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Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 10:19:02 EDT

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    Today's Topics:

     by Evan Thomson <>
      2) some postscripts to what i've written
      3) Re: DT/Rainbow
     by Andrija Bosnjakovic <>
      4) birch hill tape
     by Brian Cox <>
      5) Derek's 30th Birthday!
     by Aladdin <>
      6) (late)Re: to Mr. Laussade about GD
     by "Brian Anderson" <>
      7) WoOt!
     by Ben Laussade <>
      8) perpendicular cows
     by RipZero <>
      9) Where I've been
     by "Paul W. Cashman" <>
     10) politically correct
     11) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1649
     by Chris Oates <>
     12) RE: YTSEJAM digest 1650
     13) New YES?
     by (Ryan Rafaloff)
     14) Awake Book For sale
     by (Michael Bradley)
     15) Re: kevin moore
     by (Ryan Rafaloff)
     16) Calling all Printers!!
     by (Michael Bradley)
     17) !?!?!?


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 10:51:05 +1000 (EST)
    From: Evan Thomson <>
    Message-ID: <>

    Hi all,

    This is a call to BRIAN COX....
    Does anyone else know where he is? Is anyone else waiting for tapes from
    this guy?
    I sent you my part of the trade like 3 months ago Brian. I then mailed
    you to remind you (because you had forgotten) and that was a bout 5-6
    weeks ago. If you read this can you please mail me.

    Evan Thomson



    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 21:15:48 -0400
    Subject: some postscripts to what i've written
    Message-ID: <>

    first off, about the van halen news. is getting dlr back (if indeed true)
    considered a "sellout"?

    second, if labrie would get the boot (as has been "credibly" reported in
    those german music magazines or whatever), would charlie come back? if he
    did, would it be a sellout? or how about if kevin came back?

    some sick and sarcastic questions for you to laugh at.

    seriously now:
    that whole jason becker post brought back some memories to me. i remember
    being a dumb 14 yr old kid, and in my "guitar player" mag, there was this
    little record-page with a promo from carvin, featuring these guys named
    "cacophony." i didn't know any better so i thought "what the fuck"? and gave
    it a spin. i remembered how amazed i was at what i heard, and depressed b/c i
    know that i'll never play like that (maybe ever-so-conveniently, my styles
    have changed). but i followed these guys somewhat, and was happy to see marty
    in megadeth, and was left wondering when jason would do his bit. then i heard
    he was with roth, which was amazing (anyone remember the picture of him with
    the guitar that had the number of the fret as a fret marker?). i was so
    bummed when i heard he had gehrig's. thanks a lot to whoever it was who
    posted that and sent me remembering days of long ago.

    peace out. remember always, that it can happen to you (good or bad).
    david kobayashi
    lover of all that is musical

    "my yellow in this case is not so mellow, in fact, i'm trying to say it's
    frightened like me. and all of these emotions of mine keep holding me from
    giving my life to a rainbow like you...." -j. hendrix

    "through nature's inflexible grace, i'm learning to live." - j. myung


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 03:35:38 +0200 (MET DST)
    From: Andrija Bosnjakovic <>
    Subject: Re: DT/Rainbow
    Message-ID: <>

    Idea about tour is great. I both like DT and Rainbow, and I think it
    would be really cool to have a show with both bands.

    See ya


    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 20:52:16 -0500 (CDT)
    From: Brian Cox <>
    Subject: birch hill tape
    Message-ID: <>

    for tim altman and others:

    the tape definitely was not supposed to be that screwed up. that is
    the reason none of the other shows were done on tape trees, a couple
    of incompetents ruined tapes, people bitched at me, and i gave up...

    <><><><><><><><><> Brian V. Cox ( <><><><><><><><><>
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            Everything that is contradictory creates life."
                          -Salvador Dali, 1980

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    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 21:55:29 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Aladdin <>
    To: The BafuJam <>
    Subject: Derek's 30th Birthday!
    Message-ID: <>

    Dear Jammers,

    Hey, what's up everyone? I bring good news! Derek will be having a 30th
    birthday party at the Peoples Pub, on August 23rd and all of the
    ytsejammers are invited! Ethyl Mertz will be a "warm-up" band (in his
    words), and he says that it will be an "all-star extraveganza"! He said
    that his friends Greg Smith and Al Pitrelli will be there, plus other
    people that he said he wouldn't reveal. But, all he said was taht you'll
    be really happy if you come to the party!

    Again, it's at the same place that Ethyl Mertz played last time on August
    23rd. It should be a blast!

    BTW, there will be another Ethyl Mertz show before that, so stay tuned to
    the jam and I'll keep you guys informed. TTYL!

    Jeff =)

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    Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 21:56:11 +0000
    From: "Brian Anderson" <>
    Subject: (late)Re: to Mr. Laussade about GD
    Message-ID: <>

    > Ah....they're *kinda* different. I kinda like GD..I mean, sometimesI
    >need a break from complex music. Once in a blue moon I like to sit
    >down and listen to something that requires no brain power, thought, or
    >amazing range to sing along too. :-) Anybody see GD perform at
    >Woodstock? (the second one, duh).
              Actually, I was there. Probably about 30 or 40 feet from
    the stage (got a little muddy:-) The really sad part was their fans.
    GD was scheduled to start around 10a.m. but Peter Gabriel's WOMAD
    show thing went a little longer than expected. During the entire
    time that the WOMAD performers were playing, stupid GD fans were
    shouting "We want F*ing GreenDay!" And they just kept shouting. It
    was very rude. Peter had to come out and tell everyone to calm down
    and give a little respect to the performers. But of coarse, they
    wouldn't, they just kept shouting. I got really pissed. Anyway,
    Billy Joe or whatever his name is had to come out and tell everyone
    to chill. Didn't really work of coarse. Oh yeah, GD didn't start
    playing until around 2 p.m. I think they got through about 5 songs
    before they had to call it quits, due to all the mud.
    But anyway, it was an interesting spectacle. Then again so was
    Woodstock itself! I'm glad I went (even if I didn't really
    like any of the bands that were there, cept 'tallica and maybe NIN)

    that's all

    -Brian Anderson


    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 20:28:37 -0700
    From: Ben Laussade <>
    Subject: WoOt!
    Message-ID: <>

    >granted, labrie is more technicaly skillful and gifted than kevin
    >is vocally, but much of what he does comes off as hollow for me.
    >what i find so wonderful about kevin's voice is that it is obvious
    >from the first note that there is real, intense emotion is every single
    >word that he sings, and i find that very powerful.

    Good call....but I'd have to say that Kevin Moore would NOT be a good
    vocalist for Dream Theater, because..uh..I dunno. The real heavy emotion
    thing doesn't go along with the majority of DT stuff. Most of the singing on
    Images and Words doesn't impress me much, because it's the same exact tone
    and timbre changing pitch. It's like a pitch bend....the actual sound
    doesn't change, only the note. With other singers (not ALL other
    singers...just other), the sound of their voice changes some with pitch.
    Charlie Dominici, for instance. If you heard one song with him singing low
    (like the beginning of Status Seeker) and one song with him singing high
    (like most of TKH) I don't think I'd say they were the same people singing.
    Now, I like James more than Charlie just because I prefer James's overall
    tone..but he doesn't change it much (on I&W). Take the end of ACoS. Just the
    last line. I know if I were just about to die and it was my life, I'd be
    screaming my last words like a banshee on crack. But, when James does it (on
    the album version) it just sounds like he's singing high. A place like that
    would be good for the raspy all out-thing. It might have even worked if he'd
    forgotten about pitch and just screamed freely.
            It gets better on Awake, though. Take "Caught in a Web". For most of
    that song he uses the "raspy" voice. I love that voice better than the "I&W"
    voice because it has more emotion. And, the softer part after the first
    chorus in Scarred, and also the first chorus in LSoaD. He's singing real
    soft, but using lots of emotion. It just works better. I also know for a
    fact that it's the singing that turns many people off of DT. My brother
    said that the singer makes it sound like one of those cheesy (to me) 80's
    hair metal bands. That's also probably why most of the people on the Jam
    either LIKED the 80's hair metal bands, or are musicians in which case
    they'd listen to the guitar (or whatever instrument) first, and by the time
    they picked their jaw off the floor, they'd gotten used to James. Who
    knows...maybe i'm wrong again. SUE me. I like KevMo's singing,
    btw...specially on On the Page. He just sounds so depressed/ing.

            Oh..and the above may be why people say that DT has no emotion in
    their music.

    >Jeeez, Neil, who pissed in YOUR Wheaties? bad, Neil. :-)

    Could I have been somewhere in Paris?

    And I listen openly....
    Ben Laussade


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 01:46:09 -0500
    From: RipZero <>
    To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <>
    Subject: perpendicular cows
    Message-ID: <>

    >> 1. People are starting to talk about DT going onto some talkshow or
    >> other again. Are you insane? How can you watch these things? Usually
    >> "hosted" by some moron
    >No, RipZero said it once and he was kidding, I think.

    /me hi 5s his vaca hermano (vaca hermano = cow brother for those who
    never took spanish :P )

    At least SOMEONE has a sense of humor! how *could* DT be on a talk show
    when John Myung wont even talk?! ;)

    kev's voice- the reason i dont like it is because he sings from his
    throat, not his gut or his balls. singing like that is very wimpy and
    also damaging to your voice... if yer gonna sing, scream that shit out
    :) example- sebastian bach. just watch that dudes chest when he's out
    on stage... its hard to go full blast for 3 hours every night on tour,
    AND pour your heart out over the lyrics. ;)

    >I dunno, Rip..."Beefquad-X" is like one of those names you say in the
    >CD store and go home and tell people about it, like "The Sweaty
    >Nipples" and "Sheep on Drugs". At least with Insanity we can be true to
    >our name and still have a few people take us seriously. :-)

    yeah =) but we need a rockin' logo too. any graphic design artists out

    >This VH thing is crazy. I can't picture Roth singing anything 5150+
    >Maybe VH should pick up a progmetal type vocalist. That could be really

    i dont picture dave singing any sammy stuff either..... i dont care
    anyway, i havent heard that old van halen stuff in so long!!!!!! so we
    get less of 5150 and more of Women and children first... thats not
    going wrong, its just a different turn :)



    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 23:49:18 -0700 (PDT)
    From: "Paul W. Cashman" <>
    Subject: Where I've been
    Message-ID: <>

    I'm finally starting to recover from our big summertime
    SF/fantasy/comics/gaming/etc convention, Dragon*Con '96 here in
    Atlanta, where I've been for the last week -- hence I'm way behind
    on reading 'Jams, etc. If anyone has emailed me lately, please be
    patient; I'm slowly catching up with email, too. :)

    I received a package from the "new" International DT fan club with
    an ACoS sticker, hand-signed (?) band photo (with Derek), I&W #10, and club
    information. Kewl, I hope this one flies. :) (Please forgive if
    this has already been mentioned, as I'm behind on reading 'Jams.)

    I found the Threshold CD and all the Magna Carta CDs except Shadow
    Gallery's at HMV Music in Atlanta, at Lenox Mall. If you're near
    an HMV, they appear to be Magna Carta-aware and so you can save
    money (also noted of interest: Thought Industry). I got Threshold
    and Cairo, plus the new Dead Can Dance CD. Sorry, Bernd, no
    Superior CDs in we'll just have to change THAT
    real soon-like. :)

    About the new MallternicA album.....nahh, nevermind. :) My
    friends and I have decided we'll go to see 'em in Knoxville if and
    only if we have tix and/or passes (those of you who know me from
    IRC know this isn't beyond credibility :)).

    Couple of things:

       --I saw a Jason Giles-produced Ytsejam T-shirt on someone early
    in the convention (Thursday?), but never saw it again. Who was
    that? I was really pleased. :)

       --I wore -my- Ytsejam shirt whilst dropping off my writer/
    friend Storm Constantine and her boyfriend Jim at the Atl. airport
    Wednesday (more on them later). On the way back to the terminal
    from the International Concourse, this nice couple noticed my DT
    shirt and said "Hey, cool, our son took lessons from John
    Petrucci!" They said his name is Jeffrey Davis and he attends
    college as a computer-science major here in Atlanta, so if you're
    out there, Jeff, take a bow! :)

       --I'm in a pretty rosy mood right now, since I had a lot of fun this
    past weekend and the convention pocket program, which I was
    half-responsible for, proved to be our best and most-praised one
    yet. Plus I was successful in three objectives:

    1. Getting my friends' band Bonedance to play at the convention.
    Yep, on Wednesday night. Skadz, where were you!? :)

    2. Orchestrating attendance at the convention by members of
    Anthrax and Misfits, who played in town Sat. night. I'd been in
    touch with Charlie B. via email, and this too, came to pass. They
    all showed up, had a great time, and now they're interested in
    playing the convention next year. Yes! Vindication! :)

    3. Getting one of my favorite SF/fantasy writers, the abovementioned
    Storm Constantine, over here and hopefully better-known in the States,
    plus making sure she and her boyfriend had a good visit to the US,
    their first ever. It helped that they're such neat, great people
    to just BE with, and -- crossing fingers -- it looks like she may
    have made some of the connections needed to arrange a better book
    deal for the States. --So hopefully, I'll finally be able to tell
    all my friends to go to Waldenbooks or B. Dalton and grab her newer
    books. :)

    Slowly coming down from the clouds,

    Seen my diary on the newsstand           |            Paul W. Cashman
    Seems we've lost the truth to quicksand  |
    It's a shame no-one is praying          -+-    Dream Theater "Voices"
    'Cause these voices in my head keep sayin'.."Love, just don't stare."


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 09:59:13 +0200 From: To: Subject: politically correct Message-ID: <v02130502adf9401c4ce1@[]>

    >Remember, DT members play on this disk so there *is* DTC !!! > >Mark Metzger

    This is NOT a flame, however:

    to be politically correct on the jam, must we really

    1. specifiy IMO, IMHO, I'm a HOMO etc. 2. justify our use of bandwith by saying "yes there is DTC" or "sorry, NDTC but please don't flame me" 3. call a fellow on the jam "motherfucker" and then say "I'm not flaming you"

    What do you think?

    ........................................................................ D A V E K I N G "If you see a problem where there is none, then the problem is YOU" (dk) "holding on is easier than letting go" (fw)


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 01:21:10 -0700 From: Chris Oates <> To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1649 Message-ID: <>

    >The accent difference is also noticable when you compare his singing with >the between-songs patter. I see this a lot with foreign bands, they seem to >lose their "accent" (Bruce Dickinson, for example) when singing. I remember >reading an article on this once where a vocalist (don't remember who) said >that he did it deliberately.

    Funny how Green Day does it the other way. Getting an accent while singing?

    One more reason why I greatly dislike them.

    Now, as to the Rush Tribute album. Imagine: Big court battle, people rush out to buy the album "just to own the controversial thing" and -- some of our favorite bands gain new fans! It's all a cleverly worked ploy between Rush and Magna Carta to bring new fans to the great music that is prog!

    Okay, you can wake me up now from my delusions. :)

    >hey, how many of you out there would buy a cd by a band whos name was >the sound when you stick out yor tounge and go :PbPbPbPbPbPbPbPbPb ? >i'm just curious.......

    I think one of the closest spellings is Pthbbt. At least, on Bloom COunty it was something like that.

    >Danny DeVito can play The Hobbit. And Marilyn Manson could be Golem. Ya >think? :-) The cartoon version of The Hobbit kicked ass, btw....

    I thought so when I first saw it, but now I cannot stand any of Ralph Bakshi (SP?)'s animations. Wasn't Wizards just the most pathetic thing this side of roadkill?

    __ /\ __ +-------------------------------------+ __\/__\/__ | ~Chris |-+ \_||_/ | For a boring homepage, web to: | | /__||__\ | | | // \ | \\ +-------------------------------------+ | \| +-------------------------------------+


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 8:43:09 -0300 (ADT) From: To: Subject: RE: YTSEJAM digest 1650 Message-ID: <>

    Hello to all, This is my first post here so I'll try to make it quick.... :)

    First of all, I'd like to know if I subscribed to a DT list or VH one??? I know the news about VH dropping Sammy are more than interesting, but is it necessary to repeat it a thousand or so times???

    On the popular music theme... I think that there room for everyone in the music businness... there's a place for "punk"/alternative music which is sort of mindless and dumb... but there's also a place for complicated, rocking and meaningful music (a la DT! ). But bashing and saying that one kind of music is superior to the other is just stupid... just respect the choice and tastes of others... BTW, don't you enjoy being a part of some sort of minority? Of a relatively small group of people who love some group's music? (I do!) I surely wouldn't like it if every ten year old would become a DT fan overnight...

    Someone said that they prefered to put on some 80's metal if they just wanted tolisten to party music... I have to agree. I'd rather play some Slaughter, Winger or Ratt than Oasis any day... (Hope I'm not offending anyone!)... At BTW, Slaughter is alive and still kickin'....

    About the Rush tribute... I can't wait to lay my hands on it! I really like to hear Baz singing the Rush songs... Oh, if any of you missed it, Skid Row covers "What you Doing" on their "B-side ourselves" cd...

    Well... I'll get to you later... still have some things on my mind that I like to say...




    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 96 09:20:04 -0500 From: (Ryan Rafaloff) To: Subject: New YES? Message-ID: <>

    Hey all 'jammers, In the June edition of Keyboard Magazine, there was a small write up on what Yes has been doing. They are working on a new project (which was due out this month, but I can't find it yet). It is going to have a few new songs, and also a bunch of re-recorded classics. Sound pretty cool. I haven't seen anyone else talking about this on the 'jam, so I wanted to mention it, any input?

    BTW, I understand it was being recorded in an old bank renovated into a studio.


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    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 09:20:36 -0400 From: (Michael Bradley) To: Subject: Awake Book For sale Message-ID: <v01520d02adf953b81771@[]>

    HEy all,

    I am selling a hardly used, basically brand-new copy of the AWAKE guitar tab book...the official one. I am asking $20 or the equivelent in trade. This is just slightly less than cover price, but the book is in perfect condition.

    Also, if anyone has a copy of the Rush tribute they'd like to dub me, contact me. I'm getting tired of reading reviews of a tape that won't be out for a while, or maybe never.

    Later all!



    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 96 09:30:06 -0500 From: (Ryan Rafaloff) To: Subject: Re: kevin moore Message-ID: <>

    I honestly have to agree with Mat ...last time I said that I just wasn't down with Kev's new stuff. maybe because it isn't prog. kinda stuff. I was acustomed to listening to Kev's material on I&M and Awake, and all the boots. But now, it's like seeing a whole new side of him. I loved all his styles in DT..I mean, SDV, WFS, LTL, TTT (the solo), and EVE.

    Chroma key is gonna have to grow on me a bit, but even so, it's still Kevin... Later all, -Raf || ||| || ||| || - "Nothing is sacred, you draw the bottom line with a $" - (Status Seeker), DT


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    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 09:40:35 -0400 From: (Michael Bradley) To: Subject: Calling all Printers!! Message-ID: <v01520d03adf958b741bd@[]>

    Hey all,

    If anyone on the jam can design/print out nice looking tape labels and liners for my upcoming demo, please contact me. They don't have to be super fancy and I'm looking for a good deal, because I don't have tons to spend. LAter!

    -mike bradley


    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 10:07:17 -0400 From: To: Subject: !?!?!? Message-ID: <>

    Who cares what is 'politically correct' and what isn't? Listen to what YOU want. Don't spend your life worrying about some moron in Outer Slabovia thinks about it. How many requests does it take to get some info on the JM vid? If it was a joke, say so. If not, puh-LEASE post some info. Rush tribute: how many different release dates will be posted? Let's not put another one up until you're SURE it's correct. Uhhh...I think that's it. Don't email complaints to the jam. My address is listed in at least three places; you can email me. Mark Tomko -or-

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