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Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 14:27:17 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

      1) Boston Jammer...
     by Shawna Lea Adams <SADAMS1@WELLESLEY.EDU>
      2) RE Itchy etc...
     by buster <>
      3) Calling BAfu!
     by (Michael Bradley)
      4) Scenes from a memory
     by "Chad L. Cook" <>
      5) Re:Popular Music
     by (Ryan Rafaloff)
      6) Rainbow Tour w/ DT
     by Partha Mukhopadhyay <>
      7) Green Day
     by "Frank Benenati" <>
      8) Latest Rush info
     by "Donald Dintaman" <>
      9) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1642
     11) popular music thread
     12) DT items for sale
     13) CD dubs of Mike Bahr's SUBCONSCIOUS
     14) the fun greenday vs. dt thread =)
     by RipZero <>
     15) Re: Jars of Clay
     16) DT/Greeen Day/popular music
     by Pat Daugherty <>
     17) James Live
     by John Hough <>
     18) Vision : Live in the Long Island Music Festival (sorry NDTC)
     by "MojoMan" <>


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 07:23:31 -0500 (EST)
    From: Shawna Lea Adams <SADAMS1@WELLESLEY.EDU>
    Subject: Boston Jammer...
    Message-ID: <01I6BFU10DW28WWFV4@WELLESLEY.EDU>

    With too much c**p to do...*sigh*

    I didn't even read about the clinic...and I have to get one of my friends
    to reteach me the IRC things I used to do in my sleep, cause well...*grin*
    I tend to Mu** much more often than IRC lately...

    so...If I get my act together I might see you all there. :>

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    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 08:03:36 -0400
    From: buster <>
    Subject: RE Itchy etc...
    Message-ID: <>

    Itchy wrote:

    > All of us here LOVE Dream Theater (I hope),

    Except for Ernie...he just thinks they're very good. *JUST KIDDING* hehe

    > so we *should* be able to
    > (at least) get along. Minor disagreements are ok, but name-calling, to
    > me, is a big "NO NO"...

    Here here! I agree :)



    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:22:44 -0400
    From: (Michael Bradley)
    Subject: Calling BAfu!
    Message-ID: <v01520d02adf5602eb505@[]>

    Calling Bafu!

            Steve I was just wondering what you thought of the Alex Skolnick
    boot I sent you. I'd be interested in someone else's feedback on it. Try to
    drop me a line at the above e-mail address, ok?



    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:25:10 -0400 (EDT)
    From: "Chad L. Cook" <>
    To: Dream Theater <>
    Subject: Scenes from a memory
    Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.92.960625092325.3848D-100000@achilles.BBN.COM>

    Just wanted to say Thanks to Mike B. for another incredible disc! Anyone
    who hasn't ordered it, GET IT! (just like all his others) :)


    Chad L. Cook BBN Systems and Technologies
    System Administrator 10 Moulton St. Cambridge, MA 02138


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 96 09:40:02 -0500
    From: (Ryan Rafaloff)
    Subject: Re:Popular Music
    Message-ID: <>

    Well this is a hot's how I look at it. I've spent the last four
    years of college managing the radio station at school. I've dealt with all
    kinds of record labels, and even the people at E/W who sent me ACOS. Well,
    most of the progressive and metal shows were playing the live covers instead
    of the title cut on the CD(which pissed me off). And why did they prefer it?
    The answer ultimately is becuase MTV fucks everything up, and because the
    record labels dictate too much trendy shit. But a lot of this has to do with
    each of our own deepest opinions. In my opinion, if you can dish it out,
    then let 'em have it. If Green Day had the knowledge, and was skilled,
    skilled, skilled, enough to change key and tempo at least six times in one
    song, they would do it....but I think not. DT had only hours to learn The Big
    Medley. It may have taken GreenDay weeks to do that. It's all about skill,
    and I'm sure almost all of us (including myself) love DT for their talents.
    BTW, has anyone heard Kevin's Chromakey? What is he thinking???????
    -Raf || ||| || ||| ||


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    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:56:16 -0400 (EDT) From: Partha Mukhopadhyay <> To: Subject: Rainbow Tour w/ DT Message-ID: <>

    or should it be the other way around? :)

    I like the sound of it, but that would depend on who the vocalist is for Blackmore' and Co. JLT was alright on the old rainbow stuff he did, but Slaves and Masters could have been so much MORE w/ Ian Gillan that I don't like Turner's vocals anymore.......(pales in comparison, that kinda thing)

    about the return of the Cow Peon Poor guy defends his top ten in (jest) and then goes on to critique Load, thought it was ironic, dontcha think? (oh shit, I don't remember if Alanis is forbidden on this list or not....)

    Partha (cynical fuck) mukhopadhyay


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:04:32 -0400 From: "Frank Benenati" <> To: "" <> Subject: Green Day Message-ID: <>

    On Tue, 25 Jun 1996 The Digital Man wrote: > Jim Beavens asked the question about what is pop music and who defiens it > as such. Fair question, I thought. The part I had trouble with was > stating that "DT is better than Green Day." I like DT more. I think > they write better songs, that mean more to me. But that doesn't make > them better. uhhh it, Dig!!

    > I think Green Day is a lot better at letting it rip and > having fun than DT is. forgive the anger here...(everyone) but the topic of simple, singular brained, crap music compared with something like Dream Theater is enough to really peave me. basically, what you are saying is this...DT doesn't know how to enjoy making music like Green Day does...(you said, dirrectly above...."a lot better at letting it rip.....having fun than dt is.") This is discraceful...and for some reason, up until now, I thought I wouldn't see it anymore from Dig.... I seriously doubt that the members of Dream Theater hate what they're doing...and I'd be willing to bet that they really do have fun doing it....

    > I don't go see DT to hop around and sing along > with the happy little harmonies.

    Ummmm...I dt shows, I sing, hop around....and if there ain't a harmony...I'll make one...

    > And I don't listen to Green Day for the > fucked up chord progressions and introspective lyrics.

    Can I ask an open question people listen to things because they're looking for something specific???....or just to listen to good music....I don't say to myself, I want something green dayish to listen to....I just pick good music to listen to....

    > Everything has > its place, I think.

    For the first time I agree with you.....

    Green Day = Garbage Dream theater = Your CD player....

    Look...Green Day has been a sensation for what...2 years??? maybe 3...I dunno.... what are they doing you know..????? who ever said 'pop music will eat itself, was so right....'

    I think I can sum this up in one big sweep...


    > That being said, onto the main topic at hand. Who defines popular > music. As far as I can tell, radio and MTV decide to play stuff for > whatever reason.

    Take Radio out of your equation and you'll be right...Radio is a reactionary market nowadays...they are going by sales and MTV...thats it.....hell....a great deal of Radio stations in very large markets such as New York, LA, Pilly, Chicago....are actually owned by MTV....

    MTV controls popular music sales and one else!!!

    > I doubt that record > sales have anything to do with it -- look at Rush.

    I love Rush...dont get me wrong....but using them as the common denominator for everything that is good is a little bit of a stretch here.....Yes, Rush sells records.....How many more did Hootie and the blowfish sell....or snoop doggie dog sell....CP may have gone platinum...but I don't think a record company is going to really support a group like rush....put it this way... Rush doesnt need Record Company support...their album will do just fine....without help...and their tour will kick ass....with out their help....that means they can cultivate some alternacrap or wrap band with lots of support money and maybe turn someone tripple platinum overnight.... Thats another thing....It took several albums for a rock band to become guys don't need examples on that........ Alternacrap and Wrap groups will turn a record platinum with profit in about 6 months....Thats incentive not to hire rock groups...and that Is precicely the reason why every single record company has disbanded their Heavy Metal/Hard Rock departments....and Why some record companys have changed their complete structure(Relativity and Interscope).

    After thinking about it....I hate groups like Green Day even more now....I've been manipulated by some sick, power hungry bitch that controls MTV for years.....Would you like to become machines, and listen to exactly what the record companies and MTV wants you to...or would you like to retain your 'freewill' in music!!!!!

    M O J O D O N ' T K N O W N O O J O !!!!!!


    Date: 25 Jun 96 09:27:37 -0500 From: "Donald Dintaman" <> To: "" <> (Return requested) (Receipt notification requested) Subject: Latest Rush info

    More Rush News....... >From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager) >Date: Fri Jun 21 16:19:37 PDT 1996 >Subject: Administrivia > >I would like to announce some Rush news > > - The album is called Test for Echo > - The album release date is September 3 > - The album does have 11 tracks on it. > - The tour, as stated previously, will start out in October in the >Northeast. > - Rumor has it it will start near/in Albany, NY. > - Rumor also has it, it will be a short tour (ala RTB/Counterparts) > - The tribute album comes out July 23, amidst Rush objections > - Neil will be featured in 4 video tapes a couple of months from >now. They will be 2 tapes on the "Making of Burning for Buddy" and 2 >on his "Work in Progress" drum series (featuring other drummers), >which features songs from the new album as well. >The above I can say come from a variety of *very reliable* >sources/people.


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:37:53 -0400 From: To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1642 Message-ID: <>

    Itchy wrote: >'They' (me included) always seem to be able to find something on-topic, >even when things are getting kinda slow. Just post some nice stories, >lyrical interpretations... anything on-topic... That would be really >cool, wouldn't it ? Not a bad idea. Any thoughts, people?


    I've noticed that after I stop listening to a band, they get more popular. My biggest example is Primus. I quit listening to them regularly right before "Pork Soda" came out and got big. No, I won't quit listening to Dream Theater just to make them popular. Also interestingly, I saw someone write in to Bass Player defending Duff McKagan saying something to the effect of: "He may not have the technique that you people relish, but he has probably made more money that all of your jazz players." This was her only argument, and it is obviously very faulted. Money rarely equals talent.

    >DTC2: Got the JM bass video yesterday.

    Where, and how much?

    That about wraps it up. I'll see you people on IRC. Mark Tomko -or-

    "How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?" -Calvin "Don't look into car headlights and freeze, because you'll either get run over or shot." -Hobbes


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 08:38:25 -0600 From: BILL HUSTON <HUSTON@IOMEGA.COM> To: Subject: popular music thread Message-ID: <s1cfa449.011@IOMEGA.COM>

    Hi peoples, Just a quick retort to Elliott's remark:

    >>>>>>>>>>> Green Day has a slot-head screwdriver, a hammer and some pliers. >>>>>>>>>>> You forgot baling wire :> Also along with this warehouse of tools, comes the knowledge of how to use them. (anyone remember 'Primitive Pete'?) The point is GD or anybody can have a toolbox but if all they can operate is a screwdriver, the finished product is rather plain. Does any of this make sense? I agree with Bernd that record companies, not the public, decide what we get to hear. Stuff like FW, GC, SG, and DT are actually accidents because they don't see the dollar signs there. Time to start the revolution again...



    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:59:27 -0400 From: To:, Subject: DT items for sale Message-ID: <>

    Hello All, I still have a few of the DT items left for sale. E-mail me if you are interested in any of the items below. :^)

    1) AWAKE w/EVE mini disc from JAPAN ($30) 2) AWAKE from JAPAN without EVE mini disc ($15) 10) 12" single of LIE sealed with British fan club mag inside ($20) 12) '93 USA tour pass with pic of full band in color ($15) 13) '92 JAPAN tour pass with burning heart & girl pic (red/black) ($13) 14) '93 JAPAN tour pass with burning heart (red) ($13) 15) I & W Access Satin sticker passes ($8) 17) German Awake ($15) 19) I & W Japan ($15) 23} Awake promo pick (medium) w/ DT logo ($8)

    Thanks, Jim


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 11:00:18 -0400 From: To:, Subject: CD dubs of Mike Bahr's SUBCONSCIOUS Message-ID: <>

    Yes it is true as the subject line states I can make you a copy of SUBCONSCIOUS on CD. Now I say again that this is a COPY and it is not an original from some secret stock pile. :^) I have received permission from Mike to do this and my intent is not to compete with him. I am doing this because I realize that there are a number of Jammers that missed out on SUBCONSCIOUS and I would like to help.

    > A note from Mike: > Hi everyone! I can't make any more, you're all well aware of >that. It seems like what Jim's doing here is a decent enough project... I >don't even know how he's going to cover costs because I barely did when I >was using much less expensive recording media. If you missed out on >Subconscious, this is your chance to at least get a CD copy of it. It >won't be the original, numbered, valuable collectible, but it will be the >same music on CD and that sure beats cassettes! :) For the record, as the >original creator of Subconscious, I give my blessing for this project to >go forward, and he might do Acoustic Dreams later; who knows! > >MTFBWY! Mike Bahr,

    It WILL sound exactly the same as the original. It WILL NOT look exactly the same as the original. It WILL cost the same as the original. $25 U.S.

    Additional postage: USA free Canada / Mex $1.00 US Scandinavia $3.00 US Europe / UK $4.00 US Japan $5.00 US Aus/NZ/etc. $5.00 US

    If you send a money order I can mail the disc out without delay (usually 1 or 2 days after recieving payment). With a check I must wait 10 business days after I deposit it in order for my bank to tell me if it has cleared. I don't mind doing this but if you want it ASAP send a money order. :^)


    JAMES ARIN COLBERG P.O. Box 751 BRANFORD, CT. 06405-0751 USA

    Please include with your payment a note with the following information:


    Thanks, Jim Colberg

    =========================================================== Track List

    1. Eve (5:21) Live at the Limelight, New York City 3/4/93. 2. A Change of Seasons (19:19) Same as above. 3. O Holy Night (4:10) W/ Charlie Dominici 4. Carry That Weight/Golden Slumbers (6:13) 1988 W/ Charlie Dominici. 5. Don't Look Past Me (6:21) Majesty demo W/ John Hendricks. 6. Wanted: Dead or Alive (5:08) Spoof of the Bon Jovi song. 7. To Live Forever (acoustic) (4:54) From James LaBrie's vocal audition. 8. The Gorilla Session (excerpts) (2:59) Early Petrucci noodling. 9. Mission: Impossible Theme (1:17) 10. The Back Pain Jam (5:07) (RPM Warehouse) 10/25/94 Toronto, Canada 11. The Awake Heavy Jam (3:51) 12. Experimental (1:23) John Myung noodling. 13. Tears (3:09) Rush cover from Ronnie Scotts "Uncovered" London, 1-31-95 14. Winter (2:23) A Tori Amos cover, also from Ronnie Scotts "Uncovered". 15. Mystery track Compiled and Prodced by Mike Bahr, March, 1995


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 10:36:29 -0500 From: RipZero <> To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <> Subject: the fun greenday vs. dt thread =) Message-ID: <>

    Why is greenday more popular- because theres much higher number of idiots in america today ;) actually its just people doing what mtv tells them. if mtv said "we've just recieved word from the popular police- we have to ditch all the jams and alternative because the new wave of music is progressive metal!" then i GARUNTEE you that DT would be more popular than Greenday. its not a matter of "personal taste" with those dumbass fans, its a matter of what their fucking television tells them. i still have more for later, my rant has only just begun ;) ~Rip


    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 11:55:36 -0400 From: To: " - (052)ytsejam(a)" <> Subject: Re: Jars of Clay Message-ID: <0010200003114555000002*@MHS>

    > From: The Cow God <> > To: Valhalla <> > Subject: All kinds of stuff > > I saw Jars of Clay in Orlando last Tuesday. Anyone heard of them? They're a > Christian band, but they have a video. I saw it on the Box... Flood. Mostly > acoustic guitar oriented band. Pretty cool.

    Yeah, I've heard of 'em. Flood was playing on the radio one evening when I was riding around in my friend's car. The only reason I remember them at all is that Flood sounds strikingly similar to Even the Waves. I was really confused there for bit trying to figure out why a Top-40 station would be playing something from Kevin Moore's demo tape. If the rest of their stuff sounds like Flood, I just might have to check 'em out.

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    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 12:19:22 -0400 (EDT) From: Pat Daugherty <> To: Dream Theater Mailing List <> Subject: DT/Greeen Day/popular music Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960625121344.1220B-100000@bdmserver>

    First of all, I don't know why anyone likes Green Day. In my personal opinion all their songs sound the exact same-boring..

    I thnk Bernd was right on track. But I do believe that here in the US, MTV basically drives what is popular. I mean MTV made Green Day.

    I bet if MTV would play a bunch of hard rock/heavy metal videos on a consistent basis, that music would again become the norm. I mean back when MTV was first starting hardrock/metal bands in the 80's made MTV.

    MTV and record companies decide what is popular. for the most part.

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    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:40:53 -0700 From: John Hough <> To: Subject: James Live Message-ID: <>

    I just got the Mind Control boot (thanks George) and is it just me or does James not seem to be able to handle the high stuff? Every boot I have heard of him he cracks every time he tries to hit the high notes. Maybe he should just sing in lower registers from now on so he doesn't destroy his voice. Any thoughts?

    John Hough - G O P A D R E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************************************************** Record: W - 38 L - 36 T2nd Place

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    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 14:16:55 -0400 From: "MojoMan" <> To: "" <> Subject: Vision : Live in the Long Island Music Festival (sorry NDTC) Message-ID: <>

    Hey Jammers:

    Just to let all of you know, my original band, Vision, is competing in the Long Island Music Festival this wednesday (either today or tomorrow depending on when this message gets on a jam). Any Long Island Jammers are welcome to come's bound to be lots of fun...especially since The Digital Man and Mithrander will be there, drinking lots of Tequilla with me.

    Heres the situation:

    ** who? VISION ** where? The Vegas Sports Cafe 1195 Montauk Hwy, Copiague

    ** when? WEDNESDAY, June 26 9:00 PM (We will probably go on around 10 ish)

    ** directions: Take Southern State to exit 32...(route 110)... go south until Montauk Highway.(route 27a) make a left onto Montauk Hwy and go down 3-4 miles...The Vegas is on the left hand side!

    ** call The Vegas Sports Cafe for more info and directions (516)226-7913

    ** I know some jammers asked me about age requirements.... I called The Vegas...and they said that anyone can get in... you will need ID to drink though....

    Again sorry for the NDTC...Just wanted to let you guys know about this... If you decide on coming down, look for either Digital Man, or Me....Im easy to ID... I will probably be the tallest person in the place....and I, undoubtedly will be sucking on some Cuervo......

    Thanks folks!

    M O J O, J U S T S A Y M O J O !!!!! -- *************************************************** T H E M O J O M A N ***************************************************


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