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Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 14:36:00 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

      1) SCENES NUMBER 72
     by (Richard James)
      2) grade school?
     by Pat Daugherty <>
     by (Stephane Auzilleau)
      4) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1631
     by Sensory Overload <>
      5) Sick of Load..
     by Josh Sager <>
      6) DT screensaver?
     by Steven Thum <>
      7) Stuph ....
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
      8) Garbage(NDTC)
      9) _THE_ FINAL WORD
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
     10) Bubblegum, et al
     by (Pat Sullivan)
     11) quote (ndtc)
     by David Alderman <>
     12) One More ( aka the JP Clinic )
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
     13) Holy Shinola....
     by "MojoMan" <>
     14) Lars Diamond
     by mike olekshy <>
     15) Lars Diamond
     by mike olekshy <>
     16) llaica/QR/DT
     by Galactic Cowboy <>


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 09:47:56 +0500
    From: (Richard James)
    Subject: SCENES NUMBER 72
    Message-ID: <>






    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:09:04 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Pat Daugherty <>
    To: Dream Theater Mailing List <>
    Subject: grade school?
    Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960619100655.16553H-100000@bdmserver>

    Dave King wrote:
    >>Re: The garbage reply below to somebody who needed help in digest 1628...
    >Get outta my face you uptight piece of shit! Can't take a laugh, eh? You
    >know, you really PISS ME OFF, so get lost.
    >>p.s Sorry jammers, it really got on my wick when I saw that.
    >ASSUME, kiddy...

    >D A V E K I N G

    What grade in grade school is Dave King in?

    A lot of people thought there was nothing funny with your post. Show some

    | Pat Daugherty |
    | "Every breath leaves me one less to my last" --Dream Theater |
    | "That is not an option, Mr. Mulder" --X-Files |
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    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 15:58:49 +0100
    From: (Stephane Auzilleau)
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi there,

    Sad news: Rush starts making big troubles with the Magna Carta tribute. They
    don't want it to be release. Why? I don't know, but their management really
    puts the pressure on Magna carta.
    James will finally be involved in the Priest tribute.
    And the "Uncovered" was released on a double bootleg CD, soundboard.

    That's all folks!

    Stephane Auzilleau
    Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Habitat - Groupe acoustique
    Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat
    rue Maurice Audin
    F-69518 Vaulx-en-Velin, France
    phone : ++33 72 04 70 37 fax : ++33 72 04 70 41


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:59:31 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Sensory Overload <>
    Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1631
    Message-ID: <>

    To that person who got the "rock discipline" video ... Iforgot where you
    got it. could you tell me where you ordered the video from? I can only
    find it in guitar mags for $50!


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:10:25 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Josh Sager <>
    Subject: Sick of Load..
    Message-ID: <>

    Well, I feel as if it's my turn to voice an opinion. This may come as a
    disappointment to some of you. About two months ago I had the opportunity
    to hear the DT demos for the new album. Aside from the fact that the
    songs kicked ass (at least what they had at the time), the songs are a
    lot more "commercial" edged than previous songs. Don't get my wrong, I'm
    not saying they are playing Poison covers, but the parts I heard weren't
    Slayer riffs either.

    My point to the post is this: If the songs actually turn out be more
    "commercial" edged and mellow, how many of you bitching about Metallica
    selling out are going to say the same about DT? Are you going to try to
    tell us that DT is following a natural songwriting progression, whereas
    Metallica isn't? I get the feeling that most of you bitching are going to
    think of some lame meta-philosophical reasoning as to why it's ok for DT
    to do it, but not Metallica..

    Give Metallica a break. They're doing what they want to do. Aside from
    that, this is a friggin Dream Theater mailing list. I'd like to hear more
    about DT than about Kirk's dumb tattoos.

    Josh Sager Red Sector A, Inc.
    Creative Director 8001 B Lincoln Drive West (609) 988-8587 voice Marlton, NJ 08053 (609) 983-9197 fax


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:11:32 -0500 (CDT)
    From: Steven Thum <>
    Subject: DT screensaver?
    Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960619100615.26224A-100000@sunflowr>

    I'm curious to know if there is a Dream Theater screensaver out there.
    If there is, could you please give the address of where to download it?

    If someone has it, could you send it to me as an attachment?

    I sure would appreciate it.

    Someone else here mentioned a multimedia package. I think it would be
    great if DT had a CD-ROM multimedia package. One with screensavers, a
    video jukebox, etc. I know I would buy it.

    By the way, I downloaded the DT wad of DOOM2, and it rocks!!

    Steve Thum

    "you may flame when ready, Gridley" :)


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:45:31 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
    Subject: Stuph ....
    Message-ID: <>

    Partha wrote:

    > Soooo, does anyone recognize the mailing ID? (And have the guts to admit
    > to their error :) and change the web page so people can get subscribed
    > correctly?
    The problem is you can't. There is no way to set up a form to sub
    people. The easiest way to do it (as suggested to me by someone
    (its still early)) is to set up a mailto which goes to the request
    address with instructions on what to put in the message.

    Grinder wrote:

    > Thank God (or Skadz, in this case) for auto ops.
    We are one in the same, no need for the or ;)


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    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 17:59:42 +0200 From: To: Subject: Garbage(NDTC) Message-ID: <>

    Re: Even MORE garbage in digest 1631... -------------------------------------------------------------------- >Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:38:16 +0200 >From: etl.etlaywgÉ >To: ytsejamÉ >Subject: YTSEJAM digest >Message-ID: <01I6278I44JM9856LTÉ>

    >Re: The garbage reply below to somebody who needed help in digest 1628...

    Get outta my face you uptight piece of shit! Can't take a laugh, eh? You know, you really PISS ME OFF, so get lost.

    >p.s Sorry jammers, it really got on my wick when I saw that.

    ASSUME, kiddy...

    ....................................................................... D A V E K I N G "If you see a problem where there is none, then the problem is YOU" (dk) "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw) ---------------------------------------------------------------------


    I'm glad I've really 'PISSED-YOU-OFF' as it appears you have 'PISSED-OFF' other jammers with you inane and purile witterings. So, as has been said already - grow up, develop some hair, let your '20lb balls' drop, and let it go...mate.

    Ash. (Don't waste BW here - it's for DTC - mail me...son)

    BTW, I've contacted the guy who had problems subscribing, he'll be joining the list soon - does that 'piss-you-off'? :)


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 12:22:59 -0400 (EDT) From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <> To: Subject: _THE_ FINAL WORD Message-ID: <>

    Hey all ....

    Here's the deal. No more Metallica talk. Seriously. None. I don't wanna hear it, alot of other people don't wanna hear it, probably half the people who are talking about it don't wanna hear it. If you do wanna hear about it join the Metallica list. End of Story. I will after this post gets on the jam start sending warning messages to individuals who post about the new Metallica and if they post again, they lose the jam. Its in the letter you get when you join, you get 1 warning.


    This list has really gotten bad lately. I see it in my own posts, I see it in other posts. I don't wanna hear it anymore. I am sick of it, after last night, I know ALOT of other people are too. And I don't wanna lose subscribers because of this stupid shit. I want more people to participate and I think alot of people get scared off because of the flames and the personal wars and so on. So basically this is how it is.... Calm down, post messges to the jam when messages to the jam are necessary, not because you wanna flame somebody and wanna look like a real stud and post it to the whole jam, not because your friend and you wanna fight with each other online (yes this mean you Mojo and Mith), not when you decided its a good idea to start a new top 10 list, not when you have a stupid fuckin joke that isn't really funny and is really offensive, or for any other reason then something that has nothing at all to do with Dream Theater or Related Topics.

    Basically, I am fed up with the bullshit. I want some real content. Not necessarily DTC, just real content. Things that people on the list that people might find interesting. Things like tour dates for bands which are much like DT, show reviews, clinic reviews, info about the new DT album, suggestions for new music, CD Reviews (NOT CD WARS like "Load"), and anything else people might find interesting.

    Basically, I wanna learn from this list like I have in the past. I have gotten so much info from this list. I have been on this list for almost 2 years now and its had its highs and lows, but lately it has been its lowest. I mean, alot of people will remember the God debates, the NIN and Blind Melon stuff, which all sucked, but this is ridiculous.

    I don't even mind things like a movie review or two (ala Mike Bahr), great mixed drink recipes, and other random fun stories, but alot of what is on the jam is just stupid now. I seriously belive 3/4 of the people who are on this list now, scan the subjects and 90% of the time delete the digest without even reading past the subjects. I know I skim like a mad man, because I really don't give two shits about half the shit people are talking about.

    Basically what I am saying is cut the shit. If all you wanna do all day is flame people, start up your news reader, go to the group alt.flame and enjoy. If someone posts something to the jam which is totally ridiculous, take it to private email, don't clutter up the jam with it.

    I don't wanna sound like I am bitching, but I am supposed to be the moderator and I want to be moderating a good list, not something that I couldn't give two shits about. It wouldn't be worth my time then.

    Now, here is the last thing any of us will hear about Load. We asked Petrucci last night, if he heard it and what he thought. He said he had just heard small pieces. When asked what he thought, he basically said that what he had heard just really didn't sound like them.

    So, PLEASE, if you do anything for this list, just try to kinda follow what I said above.

    Thanks, Skadz

    -- +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ | Ryan P Skadberg | | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p e r | | | +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ \ "And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning" / \ "Dead Winter Dead" - Savatage / +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 12:49:59 -0400 From: (Pat Sullivan) To: Subject: Bubblegum, et al Message-ID: <>

    >"I came here to chew some bubblegum and kick some ass. And I'm all out of >bubblegum." > (someone identify this Bill Murray quote for me, it's driving me insane)

    That's not Bill Murray, that's some ex-pro wrestler (Roddy Piper?) from the movie "They Live". Whoever it was, I only remember that the character was about as deep as a puddle, that's it. :)



    Is there any way we can forcibly unsub this yutz? I've had just about enough of his off-topic garbage.


    >>>>>>>>And in a desperate attempt to tie some DTC into this... >[snip]With Dream Theater, you almost always have several different feels/riffs >within the same song. Hell, I'd venture to guess there are more riffs in >ACOS than in the whole album "Load"! :)<<<<<<<<< > >Stop this kind of bullshit. If you really have nothing to say DTC or >related, shut the fuck up.

    Hey, who shit in *your* cornflakes this morning?!?

    Look, whether you agree or not, it has been established that Metallica *IS* a DT related band (seeing as they're one of DT's influences). If you don't agree with that, feel free to either ignore messages you don't want to read, or else start your own damn mailing list.

    At least I made an *attempt* to put some DTC in there. If that's not good enough for the almighty YOU, tough. Keep your juvenile temper tantrums to yourself.


    Hey, where are the reviews of the JP clinic in Boston? I couldn't go (dammit), but I'm interested to see if any new songs/information came up.


    This space for rent...No pithy quotes need apply ____________________________________________________________________


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:41:33 -0500 From: David Alderman <> To: Subject: quote (ndtc) Message-ID: <>

    >Scott. >Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

    >"I came here to chew some bubblegum and kick some ass. And I'm all out >of >bubblegum." (someone identify this Bill Murray quote for me, it's driving me >insane)

    This is a quote from Rowdy Roddy Piper from "They Live." I think that was the name of the movie. John Carpenter directed it and it was about aliens taking over. They could be seen with special glasses.



    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 12:50:40 -0400 (EDT) From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <> To: Subject: One More ( aka the JP Clinic ) Message-ID: <>

    Hey again ...

    One more from me. Well, I went to the JP clinic last night. It was very cool. John played some songs, taught some neat stuff, asked questions (the jammers took alot of shirts home :) and was just an all around nice guy. He definately seemed to be having a good time which was really cool.

    Some of the highlights:

    "Where do you get those cool John Petrucci silk shirts?" - Bafu Vai

    "Name the two Dream Theater instrumentals" - JP "Erotomania and Ytsejam" - some guy "What about Eve?" - another guy "What about Bombay Vindaloo?" - yet another guy "How about Barf Bag? Moon Bubbles? Gemini?" - Bafu


    Bafu getting booed when he asked JP to sign something "To Steve"

    John being very very scared by the horde of jammers.

    "Hey! That one ends like Pull Me Under" - D-Man? (or was it Syrinx)

    "Ummm... did you like write the solo parts to fit over the piano parts for the guitar or how did you come up with that" - some idiot asking about John's playing of one of Chopin's etudes. "Ummm, Chopin wrote that" - JP

    "Bafu, Bafu, Bafu" (Bafu flies in over the crowd) (inside joke)

    "Pull Me Under, Under a Glass Moon, Awake Stuff, A Change of Seasons, WOAH! Orginal stuff" Jammers at the Brian Wherry concert (we all really know Brian kicks ass, just were having some fun)

    John's impression on what he used to hear at the music store he used to work at. ( Out of tune bends, followed by Stairway, and Sanitarium)

    All in all, it was lots of fun and great to see all the jammers. We asked John about the Con and he definately knew about it and said that they should be there. He said they were still searching for a producer. He said they basically missed the October window to get an album out and they wanted to skip Christmas, and that the end of January or February will probably be when the album comes out. He didn't play any of the new music at the clinic, but mentioned Metropolis Pt ][.

    That's about all I can type now, considering I was up til 4AM, but if I think of anything else that was sorta interesting, I will post :)


    -- +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ | Ryan P Skadberg | | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p e r | | | +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+ \ "And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning" / \ "Dead Winter Dead" - Savatage / +-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+


    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 23:07:48 -0400 From: "MojoMan" <> To: "" <> Subject: Holy Shinola.... Message-ID: <>

    Webin: Holy Shit, YtseMan .... it's Jammers...and they're flaming the hell out of eachother....

    YtseMan: Yes, I know, Webin....and can you believe it....MojoMan is nowhere among the flamethrowers...

    Webin: Well, In Mojo's defense, YtseMan...he's too busy, kicking the living shit out of Keu for the bad, bad post he did today....

    YtseMan: Hmmm...we'll buy that man a Bombay Vindelu when we get back to the DerekCave....for's more 'Load' riot control for us!!! so get back to work...!!!!


    M O J O M A N I S F E E L I N G A L I T T L E G O O F F Y R I G H T N O W !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:12:46 -0700 From: mike olekshy <> To: Subject: Lars Diamond Message-ID: <>

    > Now, with the > >semi-dissapointment I have on the new Metallica cd, I could be ready > >to mosh to Neil Diamond

    Right on, Neil Rocks!!!!! Has anyone noticed how similar Metallica's "Enter Sandman" is to Neil's "America"??!!

    cheers, MMO


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:12:44 -0700 From: mike olekshy <> To: Subject: Lars Diamond Message-ID: <>

    > Now, with the > semi-dissapointment I have on the new Metallica cd, I could be ready > to mosh to Neil Diamond

    Neil Rocks!!! Has anyone noticed how similar "Enter Sandman" is to Neil's "America"??!! I think Metallica would do a great job covering that song!

    cheers, MMO


    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 14:24:36 -0400 (EDT) From: Galactic Cowboy <> To: Subject: llaica/QR/DT Message-ID: <>

    Does anybody know how I can subscribe to the Metallica list? I figure I'd get more info on Dream Theater there than I'm getting here.

    Oh yeah, I had a question:

    I just saw the Queensryche: live in Tokyo (thanks Scott) for the first time. Is this the same place where the DT live in Tokyo took place?




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