)
      9) ramblings
     by Pat Daugherty <>
     10) New Rush info
     by "Donald Dintaman" <>
     11) Savatage(NDTC)
     12) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1626
     13) YTSEJAM digest 1626
     by "Steven Johnson" <>
     14) Giant Steps
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
     15) Dead Summer Dead?
     by RipZero <>
     16) YTSEJAM digest 1626
     17) Transcriptions please.
     18) Hey All!
     by (Michael Bradley)
     19) Work
     by borlangw <>
     20) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1626
     by Jon Byrne <>


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 00:24:26 -0700
    From: (Scott Cook)
    Subject: the wait for Load
    Message-ID: <>

    I have seen a few posts where people have stated that after taking
    almost five years to make a new album....etc. The album actually only
    took a year. The reason is because Metallica was in a HUGE court battle
    with Elektra over ownership of their songs. While the lawsuit was in
    litigation they weren't allowed to write anymore material or else that
    would've just complicated the issue over ownership.

    The lawsuit was finally resolved in early 1995. It was THEN taht
    Metallica were allowed to start writing for the new album. So while it
    may have been four + years by the calendar, it was actually about 1 1/2
    years from the time they actually started writing for the album and
    when it was released.

    If you think that's a long time, think how long it's been since DT has
    put out a FULL length CD and how long it'll be before we get to hear



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 03:56:00 -0400
    From: (Elliott Kim)
    To: The Ytsejam <>
    Message-ID: <>

    I'm reposting this because I feel like it.

    I know several of you have samples of your music or your band's on your web
    pages. So I'm going make a page that has links to Jammer's web pages w/
    music samples. So, if you have samples of your own music on your web page,
    e-mail me at and tell me the URL of the page that your music
    samples are on.

    The actual homepage is up now at
    A LOT of it is still under construction, and not all the links are enabled yet.
    But it's up there...
    |Elliott Kim | | |
    |"Believing in miracles is good. Believing in yourself is better." |
    | -Greg Cote |


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 04:13:10 -0400
    From: YUTAKA OTSUKA <>
    Subject: asdf (WWW generated email)
    Message-ID: <>

    what I should subscribe?


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:21:44 +0200 (MESZ)
    From: (Steffen Barabasch)
    To: (Ytsejam - the Dream Theater mailing list)
    Subject: HEY!
    Message-ID: <>


    Mike Bahr wrote:

    > As for Metallica "Load"... I say that anyone with a mind open
    >enough to appreciate Dream Theater, that dismisses Load, is a hypocrite.

    You don't need an open mind to like Dream Theater, just good taste. And my
    good taste doesn't like Load. ;-)))

    Anyway, I'd rather say that I'm a hypocrite than continue talking about Load.
    What about some news from Dream Theater? I guess they are still (again...)
    searching for a producer, right?

    Steffen Barabasch <>
    editor THE MIRROR - new German Dream Theater fanzine


    Date: 17 Jun 1996 08:03:08 GMT From: "Steven Johnson" <> To: Subject: YTSEJAM digest 1623 Message-ID: <>

    *** Reply to note of 06/14/96 22:27 Ben, I just read your response to my post on Metallica and change. I don't have the computer capability to cut and paste to disect the discussion as you do, but I'll say I really think you missed my point completely. If you want to e-mail me privately, please do. But this ends the discussion from my end on the jam. Thanks!


    P.S.--GO BULLS! I saw a sign out in the streets last night that read "Hi, Horace!" :)

    *************************************************************** "You may remember me from such movies as 'The Revenge of Abe Lincoln' and 'The Wackiest Covered Wagon in the West'" - actor Troy McClure


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 09:28:03 -0500 (EST) From: (Barb Battaglia) To: Subject: Sir Kizer Message-ID: <v01510102adead2eb573b@[]>

    >Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 14:03:57 PST >From: mrkizer@CCGATE.HAC.COM >To: >Subject: laken' fingers? >Message-ID: <9605148347.AA834786142@CCGATE.HAC.COM>

    >>-BABS >>PS It's been a long work week! > Work? I don't think most people here would consider cruising the net > and downloading sound files all day, "work".... 8^) > > You knew I would have to comment on that one!

    Hello everyone, it's BABS. I feel the need to defend myself since my dear, sweet close friend had to attack my "State Worker Lifestyle". Let me introduce Mr. Kizer to you all, he works as a computer programmer. He is severely jealous/envious of my work day. What do you expect, the dude's gotta write computer programs and debug things all of this while listening through headphones of select groups as Dream Theater, Soundgarden, Mike Bahr's creations, etc. (my how he suffers!). Now as for me, I work as a secretary for two really cool women. Our policy in the office is "get your work done and you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want in the office." So I choose to mess w/ the internet, read my 'jams and write many of you. Now isn't that alot better than my sitting on my bahunkass, filing my nails or clipping coupons. Come on now!!!!

    How many of you agree with me that Mr. Kizer should get himself a state job if it bothers him so much?

    Also, what computer are you reading your 'jam from Mike? Hmm, let me guess? I bet that you are sitting right there at your work desk, eating a sandwhich while trying to embarrass me on the 'jam. You should know by now that I'm not the type to be easily shamed ;P



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 09:41:56 -0400 (EDT) From: Pat Daugherty <> To: Dream Theater Mailing List <> Subject: more LOAD Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960617093556.2906A-100000@bdmserver>

    Sledge wrote: > For all of you out there that think LOAD is good.. your an idiot.. > and you think Metallica is still good... your a fuckin idiot.. LOAD is the > worst Metallica has sounded in ten years.. That was for Grinder.

    Wow, what a really intelligent post. You convinved me, Load sucks...

    No, seriously where do you get off saying people are idiots just because they like something that you do not?

    And for the record, LOAD rules... Load is metal. So what if they changed every band except for AC/DC cahnges over time.

    Examples: Van Halen with Balance sounds nothing like VH1 (if the singers were the same it would still not sound the same)

    Rush obviously has changed since the album Rush

    Fates Warning has changed.

    Look at Dokken, their last album is really diffrent than anything they had done before.

    Bands change. Sow what? They can put out whatever they want to. If you dont like it then dont buy it and dont go to the shows so the real fans can enjoy it.

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    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 96 16:10:28 +0200 From: (Neil Gallop) To: Cc: Subject: Odds'n'ends Message-ID: <>

    Hi all

    various bits and pieces as usual, some old stuff, some new stuff.

    1. This is for the Ytse-Dypsomaniacs. Ever tried a drink called Black Velvet (would be a good title for a Dream Theater song)? Guiness and champagne 50/50. Tastes great, especially ice cold in the summer, and has a kick like a mule. If anyone manages more than 3 liters (approx. 5 pints) let me know.

    2. I just heard about some new band called Metallica. Can anybody tell me anything about them? I hear that the new (first?) album is called "And Sellouts For All" or "Master Of Fuckups" or something similar. Just waiting for a load of information. (The gullibilty trap has been loaded...)

    3. I asked this one on the Pantera list (Mouth4War) but got no answer, so I'll try again here: does anybody know if Mike Portnoy (or anybody else from Dream Theater for that matter) ever played with Pantera or any of the members of Pantera? Assuming Pantera don't like Nine Inch Nails, they could have called the last album The Great Southern Trent-Kill.

    4. Whatever happen to nostalgia - it just isn't what it used to be.

    5. Does anybody know anything about when Tiamat are going to be releasing anything new? Do they have a mailing list?

    6. Did Greg Finger Lake used to play for King Crimson, or am I getting old and confused (old Led Zep song possibly) again?

    7. Damon Hill rules.

    Until next time.

    stay safe and happy listening Neil Gallop (

    Currently playing: Chris Squire - Fish Out Of Water


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 10:31:56 -0400 (EDT) From: Pat Daugherty <> To: Dream Theater Mailing List <> Subject: ramblings Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960617102556.2906D-100000@bdmserver>

    From: (Aaron K Silverman) > >Hey gang, > > Now, I like bootlegs as much as the next guy, but does anyone > else here > think that stealing a to-be-released tape and spreading it around the > net(re: KISS) is way over the line? If I had a 7" tongue and spat > blood, I'd be PISSED OFF!

    Like if you could get an unoffical copy of the next Dream Theater album you wouldn't jump on the offer?

    Most people who get this unofficial copy of the KISS album _WILL_ buy the official release when it comes out.

    I didn't see any complaints when people were buying "For Promotional Use Only-Not For Resale" copies of ACOS before it was officially released.

    KISS is a highly collected and traded group. It is their own fault to say that the new album is done but will not be released for over 2 years because the original lineup wants to tour for however long. Who's to say in this case that the album will ever be released? KISS will probably make so much money on this tour that the original members will stay together and release their own albums.

    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| | Pat Daugherty | |=======================================================================| | "Every breath leaves me one less to my last" --Dream Theater | | "That is not an option, Mr. Mulder" --X-Files | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |The Baltimore Orioles-The team to beat in 1996!!!!!!! | Go DC United! | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|


    Date: 17 Jun 96 09:50:39 -0500 From: "Donald Dintaman" <> To: "" <> (Return requested) (Receipt notification requested) Subject: New Rush info

    I thought someone on here might be interested in what I got from The National Midnight Star!!!!!! --------------------------------------- >Subject: NEW ALBUM SONG TITLES AND COVER ART DESCRIPTION!!!! >Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:33:24 GMT >From: (Interdisc) >Organization: LI Net (Long Island Network) >Newsgroups: > >Hi guys I just got the list from my brother. This info comes directly >from Hugh's album art. >Enjoy!!! > >Song titles: >1.Test for echos >2.Virtuality >3.Time & motion >4.Half the world >5.Dog years >6.The color of right >7.Driven >8.Totem >9.Carve away the stone >10.Resist >11.Limeo? <my bro wasn't sure of this one, he couldn't make it out >from the xerox copy he has of the album >12. ? < He couldn't even guess this one. > >The album cover is of snow with a bunch of stones in the shape of a >person. > >TTYS J.


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:22:46 +0200 From: To: Subject: Savatage(NDTC) Message-ID: <>

    Hello all,

    After reading the regular recommendations of Savatage on the 'Jam, I finally bought 'A Handful of Rain'.

    The first track - 'Taunting Cobras', brought on a horrible sinking feeling as it has a kind of 'Spinal Tap' likeness to it (I had the same experience with Iron Maiden's 'Moonchild' on their 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' album, which is otherwise brilliant). Maybe I'll get used to it :)

    But after that, the rest of the tracks are really outstanding. They've got a real hard metal-edge to thier sound and still carry great melodies. I suppose the nearest comparison I can make is FW crossed with Dio - is that fair?

    Anyway, I'm off to get the rest of their stuff. Thanks jammers :)



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 11:26:56 -0400 From: To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1626 Message-ID: <>

    Skadz says:

    << Halo shining >> a 45 degree angle. ;)

    Jaime the Dragon of the gratuitous smart remarks...

    "She's a witch! She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "Well... I got better."

    - Ponty Mython... Monty Python... that show that's as out of date in England as Leave It to Beaver is here or so my Brit roomie said... <G>


    Date: 17 Jun 1996 10:07:10 GMT From: "Steven Johnson" <> To: Subject: YTSEJAM digest 1626 Message-ID: <>

    *** Reply to note of 06/17/96 02:09 WilD KOBA!!!!! Where'd you hear that Petrucci did Coltrane's "Giant Steps"?!? !?! Is this true?!?! That'd would be the bomb! (BTW, Coltrane SUPPOSEDLY tweaked that song's melody from a tune form the 40s -?- Appearantly he was soooo infatuated with a certain song he wrote a whole 'nother tune around it). See, Jack T.? Musicians can be extremely broad based without losing focus on what they're all about. Coltrane, Extreme, DT........... :P LATER


    *************************************************************** "You may remember me from such movies as 'The Revenge of Abe Lincoln' and 'The Wackiest Covered Wagon in the West'" - actor Troy McClure


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:59:27 -0400 From: (Ernesto Schnack) To: Subject: Giant Steps Message-ID: <>

    > As for Metallica "Load"... I say that anyone with a mind open >enough to appreciate Dream Theater, that dismisses Load, is a hypocrite. >


    >coltrane- "love supreme". never quite heard saxing like this. and maybe never >again. and i still have to listen to "giant steps." (btw, didn't someone say >that petrucci did "giant steps"?) >

    I don't know if petrucci did, but Jennifer Batten played it... pretty out there.

    Funky Cold Medina Ernie :)


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 13:37:30 -0500 From: RipZero <> To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <> Subject: Dead Summer Dead? Message-ID: <>

    anyone else notice that Dead Winter Dead was recorded in June July and August?




    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 15:17:19, -0500 From: (MS ANNA M STIGLIC) To: Subject: YTSEJAM digest 1626 Message-ID: <>

    >p.s. just got my hands on the GST (the Pantera album, not the Canadian >sales tax) anyone else think the last minute or so of the song "Floods" >is just monstrously kewl? why, yes, i do! anyone else care to express their feelings?

    >Oh, and anyone who doesn't want Metallica posts can bite me. :) what's yer blood type?

    > I like >some of her material, BUT when I hear her sing, she takes a breath after >each lyric and it sounds like she's sucking air through the microphone! >This noise physically gives me a headache, which is too bad, because I'd >probably buy an album of hers if it weren't for that. Does anyone else >have this problem? Is that supposed to be some kind of "musical >feeling" effect, or just a rotten habit? always gives me GoOsEbUmPs, but NEVER a headache. i don't believe headache and Tori belong in the same sentence. (IMHO)

    that be all for now folks, my one post for the next month or two...ah, the beauty of being numb... (anyone catch that?)

    ____ "...the weasel squeaks faster than a seven day week..." - Tori Amos, Marianne

    "...every road leads back to my door, every road i will follow, every road leads back to my door, got all your lines crossed..." - Tori Amos, In The Springtime of His Voodoo



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 15:46:35 -0400 From: To: Subject: Transcriptions please. Message-ID: <>

    If anyone knows where to get transcriptions for Awake or others albums besides Images and Words please e-mail me and tell me how to get them. Thanx.


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 15:52:32 -0400 From: (Michael Bradley) To: Subject: Hey All! Message-ID: <v01520d00adeb2edda5ad@[]>

    Hey all!

    I finally got my e-mail account back, so I'm no longer lurking. I missed you all.First, I saw Mike Portnoy 2 weekends ago at a clinic in MA. He said "hey" to everyone and said the new one won't be out until Feb. That's probably old news by now. Secondly, Bafu, there's something you've been waiting for on the way:)

    Later guys.


    P.S. Raise the knife Rocks!!


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 20:57:25 +0100 From: borlangw <> To: Subject: Work Message-ID: <>

    NEVER EVER start your new job the morning after your graduation ball.

    Five hours' sleep, a 10-megaton hangover and a delayed train journey do not make a good impression on your first day ;-)

    But it was worth it, because we all looked "beautiful" last night, in our suits and dresses (which did I wear again?), according to a rich American tourist :-)

    Rich American tourists are cool!

    Graham B. ____________________________________________________________________________ | | | Graham Borland,, |:: |____________________________________________________________________________|:: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:18:15 -0400 From: Jon Byrne <> To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1626 Message-ID: <>

    At 08:28 AM 6/17/96 -0700, wrote: >"She's a witch! She turned me into a newt!" >"A newt?" >"Well... I got better." > >- Ponty Mython... Monty Python... that show that's as out of date in England >as Leave It to Beaver is here or so my Brit roomie said... <G>

    Silly English Pig-Dog! :)

    Jonathan Byrne West Virginia University College of Law ----------------------------------------------------------------- "A pretty sight it seemed to be An avenue of eternal peace. But he said 'What is here can soon burn down I'm the king of Sunset Town." -"King of Sunset Town", Marillion


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