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Date: Mon Jun 24 1996 - 00:50:01 EDT

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                                YTSEJAM Digest 1640

    Today's Topics:

      1) I'm back.
     by Ben Laussade <>
      2) DT/Rainbow tour?
     by The Digital Man <>
      3) Stuph ...
     by "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
      4) Sorry, no content... again :(
     by Mark Bredius <>
      5) What are you talking about?
     by John McCabe <>
      6) I'm still a happy camper
     by Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM>
      7) Vincent Furnier Miasma
     by Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM>
      8) Re: Scorps/Alice Cooper Review
     by Dave Fernquist <103362.445@CompuServe.COM>
      9) Hey Mark
     by buster <>
     10) Finally!
     by Ootsuka Yutaka(93230020) <>


    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 00:42:54 -0700
    From: Ben Laussade <>
    Subject: I'm back.
    Message-ID: <>

    >I'm not exactly sure what my point was here. Um... something about who wears
    >the pants in Dream Theater. And man, that leather gets tight.

    I'm not wearing any pants.

    And I listen openly....
    What you see is human.
    Ben Laussade


    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:37:20 -0400 (EDT)
    From: The Digital Man <>
    To: Ytse Jam <>
    Subject: DT/Rainbow tour?
    Message-ID: <>

    The other night I was hanging out with Greg Smith, bassist for such
    luminaries as Alice Cooper and Ethyl Mertz. :) Anyway, these days he's
    the road bassist for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. I happened to bring up
    the Ethyl gig, and he asked me if I was on the Jam. I said yes, and he
    asked me to propose an idea to all of you. He wants to know how DT fans
    would feel about a tour with Rainbow. He said that Ritchie digs DT,
    likes their version of Perfect Strangers. Also, Greg would be psyched if
    he got to tour with his friend Derek again. He figures also that a tour
    would help both bands, by getting each other's fans intersted in new
    stuff. So, if there's a strong enough response, he'll approach Ritchie
    about it. What do you guys think?

      The Digital Man \|/ ____ \|/ Secretary "@'/ ,. \`@" UVM Comp Sci Student Assn /_| \__/ |_\ "He won't need a bed \__U_/ He's a digital man" - Peart


    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 12:19:59 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "Ryan P. Skadberg" <>
    Subject: Stuph ...
    Message-ID: <>

    Hey all ...

            Me once again. :)

    Administrivia ... Ya know it sucks when someone loses and acct and
    they are in ack mode :(

    WildKoba wrote:

    > skadz, it's probably some boot, which i definitely don't have (aside from ad
    > and wdatu). speaking of which, anyone with a boot with the "original" acos
    > willing to sell, see me.

    Hmmm ... I thought it was on Live in Tokyo, but maybe I am off the mark
    here. Anyone wanna help out?

    As for getting a copy of The Dance of Eternity... Good luck :)

    Well, I want to publicly thank everyone for calming down a bit. Its
    great to see some content on the list, even if it isn't exactly DTC,
    its at least been some real meat. As for DTC, I know there will be
    a sparse amount of true DTC until there's more on the new album or
    whatnot, but there is alot of other stuff we can talk about which
    is at least relevant without getting out of control.

    I think the basic rule everyone should follow is this: THINK BEFORE
    you post, not afterwards :)

    Tori's coming back to Boston and I'm gonna be in the 28th row, I'm
    psyched :) And don't forget, Tori Unplugged on Tuesday night.
    Check your local listings for time and channel. :)

    That's all from me


    | Ryan P Skadberg                          |
    | s y s t e m . a d m i n i s t r a t o r / w e b . d e v e l o p  e r  |
    | |
    \    "And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning"   /
     \                "Dead Winter Dead"  - Savatage                       /


    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 17:55:57 +-200 From: Mark Bredius <> To: "'Marillion 4-ever'" <>, Subject: Sorry, no content... again :( Message-ID: <>

    Just a quicky... Can anyone tell me how to get on the King Crimson mailinglist ? I got "Thrak" last week, and I'm thinking about checking out more of their stuff. Got any suggestions ? Please mail me privately... :)

    ____/\ ()___() When you say I've got a problem that's a certainty. (__(q` ) (q(")p) But I put it all right down to eccentricity. ~_) | \ __] ^ [__________________________________________________________\_/_( ) Itchy (NOT Bitchy), - Mark Bredius, ________________________________________________________________________ "You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd."


    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 16:58:15 -0400 (EDT) From: John McCabe <> To: Subject: What are you talking about? Message-ID: <>

    > your nothing but a Hapless moonclaf spewing your Mindless >dribble out for all to see and might think you have some type of >intelligence. > >Keu Has Bellowed I don't know what you two are fighting about(yes I did read your 'jam). But please I don't post it here.

    Oh yeah this is not a flame!



    Date: 23 Jun 96 17:32:16 EDT From: Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM> To: ytsejam <> Subject: I'm still a happy camper Message-ID: <960623213216_102346.2730_HHQ52-1@CompuServe.COM>

    Well, I went to see Dave Matthews Band at Pine Knob, in Michigan yesterday, courtesy of a local radio station. It was definitely the best road trip I've had in a while. The DJ and staff were really nice people, and the whole trip went without a hitch. We left Cleveland around noon, with Indians vs. Yankees traffic still coming in. The charter bus was a definite plus: air conditioning, reclinable seats, etc. As soon as we got on the highway, they gave us pizza and pop (or "soda", depending on which part of the country you're in) and let us drink beer, if we had brought some (not my style). Luckily, the bus had a working tape deck. Even though you couldn't fast-forward or rewind, it played tapes, and that's what mattered. I gave the DJ 3 tapes: the "Crash" world premiere on the Album Network, and the 12/31/95 show. Made for good listening, even though the majority of the "fans" would hear most of this stuff for the first time. Meanwhile, my friend and I sat in the front of the bus, relatively quiet, and not causing trouble. I was reading the latest Rolling Stone with Metallica on the cover, and drinking my beverage of choice, Cherry Coke. The contest winners who sat in the back of the bus were drinking their beers, playing a game called "@$$hole", and some even started smoking mary-jane. Second-hand cigarette smoke pisses me off enough, but pot smoke is the nail in the coffin. They stopped after a while, so I didn't need to do anything. We arrived at Pine Knob at 4:00PM. Already, the locals were in the parking lot, drinking, playing frisbee, and other quasi-hippie activities. At this time, we got our tickets. Since we were contest winners, I was expecting lawn seats. Turned out, we had pavilion seats: I had 31st row left of center, eye level with the drummer. For the DMB show in Columbus on 6/18, I had good seats there as well: directly in the center of the pavilion, also eye level with Carter (the drummer). I didn't think it could be any better than this. I knew for the most part, I'd be seeing the "same show" again, so I didn't have high expectations. There was an additional opening act, The Freddy Jones Band, who were after Ben Harper. Definitely check out Ben Harper: it's one thing for people to be creative with established instruments; for me it's true genius when one can come up with their own instruments. DMB rocked the house when they hit the stage at 8:30PM. Unlike seeing Queensryche in an amphitheater for the "Promised Land" tour the second time around, DMB definitely kept things fresh. They fed off of the audience's energy, and the Michigan show was a lot different than the Columbus show. Both venues had giant TV screens: I checked them out from time to time to see how Dave would play a certain riff, or which attractive female would get on camera. The show finished after 2 encores at 10:45PM. Ben Harper and the percussionist from his band joined DMB for the encores. As with all shows, we got out of there as soon as we could. The last thing I needed was to walk home from Detroit to Cleveland...The bus left the parking lot promptly, and we were on the highway within 10 minutes. We made one stop, and we made it back to Cleveland around 3:30AM. To pass the time, we watched "Casino" on the TV/VCR...great flick. My attitude towards certain aspects of radio have definitely changed. It still infuriates me that I can't get airplay for "Ear Candy", but at least the promotions department have their act together. Also, the Michigan crowd was way better than the Ohio crowd: quite a few OH fans were pissing me off at Polaris, while the MI fans were there to enjoy the music, and themselves. Pine Knob is a great venue also, I'd love to see King Crimson or Rush there. If you have the opportunity to see DMB this summer, whether through HORDE, festivals, or his headlining tour, check it out. You won't be disappointed. I'm in such a good mood, I think I'm going to post a "newbie offer" on the DMB newsgroup. Well, gotta run, have DTC to look for.

    The House I Built,

    G. Jack Thetgyi


    Date: 23 Jun 96 17:44:37 EDT From: Gilbert Thetgyi <102346.2730@CompuServe.COM> To: ytsejam <> Subject: Vincent Furnier Miasma Message-ID: <960623214437_102346.2730_HHQ52-2@CompuServe.COM>

    I found some information that may be of interest to certain 'Jammers:

    ...Alice Cooper has assembled an all-star roster for his co-headlining tour this fall with the Scorpions. Joining the elder statesman of the macabre will be guitarists Reb Beach (Winger) and Ryan Roxie (Dad's Porno Mag, Electric Angels), keyboardist Paul Taylor (Winger, Steve Perry) and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (Y&T). Degrasso and Taylor are Cooper tour vets. Another longtime member, bassist Greg Smith, had to bow out of the tour due to prior commitments. He'll be replaced by seasoned four-stringer Todd Jensen (Black 'N' Blue, Hardline, Steve Perry). Cooper recently filmed a show in San Lucas, Mexico- where he was joined onstage by gusts including Slash, Joey Ramone, Rob Zombie and Sammy Hagar, among others- which will be broadcast later this year on VH-1.

    Hopefully, this will compensate for my DMB post.

    The House I Built,



    Date: 23 Jun 96 18:50:35 EDT From: Dave Fernquist <103362.445@CompuServe.COM> To: "" <> Subject: Re: Scorps/Alice Cooper Review Message-ID: <960623225035_103362.445_JHL83-1@CompuServe.COM>

    Just thought I'd post a review of last night's show at Irvine Meadows in case any Jammers are considering going to see this tour.

    Alice Cooper opened up with an extremely powerful 60 minute set. Even though the stage setup was small, the Scorps let him have full sound (it was sooo fookin' loud, and the bass was pounding my chest!). His band was tight; two guitar attack, bass, drums, and keys. Alice played a great cross-section of his tunes (Welcome to My Nightmare and Desperado sounded excellent). Slash joined the band onstage for two songs; he pulled out a double-neck guitar and they played "Only Women Bleed" (highlight of the show). He also pulled out some of the stage antics that he is famous for (I won't spoil it for those that are going, but let's just say that the straight-jacket made an appearance). I didn't recognize any new material in the set, but those that are fans of Alice definitely won't be disappointed. I hadn't seen him since '79 and he sounds as good as ever.

    The Scorps kicked-ass as usual, but it was a short set (80 minutes). The band seemed more energized with the new drummer (Herman's gone), and they played a fairly predictable set (nothing pre-Lovedrive). They did pull out Loving You Sunday Morning and Holiday (from Lovedrive). They played 3 songs from the new disk (which IMHO is very listenable even though it's not very heavy; good songwriting). The sound mix was excellent; however, the demand for tickets was so low that the lawn seating was not even open (this was the second show in the area). Overall, I thought it was a really good show and up to par with past tours (I've seen every Scorps U.S. tour).

    Thanks for the bandwith,



    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 19:47:54 -0400 From: buster <> To: Subject: Hey Mark Message-ID: <>

    > That's the kind of shit I hate about this list. But at least Keu is > trying to be creative about it... Still, both messages could have been > taken to private email.

    Hey Mark, I agree that the way I responded to Ernies post was stupid, and I should have handled it completely differently..but, I wish you could understand just one thing:

    If someone openly posts their opinion of Dream Theaters talent in here, and let's suppose it's not exactly a compliment, don't you think that a fan like myself should be able to openly post in DT's defense? Do you honestly think it's stupid to defend them in open forum, and that it should be done only through private email? If I had not called Ernie a lame name, that post would have been just fine (I think). I've already explained that I over-reacted, but I firmly believe that I had a right to rebuttle the comment that DT was "not that impressive".

    I am learning better etiquette on here, so don't draw it out and make it look like all I do is flame please. I post plenty of positive things also, but those posts are almost never quoted....sometimes it seems like it's only when you slip and say something stupid around here that anyone bothers to acknowledge a post.



    Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 20:49:41 -0400 From: To: Subject: Finally! Message-ID: <>

    I've finally found a bass rig. Thank you to all who gave me advice. Here's the new setup: My old Fender Jazz Bass Special run into an Ashley preamp, a Yamaha power amp, and a homebuilt cabinet with four 12" EV speakers. It's big and expensive, but it sounds AWESOME!!!! My neighbors will just LOVE us for this (evil cackle). Mark Tomko -or-

    "How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?" -Calvin "Don't look into car headlights and freeze, because you'll either get run over or shot." -Hobbes


    Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 12:21:53 +0900 From: Ootsuka Yutaka(93230020) <> Message-ID: <>

    A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ROU-SI Hello,jammers I hope that more CD-album like LaM is released.

    Kyoto Institute of Technology 'KIT' Yutaka Otsuka


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