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Date: Tue Jun 18 1996 - 03:23:26 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

      1) Re: Odds'n'ends
     by Jon Byrne <>
      2) bass tendencies
      3) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1627
     by John Mastin <>
      4) Album Recommendtions...
     by "James R. McKenzie" <>
     by "Scott D. Duren" <103430.227@CompuServe.COM>
      6) YTSEJAM
     by "Scott D. Duren" <103430.227@CompuServe.COM>
      7) WILD RAGS
     by "BRENDEN R. THOMSON" <>
      8) Re: forgot a couple somethings...
     by Tymoteusz Altman <>
      9) Jammers web page list
     by Mark Smeets <>
     10) oops, and multimedia project featuring DT
     by Tymoteusz Altman <>
     11) various
     by "Jeff Falk" <>
     12) Dead Summer Dead?
     by (Zack Gemmill)
     13) Pantera list?
     by "L. Jason Hartman" <>
     14) Re: "asdf"
     by (Oh yeah, that guy)
     15) yj shirt idea...Marillion
     by (Ernesto Schnack)
     16) Things
     by Mithrandir <>
     17) Angelkill, you Thief!
     by (Aaron K Silverman)
     18) someone to subscribe wants


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:18:08 -0400
    From: Jon Byrne <>
    Subject: Re: Odds'n'ends
    Message-ID: <>

    At 07:17 AM 6/17/96 -0700, Neil Gallop wrote:
    >6. Did Greg Finger Lake used to play for King Crimson, or am I getting old
    >and confused (old Led Zep song possibly) again?

    Yep. Lake was an original member of Crimson. Makes you appreciate John Wetton!

    BTW, I think the old Zep tune would be "Dazed and Confused," which probably
    applies to a lot of Jammers. :)

    >7. Damon Hill rules.

    Oh no, not one of those! :)

    Jonathan Byrne
    West Virginia University College of Law
    "A pretty sight it seemed to be
     An avenue of eternal peace.
     But he said 'What is here can soon burn down
     I'm the king of Sunset Town."
     -"King of Sunset Town", Marillion


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:27:19 -0400
    To: Dinotopia <>
    Subject: bass tendencies
    Message-ID: <>

    Ytsejam Digest 1626

    Mark Tomko wrote...

    > John Myung is (IMHO) the most forgotten DT member. It's strange
    > hearing people suddenly notice what he can do. Don't forget us bass
    > players; your music would sound like crap without us (notable exception:
    > Doors).

    John Myung the most forgotten DT member??? Who would've thought? ;)
    I've always noticed how Myung can play those fast and often complicated lines
    without having the urge to suddenly break into a wild funk-slap solo. You'll
    notice that on LATM that Myung gets the most cheers after his solo in
    Metropolis. I guess everyone just wants him to bust loose like that more
       But a long while back someone posted that John M would be the 2nd hardest
    DT member to replace (2nd to JP, of course). Personally, I'd have to
    disagree. Though JM is a fantastic player, there are lots of really good
    bassists out there hiding out in lesser-known bands, or doing studio work
    with solo musicians. I suppose it's just the shy quality of many bass

    > Has anyone ever thought that some classical music like "Mars" from
    > the Planets, "Night on Bald Mountain", "Rite of Spring", "Sorcerer's
    > Apprentice", and Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" would sound great done in
    > a DT type arrangement?

    Someone's been watching Fantasia.

                   "Duckbill! Watermole! DUCKMOLE!!!!!!!!!"
                                             ---Mr. Bungle
    impatiently waiting for the 6-string bass he ordered to come in


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:10:14 -0500 (CDT)
    From: John Mastin <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1627
    Message-ID: <>

    Yo, yo, yo! Hey, two posts in two weeks. Wow, have I got idle time! :D

    Anyway, I have been catching up on a few Jams and forgive me is some of
    my commentary is out of date.

    My fellow Metallica fans... Um, er, wow, for a minute there, I thought
    that I was on the Metallica list. :D

    Someone asked about the Good Times virus. Yes, the virus is just a scare.
    And as many have pointed out, the virus is actually the warning of the
    virus. As for being able to execute binary files when coded through mail,
    yes, in some mailers it is possible. Yes, they have to be encoded into
    ASCII but some mailers are able to interpret MIME and uuencoded files, so
    just be careful if your mailer does.

    Someone said that they heard "Enter Sandman" in St Louis. Now for the
    scary news. There used to be a quote that went like "When Hell freezes
    over". There was also one that floated around that went like "When PAt
    Boone sings Heavy Metal. Well, Pat Boone is going to record a metal
    album. No joke. Word has it that it is going to have Iron Maiden, Ozzy
    covers on it. I actually heard part of his "Enter Sandman" cover. Be
    afraid. Be very afraid.

    Someone mentioned about how long people have been waiting for the next DT
    album. Geez, try waiting for the next Boston album.... :D

    In the wheel, spinning away,

    Johnny Motown


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 18:45:09 -0400
    From: "James R. McKenzie" <>
    Subject: Album Recommendtions...
    Message-ID: <>

     JRMCKENZIE here,

    I've been seeing alot about groups like SHADOW TOWER in this digest but I've
    yet to see the one thing that helps me find them, the label they record on.
    Also are there any other bands in the same genre? I've seen QUEENSRYCHE in
    concert (Blew everyone away) and liked 'em for years before that. My first
    concert was actually going to see "NANTUCKET" open in 1980 for an Australian
    group I'd never heard of at ther time , AC/DC. The tickets only cost $8
    back then. Yeah, I'm "THAT" old.

    Oh well to the point of this meandering diatribe. Can anyone recommend any
    groups in the same vien as DT also including the label[s] they have recorded
    for and do record on now? I believe I made a similar reqest in my only
    other posting to date but still I'm kinda looking for a long list, it's more
    likely that I can find something from it (the list) this way.

    That's it for this'n




    Date: 17 Jun 96 18:51:17 EDT
    From: "Scott D. Duren" <103430.227@CompuServe.COM>
    To: YTSEJAM <>
    Message-ID: <960617225116_103430.227_JHM168-2@CompuServe.COM>

    Anyone know when/where/if the Midwest Ytse-con will be coming? I heard late
    July in Chicago or Milw. several months ago. Anyone know?! And just what is it


    Date: 17 Jun 96 18:51:16 EDT
    From: "Scott D. Duren" <103430.227@CompuServe.COM>
    To: YTSEJAM <>
    Subject: YTSEJAM
    Message-ID: <960617225115_103430.227_JHM168-1@CompuServe.COM>

    Is this jam the moderated or unmoderated one, because it seems to have a lot of
    junk on it the past several months since the switch??!!


    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:21:11 +1000 (EST)
    From: "BRENDEN R. THOMSON" <>
    To: ytsejam <>
    Subject: WILD RAGS
    Message-ID: <>

            Someone posted a message about ordering some release from WILD
    RAGS - the guy from this label - Richard - has ripped heaps of people off!!

            See ya - Brenden


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:25:32 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Tymoteusz Altman <>
    Subject: Re: forgot a couple somethings...
    Message-ID: <>


    if you still want pictures (i'm WAY behind on my jams -- like 1700 messages
    in my mailbox!) i could send you the pics on a disk if you want.
    just email me your address :)



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 16:17:47 PST
    From: Mark Smeets <>
    Subject: Jammers web page list
    Message-ID: <>

    ** Reply to note from 06/17/96 2:41pm -0700

    I'm way ahead of you with the list of jammers web page, I
    already got around 130 something of you guys, I still have
    more to put it as well. Which reminds me, I have my web
    page back as well.

    Go to the links page and let that big fucker load up, I
    counted how many links I had last night, 965...missed 1000
    by 35 :( oh well. Check the page out.

    To the guy that Bought Handful of Rain by
    can you NOT like Moonchild, that has to be one of maidens
    best songs and heaviest. Taunting is an ok song but shit,
    Moonchild, how can you slam it.


    "To each his own and his own be damned" or


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 17:37:53 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Tymoteusz Altman <>
    Subject: oops, and multimedia project featuring DT
    Message-ID: <>


    first off, sorry for sending a message to the jam tha was supposed to
    be personal...i hate it when i don't think, and reply to a message which
    then goes to the jam :) argh!
    and now for the important part...for my Multimedia class i have to do a
    major project. I want to incorporate DT into it in some way.
    I already handed in an assignment featuring DT. it was an AVI movie with
    clips from the Live In Tokyo video.
    The big project has to incorporate, text, sound, video, graphics, etc.
    so i thought that it would be the perfect time to incorporate DT into something
    i have to do for school anyway...
    i would like some suggestions from you guys...that would help me out!
    i've already thought about doing a CD-ROM (we'll eventually put the projects
    onto cds) which would be "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dream Theater"
    kind of thing.
    It would be a more indepth version of the DT Interactive thing that's on the
    net. It would include information about the band, pictures, video clips,
    sound clips, tab, etc.
    what i'd need is permission from people to use their stuff. for example i
    would like to include information on the band, so it would save me a lot of
    time if i could use the FAQ or such document that's available on the net.
    same thing for pictures that are available on people's web pages.
    I guess it would probably be best if i email the people if i'm interested
    in their stuff.
    but i'd like to see if any of you have some other ideas on a possible
    multimedia project that features DT.
    maybe this could be a new thread, which actually has some DTC :)


    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 00:10:51 UT
    From: "Jeff Falk" <>
    Subject: various
    Message-ID: <>

            Most of you have no idea who I am, but I am not new. I have some things to
    say about recent posts, though.

    >> As for Metallica "Load"... I say that anyone with a mind open
    >>enough to appreciate Dream Theater, that dismisses Load, is a hypocrite.

    >You don't need an open mind to like Dream Theater, just good taste. And my
    >good taste doesn't like Load. ;-)))

            I couldn't have said that much better myself. If an "open mind" means not
    discriminating against crap that deserves no respect, than I can't understand
    how an "open mind" would like Dream Theater, because that mind would accept
    the latest fads (Bush and those other awful bands) as much as the great band
    that this list is dedicated to. (For the record, I have not heard most of
    Load, and I will not comment on it. I was not referring to Load above.)

    >How many of you agree with me that Mr. Kizer should get himself a state job
    >if it bothers him so much?

            I disagree (as usual). Unless I misunderstand you, a state job is a job
    working for a state government. There are far, far too many government jobs
    at state and federal levels (and probably local, as well). Please find
    employment in the private sector.

    >Van Halen with Balance sounds nothing like VH1 (if the singers were the
    >same it would still not sound the same)

    >Rush obviously has changed since the album Rush

            Really? I mean, just because Geddy's voice has lowered a few octaves and
    they've cut their song lengths in half ...
            No, seriously, your right, but both of these bands changed for the better and
    they still kick ass. (They're two of my personal favorites.)

    >>Hey gang,
    >> Now, I like bootlegs as much as the next guy, but does anyone
    >> else here
    >> think that stealing a to-be-released tape and spreading it around the
    >> net(re: KISS) is way over the line? If I had a 7" tongue and spat
    >> blood, I'd be PISSED OFF!

    >Like if you could get an unoffical copy of the next Dream Theater album
    >you wouldn't jump on the offer?

            I just got the new Kiss tape. If I was involved with that recording in any
    way (or any other leaked recordings), I'd be very upset. That didn't stop me
    from getting it, but I got it through trading (I didn't buy it). I'm starting
    to have more problems with bootlegs (even though I have a few), especially
    studio outtakes (concerts are more acceptable). As long as it's available
    easily, I'll get it, but I would never steal a tape like that and distribute

    Now for Dream Theater content (you're welcome)
            Am I the only person on here that thinks that "Innocence Faded" is one of the
    top two or three songs on Awake?
            Did anybody else go to the 12/29/95 show at the Birch Hill Nite Club (I was
    there, my only Dream Theater show).
            Is the Guitar Center in Boston (where John's clinic is scheduled) that place
    on Commonwealth Avenue near Boston University? (I'm going there this fall by
    the way for anyone interested. Too bad I missed this clinic.)

    more non-Dream Theater content (sorry)
    Does anyone here like Ayn Rand or Bruce Springsteen?
    Don't take any of the above personal, I made enemies on another mailing list;
    that is not my intention, I just am outspoken at times.
    Sorry about the length, but since I haven't posted very often, am I not
    entitled to a long post occasionally?

                    Jeff Falk

    "It's a town full of losers, and I'm pullin' out of here to win!!"
    Bruce Springsteen, "Thunder Road"


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 96 18:17:26 PDT
    From: (Zack Gemmill)
    Subject: Dead Summer Dead?
    Message-ID: <9606180117.AA18889@tengs1>

    From: RipZero <>
    Subject: Dead Summer Dead?

    anyone else notice that Dead Winter Dead was recorded in June
    July and August?


            D00d! What the hell are they teaching in publik skools
            these daze??? Like, _everybody_ knows that it's *winter*
            over there when it's *summer* over here! Get a clue !>)>



    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 22:05:26 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "L. Jason Hartman" <>
    Subject: Pantera list?
    Message-ID: <>

    Sorry for the no DTC but could someone tell me how to subscribe to
    the previously mentioned Pantera mailing list?


    * Jason Hartman "I am the Killing Hand!" *
    * *
    * You're fighting the weight of the world, *
    * and no one can save you this time. *
    * Close your eyes - you can find all you need in your mind. *
    * *
    * "Take the Time" - Dream Theater *


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 22:19:37 -0400
    From: (Oh yeah, that guy)
    Subject: Re: "asdf"
    Message-ID: <>


    Its bad enough he sent this here, but he had to scream as well.


    "Hope is epidemic, optimism spreads, bitterness breeds irritation, ignorance
            breeds imitation" --Rush


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 23:03:36 -0400
    From: (Ernesto Schnack)
    Subject: yj shirt idea...Marillion
    Message-ID: <>

    I got an idea for a new ytsejam t-shirt... the front could be anything cool
    like the majesty symbol or sumthin'. But on the back, put "PROG'S NOT DEAD"
    as opposed to PUNK'S NOT DEAD.... howz about it? I thought about it after
    seeing a guy wearing one of those shirts, and thinking 'no shit, but I hope
    it dies soon':)... and then I thought that it would make more sense w/ prog,
    since its not too popular right now....

    BTW, I do like some punk... particularly NOFX and Pennywise...and Bad
    Religion too...

    Hey FREAKS! (Itchy, where art thou?) What was Marillions last studio
    realease? I saw a CD today (I can't remember the title), and I couldn't see
    the year anywhere... but the cover had a woman, or maybe it was an angel,
    and I remember fire. (FIRE BAD) It seemed recent because the little side
    thing on the case was see-thru. I'm curious because it;s the first Marilion
    CD I see in Panama besides Brave and the greatest hits CD.

    RUSH PHUQING RULZ!! I had forgetten that they do that:) I just bought Exit
    Stage Left and All the World's a Stage...I hadn't heard YYZ live in so long.

    And for those interested, I also bought Moving Pictures(finally got it on
    CD), Extreme's Pornografitti(same parenthetical comment), Phish's A Live One
    ($15.99 for a double CD!!! not too many Phish fans in Panama:) ) and LatM
    for $13.99 (couldn't resist).

    and out of all of those, the Phish one was the only one I hadn't heard b4.

    catch-ya latah...

    Oh and Steven, I think your discussion w/ Ben is pretty much over since he's
    like, not in the continent at the moment :)


    Anybody who has a mind open enough to appreciate DT, and doesn't like the
    Beatles, is a hypocrite ;) ;) ;)

    HEEEEEEEY!!! I'm seeing Ozzy on Letterman... IS THAT ROBERT TRUJILLO PLAYING
    BASS????? YES!!!!! now THAT is an awesome bass player....

    /me thinks he will buy Ozzmosis...( not because of Trujillo...I liked the song)

    ok, later (this time for real)

    Funky Cold Medina
    Ernie :)


    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 22:46:34 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Mithrandir <>
    Subject: Things
    Message-ID: <>

         Howdy everybody!!!

           Anyone else notice how quiet it gets when Me, Mojo, and D-man don't
    post? Well I am back.
           I just ran into Ken Myung, and he let me hear Raise the Knife again
    (he truly is a cool person, he got the outgoing personality in that family)
    and I must say that I can't wait to hear the finished project. I played him
    "Antiquities, and WDATU" and he thought they were cool. He laughed when he
    heard the vocalist auditions, and said he remembered when Steve Stone stayed
    at his house during his tryout. He said he would do his vocal excersises as
    soon as he woke up, really anoying he added. Also told me he has better
    sounding versions of the auditions, but John told him if he lets anyone get
    a copy, he will kill him. He said John does not mind the bootleg trade, in
    fact he is the one who lent me The dance of eternity back in 1993. If anyone
    wants to check out his web page the addres is
    Please do not fill his mailbox with stupid questions however, or I will be
    cut off from hearing more stuff, and then I become miserable.

           Karri, Did you get my latest batch of questions? Are they that tough?

           Ben Laussade, I e-mailed you with some help on "Scarred", did it
    help? Did you get it?

           Mojoman; BD real soon, it pays to close the store sometimes!!!!!!!

           Power Windows this Saturday at N.Y. avenue for anyone interested,
    E-Mail me

    M I T H R A N D I R D E L V E S I N T O H I S

    W E A L T H O F K N O W L E D G E A G A I N !!!!!!!!
                         Elen sila lumenn omentilmo, Mithrandir


    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 01:58:38 PST
    From: (Aaron K Silverman)
    Subject: Angelkill, you Thief!
    Message-ID: <>


    Did you steal Beyond the Black from Metal Church, or is it used in
    tribute??? :)

    Couldn't resist spouting about one of the most underrated bands in
    history. . .

    Party on,


    PS Does anyone have Negatron, by Voivod? Please email me, I got it but
    there is no multimedia track on the disc! Has anyone else had this problem, or is my disc just defective???


    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:08:04 +0200
    Subject: someone to subscribe wants
    Message-ID: <v02130500adec05998eb9@[]>

    >Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 04:13:10 -0400
    >From: YUTAKA OTSUKA <>
    >Subject: asdf (WWW generated email)
    >Message-ID: <>
    >what I should subscribe?

    What you subscribe must?

    What think about it do you?

    D A V E K I N G
    "If you see a problem where there is none, then the problem is YOU" (dk)
    "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw)


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