ProgScape -- 8 progressive rock bands!

Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 15:14:37 EDT

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            I haven't seen much talk about it, so I thought I'd make sure
    that people knew about the progressive rock festival, ProgScape. It's
    taking place this weekend (6/29 and 6/30) in Baltimore, Maryland at Stephens
    Hall in Towson University. There will be four progressive rock bands playing
    each day and there will be CDs being sold for the bands and probably
    additional prog-rock CDs being sold by "Of Sound Mind" (who sponsored
    the event). The shows start at 1pm and the cost is $25 in advance (and
    either $25 or $30 at the door, I'm not sure).

    Day 1

        Iluvatar (USA) Superior Middle-Period Genesis meets Marillion
        Miriodor (Canada) Quirky, Instrumental, Rock-In-Opposition tinged
        Porcupine Tree (UK) Searing to ambient Space Prog ala best Pink Floyd
        Fourth Estate (USA) Crunching Instrumental fusion/rock ala Steve Morse Band

    Day 2

       Glass Hammer (USA) Majestic keyboard driven Prog
       Braindance (USA) Remarkable Neo-Gothic Prog Metal
       Eclat (France) Classic 70s French lyricism with the jamming virtuosity
                      of Minimum Vital
       Boud Deun (USA) Unique, driving and complex Prog Fusion

            You can go to the following URL for more details:

            I hope to see some of you there! :-)


    Steve Chew - -
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     stronger -- and he does not call it poison either."
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