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    Today's Topics:

      1) Marillion and other recommendations?
     by (Robert Paul Andrews)
      2) ocatagonal cows
     by RipZero <>
      3) Re: DT touring w/ VH
     by Michael Burstin <>
      4) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1654
     by matt rosin <>
      5) I'm kinda goofy, you know...
     by "Frank Benenati" <>
      6) More old-schoolers, boots and mixes, and other mindless crap :)
     by The Digital Man <>
      7) Review of Detroit KISS concert
     by (Scott Cook)
      8) Re: YTSEJAM digest 1655
     by Chris Oates <>
      9) fanzine n' stuff
     10) Cammel, YNYADTFW....
     by "John R. Kotzian" <>
     11) "Load" lyric file & Lyric file-WWW page for RQ's CD Player
     by "Robert Quezada" <>
     12) JM and the Ytsecon
     by (Rick Terry)
     13) Huh?
     by John McCabe <>


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 14:22:46 -0600 (CDT)
    From: (Robert Paul Andrews)
    Subject: Marillion and other recommendations?
    Message-ID: <>

    I just bought Holidays in Eden and thought it was an OK CD. I'd like
    to know what other ones would be good to pick up by Marillion. And
    other than Echolyn (still haven't found Ivanhoe) what other good
    discs would someone recommend. I know Matt Rosin has only told me
    a bunch of his favs, but I'd like more input (no offense Matt :))


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 14:43:03 -0500
    From: RipZero <>
    To: Heavy Metal Computer Nerds <>
    Subject: ocatagonal cows
    Message-ID: <>

    damn it, the one cd store i wanna head out to and its CLOSED ON SUNDAYS!

    One month of summer down the drain...........................

    "A Song Cows Like" is going to kickass.

    >BTW, isn't it a bit hypocritical to tell people not to trade commercial
    >tapes but advocate bootlegging, which is equally illegal?

    no, because its not a matter of "Legal" we're talking about, nobody
    cares if its legal or not ;) he said dont dub commercial CDs because its
    not profitting the band. since there isnt any profit for the band in
    bootlegs then we're not hurting them. tu comprendo? its the bands we
    care about, not the laws. dont make me call las vacas on tu assholio.

      "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...
           and i'm all outta gum" - Duke Nukem


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 15:48:50 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Michael Burstin <>
    Subject: Re: DT touring w/ VH
    Message-ID: <>

    > From: (Rick Terry)
    > Subject: IM*.*, DT touring with VH, Kentucky fried hospitality
    > >Imagine Van Halen embarks on their tour to support the greastest hits cd
    > >being released in the late fall.....It'll be the largest tour in
    > >years....because of all the hype with DLR in the group......what if DT
    > >could hook up with the tour for a leg or two, once the new album is
    > >released?????????
    > > Is that food for thought.....or what!
    > It would be great exposure for them, but I think they would
    > get raked over the coals by the bulk of the VH fans. In my experience,
    > the bulk of the newer VH fans have only been on board since the Sammy
    > era started and I really think that they would be completely confused
    > by the time changes and thematic variations of DT's music. Really,
    > there are few choruses in DT's material that they are likely to be
    > able to catch up with in a hurry and DT's material explores far more
    > complex issues than many young kids have been directly exposed to.

    I don't know that I agree with this at all... I myself started
    listening to VH in the Sammy days, as well as most of my friends who
    listen to VH. Many of those are also DT fans. Also, keep in mind
    that one of the things at a VH concert that always draws alot of
    attention is Eddie's guitar solo, where Eddie demonstrates why he is
    one of the guitar kings... I think that people recognize his skill,
    much as they would at least recognize DT's skills.

    Another thing is, when I was still on the VH mailing list (before it
    became even worse then how Ytsejam had been a few months ago), there
    were a decent number of people that seemed to like, or at least
    respect DT... while I know that DT would not be as appreciated as we
    would like them to be, they would at least recieve, IMO, a better
    reception than most opening acts that I have seen at a VH concert...

    Oh, BTW, I started listining to VH as a Sammy fan, but still do like
    DLR material. I do, however, like Sammy's material better... More
    serious lyrics, tighter musicianship, and better live performances...
    when I go to a concert, I go to see music being performed, not some
    side-show drunken stupor that used to be a DLR VH show... on most of
    the DLR VH boots that I have, there are hardly any lyrics b/c DLR was
    too trashed to sing... thats not what I want when I pay $35/ticket.

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    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 14:51:11 -0500 From: matt rosin <> To:, Multiple recipients of list <> Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1654 Message-ID: <>

    >Subject: Kev's vs. James's voice

    >This kind of thing happens all the time. Every time a good technical singer >comes along in the world of popular music, people invariably don't like him >or her. To the ignorant masses, the technical singer is just "hiding behind >a skill."

    nobody said that about james.

    >I prefer Pavarotti, for his seemingly effortless production. To those >unfamiliar with the technique of singing

    i'm a singer myself and am very aware of what it takes to sing. it's not a matter of disliking technical playing. petrucci plays with great emotion, yet is incredibly technical. the main point here is that techinallity does NOt preclude emotion, but it CAN, at times, give the sound a kind of mechanical coldness that makes it seem less emotion. my main point was that this phenomena often comes about in james' singing. not that he's any less emotional, but that it can be clouded. that's not trying to knock technical playing - that's just reality. as i said, there are lots of technical singers who sing with such emotion that it can bring tears to your eyes, such as geoff tate. it depends on the singer. singling out james and kevin is in no way an attempt to make a blanket statement about ALL singers - you can't draw any conclusions about that.

    no, this wasn't a flame . . .


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    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 13:21:25 -0400 From: "Frank Benenati" <> To: "" <> Subject: I'm kinda goofy, you know... Message-ID: <>

    > From: > ***************************************************************** > david yoichi kobayashi > the wild and magical koba.

    What makes you so magical, man.....I was able to make a cow fly through the air this morning!! > ------------------------------ > > From: The Digital Man <> > > > I just have to let everyone know in the NYC area that the first > > Wednesday of every month is Prog-Nite at the Rock 'n Roll Cafe (149 > > Bleeker Street). > > New York is definitely the best place on earth to live. I miss it > already.

    Yeah....but you know something...I'm still trying to get the urine smell out of NYC air!!!

    > ------------------------------ > > Subject: Kev's vs. James's voice

    forgive my ignorance....but why is this a topic???? KM went to do his Chromakey thing....and sang is much different than DT....(of course, we should've expected that..) why compare the two in the first place....????? > > ------------------------------

    > >Does breathing heavily and moaning constitute plenty of feeling? As long as I'm the one doing the feeling...I don't care...

    > >How does one get OFF this mailing list??? > > Have you tried rubbing it harder? >



    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 18:06:27 -0400 (EDT) From: The Digital Man <> To: Ytse Jam <> Subject: More old-schoolers, boots and mixes, and other mindless crap :) Message-ID: <>

    > From: "J. Christian Jens" <> > Subject: rising from the ashes > > misc crap: > > It's good to see more old-school Jammers coming back. > > hey d-man :)

    SAV!!! And I thought summer would be a downtime!


    > From: > Subject: James Out? > > I have read a rumor in Noise Pollution Magazine #9 (Can be found at > htt:// {in news section}) that Dream Theater > has dismissed James LaBrie. Is this true? Can it be possible? Why? > > What is going on?

    Just incase anyone else missed Mike Bahr's news: The rumors are false. The lineup has NOT changed.


    > From: Jon Byrne <> > Subject: Re: La Di Da > > At 09:24 AM 6/30/96 -0700, Skadz wrote: > > >like he had gotten a dub of ChromaKey... Well, basically what I wanted to > >say is DO NOT dub commerical CDs, tapes, etc. We all bitch and complain > [etc etc etc] > >and BUYING their CDs, Tapes, etc. Bootlegs are a different story because > > Sorry Skadz, but I have to take issue with this. I trade commercial CDs and > tapes with folks to expose them (and myself) to new bands/styles. If a > particular band strikes my fancy, I'll buy the CD (and I advise everone to > do the same). Without trades, some bands like Gentle Giant and Camel > wouldn't have gotten any royalties from me, 'cause I would never have bought > the albums without knowing what the bands sounded like. In the end, I think > trading, done correctly, help bands more than hurt.

    Just do what the Mystical Crackhead Groove Thingie and I do - make mix tapes of a bunch of different bands. While not copying whole albums, you're giving your friends a taste for them. If I like the stuff Crackmeister puts together for me, I'll go buy a few albums.


    > From: (Dan Temmesfeld) > Subject: Re: Jars of Clay > > ..NO! The rest of the stuff doesn't sound like "Flood!" It sounds like > really mellow "adult alternative" music...whatever that is. > > ..quite Christian lyrics, as well- which might turn away a few people.

    I thought they'd turn me away, too. But their choice of instruments, their melodies and stuff... it's addictive. It's good stuff the likes of which I haven't heard in quite a while. Sort of REM in church.


    > From: Ben Laussade <> > Subject: Wow. I had a thought. > > > \|/ ____ \|/ Peace, Love, and Good Happiness Stuff, \|/ ____ \|/ > > "@'/ ,. \`@" Steven R. Hargraves "@'/ ,. \`@" > > /_| \__/ |_\ /_| \__/ |_\ > > \__U_/ \__u_/ > > I'm calling the Ytse Police.

    Hey! That guy stole his .sig from the same guy I did! I mean, uh, that is...

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Digital Man \|/ ____ \|/ Secretary "@'/ ,. \`@" UVM Comp Sci Student Assn /_| \__/ |_\ "He won't need a bed \__U_/ He's a digital man" - Peart


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 16:39:24 -0700 From: (Scott Cook) To: Subject: Review of Detroit KISS concert Message-ID: <>

    Yo Jammers!

    As many of you know I went to the KISS show in Detroit Fri. I'm horrible at reviews but the guy I went with just graduated with a degree in Journalism, and I agree with him on the performance, so I'm just posting his review. If you don't like the NDTC, then just move on and get over it.


    ************************************************************************ "This song is from Alive II, and Dressed to Kill" Paul Stanley - Detroit June 28, 1996 ************************************************************************

    Well, it's the day after and I will post my review of the Detroit Kiss show. First of all, I did not see Sponge, nor did I care to, and only saw a bit of AIC because we were hanging out in the Tiger Plaza and didn't hear them playing, and subsequently didn't think they were on, but they sounded like the record, so take that for what it's worth.

    THE MERCHANDISE Kiss knew the fans coming to these shows were clueless 40 somethings with high paying jobs that money was no object to. They were priced to rape. $25 for regular T-shirts, $30 for the special Tiger stadium shirts, $45 for the all over print, $28 for the 3/4 sleeve jersey, $20 for the tourbook (which is VERY nice, embossed cover and all), $12 for the Metal Edge Special, and $15 for the poster. The poster, as well as some of the shirts had the Destroyer era picture of Kiss standing on top of the world, and said Kiss Alive/WorldWide, I was there and was pretty cool. They had T-Shirts with the faces from the YWTBYGTB cover as well as the "flame" shot from the Intrepid Press kit, overall it was pretty cool.

    THE SHOW Kiss went on about 10:20 p.m. with a helicopter flying overhead shining a light on the banner from the 95 Japan/Australia tour and then the deep voice "You Wanted the Best!" came on and the band opened with Deuce. The set list was the same as the one posted by Kiss Otaku except they did NOT play She, Nothin To Lose, Parasite, or I Stole Your Love.

    [if you want a copy of the set list email me <> ]

    It was a 22-song, 2 hour and ten minute show. Vocally, the band was great, probably better than it ever was in the 70s, especially Peter. After 20 years though, Ace STILL doesn't know how to sing into the microphone.

    Gene played a Punisher Bass, while Paul had a new Ibanez Iceman (Glitter-silver front), and Ace had a new Les Paul. The smoke bomb in Ace's guitar was slow to start and a roadie had to light the smoke bomb. Ace did part of Beethoven's fifth in his solo and included his cheesy "who fuckin rules?" line in the middle. Gene STILL needs a teleprompter, and Paul needs to remember the albums better. Gene's flying went off without a hitch, but I was on the far right and they didn't have the screen on when he spit blood, so I really couldn't see it. Also, some of the "bombs" sounded like tapes, because you couldn't see anything blow up when you heard the explosion.

    The new logo is cool, it looks like the Alive II logo filled with lightbulbs like the Alive logo. There were also hydraulic cranes that brought Gene, Ace, and Paul over the crowd, and, of course, Peter's drum riser.

    My main problem with the show was the sloppiness. I didn't expect perfection because it was the first show, but Peter DEFINITELY needs to work on his timing, and his drumming in general was pretty tame. I could have played the solo he did, and the middle section of 100,000 years had NO cowbell and was pretty much a dada dada beat throughout.

    The worst was that at the end of Deuce, he blew the part when he was supposed to come back in after the intro is played again, and he blew the opening to Detroit Rock City, causing Paul to give him a VERY dirty look. It could have been nerves, but if he's like that in six weeks when I see them again, there's no excuse. His timing was of on a few other songs too, but not all. Peter's vocals, however, were great.

    HIGH POINTS Let me Go Rock N Roll, 100,000 Years (except for the middle), Deuce (except for the end), Gene singing the You Drive us wild we'll drive you crazy parts like the record instead of using the pause. Paul's voice was the best I've ever heard it, and Ace's singing was pretty good, especially on 2000 Man. The fireworks show at the end was cool.

    Low Points Peter's drumming. The overall sloppiness of the show, Ace's new Les Paul, and the crowd - CLUELESS.

    GRADES Paul A Gene A- Still stuck between Revenge and Demon mode Ace B+ Played better than I've seen him in a while Peter C, ONLY because of his vocals.

    OVERALL B+ I was pretty happy with the show and expect it to get better, but if Eric Singer saw the show, he'd probably be hurt because he's 100,000 times the drummer Peter is.

    ************************************************************************ "Whoa, Check it out, that dog was talking! No he wasn't Beavis. See, his lips aren't moving. Oh yeah, yeah." ************************************************************************

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    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 17:07:47 -0700 From: Chris Oates <> To: Subject: Re: YTSEJAM digest 1655 Message-ID: <>

    Ytse-Ben wrote: >"Ytse bird! Ytse plane! Yts.."

    YTSE-MAN! Faster than a speeding packet, more powerful than a flame-war, able to leap distant topics in a single post!

    Speaking of taking flying leaps, I think I wanna go to YtseCon III! Yes, fly all the way from California to New York for the heck of it! SInce I didn't go on my trip to Japan as I planned, I have some vacation funds sitting in the bank which could easily be spent on YtseGoodies. Could one of the organizers kindly send me the info, which I've been ignoring the last few thousand times it was posted? Thanks.

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    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 21:18:27 -0400 From: To: Subject: fanzine n' stuff Message-ID: <>

    Just my monthly request for submissions... for those of you who don't know, I publish a Dream Theater/prog/power metal fanzine, which is well into its second year and has the sanction of the band... they all get copies, too. :) Published four times a year, a buck and a quarter per issue - and I prefer it to be a forum where other DT fans besides myself can express themselves. CD reviews, live reviews, anything you care to write will be welcome, within reason. Got a really cool-but-obscure prog metal CD? Write about it. Been to a great concert recently? Were you at one of John and/or Mike's clinics? Were you at any of the Christmas shows (with the exception of Birch Hill)? Write about it! There's lots out there about which to write - and you don't have to write like Jung, either. If you're not so hot on spelling, grammar, and whatnot - well, that's why I'm an editor. ;)

    Seriously, I would like to see more participation from the DT community. Lots more. The band reads it, after all - good enough incentive? :D

    Jaime the very patient Dragon. :)

    "Pray for the sinner and suffer the fool the truth is a tale of the dark where carnival lights wipe the stars from the sky and it's your fault and mine that the pages of time draw a blank..."

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    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 22:22:16 -2800 (EDT) From: "John R. Kotzian" <> To: (Explore The Boundries) Subject: Cammel, YNYADTFW.... Message-ID: <>


    Wow...someone mention Camel on the Jam, anyone else heard them? I, too, heard Camel off of a dub, then bought the album.

    Anyone heard of Ashley MacIsaac? He's a celtic/fusion fiddle player. His songs all have a traditional celtic fiddle style but thr rhythms range from light-industrial to R&B. Very cool! work for a retail music store and you personally buy all the DT Awake cut-outs that come in shipment and hand them out to people to convert them into fans. (I've bought and handed out around 12 Awake cut-out CD's so far) -Koggie -- _________________ _ ____________________ (^) (^) <-o-> is John R. Kotzian<-o-> (v)________________ __ __ ___________________(v)


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 23:35:54 +0000 From: "Robert Quezada" <> To: Subject: "Load" lyric file & Lyric file-WWW page for RQ's CD Player Message-ID: <>

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have created a lyric file for my CD Player program that I now have a WWW page for these files. If you want your file on my page, please send it to me (preferably in a ZIP file zipped with WinZip 6 or something that supports long file names). I'll place it on the WWW page along with a link to your WWW home page, if you want.

    Along those lines, there's now a lyric file for MetallicA's Load as well as Shadow Gallery's Carved in Stone (done by Andrew Stiles) there.

    Also, to make it easier for creating lyric files, visit the Ultimate Band List at Here you should find links to "raw" lyric files that just need time codes and some headers inserted.


    ********************************************* Visit RQ's Software Page at

    RQ's CD Player (for NT/Win95) *Uses special lyric files to view lyrics as they're sung. *Can download these lyric files from internet and use them without special configuration *Divide songs into indices *Example lyric files & instructions on how to make your own


    Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 03:38:00 GMT From: (Rick Terry) To: Subject: JM and the Ytsecon Message-ID: <>

    >Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 11:51:44 -0700 >From: Ben Laussade <>

    > John Myung: We all know that Mr. Myung is the quiet type, and as far >as I know he doesn't have any other big hobbies besides bass playing. So, if >he doesn't does he express emotion? I'm willing to bet that he >lets SOME of it out playing music. Maybe he's just a perfectionist.

    I wouldn't be surprised if JM was one of those silent but deadly types. A sort of, Hannibal Lector in white gloves. :) He probaly has the body of the guy from Blind Melon in his root cellar. ;) (I know it's tasteless, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time) [Fire retardant suit mode ON] Of course, with Mike in the band to do public relations, John doesn't get to do much talking anyway. By the way, if any Jammers in the Toronto area are planning on attending the CON, let me know. I would like to attend, but don't want to be the only one capable of drinking Canadian beer at this thing. ;)


    Rick Toronto


    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 23:57:22 -0400 (EDT) From: John McCabe <> To: Subject: Huh? Message-ID: <>

    Skadz typed: >Step #5: After you have once again regained entry into the "mailhost" {chopchopchop} >or more pieces. Do not be alarmed, this is normal. > >Step #5: Find a large box with a fan attached to it. It will be clearly {chopchopchop} >the computer chassis, be sure to properly soak each and every component. Maybe its me but I like steps that go in numerical order. :) _________

    Before I go I have one little subject to bring up. I having been noticing most of you jammers think anyone who is in their teens listens to what the majority of the jam thinks is crap(i.e. green day, oasis, etc.). Well, I have to disagree. A couple of jams ago someone wrote about turning his brother's friend into a prog person(is there a word for that?). This is how most people around my age react when I play DT for them. It's not they're fault that MTV and the radio plays other stuff. It just disturbs me when some writes in about how they think young kids can't catch on to prog stuff. About jam ago(for me at least), someone wrote in about how if DT opened for VH young kids wouldn't catch on to DT. Well maybe you're right. Maybe ALL the young kids at the concert would just sit there and start drooling(from boredom not because they were in awe of DT :)). I can't say or even guess if the young kids would like or catch to what DT was doing at first. This is because most people can't just say "WOW, they awesome!" just from one perfromance. But I think a majority of young kids would buy a DT ablum just because they opened for VH. Now it must be said that people(no matter what age) must be given time to fully take in a band. This is what would help DT out big time. Once you have given the VH fans time to take in DT it WOULD build up DT's fan base! And maybe DT would be palye on MTV and the radio! Sorry this was so long be it needed to be said. One last thing THIS IS NOT A FLAME!



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